“The Trouble with Tribbles” Screenshots — Debut of new CGI Enterprise model! plus Video Link!

We have the usual assortment of old versus new and remastered shots for your pleasure. Included is a comparison of the new CGI model to the older one, Tribbles has nearly all new shots, so there isn’t an easy direct comparison.

Click the pictures for larger versions.


New Effects Video


Old CGI verus new CGI Enterprise

Old CG Enterprise from ‘Balance Of Terror’

New CG Enteprise from ‘Trouble with Tribbles’


Old versus New

New Starfield — notice that addition of a few blue and red colored stars compared to previous episodes

The Old Starfield

New Intro Flyby

Old Intro Flyby

K7 Approach sequence part 1
The camera starts on the bridge and saucer section while it slowly pulls back into the shot below

K7 Approach sequence part 2
This shot is an enhanced version of the old one with the camera sitting slightly further back, thus exposing more of the Enterprise.

Old K7 Approach

New K7 Office — notice the Enterprise slowly orbiting

Old K7 Office — notice the static Enterprise model sticking out behind Baris

New CGI K7 on the Viewscreen

Old K7 model on Viewscreen

New K7 Orbit 1
This shot is fairly faithful to the old version

Old K7 Orbit 1

New K7 Orbit 2
This is a totaly new sequence that shows off the detail of the CGI Enterprise

Old K7 Orbit 2

New Tech Journal — slightly tweaked CGI graphic on the display

Old Tech Journal

New Klingon ship lurks by K7

Old Klingon ship by K7 — notice there isn’t one…

New Office Shot — Notice the Enterprise slowly orbiting

Old Office Shot — Notice the static Enterprise model in the same place as the previous old office shot

Leaving K7 Remastered

The Old Leaving K7 Shot

New final sweeping shot of the Enterprise — Closing Shot

Old Closing Shot


Various New Shots

Nilz Baris

My dear Captain Koloth…

Station Manager Lurry

Uhura and Chekov are interested in the Tribbles

Spock claims that the Tribbles have a calming effect on the human nervous system

Korax talkin’ smack about the Enterprise

Chekov steams

Scotty tries to keep his cool

Kirk covered in Tribbles

The Tribbles don’t like Mr. Darvin

Cyrano Jones beholds his punishment

Aft detail of the Enterprise model

A closer look at the new CG model’s warp engines

Closing shot of the new CGI Enterprise model from afar

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