“The Menagerie” (Part 1) Screenshots and FX Video [Updated]

UPDATED: sorry for the delay…here are the screenies (as usual click for full size)


New Effects Video


Before And After

entering orbit at Starbase 11


Stabase 11…now with actual people

View outside Pike’s window is now daytime…fixing a minor continuity error
Now Starbase 11 at night actually is at night…another ‘error’ fixed

Menendez’s office view ‘box’ gets updated

Spock steals the Enterprise

Kirk follows in a Shuttle…now given a name ‘Picasso’

Looking backwards now looks like you are looking backward

Pike’s Enterprise

Zoom in on Pike’s bridge…now with CGI crew and a see through dome


Pike’s window gets some stars

Spock gets a look at the old and new Talos IV


will try and add some other shots (not before and after) later…thank you for your patience 

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Are we going to, at some point, when it can be done get to see a video of the new cgi bridge dome zoom in? That’s what I really wanna see.


I will get to it after it airs in LA which is midnight Sunday (Pacific) so expect it early Monday am. I am like the last guy in the country to get the show…DOH

No, it came on while I was at work at like 4 pm and I didn’t know it. I really didn’t wanna miss it. However, I will get to see Space Seed tonight which I also missed, so there’s that at least.

The inside-the-bridge-dome shot was amazing – it really blew me away.

Can you discribe it? I mean, how did it look? How did they intagrate the cgi guys with the footage? I just wanna see it so bad!!

Is there anyone out there who can get any more screen caps at all?

Wow! I love that rearward shot!

as I said i will put up screenshots and video after it airs in LA tomorrow. if someone out there can provide us with the stuff before then I invite you to hit the tip line. we always appreciate the help,, but I suggest a tiny bit of patience

He he. Sorry. Thanks for the great site. You guys are great.

Is it just my eyes, or does that screenshot of the Enterprise leaving Starbase 11 have a hint of blue like in the original series? It looks great and very much reminds me of the original!

Mike :o

The bridge dome closeup:

I swear to God it used to be a closeup, but maybe I’m just imagining that.


1) They show the original Enterprise; the one with red pointy nacelles, etc.
2) The zoom in on the bridge dome.
3) They show the inside of the bridge, while the bridge dome fades away.
4) They show the live action.

It was totally seamless. Fantastically done.


who loves ya, Baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

hitch1969, of course.



I thought I noticed that the transporter effect from The Cage footage was enhanced to be more similar to the effect from Enterprise, with the sparkles smaller, and shrinking to the centers of mass of the characters

Have to wait til 9pm Sunday night to see this! I always liked this episode, getting a peek at the old timey Enterprise! :)

One of the best episodes, if not THE best of the entire series. Very clever use of the pilot. The picture quality of the remaster is amazing. Vina is even more stunning than ever. Wish I could see part 2 right away. It’s like the old days, having to wait a week in between. As the Keeper would say…”Excellent!”

As much as I hated it before Trouble with Tribbles I love it (and the people around Okuda) now!

The bridge dome shot is a wonderful piece of work. The camara “flies” inward at a lower angle than the original to match the angle of the interior shot. You see the bridge during the entire fly-in. The dome appears as though looking through a fogged window. As the view gets closer you can see some movement of the crew members. The last few feet of the fly-in, the dome clears, as though the camera passes through it and drops smoothly into the bridge interior shot. Superb! The transition from the CGI to live action is totally smooth and seamless. If you are watching it on tape or DVR you will definately want to slow it down as the whole shot only lasts a few seconds. It also appears in a relativly small area of the courtroom viewscreen. Hope my description wasn’t too long-winded.

I looked at these two stills and my jaw dropped.

I cannot wait to see this thing in action. These shots look fantastic.

Now we just need to lobby the United Nations to foot the funds to build an entirely accurate Starship Enterprise to hang in orbit.

No matter that it would be a dead hulk of metal with no weapons, no shields, no propulsion, no life support, no gravity, no transporters, and no shuttlecraft, it would be DAMN pretty to look at through a telescope.


Life imitates art, or does art imitate life.

I bet Kirk was really pissed when Spock stole the Enterprise. I think
he’d already scheduled dinner and a nightcap with Miss Piper.

Number One is hot. So’s Veena.

I like the hewn-from-the-living-rock viewscreens that the Talosians have.
It’s like a Flintstones motif.

Darn it, they cut out the scene with Spock getting giddy as a schoolgirl
over the singing flowers in the Talos IV flashback.

OK here are some of the updated effects shots… Including the AMAZING zoom into the bridge. My only quibble with it, is the turbo lift is at the 1 o’clock position and not the 12 o’clock position. I know it’s a nitpick, but it’s still the most amazing thing they have done to date…


Much thanks.

My God I love this show.

Thank you so much for the captures, Trekmovie and Kelvington. As a Northern Irish fan I have no way of viewing the episodes until well after the airdate, so the photo and video captures of the vfx reels are a great way of catching up on what Team Okuda have treated us to this week!

I like the way the series model was updated to shy away from the main viewing screen being a window, to a holographic projector essentially.

It’s a true testament to Roddenberry, Jefferies , et al. that even during the short time that passed between production of pilots, these talented individuals were already considering what was immediately dated in appearance.

Notice the elimination of the Swan like communication/viewers protruding from the Captain’s chair and various stations. (Those always reminded me of the Martian War Machine from Pal’s 50’s classic, I always expected red sparkler effects to shoot from it and hit a crewman in the face)

Lasers were updated to the acronym PHASERS, and the Enterprise bridge was given a fresh coat of paint to more readily take advantage of the advent of color television sets.

One thing I’m curious about, has the ceiling of the Constitution class bridge ever been diagramed in a blueprint or schematic in publications?
We have seen the refit ceiling with the green dome sensor unit, but never the original. Undoubtedly it would be similar in appearance and function-
the interplanetary sensor dome feeds information into the above head dome then transmits the information into the Enterprise computer core residing in the shaft below the main helm and navigation console.


There was never an actual ceiling built (or needed), afaik. But we did see a small part of the ceiling in TAS (http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Automatic_bridge_defense_system).

This has been one of the best remastered episodes I’ve seen thus far. The nightime shot of Starbase 11 with the people walking around was fantastic.

Loved the color tweaks on Pike’s Enterprise bridge.

Its a relay good remastered episode !!!

Has somebody the trailer for this wunderfull episode??!!

What color tweaks?

Everyone go watch the starship exeter Tressuarian intersection !!!!! In The teaser titles opening scene they did their own zoom into the bridge effect and it is really really good. The naccles are really good as well. MUST GO SEE UPON ORDERS OF THE ALL MIGHTY SHATNER!!!! Exeter is the best of the fan films hands down. Well the Tressurian Intersection anyway (we’ll have to forgive the savage empire it was their first try and still has some very nice moments all the same) This new effort never ceases to amaze me.

Starshipexeter.com to view the movies and exeterstudio.com for behind the scenes info

This was the first time I noticed the crewman with the bandage on his neck. Even when they beam down, it’s on the left side of his neck. Wonder what the back story for that was?

Great great stuff on this one. The shots of Starbase 11 are great, as are the shots of Kirk’s and Pike’s Enterprises (the zoom into the bridge was seamless). About the only minor letdown was the shot of the starbase shuttlecraft as it had a washed out and flat look. But overall, these remastered shows are really breathing new life into the series and make watching again it a fresh experience.

That is a nice push in on the Starship Exeter, but even they fall victim to the dreaded TURBO LIFT SYNDROME!! If you turn our bridge or theirs so that the turbo lift is in the proper place then you run the risk that Kirk and company have been facing about 30 degrees to port all these years when they look at the view screen. I’m shocked no one ever mentioned this before.

Lots to like in this one, but my two favorite shots are the “bridge dome” shot and the view of the nacelles from the rear. I’ve always wanted to see the main bridge viewer show us this angle. A very nice and creative addition!

In reply to Kelvington’s post. The back story in in The Cage and actually in this episode as well. They refer to their fight on Rigel. This is where they are coming from when they end up on Talos IV.

Also, did anyone notice in Pikes quarters the window isn’t coloured anymore and it’s a nice moving starfield?

The Starbase 11 night shot was cool.

#28 – What color tweaks?

In the original Cage episode, the window in Pike’s quarters was some sort of colour. I think like pink or something. They remastered it to show a starfield.

er sorry about that. the message thingy had your name in it for some reason.

The comment mentioned the bridge, not Pike’s quarters.

The turbolift offset angle on the bridge set is explained at the following link:


What is not explained, however, is why the turbolift “nub” on the filming model was not offset the same amount. Seems it would have been an easy modification to make. I just watched the DVR recording of this week’s episode. I’m so knocked out by the restoration of the film footage. It’s like seeing the episode for the first time. Outstanding!

Ok, now TELL me the new effects in THIS episode were anything short of awesome!

The Enterprise had weight…and probably looked the best I have seen her in these remastered episodes.

Talos IV looked great…the Starbase…looked perfect. Only nit I have is…we see that ringed moon in the sky, but why isn’t it in the orbital shots? Seems like we should see it at least once…


^42, so the real explanation is that it’s a cheat because it looks better despite making less sense. If Star Trek were a dramatization of a real starship, when you visited the real ship you’d see Uhura’s module swapped with the turbolift module. The doors would then be directly behind Kirk’s chair. We’re just not supposed to overthink this.

The enterprise looke fab but they should’ve spent a bit more time on the shuttlecraft as it looked pretty bad IMHO…

Another great job. It’s like taking Clairiton(sp). Vina’s and Pike’s eyes were a dazzeling blue. A little overuse of the same shot of Enterprise traveling towards Talos.

I can’t say much that hasn’t already been said, but it truely was OUTSTANDING! Great work all around.

Have we ever gotten official word if “The Cage” is also being remastered? This episode makes me REALLY hope that it will be…I mean most of it allready is done! But, I really want a good look at that push in on the ship and the bridge desolve. Besides that “The Cage” is a great episode in its own right.

Thank you, Kelvington, for the youtube clips. That bridge shot blew my fragile little mind.

Just saw Kelvingston’s VFX reel from The Menagerie (Part I), and I have to say, they got it right.

The zoom into the bridge dome was really fantastic, and the window shots in the Starbase actually looked believable, but retained the original design elements and aesthetics as the impressionistic cardboard cutout backdrops from before.

All in all, THIS is what I like to see from this project.

CBS Digital, thank you.

According to the great “Behind the scenes at CBS Digital” article “The Cage” will be remastered but it will be the last episode the team does so we’ll have to wait until 2008 to see it.