Put On Your Beards And Watch The Mirror Mirror Remastered Promo


thanks again to my pal in Chicago 

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Looks okay, what’s going to be revised?

And those Mirror Universe characters appear to be acting like 23rd Century Klingons.

I love that episode!

I wonder if in that final shot of the enterprise where it passes over the saucer if there is an I.S.S? In the original shots it wasn’t shown, just curious given the camera pass/angle…too bad its not clear enough to tell yet.

Looking forward to this episode as allways!

Just watched the wmv version it looks like it has the old painted on nacelle caps and spikes! Cool

Sorry for another post… but yeah its the pilot version of the ship. Large dish, nacelle caps and rear vents :)

cool but why do they Speed up the damn ship shots in the promo! You can’t see ANYTHING!

Two words: Marlena Moreau

The best Kirk-girl of TOS. And now, her hotness has been remastered.

Thanks for posting Anthony

I think a couple of Terran Empire logos on the saucer, as well as putting a version of the Imperial Seal on the “pennants” alongside the engineering hull and the nacelles, would be called for. And maybe putting the “spikes” on the front of the nacelles would be good. Of course, the “I” in “ISS” is a must.

As for other changes, maybe something to make the Halkan planet set look less like a set … maybe a cloud in the sky? Maybe make the ion storm look more threatening? Probably not, on both counts.

I also doubt they’ll do anything with the Tantalus field effect.

I do hope, however, they clean up the matte lines on the Tantalus screen.

The Enterprise on the last scene of the preview is the USS Enterprise, not the ISS. I paused the WMV until I was able to read it. And it is cool that the ISS Enterprise is the older design!

I’ll give props to Paramount/CBS these promo’s are better than the stuff they put together for Enterprise and voyager.

It looks very cool… Especially that last shot of the Enterprise orbiting around the top of the planet. Great angle for the old girl!

But yeah, #7 -dmack – way too fast in the promos. I barely had time to salivate.

A question (from the realm of total geekdom and ultimately unimportant minutia, of course…)

If the “In A Mirror Darkly” Archer introduced the Defiant (another Constitution Class comparable visually to the Enterprise of her time) to the Empire ostensibly a hundred years and change before Kirks foray into the “Mirror, Mirror” universe, wouldn’t the ISS Enterprise look like Kirk’s Enterprise? Presumably, the Empire dissected the Defiant down to the smallest duranium and duotronic detail… why would it later develop an earlier model? Riddle me this, Batman…

That (possible) inconsistency notwithstanding… An absolutely, inspired idea to “retro-look” the ISS Enterprise to the early design of the USS Enterprise. A nice tip of the hat to that first model and Mr. Matt Jeffries.

We don’t know what eventually happened to the Defiant after the events of “In A Mirror, Darkly.” People may assume that the Empire got to hold onto it and analyze it in detail, but we don’t know that it’s so.

So if they’re going for a retro-E model, does this mean the nacelle caps will be a solid brick red?

That would actually be nice subtle in-joke about the whole nacelle broo-ha-ha. Animators to fans: “I got your nacelle caps RIGHT HERE!”

maybe it’s just to spice up the trailer, but it looks like the agony booth has been tweaked a bit. Yes?

“In A Mirror, Darkly” depicts a new Mirror Universe timeline created by the events of “The Tholian Web” which has not yet occurred from the point of view of the Good Universe Kirk in “Mirror, Mirror”. There may be a version of the Mirror 23rd Century affected by the Defiant, but it’s inaccessible to Good Universe Kirk, at least until after “The Tholian Web”. One could debate which Mirror Universe we saw in DS9.


Ans: The “mirror” at right angles to the “Mirror, Mirror” mirror universe. LOL

17 – Magic_Al – Good point… I hadn’t really thought about the “Mirror Universe” existing as potentially multiple alternate universes. I always imagined the Mirror Universe as shown in TOS, DS9 and ENT as one timeline’s narrative. albeit, with some big gaps.

I guess to paraphrase Janeway… “Temporal paradoxes give me a headache.”

On “In a Mirror, Darkly” —

Manny Coto may have some answers. He had hoped to continue revisiting the mirror universe in future seasons of “Enterprise,” but we know how that turned out.

Indeed, the .wmv download shows the original Enterprise seen in ‘The Cage’ (it’s the first flyby). I doubt we’ll get any TOS R episodes over here for a while but I must say that with each passing episode my eagerness level increases several fold.

I was able to slow the preview done enough to see “USS” on the hull.

The stock footage of second pilot version was the stand in for ISS Enterprise. The major differences, as some have noted already, are unlit nacelles with spikes, larger dish, and grills on the rears of the nacelles.

Also look for different saucer markings, taller bridge dome with illuminated “viewscreen” and different venting on the impulse engines. There are more subtle differences, but I won’t be too geekish to name them all. Use “the google” to find pics on the IDIC page.

Polar Lights released a very accurate Enterprise model with parts and decals to build an ISS Enterprise. They supplied some dagger through the Earth decals, too, to customize it further. The decals are placed such that they don’t violate screen continuity, though. I wonder if they’ll similarly tinker with the CGI ISS Enterprise.

Although Marlena is one of the best “Kirk-babes” ™, Dr. Hellen Noel from Dagger of the Mind is hottest (oops did i just start sum’thin).

Haven’t we learned, from previous promos, to take what is contained within with a big grain of salt? Sure, it will be very cool if the ISS Enterprise is the old cage ship…but don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.

I’m with JonBoc… they’ve been known to use flyby shots from different episodes in the previews — i.e. they used the “Miri” flyby in the “City on the Edge of Forever” promo — and since they’re working on “The Menagerie” next, they could have tossed a flipped version from that one in the promo to not give anything away for the ISS Enterprise…

In the original episode when the ship goes back and forth from MU to our universe the MU Enterprise is the Pilot version. (Because they had stock footage of the pilot version going right to left w/ the correct decals, which equals less work.)

So, all of us guys will be wearing beards watching this episode? ;)
And all the ladies will be wearing sexy middrifts and sexy boots? ;)

Dr. Helen Noel was played by Marianna Hill, real name Marianna Scwarzkopf (yes THAT “Schwarzkopf”– she’s Stormin’ Norman’s cousin). Ya know what, she is hotter than Marlena Moreau. I stand corrected! Half Mexican, half German = all good!

4. Anthony Pascale – November 9, 2006
gosh should I tell you all….do you really want to know?

YES ! ! !

Dr. Helen Noel and Miramani and Nona, the Kanutu. THOSE are women! Not these Paris Hilton waifs we have today. They’re like skeletons.

Menagerie is coming up too! I wonder how they’ll deal with that shot that flies through the Bridge dome of the Enterprise. I’ve seen it redone on these fan sites and it’s horrible! And the CBS-D team is locked into the footage right? Should be interesting.

Mirror, Mirror looks awesome!

Keep it up CBS Digital and team!

I thought the bridge fly-in in “Starship Exeter” was pretty sweet. I hope the “Remastered” version is at least as good.

Also, I think they should make Pike’s wheelchair hover six inches off the floor.

Ron Jon

You thought those were good? You and I are usually in sync, but, well, YOU’RE WRONG here lol. Those shots are awful!

A floating Pike would be cool!

Spockariffic –

Have you even LOOKED at the “Starship Exeter” special FX? The perspective of the set and the camera movement was spot-on perfect! It was waaay better than the original shot in “The Cage”/”Menagerie”. And the CGI ship looked really good, too.

(Actually, I like the new TOS-R ship better, but Exeter was pretty good.)

Arrgghh… that YouTube video is so friggin blurry it’s impossible to see a thing. Where are y’all seeing a WMV?!

I am really looking forward to seeing the older version of the Enterprise as the mirror starship. Very clever idea. :)

#33: Scott, click (or right-click and save) on the little “wmv” link above these comments, just below the YouTube video.

Ron Jon

Now I have to call the cops because it’s obvious — you been smokin the reefer!

But thank god we live in a country where dissenting opinions are part of the pie! IDIC BABY!

I respect your incorrect view ;0)

Ron Jon:
I also admire Dennis Russell Bailey’s Enterprise effects in Starship Exeter. That team has done a lovely job of recreating the ship effects shots from the old series. Admittedly, they were slavishly devoted to them in many cases, but that is still quite fun. I certainly prefer their shots to Max Rem’s Enterprise barrel rolls and such in the early episodes of New Voyages.

And yes, Stefanbkk (#16), that agony booth has been enhanced – at least in the preview. And I sure hope we get an enhanced Tantalus Field effect.

Don’t be hatin’ on the Exeter FX! The second episode’s were very well done. And Ron Jon is right that their fly-in shot had a much smoother transition than the original. I doubt there’s much they can do to “remaster” the Cage/Menagerie shot though — its not a true over head shot, more of a high angle side view so its never going to work as a completely smooth fly-in from above, I fear. They’d be wise to take a similar approach to the Exeter shot and do a dissolve of some kind to hide the cut.

Thanks… didn’t see that tiny “wmv” link.

Spockariffic –

You’re right about Helen Noel and Miramani, not to mention Marlena, but how could you forget Vina, the very first Trek babe!

Then again, you’re SO wrong about Exeter. There SPFX rock. If we could just persuade them to use the new CBS-D Enterprise, it would be totally awesome.

Granger –

I don’t mind the Tantalus Field, but I’d love it if they would replace Nichelle Nichols’ stunt double with someone who actually LOOKS like Nichelle (another hot Trek babe!)

Nichelle’s stunt double? Sorry, I’ve watched her fight scene in that episode numerous times, in slow-mo freeze frame (to try to catch down-the-top shots) and it’s Nichelle every time.

I know her body too well to be fooled. She’s an original.

I don’t see why it makes any more sense for the Mirror Enterprise to be the pilot version. Yes, stock footage of the pilot version was used, but the same can be said of most other episodes, even in this one the USS Enterprise appears as the pilot version. Additionally, as far as I can tell from screengrabs on TrekCore, the series model was used just as frequently or more frequently to represent the mirror ship.

I’d have to say after scrutinizing that Sick Bay fight scene again on DVD, Nichelle’s double, if it is a double, is way closer to looking like her than Spock’s or McCoy’s!!

And scrutinizing the “Mirror” promo at the iTunes store in Quicktime leads one to believe they aren’t doing anything substantial in terms of adding the sword-emblem to the exterior of the ship. It looks like the standard pennant is in place on the secondary hull. Assuming its actually footage from this week’s episode, that is.

I just looked, Star Trek Remastered isn’t available in iTunes… at least not in the states

Sorry, should have pointed out just the promos are posted as Podcasts. There’s a link to get to them here:


If they were smart, they WOULD post the episodes for download though. They’d probably be a huge hit!

Decorum breaks down on the Enterprise and everybody makes their own rules.Wow ,Star Trek meets the counter-culture,and years before Gerry Springer.

that’s some computer they got on the enterprise.

computer, do you know how a transporter can be used to send someone to a parallel universe?


record procedure.