HD TOSR Available On XBox Live?

On Monday Microsoft announced a deal to make a number of movies and TV shows available in high definition (HD) on their XBox Live download service. The new service for owners of XBox 360 owners will be a first of its kind and CBS is one of the companies participating. One item from the press release in particular caught the eye of Trekkies: "CBS will deliver high-definition download-to-own TV shows including"CSI," "Jericho," "Numb3rs" and remastered "Star Trek" episodes". TrekMovie.com has reported that HD fans might have to wait until at least 2007 or beyond to see Trek in HD so this would be significant…if it is true. Although it seems definitive, we have heard about Trek in HD before only to find out that it was not going to be broadcast in HD. We do know that Star Trek Remastered is being made in HD both with and without the new CGI effects and it is possible that these unaired HD versions could be part of the deal. However, TrekMovie.com has not yet been able to get a confirmation out of CBS so don’t go rushing out to buy a XBox 360 just yet. Paramount Pictures is also partnering with Microsoft, but there was no mention of Star Trek films being part of the deal. TrekMovie.com will continue to monitor the story.

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An interesting option, but I’ll wait until they come out on HD DVD… if nothing else, it will give them time to go back and clean up some of the earlier episodes…

Very cool!

Can’t wait! Blueray would good too.

We appreciate so much of the work you do. Thank you.

Anthony is a nice boy and does a fine job here. He’s worth every cent we pay him.

It might be a reason to get an xbox 360….

Lame, why waste your money if your going to buy the HD DVD’s anyway? Admit it? I own a 360 and won’t waste money on a download…….

Darth “ballz out” Ballz

Many people, especially those who spent HUNDREDS of $$$ buying the 3 season sets on DVD might not want to spend however much crazy $ Paramount will ask for these. Imagine…
I’d guess $199 a season easy.

CBS will almost certainly do this to make a little money and gauge fan interest, which is harder than they thought it would be at 2am on a weekend. Star Trek remastered will drive hardcore fans like myself to shell out for season sets all over again when they are released on a HD disc, just like we have stacks of VHS and DVDs around. I’m not sure we will shell out the dough for an Xbox just to see Trek in HD. I, for one, can wait.

The problem with the XBox is there is no way to keep it. You can’t keep episode after episode on the hard drive..at some point they will have to be deleted t make room for other things.
Then again, this may very well be the only way to see these in HD until they are eventually released..at a very high price, 2 or 3 years down the road. I suppose, if you already have a 360, and it’s not more that a couple bucks an episode, it would be a cool way to see the new episodes, uncut and remastered in HD.
I would probably do it. But since I don’t have a 360……

Hmm….but for the true hardcore fan that has bottomless pockets couldn’t they have the option of buying a monster size hard-drive to either add or replace the one that came with their original Xbox?
Out of curiosity – is this even a viable option? How big do they make those make hard – drives anyhow? Aren’t they available in Gigaflops? Or sure….
mortgage your house for all of this right…? Its getting crazier by the minute.

I just hope that this will still allow for any FURTHER tweaking to effects that the CBS Digital team may wish to have the extra time for, before the eventual high definition DVD releases at a presumably LATER date…

I’d rather wait for something that the team is 100% happy to sign off on.

Oh, and by the way Anthony’s Mom…I LOVE this site, and your boy does a fine job updating it

I think I’ll have to wait a few years before updating my SD TOS DVD collection, I’m saving for a BlueRay DVD burner to replace either my LightScribe or DVD-RAM burner drives on my AMD 64. And around that time the Holographic Medium Drives will be coming out. Then this whole Video nedium will be screabled again. Just think TOS(the original Series) or TES(The Enhanced Series) may fit on one Holographic DVD.

And a further idea to enhance Star Trek, Make VR simulations of each episode where you can be one of the Crew members and live in the Show. Almost like walking into a Holodeck. Speaking of Holodecks, they now hAve crude VR systems that let you walk around inside a Sphere to make you feel motion. And in I say 50 to a 100 years not 300 or 400 years there will be real Holodecks. The first ones are being created by the ARMY and most likely comercial ones will first be XXX rated because that is where the money will generate first.