“Mirror Mirror” Screenshots and Video

We have the usual assortment of old versus new and remastered shots for your pleasure. Also included is another video clip of the new CG segments.

Click the pictures for larger versions.

New fx video (w/o audio)



Old versus New

Mirror Universe Sequence part 1

Mirror Universe Sequence part 2

Mirror Universe Sequence part 3

New Orbit
Notice the proper flipped "mirror universe" direction

Old Orbit

New Agonizer effect

Old Agonizer

New shot of Spock pulling away
Notice the residual electricity from the Agonizer

Old shot of Spock pulling away

New CG Halka

Old Halka

New Agony Booth effect

Old Agony Booth

Leaving New

Leaving Old


Various New Shots

The Halkans

The mirror Sulu

Kirk is jumped by Chekov’s goons

The mirror Chekov sneers

Marlena wakes up from her nap

Marlena likes powerful men

Marlena aproaches Kirk

Kirk doing what he does best with Marlena

New Orbit Sequence part 1

New Orbit Sequence part 2

The mirror Spock contemplates

Uhura teases the mirror Sulu

Mirror Spock probes McCoy’s mind

Scotty volunteers to stay behind

Our universe’s Marlena

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I think most everyone covered the little things about this show on the other thread, but the show still rocks…and…it’s nice to have some great looking Enterprise shots. The new model(s) really have made a difference.

Nice work. I don’t know why they wanted to use the 2nd Pilot version of the Enterprise for the Mirror Universe scenes, but that really adds something new to the episode.

Yeah, but the CGI-rendered old-style nacelle caps are too red! If memeory serves, don’t the real ones look kind of like Bakelite (sp?)?

I just had to say it…

Nice Work. Thanks Matt – –

Oh that is wicked cool.

They J.I.P.ed this one almost 20 minutes in on Channel 9 here in Cincinnati so we didn’t get to see much at all of the new special effects.

Thanks for posting all this.

Say … I’m guessing they originally went with the “pilot” model because all the internal lighting for the production model now at the Air & Space Museum came in through the starboard side of the secondary hull?

how come , or why does the old non cgi enterprise, have a more real depth and a look of hugeness of it and realistic-ness, comparied to the new cgi enterprise version in many many shots, so far….im still very disatisfied with the “new” big -e.

it looks fake compared to a 40 year oid model.

IMO the new CGI Enterprise gets better each week. Now, if they could just do something with the soundstage planet sets to make them more convincing that would be great.

What are the chances of almost every planet our heroes visit not have ANY clouds in the sky whatsoever?? I want to start a new rallying cry….. Last month it was the Nacelle caps, now it needs to be “fix the soundstage sets!!”

Did anyone else notice they left in an original space shot — a quick flyby shot. It was NOT re-done.

Also there was a very bad print scratch on a closeup of mirror spock — it was just to the left of him and LASTED THE ENTIRE SHOT! It could easily have been erased.

In addition, everytime there is a cut and an optical effect like a fade or dissolve is about to start, the quality of the image drops drastically. (the film had to go through an optical printer.) There was a scene between Kirk and Spock I believe in the transporter room that was a one take shot that resulted in a dissolve at the end… so the ENTIRE SCENE is of inferior quality. The white level was way off… and there was much more grain.

There were shots of the viewscreen with the Halkan leader literally with frozen dirt in the shot below the screen. It could easily have been erased. Nothing moved in that area of the frame.

They really need to slow the release schedule down and do a better job.

Man, first it was the nacelle lights were too bright and spinny, now they are too red. MAYBE they are red for a reason, they are mirror and blood coloured! Just enjoy it.

Does anyone else get light-headed and weak in the knees from the music in the Kirk-Marlena scene? Those swirling chromatics by the strings, the insistent rhythm of quarter-note, triplet, quarter-note, triplet repeated almost as a vamp is intoxicating!

Olde timey, I didn’t hear any music when Marlena was onscreen. All I could ehar was the pounding of my heart. They don’t make ’em like they used to, that’s for certain.

RE: number 8

I talked to CBS digital about that shot today. They say it wasnt on their end but that there was an error done after they handed off all the shots. Remember that CBS Digital do the shots but Sunset Digital do the final edits. This actuallly isnt the first error they made…the forgot to insert one of the new tricorder shots in City on the Edge of Forever.

so that is a big oops…but it will be fixed I am sure

Hey Anthony… in any of your conversations with CBS digital, did they say anything about doing anything with the sky on the sound stages? Something that they’re interested in, but not enough time/money, or something they’re not even considering?

Just thought you might have the inside scoop…

That first screen shot above of the Enteprise moving left to right just prior to phasing is magnificent and crisp.

I really like how the team is paying homage to some of the film series beauty shots in showing us these new Enterprise vectors and angles.

We have seen a tribute to the Wrath of Khan and now The Motion Picture with the straight on shot of the Enterprise approaching.

I think the CBS team deserves alot of laurels, only not to rest on, they have the bulk of the more difficult work ahead, I’m pleased they are more than up to the challenge.

When does “Who Mourns” air, does anyone know? I still want to see some palpatine lightning emanating from Apollo’s hands! “Stop I say!”

The militaristic bare alloy paint scheme they gave the I.S.S. Enterprise is fantastic and gives the appearance of a warship, pirates, and like K’tingas, submarines that have been at sea entirely too long.

By the way…. nobody screams like Chekov… :)

Agreed, I think that’s why they gave him the scream in ” The Motion Picture.”

Keptin! Aggghhhhhhyyyyyyyyaaaaiiiiiii

How about the episode (Forgot which one) where Chekov is in a delirium and Spock has hold of his head looking him in the face, Chekov screams bloody murder with his mouth closed it’s hilarious.

Not too many ways to fix that shot hah hah

150 Trekker points to whoever can remember which episode that was, damn that elludes me.

The Tholian Web!


Is There In Truth No Beauty, after seeing the Medusan Ambassador.

Answer to #18 – That would be “The Tholian Web.” The area of space they were in was affecting their minds and Chekhov went bonkers because of it.
I really hope the remastered team fixes that scream!

Josh, shouldn’t you wait for an answer before you spill the beans?

I like that they used the older version of the ship as the mirror universe version. Allthough it looks like the main things I like about the pilot ship are not on this version… I liked the saucer markings on the second pilot version (which is the one this one is close too with the vents on the rear of the nacelles) the arcs on each side and on the front of the saucer, also liked the impulse engines neither of which is used on the mirror ship. I never really liked the larger dish or bigger bridge dome but its nice to see the differences between them. Looks like the pilot with some upgrades.

Only got to see the vfx clip and pics so far but the shots look good even if that large deflector just sticks out to me but thats just the way it was. I wish that the nacelle caps did look more shiny/glossy but I like the more metalic paint job they gave the ship! I wonder if it will be further modified for WNMHGB/Cage?

Not meant as complaints, just observations. I think the CBS guys are doing a good job, keep it up!

Thanks for taking the time to post the comparison shots, i dont think we will see these on air for years here in Australia, and if they do show them, no doubt it will be in the middle of the night!!

I, too, noticed the dirt and grain in a few sequences that could have been cleaned up, as well as the off white-balance in the transporter room scene.

Also, did anyone notice the “hard” matte lines around the transporter effects in this episode? I’ve always looked at the transporter effects closely, just in case they did any updating, but when the crew is first beamed from Halka to the Enterprise, there is a bold black outline of the characters. Might this be a relatively easy fix, or is it just not worth it?

All in all, another fine job by CBS Digital, but like others, I hope they get the chance later on to take their time with the episodes for the DVD release.

Looks great! Kudos!
Unfortunately CW ch. 12 here in the Bay Area just switched TREK from Sun. at midnite (awful timeslot, who did they think was gonna watch it then, bats?) to saturday at 11pm and made no announcement so I and many other Bay area Trek geeks missed the ep. Damn!

They used the older version of the Enterprise model with the spires on the engine domes because that’s what was used in the original show during the transition sequence when the ship flips direction.

It gives a nice added distinction I believe,

Simply slapping “I.S.S.” on the standard model is uninspired and lacking in effort or imagination.

Now the I.S.S Enterprise is truly more aggressive and warlike, with a pirate flavor indicative of the Imperial starfleet.

What’s nice about it is, it actually isn’t the pilot model, but they used a more aggressively militaristic paint scheme with bare alloy colors.

The Empire evidently doesn’t value aesthetic sensibilities and beauty much like the Klingon Empire, stressing functionality over attractiveness.

It’s those little touches that for me demonstrate the CBS team has their hearts and minds definately in the right place.

Still loving the upgraded planet effects and colourschemes…but like others above, and on previous threads, I am really hoping for more enhancements to various soundstage / “rock set” backdrops, to open the vistas up, which will greatly take away the dated look of various episodes.

Anything in the way of swirling clouds, moons / planets, or flying alien lifeforms would be welcome.

Just a reminder to fans of nostalgic, classic effects…the remastered 50th Anniversary ” Forbidden Planet” DVD with amazing extras is finally out today. Check out http://www.dvdactive.com and http://www.thedigitalbits.com for full details, and see the TRAILER at http://www.imdb.com too.

This movie 1956 MOVIE is awesome…

And of course, I’m hoping that some obviously poor handphaser effects can be improved for eventual High Definition DVD release, as they are now seeming VERY jarring when taken in conjunction with the new work.

The Tholian Web, that’s when / where Chekov Screams with his mouth open,,,,
U guys are Lucky,,, I don’t get Trek Remastered in Newfoundland, Canada,,, I only get to read about it here,,,
CBS, and Paramount haven’t returned any of my Phone Calls or e-mail’s regarding showing the Remastered Trek in my area,,,, Maybe I’ll get the DVD when I visit the States,,,,, If it ever becomes available that is,
Chairs !

Ohps, mouth “not” open

29 & 30 – I agree that the original hand phaser effects need some CG love, and I definitely agree that “Forbidden Planet” is a spectacular film and perhaps even more impressive, remains a spectacular looking film 50 years later. I’m runniung out later today to pick it up.

cant wait for the third season star treks!

they were the coolest, it “looked” better Freiburger did alot with a little
specially..Spectre of thebGun, guest stariin Ron Soble as Wyatt Eerp!

twilight zone like episode i found enjoyable, plus prefered new 3rd season theme and Blue lettering!

and “elaan of troyuis” (sp?)….Which had the true introduction of the klingon battle crusier following the enterprise to see her destryed if all go’s well! lol

i liked all our yesterdays, and oh!, requiem for methulsalah, lets give him his own palace at long last!!

but enterpise incident, man the first time i saw that…i really thought spock killed kirk on the romulian flag ship!

Some thoughts I had on viewing this:

* I understand dramatically why they did it, but I’m not sure why they’d materialize in the evil uniforms. It doesn’t seem like the accident is just switching their minds, and if their bodies are being sent to the parallel universe, how does it “know” to switch their uniforms? It’s like the two universes have agreed to have a sense of humor.

* Although Spock mentions it later on, I never noticed before that one of his henchmen is a Vulcan.

* Although it worked out in this case, I can’t help thinking, if you’re a captain in the Evil Universe, it’s probably a bad idea to give the password to your Tantalus Device to your Captain’s Woman.

* Assuming that Bearded Spock kills or otherwise takes over the ship from Evil Kirk, I wonder if Marlena ends up his Captain’s Gal.

About post #25, I have noticed the slightly different transports effect for years, but I always assumed that was a visual cue that there was a problem. (Wether it was intentional or not is another story, but changing it in my opinion would be a wast of time.)

> * Assuming that Bearded Spock kills or otherwise takes over the ship from Evil Kirk,

He does. Things go wrong thereafter…

Maybe they could cgi in the young (Kang”, (actor micheal ansara) The Warrior Klingon Kommander ..as seen in the third season ep “Day of the Dove” from Star Trek (TOS) into the mirror universe!

He rocks!


i want this in britain ! not just this episode all of them.

I’m sure that they used the 2nd Pilot model because it was a way to subtly make the Enterprise different, while still using “original” – non-artifical material. It’s less cheap, and a very creative way of ressurecting an otherwise useless Trek model in a dramatic way – and keeping it a genuine “Jeffieries” design.

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The one thing I thought would have worked on the I.S.S. Enterprise would have been to have the Empire’s Globe-and-Dagger emblem on the ship in place of the yellow chevrons on the nacelle’s registry banner, with more on the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the saucer. That would have made sense in light of their penchent for decorating the interior with it every chance they got…

Trivia Fans, is this episode the first time a woman on American Television revealed her belly button?

Given Nichelle Nichols looked even more amazing in this episode. I’m surprised Kirk would be with Marlena, not Uhura.

Then again with the Captain’s perogitive maybe he’s lucky enough for both?

I have the new Polar Lights USS Enterprise kit that lets you choose between the two pilot E’s, the Series E, and the Mirror E. When I looked at these screenshots (I never caught the episode on TV, and the DVD is too expensive for me), the first thing I noticed was that the ISS Enterprise here lacks the Terran Empire’s insignia on the exterior, while the model had it.

Why the heck did they refuse to carry that over!? It woulda been awesome – especially since ISS Enterprise NX-01 had external insignia!

Thanks to wikipedia for having a link to this site whereby I was able to discover more 4-1-1 about the gussied-up Star Trek [only] episodes, and to Mr. TrekMovie [ironically to me only #2 and #4 were even barely tolerable to watch] for his detailed information. I will have to wait until I obtain the DVDs to fully appreciate the “upgrades,” since what few episodes shown on UPN 28 in Raleigh my horrified eyes were exposed to had been brutally hacked up and chopped out like the stuff of Lizzie Borden’s dreams. If anything this axe-murderess technique was even worse than what had been done to reruns in ye olden days since in general programs now have got shrunken like dried beef to cram in more crappy commercials [42/43:60 min running time versus 51/52]. But while some of these “renovations” are indeed reinvigorating and overall quite a technical toor d. force, in many instances [e.g. The Galileo Seven] the
space effects tended to be repetitive, overwrought and disappointing. I agree in this instance that “ISS’ being slapped on the hood and perambulated about is rather forced and gratuitous, and query the
purpose of the “taller” bridge, but keeping the pointy-needle nacelle caps consistent with l’originale was a good move – although weirdly more plastic-model-like. From the ones I’ve seen, almost all beefed-up
planetary detailing is a wondrous improvement [although the emphasis on green and purple, as in “Mirror Mirror” (note the underside of the saucer glowing like a fluorescent fairy lamp!), is puzzling and quickly
grows tiresome to the eye], but I don’t like the new headon-angle shots [e.g. new departure sequence over the original “underbelly” version] which lack, well, vision. There’s no impression of Soaring Majesty
in those reimagined flybys, as far as a mechanical construct can have, in this big bulging thing just zooming in as for the biggest kiss in the universe; the look now is rather flat and dull. It still beats out anything in those horrid “aftershows” from TNG to that fabulously named Enterprise, which along with the most unexciting space-music scores ever dropped untold millions on SFX and still turned out faint little boring monotone beeps and hisses to indicate operating equipment and unconvincing/laughable “aliens” that managed only to look like Terrans who had a futuristic fetish for freaked-out plastic surgery or just with irreversible injuries suffered in some kind of Horrible Horrible Accident. I’ll have to reserve more complete judgement of these efforts until I’ve seen a full[er] accounting of them; but perhaps in the meantime someone who’s seen it can tell if, unlike in the retinkered “The Empire Strikes
Back,” the one brief reversed shot in The Way To Eden [closeup on Kirk when McCoy yells at Dr. Severin] was corrected. No excuse for overlooking/ignoring several seconds of that on the part of Lucasfilm Inc. while they had their pigeon chests stuck out Looky What We Did fashion on adding sparkle to the only Star Wars trilogy worthy of the name, but maybe just maybe somebody involved in this Star Trek rebake had enough of an eagle eye to both catch that particular goof and turn it around – no “mirror mirror” there!

I am not a fan of this wave of revisionism of popular art, and would much rather see TOS as it was originally filmed. The only concession is the remastering of the image and sound. The effects don’t need changing; they are part of the show and as much a part of the charm of this landmark 1960’s science-fiction series as the characters and stories. It seems sad that people are unable to accept these works of art as they are.

I remember reading, somewhere around 1977-1978, an article about George Lucas–who had just finished changing the world of Science Fiction, changing the concept of motion Picture, and changing everything we would ever know about Visual Effects–complaining about how unsatisfied he was with the final appearance of his masterpiece.

Artists, in general, are often perfectionists, who work for months, years, or even decades trying to perfect a single piece. Lucas, himself, was forced to re-design the effects industry in total, and still took 25 years before he was “Satisfied” with the original trilogy.

Star Trek is similar in many ways, as it is as much a work of art by Gene Roddenberry as Star Wars was for Lucas. And, like Lucas, Roddenberry often complained about the lack of funds, time, and/or the technical limitations that made episodes of TOS only “so good.” Granted, the staff at Desilu Studios did a remarkable job with Star Trek, especially pre-dating even Star Wars by a decade…but I’m sure, if given a chance, Gene Roddenberry would have made Star Trek with higher quality graphics, more realistic-looking planets, and better detailed models, just as he did with Star Trek: TNG.

Is it wrong to tamper with the original Star Trek? Even if it brings the show closer in line with reality, history, and Gene’s original Vision? I don’t think so. We will always have the “Original” TOS. All those old plastic globes with plain green and light blue are still out there on VHS and DVD. What we have here is another look…a “Star Trek Special Edition” as it were. Personally, I think Gene Roddenberry would be pleased.

But then again…I think old Gene would be surprised–even stunned–that the old TV films he made back in the ’60s remain so popular that there is even the drive–and the money–to try to fix and update them in the first place.

SASS has Spoken.