“The Trouble with Tribbles” Screenshots — Debut of new CGI Enterprise model! plus Video Link!

We have the usual assortment of old versus new and remastered shots for your pleasure. Included is a comparison of the new CGI model to the older one, Tribbles has nearly all new shots, so there isn’t an easy direct comparison.

Click the pictures for larger versions.


New Effects Video


Old CGI verus new CGI Enterprise

Old CG Enterprise from ‘Balance Of Terror’

New CG Enteprise from ‘Trouble with Tribbles’


Old versus New

New Starfield — notice that addition of a few blue and red colored stars compared to previous episodes

The Old Starfield

New Intro Flyby

Old Intro Flyby

K7 Approach sequence part 1
The camera starts on the bridge and saucer section while it slowly pulls back into the shot below

K7 Approach sequence part 2
This shot is an enhanced version of the old one with the camera sitting slightly further back, thus exposing more of the Enterprise.

Old K7 Approach

New K7 Office — notice the Enterprise slowly orbiting

Old K7 Office — notice the static Enterprise model sticking out behind Baris

New CGI K7 on the Viewscreen

Old K7 model on Viewscreen

New K7 Orbit 1
This shot is fairly faithful to the old version

Old K7 Orbit 1

New K7 Orbit 2
This is a totaly new sequence that shows off the detail of the CGI Enterprise

Old K7 Orbit 2

New Tech Journal — slightly tweaked CGI graphic on the display

Old Tech Journal

New Klingon ship lurks by K7

Old Klingon ship by K7 — notice there isn’t one…

New Office Shot — Notice the Enterprise slowly orbiting

Old Office Shot — Notice the static Enterprise model in the same place as the previous old office shot

Leaving K7 Remastered

The Old Leaving K7 Shot

New final sweeping shot of the Enterprise — Closing Shot

Old Closing Shot


Various New Shots

Nilz Baris

My dear Captain Koloth…

Station Manager Lurry

Uhura and Chekov are interested in the Tribbles

Spock claims that the Tribbles have a calming effect on the human nervous system

Korax talkin’ smack about the Enterprise

Chekov steams

Scotty tries to keep his cool

Kirk covered in Tribbles

The Tribbles don’t like Mr. Darvin

Cyrano Jones beholds his punishment

Aft detail of the Enterprise model

A closer look at the new CG model’s warp engines

Closing shot of the new CGI Enterprise model from afar

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I was disappointed by the new shots. I don’t think they were really all that great. In fact I think in this Ep. I think I liked the old shots. Also in the opening shots the images of Kirk and Spock discussing Sherman’s planet seem dirty and not very cleaned up. The DS9 Tribble show was a lot cleaner then this one.

Just my 2 cents.


Hmmm, won’t see this til late tomorrow night, er. Pics look somewhat, intriguing. I’m glad to see they might be stretching a little bit more… though, one of those Enterprise K7 orbit flyby shots seems a little wonky, distorted… maybe it’s just an odd angle. *shrug* Nice add of the Klingon ship, of course… yet I can’t help to wonder if K7 could have used some more light traffic? ;-) I guess I’m greedy.

well done as usual matt. I have emailed destructive1 for a copy of the vid so we can host DLs of a higher res version.

I must say that things looked better when I saw them at CBS, but then again I guess I was seeing them in HD.

I too like the add of the klingon ship. However, I would like to see a closeup of the K7-hangar. Are there ships in there? There were in the ds9-episode..

I believe there are two hangars. They are opposite to each other. The first one, bay 1, is empty. Bay 2 has a ship parked in the direct center. (I noticed that in this version of the station, unlike the original or the DS9, there are no numbers adjacent to the bay openings.)

I will admit my first whatever moment. When I see the changes between the original and re-mastered technical journal, I am like, “Whatever”. I don’t see the changes.

In the first flyby image, I feel that I am peeping into the interior of the ship. In some of the windows, there is a line from the top left corner to the lower right corner. I am thinking this could be a glimpse of a ceiling.

Better! Much better! Not the ship, but the moves of it. I like the shot where the Big-E approaches K7! Movient away from the ship beginning with the saucer section was FINALLY the first good idea for the ship.
A little larger view of the K-Tinga would have been nice. But I won’t bitch given the current fresh ideas they have.

This is awesome! A vast improvement to the previous model! My hat is off to the team at CBS. I cant believe there are already nay sayers saying their nays.

I think the new enterprise looks much more realistic and its moves were much more fluid than the previous remastered episodes. All in all I would say that there was marked improvement over the previos remastered episodes. It gives me alot more hope for the retcon tht is going to be taking place in the new movie.

So, what ship is in the centre?

lets face it this re mastering is a bad idea. It was also a bad idea to give the project to a company who is not familiar with trek at all. I have been overall unimpressed with the effects shots. Some of the best shots were the live action. The colors don’t seem subdued anymore.

Did the original have lit windows on the engine pylons?

Can someone explain to me how the tech journal was tweaked? I can’t see the difference.

Great shots! The effects still look out like from the sixties – but in better quality! I hope this will be done with the rest of the episodes.

Episode hasn’t screened yet here but based on the above, it looks like a homerun! Thanks Matt, Anthony et al for this great summary. If I didn’t know better I’d say they had been shooting a physical model, as trekmaster says, a new and improved 60s trip!

Loved the impulse engines, and hurray for the return of the colored stars. A great thing just got better!!

I must admit, after being so disappointed by the cartoon “Enterprise” shown in the first eight remastered episodes, I was a bit skeptical with how the new model would look. I *wanted* to be excited about TOS-R again, but I was afraid of being let down.

After seeing “The Trouble With Tribbles,” all I can say is wow, this is more like it! Thanks to the remastered production team for not stopping at “good enough” and instead going the extra mile to give us an “Enterprise” to believe in again.

I’m definitely looking forward to “Mirror, Mirror” now!

As interested as I am in the remastered Star Trek, the worst thing I did in regards to it was to start reading some of the comments here. Apparently some people will gripe about anything just to gripe. So maybe some of the shots could have been executed a bit differently. Maybe the lighting could be different or the nacelle caps could show tribbles spinning within the ‘blades’ or whatever anybody comes up with. Personally, I think I from now on I will just watch the episodes and skip the message portion of this site. I think the project is a great idea and is being done to my satisfaction.


Matt: As usual, thanks for the comparision pix

I can always count on coming here to see these

now we need someone to put up comparision pix with Trials and Tribble-ations

Very, very impressive. (I do not understand the complaints.)

I’m also very happy with the return of the colored stars. The ship, the station….great job all the way around. My only beef now has to do with the conrast of the live action. The episodes seem incredibly dark lately, so much so that I’m losing detail in the shadows. Seeing the comparrison shots above reminded me of that. I hope future transfers lighten things up just a bit.

#18 i was interested in this too.

I found the site below.

I think it would have been nice to incorporate some of these shots in this ep.

that being said i thought the remastered ep was great

Matt – Thanks for the posting of the pics. I haven’t seen the episode yet but the images look wonderfully promising. Love the detail of those ol’ rugged Impulse Engines firing away.

And somehow, not seeing too much of that menacing D7 seems fitting… Probably would have bothered my TOS sensibilities had it stalked around the space station all aztec-ed up.

My only regret before I see this new episode is I am anticipating, with a certain amount of dread and nausea, the cut-down aired version on WNBC in New York. The notion of missing some new FX gem because of the hucksterism associated with muffler repair, face cream or “even more absorbancy” is demoralizing. Damn those sponsors!!!

I like this old shot better than the some of the new shots..
comment image

I will reserve judgement on the nacelles until I see everything on the TV screen.

I am thoroughly impressed by the changes CBS Digital has made. The ship looks great! I for one am very happy with the ship coloration, detail, and yes, the nacelle caps. They look much closer to what I’d expect, and I hope they satisfy other more discerning critics as well.

The more complicated camera moves in the various K-7 scenes are most welcome and not so over-the-top that they pull one out of the old show. For example, they have avoided the kind of show-off camera moves that opened Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith.

As for the old clips, take a look at that horrid breakdown of the starboard nacelle in the “Old Entry Flyby” shot! I remember how the support pylon for the nacelle would often break up in one oft-used flyby, but wow, it looks like tribbles have been nibbling away at that old engine even before they arrive at K-7!

I also like the depth of the windows on K-7 in the “New Klingon Ship Lurks by K-7” shot, and offer high praise their addition of more colored stars, lit impulse engines, and a Klingon ship to this show. My impression of the tiny model is that they have correctly inserted the smoother, older D7 class battlecruiser, not the more detailed K’t’inga class vessel from the movies.

CBS Digital is showing great improvement in their ongoing work, which makes me all the more excited about future remastered episodes. Yeah!

from #21

this is the comparision site


very very nice. Keep up the great work!

Thanks again Matt for getting these up. Always “caps-off” the weekend.

The way the station is shot reminds me of some of the shots that were done with Deep Space 9. I do like the fly away shot at the end. The Enterprise moving across the window of the office looks good too.

Some of the shots are right out of some of the Classic Trek movies.

Holy Friggin’ Crap. Awesome work! Grreat Job CBS DIgital, Rossi, and of course Okuda’s!!

I know these are just stills, and the motion of the shots is what sells the look. But there are several stills above of the original Enterprise that tells me that the CBS team still has not got this right. I think these look far superior to my eye:
comment image
comment image

OK you asked for it, now you got it – Here are the effects shots from DS9 Trials & Tribbulations. NOTE THIS PAGE IS VERY LARGE with 130+ images and a YouTube video at the very top.


Here is just the video –


thanks kelvington, it’s interesting seeing the ds9 shots, all we need now is an original SFX reel from TWT, will you do it, or shall i?

nit-pick: we hear that the klingon ship is “hovering only 100 kilometers fom K-7.” 100km = 60 miles. imagine what a 40-floor building looks like from 60 miles away. in the new cgi, the klingon ship looked like it was about 1 or 2 miles from K-7.

Joe, I’ll give it a crack. Try and get it posted in the next hour or so.

re: comment image

I absolutely love this shot – I hope we get a remastered version – I miss it already

#11 Al, On the original 11′ model, the windows did not lite up on the nacelle pylon supports. That’s a new feature. Now I suppose somebody can complain about it.

OK here is the TOS effects shots –


Plus it’s up on the same page as DS9 ones as well –

I’ll reserve judgement until I see the actual episode at 11 PM tonight but these stills and the video clip look like a big improvement in all respects.

Well, the new model of the Enterprise is an improvement — the nacelle caps are much better, and there’s no detectable decrease in the model detail; if anything, there’s more decernable texture to the surface.

The new sequences are very nearly a home-run — easily a triple. The previous high point, for me, was “The Devil In The Dark” — and that one succeed so well partly because the number of CG shots were limited. Not so with “Tribbles.”

Really, over all, much, much improved, kudos to CBS Digital.

There are only two sequences don’t please me, but don’t look quite as bad on the You Tube clip. After “Directed by Joseph Pevney” — that shot looked a little “vid gamey” too me, I suppose a little more detail and less harsh lighting; and the shots in the office looked like the AMT model on wires.

Minor quibbles. So long as CBS Digital keeps trying to improve, I’m sure Remastered will only improve with time.

Again, it’s only my opinion but I like the lighting, detail, and movement of Daren Doc’s the best of any CGI U.S.S. Enterprise I’ve seen.

But this “new” model is a big improvement , no doubt about it!


Oh, Kelvington, thank you so much for the links to your site and the YouTube video of Deep Space Nine: Trial and Tribble-lations .

Again, as I’ve written in the past, it’s too bad, like Harryhausen stop motion animation, that miniature making is becoming a “lost art”. I think that if CBS Paramount went to top model makers, and created a detailed miniature of the U.S.S. Enterprise a lot of the issues with the CGI version would have never happened. Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter all combined CGI with wonderful minatures.

Oh, well, as I wrote above, I do think the new model is a BIG , (well, perhaps in light of the Enzyte commercials I shouldn’t use that word) improvement! ;)

this is much better than old one!

I don’t think there was any real tweaking of the Scotty’s technical journal. When I saw the screen during the episode, I watched it carefully to see if there was anything that jumped out at me, but I didn’t. Seeing the comparison photos, it seems to me that the only differences are of brightness and contrast, and that could have happened due to the HD transfer process.

What’s up with the “complaining about the complainers” comments? They’re starting to get as annoying as the “complaints” which have been pretty mild lately, IMHO. :-D
Yet to see this, but the buzz looks pretty good…
It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen this episode, or that DS9 one, as well. Nice pics btw, Kelvington… looks like they did a really good job- I need to see that episode again.

As far as the the Klingon ship’s distance to the station, obviously, it was dramatic license to explain the original episode’s lack of a visual. Perhaps, it makes it less accurate, now, but I’d rather have that Klingon visual. :-)

Haven’t seen the broadcast version here yet but this certainly looks better in terms of the ship’s texture and coloration–the overhead look at the primary hull actually has some of the subtlety of coloration that everyone was raving about in Eden’s presentation. It’s true the original producers gave themselves an out with the line about the Klingon ship hovering 100 kilometers away (i.e., we haven’t built it yet and we don’t have to show it onscreen)–I think it looks like it’s even closer to K-7 in “Trials and Tribbleations.” But I also like how the aesthetics of the “Trials” shots are alluded to here with the close up pans over K-7. Now I just hope they can redo the title sequences with the new Enterprise model. Fun stuff!

To quote Janet Maslin’s NY Times review of the Wrtah of Khan:

“Now this is more like it”

Enterprise looked great, better surfacing (not beyond 1960s techniques), better nacelles, more dramatic views of the enterprise and K-7. I think this was what most had hoped for when we first heard of the remastering.

That sweeping departing shot from K-7 was just awesome, I wanted to see more of that


The new nacelle caps look FANTASTIC! Everything about the new CGI Enterprise works perfectly. In my opinion, this is the best version of the classic Enterprise I have ever seen. I really hope they go back to the other “enhanced” episodes and replace most of those Enterprise shots with this new version!

First, I would like to compliment the CBS Digital folks for working to make improvements in the space shots. There is clear improvement and many of the shots were wonderful. Also, THANK YOU for putting in the colored stars!!! Please continue with this great addition!

However, in the spirit of constructive criticism, I must say that there is still need for improvement. The Enterprise approach and departure shots were way off, and far inferior to the other effects in this episode. You guys at CBS Digital are missing something big time here. I don’t know if it is the complexity of these shots, or that you are missing the basic artistic aspects inherent in the original shots, especially the angles from which the Enterprise is photographed.

Comments in postings #31 and #36 already noted these problems. The worst part was the departure shot from K-7. The original effect shows a truly classic view of the Enterprise:comment image
This angle is used in numerous episodes and is just beautiful! Please work on duplicating this great angle of the ship. The same goes for approach shots over the starboard nacelle (e.g., Miri), or over both nacelles as was the case in this episode. The remastered effects are greatly lacking in these areas.

One of the problems that they had with the TNG Enterprise from the series was shooting it from angles that looked good. I really hated that design. It looked stupid from almost every angle. However, the original Enterprise has many angles that make it look just incredible.

I wonder if the CBS Digital folks changed the departure angle of the Enterprise to avoid showing the nacelles, which have caused so many problems. The remastered angle is much lower and shows the underside of the primary hull rather than the top, but it does hide the nacelles. This is an inferior angle and should not be used in place of the original one.

Please continue to work on the remastered approach and departure effects, and keep up the good work in the other areas. Your efforts are really starting to pay off!

Overall, I was very impressed. Nice work CBS Digital! And thank you for listening to the fans and to people like Daren Docterman.

Great work! Can’t wait to see future episodes!