“The Menagerie” (Part 1) Screenshots and FX Video [Updated]

UPDATED: sorry for the delay…here are the screenies (as usual click for full size)


New Effects Video


Before And After

entering orbit at Starbase 11


Stabase 11…now with actual people

View outside Pike’s window is now daytime…fixing a minor continuity error
Now Starbase 11 at night actually is at night…another ‘error’ fixed

Menendez’s office view ‘box’ gets updated

Spock steals the Enterprise

Kirk follows in a Shuttle…now given a name ‘Picasso’

Looking backwards now looks like you are looking backward

Pike’s Enterprise

Zoom in on Pike’s bridge…now with CGI crew and a see through dome


Pike’s window gets some stars

Spock gets a look at the old and new Talos IV


will try and add some other shots (not before and after) later…thank you for your patience 

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