“Mirror Mirror” Screenshots and Video

We have the usual assortment of old versus new and remastered shots for your pleasure. Also included is another video clip of the new CG segments.

Click the pictures for larger versions.

New fx video (w/o audio)



Old versus New

Mirror Universe Sequence part 1

Mirror Universe Sequence part 2

Mirror Universe Sequence part 3

New Orbit
Notice the proper flipped "mirror universe" direction

Old Orbit

New Agonizer effect

Old Agonizer

New shot of Spock pulling away
Notice the residual electricity from the Agonizer

Old shot of Spock pulling away

New CG Halka

Old Halka

New Agony Booth effect

Old Agony Booth

Leaving New

Leaving Old


Various New Shots

The Halkans

The mirror Sulu

Kirk is jumped by Chekov’s goons

The mirror Chekov sneers

Marlena wakes up from her nap

Marlena likes powerful men

Marlena aproaches Kirk

Kirk doing what he does best with Marlena

New Orbit Sequence part 1

New Orbit Sequence part 2

The mirror Spock contemplates

Uhura teases the mirror Sulu

Mirror Spock probes McCoy’s mind

Scotty volunteers to stay behind

Our universe’s Marlena

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