Shatner To Set New Standard Of Cheesiness

Details on the new Shatner hosted game show ‘Show Me The Money’ are starting to come out, and it sounds pretty cheesy. Variety reports…

After answering a trivia question, a contestant will choose one of 13 dancers, each of whom has a scroll with a dollar figure to be added to or subtracted from the player’s winnings. Contestants must answer at least six questions. ABC is calling the hoofers the "Million Dollar Dancers" and says they’ll always be "ready to break into any style of dance, while audacious master of ceremonies William Shatner spontaneously boogies with the beauties onstage."

Speaking of Boobs…
According to the New York Post when Jeri Ryan and William Shatner worked together recently, the Shat has only two things he wanted to talk about…her breasts. Ryan is quoted as saying "He mainly talked about ‘The Girls.’ "

Still no word how the meeting between Shatner and Abrams went or even if it ever happened, but continues to follow that story.  


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“The girls.” And the problem of the Captain fixated on them would be…?

After reading and hearing Shatner speak I think he wants to work 24/7. In a strange way it seems he works hard so he won’t get old or die. Most men his age are slowing down yet he is going stronger than he did even in the 80’s. Go Bill!!!!!!

Darth “The Bush” Ballz

Denny Crane!

Show me “the girls”…Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise.
Show me “the girls”…Denny Crane!

Funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same. Go Bill!

Shatner???? Cheesey??? Surely NOT!

This guy is terrified of dying. And the desperation is beginning to show…

This will get me yelled at…. no doubt.
In My Humble Opinion…

This news and the Direct TV commercial just seal it for me. Don’t put Shatner in XI. No cameo… Nada.
He will always be the first, original and likely best, Kirk. But this is all too silly now.

“ladies… please”
(show theme song… girls march out to applause)
“hello girls..”.(adjusting himself)
“Hi Shat”

Stick with Denny Crane and leave the game show duties to Howie Mandel

or better yet… Bill Shatner doing Viagra commercials

as an old Capt.

agreed cbspock

The Shat is still a huge, popular guest here in the U.K. anytime he appears on Guest Shows. He is always entertaining, warm, and witty, and has recently been hilarious in various adverts showing here.


I “sort of ” know what some are saying about him possibly cameoing, but surely some creative writer involved in the project can come up with a way to intergrate William AND Leonard in this Classic Era reboot in a warm, respectful way?

BUT, may I add, in a CAMEO-style capacity… as nod to the series, but not so that their screentime detracts from any new, hopefully excellent crew of actors/actressess.