“Space Seed” Screenshots and FX Video

Take a look at Star Trek’s ‘Space Seed’ Remastered…


As usual click pics to see full size, click more to see the rest and the video

New Effects Video


Before and After

Original Botany Bay

New listing Botany Bay

Original Ent approach

New Ent approach 

Original Ent tractoring Botany Bay 

New Ent tractoring Botany Bay

Original Ent discards Botany Bay

New Ent discards Botany Bay

Original Ent flyby

New Ent flyby

Original End Credits

New End Credits 

vid caps done by Joe, more screenies to be added later

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hmmm gotta love those invisible tractor beams

I liked how the “disgarding” of the Botany Bay looked. Totally worthless indeed. You do kind of feel sorry for it in a way. Been drifting like that for 200 years, and just when it gets picked up, it becomes a drift again. :(

I’ve been watching these remastered episodes everyweek now, and I must say I’ve been impressed, even though things haven’t been firing on all cylinders when it comes to FX.

This week, however, the big E really looked awsome. I watch the show on a 53″ HDTV using the built in receiver to get the local Digital signal ( I can’t wait till they actually air these shows in HD). I really sensed the hugeness of the “Big E” this week. I don’t know if it was the angle of the shots or they got the lighting just right. It seems that each week things keep getting better.

AMAZING JOB!!! CBS Digital did superb work. Enterprise looked more realistic and better than ever, and the Botany Bay was great. I loved the shot where the Enterprise comes right alongside the Botany Bay for the first time the most

Indeed invisible tractor beems seems to be more realistic.

I agree, I think the Enterprise looked great and so did the Botany Bay, but one thing keeps bugging me about the Enterprise. They left off the flashing “Ion pod” strobe lights on either side of the secondary hull back near the hangar deck, and also the “waterline” marks on the secondary hull are not there. Yes, this is nitpicking to the extreme, but to me it was little details like that that helped to give the Enterprise a sense of scale. CBS, please put those little details back if you can?? Please? Other than that, I’m loving these new effects!

Good overall, but the closeup Botany bay shot looked a bit ‘video game CG’ to be honest.

Yes indeed, it’s looking better. I’ve been watching this show for 40 years. And the new effects are certainly appreciated. Especially as the ship is looking more and more like a large model. Could something be added to the ship? Considering all intelligent opinions here, I’m persuaded it could so as well, but it is all looking better than it has recently.

A subject of discussion among many original fans was how great it would be if we could see the ship clearly. And now we can. Whew, took long enough! Anyway, the show that did it first, is showing what it might have looked like had the episodes all had 750,000 dollars for every episode. That’s 1969 dollars gentlemen! (Ok, this last part is just goofy postulation, based upon known figures for producing various episodes. :)

looked great to me. Cheers

I must agree with Jay’s #6 post. I understand removing from the 3D model those details that would not be visible anyway, was necessary to speed up production, but the remaining details (waterline numbers, flashing beacons, running lights) are important to include. There is also a lighted window just below the aft edge of the warp nacelle pylon on this episode that never appeared on the original 11 foot model. See the IDIC page link below and scroll to the bottom.


I realize that picking such small nits may well earn me a trip to the decompression chamber so may I say that overall the Enterprise looks terrific in this episode. The oft-maligned nacelle caps looked great this week. The rotating vanes appear more accurate and the “Christmas lights” are more faithfully rendered. BTW do not confuse me with Greg Stamper, whose posts are enjoyed and appreciated on this page

CBS/Paramount probably could have made alot more money releasing these remastered episodes on video.20/20 hindsight.

I also noticed that the computer monitor screen (that Khan is reading in sickbay when McGivers comes in to talk to him) is lit up. I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t like that in the original version.


it was awesome.


Good catch Gregster, after looking at the IDIC page you can see what happened, that window that is at the bottom of the nacelle pylon is actually where one of the waterline marking is, they must have mistaken that for a darkened window. (http://members.aol.com/WMccullars/s_1.jpg)

In some of the original effects shots those little markings just look like black blobs and I can see how those could be confused with dark windows.

That “discarding scene” with the BB almost made me feel emotional about a spaceship. Good job! =D

Great stuff. Can’t wait until the next one.

#10 Ya gotta love “The Gregster” and this week’s Remastered effort of ‘Space Seed’ – – the Best the U.S.S. Enterprise has looked thus far.

This was the best remastered episode to date. The special effects were superb and the ship did look like it has mass. The close up scene with both ships is excellent and reminded me of the movies. Kudos to the folks at CBS digital. Clearly, the new model of the Enterprise has made a big difference for them.

To the effects pros-Great work on the discarding scene.Somehow really conveys the attitude of casting off the botany bay and her problems by the grand and graceful enterprise.

Of course the ships look like CG, the real one are in my garage

I enjoyed this one alot. The new effects are improving all the time. Hopefully they’ll keep up the good work.

Re: #10 Straight to the decompression chamber with you! I mean really, what is the point of noting such an insiginficant issue?

A few more like that and CBS Digital will rightfully start ignoring the otherwise constructive comments.

Thanks for posting these again.

In the Cincinnati market, WCPO, Channel 9 not only J.I.P.ed “Trek:Remastered” a good 12 minutes into the show, but they ROLLED THE WRONG EPISODE – they ran “Mirror, Mirror” again instead of “Space Seed”.

I sure hope they get their act together and/or that it won’t be long until these start coming out on DVD.

For the most part I think the new FX have been REALLY excellent.

Will there be WMV of the FX shots for the other episodes that don’t have them and previews? I’d like to save them on my computer. If you guys could do that, I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you.

I can’t wait ’til 2:45AM (I’m in NY, where Trek fans are meant to suffer) to see this. It looks magnificent. The Enterprise looks… better than ever. I’ll post comments afterwards if I’m still awake.

Man am I bummed I missed this episode…
The FX looks awsome!
kudos to CBS Digital

this was a nice job. the rotation effect was a nice touch. the “weathering” was pretty good too.

Anthony, I notice the old and new entendcred pic are the same url.

comment image
comment image

Great job on the screencaps, just wanted to point out the goof.


I just hope that they have the budget to go back and fix the earlier CG Enterprise on the previous shows (Miri, Devil in the Dark, etc.)

Great shots of the Enterprise, it’s really looking good! :) Botany Bay is cool too. Really, think we might have passed a curve with the Big E!
Only thing that bothered me this episode was that laconic helmsman, who at times seemed bored of his ass. McCoy had some funny lines this episode. :)
Yippie, more, more!

okay…my opinions on Space Seed Remastered

Is it just me or does the new nacelle lighting look like christmas lights?

What happened to the blades? Weren’t they still there last week? I still haven’t decided which looks better, though.

Also, the Botany Bay looks way too CGI for me in some shots. In others it’s decent. I think the “weathering” could have been better rendered. The lines of the ship, especially the cargo containers should have been more defined.

I do have to say that the MOVEMENT of the ships has improved a lot. It is much more natural and fluid.

The Enterprise looks more …majestic every week..

Am I the only one who thought the Botany Bay’s surface looked flat like a video game. Not bump texture at all. Just terrible.

#33: Mmm, the BB looked nice to me. Looked weathered and beaten up. Micrometeorites wouldn’t create huge blast holes, so I think they got that right. I liked how you could see through the mesh on the rectangular radar fins on the back as the ship passed in front of the Enterprise.

Great shot of the Enterprise in the opening it really looked sharp. The new
shots of the Botany Bay were a huge improvement over the original.

Every week the eye-candy factor gets sweeter and sweeter. “The Trouble With Tribbles” was a quantum improvement… quantum improvement. “Mirror, Mirror” made me reflect with a new appreciation of this forty year old gem.

And now… NOW the exterior space shots really sing. The Botany Bay looked terrific but the Enterprise looked… magnificent… majestic… splendid… grand… exalted… Josh, help me out, your the resident thesaurus-tician.

Great, great, great episode… one of the best ever done by Star Trek.

“The Menagerie” is next… I’ll be curious to see how Pike’s Enterprise will look in comparison to Kirk’s “mirror” Enterprise. I wonder if the folks at CBS Digital will give us four impulse vents?

Keep up the good work and keep on Trekkin’

I thought the Enterprise looked awful in that “tractoring” scene,it still looks really fake and unconvincing.

I thing the nacelle dome issue comes to an end with this episode.
They’ve, well, almost got it right.
Now, about the deflector dish- they could allow it to exhibit a LITTLE more of a red/copper value for my taste. Otherwise, the big E seems to have finally arrived.
I’m sort of afraid to think about “The Menagerie.” That’s my favorite ep. Hopefully they’ll get it right.

I agree with the majority here; the GGI effects are pretty awesome in this episode.

But I’d like CBS to fix some flubs too. When the landing party first beams over to the Botany Bay, stock footage shows Scotty’s hands working the transporter controls–but Scott is on the transporter pad. Why not replace the stock footage with some other footage, or alter the existing shot in such a way as to mitigate the error? Seems to me CBS’s scope of duties with the remastering project should include these types of minor corrections.

Congratulations to the team from CBS for their best work to date!

And congratulations to us fans for being rewarded for our incessent complaining! Seriously, the FX shots from “Space Seed” were a huge improvement in many ways. The lighting, texture and movement of the Enterprise was extremely well-done. The ship had “weight” to it. And the shots worked in the context of the show too. Thanks for a great effort. I can’t wait for the next episode.

#32 DJT – “Is it just me or does the new nacelle lighting look like christmas lights?”

That may be a compliment since the original Nacelle Caps included Christmas Lights underneath.

I’ll have to jump on the love pile for this one too. Best one yet. Although did anyone else feel like the closing shot of the E. looked like the earlier CGI model? A little flatter and less textured, maybe?

But for the most part, if someone told me they had dusted off and refurbished the old 11-footer and shot some new footage, I’d be inclined to agree with them. NICE!!!

I agree with you — there has yet to be an excellent departing shot from the stern. It was the weakest link to an otherwise exceptional effort.

WOW! That was fantastic footage of both ships! Thank You CBS!

I have to agree, effects in space seed are much improved, but I still can’t put my finger on what’s not right, and something with the Enterprise is still not right.

I suppose I’m over analyzing it, but in too many shots it looks flat somehow.


I have to say the Enterprise looked great in this episode as did the Botany Bay. Great job CBS digital!!

I watched the scene where the Ent ditched the BB about 5 times… it was so beautiful! The Big E LOOKED big this time, on a par with the similar shot from the end of ST:TMP.

Finally getting something really good here.

For some reason my local decided to run the “fixed” version of Mirror Mirror rather than Space Seed. The fix was of course replacing the high warp shot with a two second shot of the E in orbit, actually looked like they cut one of the orbit shots in half looked bit abrupt . Anyway I guess we’ll be a week behind in these parts until the reruns. I hope they don’t skip Space Seed altogether to catch up.

It´s getting better every week. Fantastic, great, … WOW! (and I only see the stuff on this page; in Germany I will have to wait a loooong time before I´m able to see the remastered Episodes). The Enterprise looked like a physical object in this episode (perhaps because one could compare it with the smaller BB, so the E gets a kind of deepness and real size)Thanks to the Guys from CBS Digital. Go ahead.

Lebe lang und erfolgreich !!!

I agree with most of the comments–great shots. I would agree though that while the Botany Bay overall looked great, it was missing lighting highlights or something to tie the photography in with the Enterprise (maybe just tough to get across given the “charred and pitted” paint job), which is looking closer and closer to photoreal. They clearly studied the original Space Seed shots which are quite good–well composited and choreographed in a way that suggests some of the fluidity of motion control despite the cave man technology. They got something on the nacelle domes that really works to sell them–the soft highlight on the leading edge in some shots, very visible in the original miniature footage, that adds a lot of subtlety and dimension to the look of the domes.

#36 Nice setup Scott

I was reminded more than once of some beauty passes from Star Trek-The Motion Picture.

One of the most timeless,iconic viewing angles of the Enterprise is from the lower front quarter and this episode delivered that view repeatedly.

The establishing shot of the Enterprise sailing by towing the B.B was obviously an homage to the bookend shot of the Enterprise from TMP.

I like that the CBS team isn’t afraid to get close to the Enterprise and show some mass and relative displacement. This should REALLY bode well for some shuttlecraft landing sequences.

As far as the earlier criticism about the new nacelle caps looking like Christmas lights, it really helps to be informed when passing criticisms.
As was stated already, the studio model featured timed Christmas lights surrounded by broken shards of mirror, topped by frosted acrylic. That recipe in conjunction with lens exposure is what gives us our presto Enterprise warp bussard ramscoop effect.

I think when this project arrives on DVD, Blue-Ray, and HD-DVD several years from now, everyone should contribute to the Vance fund for excellence and pick me up a set. ;)

I can PROMISE you it will oft used and thoroughly enjoyed.