Is Trek XI Falling Behind?…No

Apparently last week’s interview with Trek XI producer JJ Abrams is causing a bit of a stir. Both IGN and Cinematical have taken the interview to mean that Star Trek XI is ‘falling behind’ or running into ‘scheduling problems’. This is based on our discussion with Abrams about how the script is still in progress even though in August writer Roberto Orci said they planned on finishing the first draft by the end of October. This analysis takes things out of context and ignores other comments from the team. From the interview it was clear that Abrams wasn’t aware Orci’s ‘end of October’ estimate, and he didn’t seem to be worried that the script is still in progress. A source inside Paramount tells that the first draft should be in around Thanksgiving. Furthermore Abrams confirmed that they plan to start shooting in the Spring, which is actually an accelerated schedule based on Orci’s original estimation of a Summer start to shooting. The Paramount insider said that if things continue to progress there is nothing preventing Trek XI from being a Summer 2008 release, but cautioned that of course things can change. So it appears that IGN and Cinematical are just being a bit overly nervous about Trek XI’s progress.

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Who-hoo! First comment!

Not to mention I’ll be first in line at the theater in summer 2008! Eat my dust!! :)

Any truth to the rumor that Celine Dion will have a cameo in the Enterprise lounge singing the love theme from Star Trek xi?”He my staaar I’ve treked near and faar…”

it’s good to hear of real progress

Anyone else think the new trek film might be better served with a fall/winter release rather than against the summer blockbusters?

I am not thrilled with the Summer 2008 release date. But Paramount is rolling out the red carpet for this show. I hope Sumner Redstone’s capricious nature doesn’t get ugly if ST XI doesn’t make $200 million. I hate to say it, but I would be shocked if they break $100 million with this one. Of course, it depends a lot on casting and of course, Abrams bringing the action to the adventure. It just doesn’t seem right to expect this movie to make a huge amount of money at the box office. A fall/winter release would insulate the movie from inflated expectations. Oh well.

As for the accelerated shooting schedule, if they plan to start by the Spring, that means preproduction and casting should be happening really soon, like weeks from now.

No need to rush… just a need to be good!

Why not produce a son for Kirk? He could have beenh married and through some mixup was notified his wife was dead. She wasn’t and
was somewhere incommunicado but then something happened where
she appears with the son who with some foreign planet instructor school gained and has all the training to help his father Kirk who takes him on and they are “partners” while he is familiarizing himself with the details
necesssary to be Captain. The wife dies but she saw to it that the son is
all that Kirk would wish and the son finds that the hero his mother described all those years is real. This would make for a good transition
with a lot of zigs and zags and giv e fans more to lean about Kirk’s background and what is necessary to be Captain

Am I the only one who doesn’t want a new Trek movie and would rather see a series? Trek works best on the small screen

Hmmm…’s your opinion and you are entitled to it… but it looks like the studio isn’t gonna listen to you.

Margie…. Kirk had a son.. David Marcus. Introduced in Wrath of Khan.He was killed by renegade Klingons in ST:III The Search for Spock.
Sound familiar?

And who’s rushing?… sounds like they are going to take a year+ to do it… Spring 2007 to Summer 2008. I want it to be good too… but can’t understand the fears being expressed here.