Abrams To Direct Episode Of ‘The Office’

Star Trek XI  producer JJ Abrams remains coy about whether or not he will direct the next Trek feature, but he has committed to do some directing in 2007. Abrams is already slated to direct an episode of his hit series Lost this season and according to TV Guide will also direct an episode of the NBC comedy ‘The Office’ in January. TV Guide reports that Abrams is a big fan of the show. TrekMovie.com can confirm this, in fact we got him on tape saying so during our recent interview with him.

The subject of ‘The Office’ came up briefly when another reporter asked JJ what other shows he liked. Abrams said  "The Office, I am obsessed with The Office".

Here is that ‘deleted scene’.

TrekMovie.com Interview with JJ Abrams 

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I know you’re desperate for some actual “Trekmovie” news but I’m not sure I see the relevance of Abrams commenting on Office.
Ironic that all the Trek new lately is about TOS/R and not the movie. It suggests that a TOS based movie is what many fans want.

They’re always talking about “Lost” on “The Office” (Dwight and Ryan anyway), so this should be an amusing ep.

But then, all eps of the Office are amusing, so…that’s not really anything new.

And I personally can’t tell anything about who’s directing what episode of a sitcom. Just isn’t enough there, IMO, to be able to tell a thing.

re 1… the relevance is… Abrams has good taste!!!

Maybe he’ll plug Trek xi in the storyline since they plugged his “lost”

Why bother- The Office essentially directs itself at this point… Just get out of the writers and director’s way. Please spend more time making Trek good sir…