Remastered Menagerie Part 1 Airs Today

Spock hijacks the Enterprise for his old pal Captain Pike
(sorry no preview this week…blame the holiday)
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The Menagerie is Trek’s only two part episode which cleverly uses the (at the time) unaired pilot ‘The Cage’.  The enhancements to expect:

  • new Starbase 11 matte paintings
  • new Starbase 11 planet and new Talos IV
  • various new shots of the Enterprise
  • a new (seen for the first time) shuttlecraft
  • tracking zoom-in shot of Pike’s Enteprise (with CGI crew transitioning to live action crew)
  • various view monitor shots 
  • …and look for tiny versions of the Trek Remastered Producers and Effects Team in the background at Starbase 11  
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Can’t wait for this one. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen it.
The CG shots of star base 11 should be great based on previous matte improvements.

In addition to the shuttlecraft, I think we might see a new CGI hanger deck as well. It would be nice to see some additional shuttlecraft and people in the various windows of the hanger deck.

A classic episode from a classic series. I always get a kick out of hearing young Spock saying…”Deflectors full intensiTEEE!”.



To the people over at

Managerie – should be spelled Menagerie

Come on Guys!!! LMAO

Come on, it ain’t’s fault.

Technically it could be “Man” agerie. Pike was the only “man” there in the cages. The rest were aliens.

There are several scenes in this episode where Kirk converses with Commodore Mendez in his office. There is a huge window there that overlooks the starbase. Will we see brand new Starbase 11 buildings and maybe some ships flying by outside the window?? In the original, it is basically construction paper cut-outs of buildings backlit with a purple and blue light. It is EXTREMELY phony looking. This is a great opportunity for the TOSR team to do some great things. Additionally, there is also a window in Pike’s quarters on the Starbase.

If they don’t re-do these shots it will be a huge disapointment IMO.

Is anyone here watching the newly remastered episodes in stereo or surround sound?

I know the opening thems had be re-recorded, but I’m curious to know what the rest of the soundtrack and score sounds like. (I’m travelling in my motorhome and only get to see these remastered episode on my small 20″ TV.)

I’m a big fan of the original series music and I hope they have somehow improved on the original mono recordings too.

Mike :o

Where is the trailer to this episode ???

It isn’t on due to the holiday, usually has it.

My local affiliate is showing “Moulin Rouge” instead of “The Menagerie Pt.1” at it’s usual time. :( Fortunately, I have the late night replay to fall back on. I just hope they don’t substitute it with some Infomercial.

I just saw the episode. Most of the exterior shots of the Enterprise are unremarkable…standard stuff. The shots of Starbase 11 look very good. There is a nice exterior shot of the SB 11 shuttlecraft. The center forward window is uncovered which cuts nicely with the interior shots of the shuttlecraft. The bridge dome zoom-in shot looks very cool. Unfortunately it is shown on the court room viewscreen, and not shown full-screen. I guess we’ll have to wait for the remastered version of “The Cage” to see to see the old OLD girl in all her glory. The full screen footage of the first pilot is absolutely stunning!! I noticed details I’ve never seen before. Vina’s eyes are hypnotic. Well, that’s my from-the-hip review of “The Menagerie Part 1”. I’m interested to see what others think on this forum.

Can’t wait to see it later on tonight!

re: Post #8-

I’m sure they will re-do the buildings out the windows at the starbase. However, from an expressionist and artistic point of view, I think those cut out buildings are great! They evoke the old expressionistic images of theater.

Yes, Vina was quite the babe. I can’t wait!

Bring on the bridge dome zoom in!!

The restoration itself was fantastic for this episode. WUHF cut out the part though where Spock smiles when he touches the singing plant :(

Hmmm, cutting Spock smile is a bad thing? I’m actually kind of torn on that. On one hand, it’s charmingly cute, but on the other hand, it seems way out of character…
Anyway, long live Vima, the green Orion slave girl…. meow. ~s~

Ah, I whooped and hollered several times during “The Menagerie, Part I.” Let me break this down into Kirk Era updates and then Pike Era.

Kirk Era:
1. Loved the enhanced Starbase 11 planetside, particularly the CGI guys milling in the background. But I was still hoping that the crane waaaay in back was swinging/moving/whatever. Probably caught those SCE guys on their coffee break, dammit!

2. Loved the new day & night scenery outside Mendez’s windows, and outside Pike’s ICU (especially the moving shuttles).

3. All visuals of the Enterprise rock, as per usual. The Starbase 11 planet was cool, too.

4. Anybody catch the name on the front of that Starbase shuttlecraft? No HDTV have I.

5. Nice to see the stars “warping” past on the view screen, plus the reverse angle showing the nacelles! However, I wish the shuttle had been showered by fast-moving stars, too. Makes it look like the shuttle was only on impulse, which it certainly was not.

Pike Era:
1. NIIIIIIICE swoop into the old-style Enterprise CGI, complete with spired nacelle caps, curvy strips on the dorsal saucer section, the oversize sensor dish and the larger Bridge module. The pan down into the Bridge was *incredible.* It felt like you were being “dunked” right into the transparent aluminum cap!

2. I think the Enterprise’s “meteorite beam” effect onscreen was slightly tweaked.

3. NIIIICE window looking outside Pike’s quarters!!!

4. Awesome swoop into orbit of the “new” Talos 4! Was still hoping to see those “reflections from the surface,” though.

5. NIIIICE “warble” effect added to the disappearing old men, to complement the effect by which Vina had always vanished.

6. Nice enhancement of the Talosian’s “orange smoke puff” weapon or whatever the hell that thing is.

I *can’t wait” to see the Rigel Fortress next week, in addition to Mojave in the background and whatever you decide to do (or not) at Pike’s Orion house. Great job, guys!

Sadly, my local source for these episodes has never been a viable source for quality broadcast. It’s been fuzzy from the start, and hasn’t changed.