Bryan Fuller Says Trek Needs JJ Abrams

Bryan Fuller is certainly one of the more successful Star Trek almuni in Hollywood. Since his time as a writer on Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Star Trek Voyager, Bryan Fuller has been very busy with shows like ‘Wonderfalls’, ‘Dead Like Me’, and this year’s breakout hit ‘Heroes’. Comic Book Resources interviewed the writer/producer on his various projects, but spend quite a lot of time on Trek. Fuller said he got into the business because of Star Trek and he could talk about it all day. He certainly seems to be optimistic on Trek’s future under JJ Abrams, saying:

I think the status right now is very encouraging, and I’m referring to the J.J. Abrams-helmed reinvention of the franchise, which it’s desperate for.

going on to say…

Basically what happened to the franchise was that it was in the hands of people who had done their thing with it and were continuing to do their thing with it and weren’t looking to expand. One of the promises of "Enterprise" was that it was going to be a whole new deal with different adventures and different characters. And then I saw the pilot and thought that they just changed the paradigm slightly enough that you could argue that it was different, but not under heavy scrutiny. The reason "Star Trek" was withering on the vine for so long was because it wasn’t getting enough nourishment, and J.J. Abrams is going to give it that burst of energy that it needs and it deserves.

We couldn’t agree more. Fuller is one of the many talented people that walked away from the franchise in the late 90s. Many of those people are now redefining genre TV on shows like the ‘The 4400’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica’. Fuller also has some interesting notions on the show he worked on the most…

There are elements of "Voyager" that I loved, though. I think it hit its creative stride with Seven of Nine and the relationship with Janeway. I found it much more interesting than anyother captain/crew relationship, including Kirk and Spock.

hmmm, not sure how many Trekkies will agree with that one…read the rest at Comic Book Resources

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who is this guy?



“reinvention of the franchise”…hear hear.
Somebody set up us the reboot!

Well, yeah, but a lot of things that “most Trekkies will agree with” are absolute bosh. I’m always encouraged by creative people who don’t parrot the conventional Internet assessments of Trek.

unless he wrote some of the really good DS9 or Voyager episodes,he was part of the problem,he shouldn’t be casting stones.also the Janeway & 7of 9 relationship was unremarkable and not particularly interesting.

Star Trek- morality plays disguised as action adventure

Star Trek – The Next Generation – Pompous quasi sermons disguised as entertainment

Star Trek – Deep Space Nine – Soap Trek, internalized, serialized, tolerable

Star Trek – Voyager – Promising concept, reduced to Give me space anomolies for 1000 Alex

Star Trek- Enterprise – Anomolous, incongruent, neutral, lacking in inspiration and execution. Revisionistic history.

The idea of Star Trek its basic concepts are somewhat etched in people’s
minds. It can be reinvented without destroying those concepts. All the
potential in the world won’t do the powers that be any good if its wasted.
We see what happened in the last attempts when the producer tried to
distance themselves from the basics. The viewers want Star Trek back
but it has to be what it was designed to be not a sorta-kinda-wannabe like
type of vehicle. If J.J. Abrams is as good as they say he is and as big a
fan they say he is it just might come together.

#5 Josh —

Right on with your assessment. Let’s hope XI goes back to “morality plays disguised as ation adventure”.

He liked Janeway and Seven of Nine\’s “relationship” better than Kirk & Spock\’s? He would say that.

Give me a break!

The one aspect of Voyager that I liked most was that the crew was comprised of two very different chains of command – by-the-book Starfleet and whatever-it-takes-to-succeed Marqui (sp?), that made a great dynamic everytime they were faced with an opportunity to get home that might violate Starfleet protocol. Chakoteh, B’Ellana, Tom and Tuvok were great. Janeway, the Doctor, Neelix and Kes are personas they should avoid. There was almost nothing about Deepspace 9 that is worth maintaining. None of the characters are compelling.

Kirk / Spock, Picard / Data, Sisko or Kira / Odo, Janeway / Seven of Nine and Archer or Trip / T’Pol all serve as a vehicle to understand what it is to be human and/or emotional. The first four all strove to be human, whereas T’Pol only sought to coexist, yet still developed maternal / supportive (?) feelings for Archer. No doubt, this compelling dynamic will be realized again in the next incarnation.