Frakes Available To Play Riker Again…Thinks It Could Happen

Jonathan Frakes (TNG: Riker) seems to be one of the only ‘Next Gen’ actors who is ok with JJ Abrams plans to go back to the TOS era for the next Trek film. But in a new interview with IF Magazine he still thinks that we will eventually see some of the familiar faces from the recent Trek shows, and makes it clear he is ready as well.

iF: Do you think there will ever be a return of NEXT GENERATION crew in one form or another?
FRAKES: I think probably, they’ll use STAR TREK actors from different crews, based on whom they can get and whom they’ll want to use for a story. I think the audience really likes to see people again whom they have identified with. I could be wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to use some of us in something. 

iF: Sort of like you coming onto ENTERPRISE for the final episode?
FRAKES: Yeah. Marina [Sirtis] and I are always available.

Not sure what ‘something’ Frakes has in mind. It is likely the film franchise will center around the new cast that Abrams creates, but perhaps there may be some TV work for the actors in the future. Then again Marina Sirtis may have burned her bridges with some of her comments about the executives around the studio so he may need to find himself a new wife.

Read the rest of the interview at IF Magazine

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First!! I would like to see a proper sendoff for the Next Gen crew, like Star Trek VI did for the original, in a movie. As for a new series I would like to see a new crew, maybe 25 years in the future like this new online game. It would be great to see what happen to all the “Next Generation” crews have done, and see what’s happened to DS9, the Enterprise, and Voyager members.

that is one freaky lookin picture of frakes to have up…he looks like he is insane

A series centered on the Voyages of the U.S.S. – Titan sounds good to me even if they were to do it on a monthly or six week basis per episode. That way you could be assured of better storylines thats equally centered around both the story and characters and as needed – the special effects.
Mr. Frakes with Star Trek VII showed that he could get the job done. I myself would like to see him being more serious without that that silly smirk he often seems to have but otherwise….lets bring writing scripts for the next series with the Titan before its too late….after all….I think Paramount made a huge mistake by abandoning Star Trek II in favor of ST-TMP. Lets not make that awful mistake again. The time is right for Paramount to put the wheels into motion and get this project running.

No. I’d rather not.

Having people from another era already wrecked “Enterprise”‘s final episode. I certainly don’t want them wrecking TOS’ return to big screen glory.

I doubt TNG will come back.

It’s simple economics, ST:X got creamed at the box office. Nobody is going to bend over backwards to give TNG another shot. Certainly, nobody is going to put money into a Wil Riker ST: TITAN feature either. ANd the idea of mixing/matching crew members from different shows seems even more remote. WIthout Berman, there is no advocate in Paramount to reuse these characters.

How can you say its simple economics…….

BY that standard they should have never made the 6th movie because the 5th tanked at the box office.


Frakes has zero appeal as an actor,with his half assed smirk and puffed out chest,he’s a good director though.

TNG cast never stop lobbying, are they that broke.

I gotta go with #4. ety3 on this one…

Whatever one’s feelings about Enterprise as as series, the finale was an affront to it AS a series.

The notion of bringing Riker and Troi back as the former works through his “Pegasus” issues was weak, ill-conceived and Berman at his worse. Had it been a regular episode I might not be so harsh but it was supposed to be the curtain call for Enterprise.

Berman should have done the honorable thing… Give the series it’s due, regardless of how good or bad it was. Make the send off about them!

My guess is that in the Berman camp there was the stark and lonely realization that it was over… that it was ALL over. And that episode was an insulting effort to pull at Star Trek fans’ hearts and minds as he linked the NX-01 to the best that Star Trek offered… Ostensibly, TOS and TNG, in that order.

If they mix TOS with NEXT GEN again they will lose me as a fan FOREVER.

I hated that they used Riker and Troi in the last episode of Enterprise. If they ‘had’ to do that (which they didn’t!), they should have at least had them on the USS Titan looking back. Having them on 1701-D was just really bad storytelling.

As for another TNG movie, I feel that they really deserve one. I love classic Trek, but Trek would not be as popular today if it hadn’t been for TNG. They desrve a proper goodbye.

If next gen fans want to see these guys again let them do a next-gen movie of the week reunion to tie up their loose ends.I won’t watch it .I’m a TOS fan (not a trekkie or trekker).

I’m so sick of Trek haters. Some “fans” having nothing but negative things to say. Yeah, Star Trek has had many low points, but all in all it offered some of the best storytelling ever, in any incarnation, it is the Queen of Science Fiction (Star Wars would be the King). And if you’re only a fan of a certain series, good for you, I don’t want to hear it, I could care less. I like em all. And for people who trash Berman & Braga, I say get over it (again some low points) but they, all along with others, brought a lot to trek.

Oh and Kahless–I’d like to see you act yourself out of a box

#6 Scott Gammans

First, name calling is pretty trite, especially at this site where the majority of us address one another without resorting to calling one another “moron.”

Second, your analysis is very flawed. ST-V was almost the end of the film series, but Nimoy and the studio wanted to cash in on the 25h Anniversary and decided they could make a fast, cheap movie to finish off the series once and for all. And, in real dollars, ST-V was a bigger earner than Nemesis (ST-V made $52.2 m. domestic, Nemesis made $43.2 m domestic) and if you factor in inflation, ST-V did even BETTER still. ST-V made a profit, where Nemesis couldn’t make back its budget at the box office. So, comparing Nemesis’ flop to ST-V’s lackluster performance is foolish.

Perhaps you should think a bit more before you comment.

I think Anthony is being a little too harsh in judging those of us who’d like to see another TNG adventure. TNG gave us plenty of great stories in its seven year series, and as somebody else said, did a lot to bring Trek back to the forefront of pop culture.

When we say TNG “deserves” a proper sendoff, all we mean is that in our heart of hearts we’d love to see that crew go out on a high note. That’s true whether or not Paramount views the idea of another movie as profitable or not. You might as well try to argue against BBK fans who say Kirk “deserved” a better death by saying there wasn’t enough money in the budget for Generations for a better rewrite of the script, therefore Kirk deserved nothing.

I know the chances of an all new TNG movie are slim–but stranger things have happened!. I’d love to see one get greenlit, if for no other reason than to get people like this JON guy to quit the fan boards. The best thing that could happen to the franchise and Trek fandom in general would be to jettison bitter old reprobates like that guy. Fandom really needs to move beyond the fat old “Comic Book Guy” stereotype.

I can appreciate his optimism, but I don’t think TNG will get another shot anywhere. I believe that CBS/Paramount wants to move on with a new cast, no matter what era the show(s) take place in.

Adam Cohen is a penis face

“Oh and Kahless–I’d like to see you act yourself out of a box ”

welcome to, Mr .Frakes,glad to have you on board. :)

#18 – Scott Gammans

I really hope that there is some kind of shared inside joke between you and Adam Cohen, otherwise comments like that are what we’re trying to get rid of in this place.

Hey Trekweb Forever Guy….Get a life.

No, this is not an inside joke. Scott is just being juvenile.

Where are the Organians when you need them?

I suppose I’m guilt of booster-ism but I’d never call TNG fans unappreciative, coat-tail riding wannabees. I’d never do that….

Seriously. If these comment boards are going to degenerate into “my Star Trek can beat up your Star Trek,” then Anthony should just shut them down. This has nothing to do with Trek news.

Sure the TNG folks will be back around at some point.

Not only is it the way Trek works, it’s the way the entertainment industry works.

Will it be in a TNG-centric film or television series? I’d be willing to bet against the former for the foreseeable future – but not with money I couldn’t afford to lose.

As for where the film franchise is going…right now, there’s no film franchise. There’s an upcoming film being developed by Abrams and if it does well there’s likely to be a follow-up or two. That said, there is no way to predict where the movies will be going in six or seven years with a reasonable expectation of being correct. It took Warners a decade from the beginning of development to resurrect “Superman,” in many ways a much less problematic film/tv/comic franchise, for the big screen.

The biggest mistake for the Enterprise Show Finale was to have Frakes and Sirtis as guess stars. I have nothing personally against the two of them. I believe they did a superb job in there roles in TNG. It was a real letdown for the very last episode of Enterprise. I think most Trek fans would agree with that.

Of course Frakes is going to say he and Sirtis are available for one last Trek movie and or show. Unfortunately to them Its all about the money.

Wow… looks like some people woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Can’t we all just get along? :)

#24 DB…
IMO, is correct.
First things first… XI needs to be successful. Regardless of what ST era Abrams choses or who he casts (No chants of Shatner right now please…).
Secondly…. Success will breed sequel films. The big $$$ payoff for Paramount.
Third… If the sequels do well enough, you may see a TV series several years from now, but don’t hold your breath…. I’d predict a series no earlier than 2011. Provided all goes well.
And also, in my opinion… Frakes isn’t looking for screen time… He wants to direct. He wants JJ’s eye and ear right now, thus the interviews, etc.
All …in my opinion and I managed to not call anyone a name…

Scott.. please apologize

I would be fine with retiring the Next Gen crew in favor of a new beginning…but only if they could have been given a proper send off.

Nemesis was horrible. Star Trek 6 was a perfect send-off for TOS cast; in fact, it would have been better if they had left it there instead of pushing it with Generations.

I’d have preferred 1 more Next Gen send off including DS9 and Voyager character cameo’s to bring the story arc to a proper conclusion. Thereafter, a new beginning. But the time for that would have been Pre-Enterprise (the series). Now it’s all muddled up.

If Matt Damon is the next Kirk, let’s hope that he views Trek as more than a one-time experience. Trek stories aren’t meant to be one stop deals for a revolving number of lead characters.

I’m a Star Trek TOS fan first and foremost, but DS9 was always my favorite of the spin off series.

If there’s one ST series that deserves a shot at the big screen, it’s the cast and crew of DS9!

Frakes and company had four movies already, and it’s debatable if another TNG based movie would be successful or not. Based on the box office results of the last two TNG movies, I kind of doubt it.

Wasn’t DS9 almost as popular “ratings wise” during it’s seven years, as TNG? If so, that crew may be the best choice for another movie some time in the future.

A good idea would be to develop a DS9 cast centered screenplay, and have some of the characters from TNG involved to some small degree. This way the movie will have a broader appeal.

I do hope Star Trek XI is based on TOS characters, but in the future I also hope to see Capt Sisko and Co. on the big screen too. (Even a TV movie would be good.)

Long live Spock….and Quark!

Mike :o


The biggest mistake was to destroy the Enterprise-D and replace it with a less impressive Enterprise-E. They could have used an new version of the galaxy class starship, which would have saved the movies.

The Enterprise-D was as important to TNG as all the main characters were…

To be honest, I doubt an actor of Patrick Stewart’s stature would be particularly interested in returning to TNG now, Brent Spiner has made it clear he’s finished with it and Marina Sirtis has probably said a few too many things to be asked back!!!

I think any any spin-off TV series will come from Abrams’ movie and I doubt it will be set so far in the future of the TOS era.

Bear in mind that the reason Roddenberry made TNG was entirely financial, not artistic. He set TNG far in the future of TOS in order to avoid the section of the Trek franchise he no longer controlled.

I do wonder if there might be some direct-to-HDDVD/Blueray films in the future featuring Berman-Trek characters, but the chances of another Berman-Trek feature film or series must be minimal. After all, by now they would be movies only for the fans and not for the general public!

Interesting threads on this. Even tho we were hammered over the head with Trek for a number of years, there is certainly room for more. It IS a good idea to let it breathe for a while though. What really killed Trek in the end was simple mediocrity. The last 2 movies were bad, Enterprise was bad, it was an embarrassment really.

re 28 & 29… I was a big DS9 fan and thought it offered the most sophisticated story arcs and character development of the entire franchise. But rather than making a movie around them, how about doing something Trek has never done… A TV miniseries, like Roots or Dune.

(btw, not suggesting this in favor of the Abrams movie, but rather in addition to it…)

In this format you could explore some really exciting ideas. The effects artists would have much more time to do some truly spectacular effects for TV… This would also allow more freedom for the actors who don’t want to commit to a TV series,… and less risky than making a movie around what the studios would consider a risky proposition… and be told in a six or 8 hour mini, with a mix of characters from different series… around a true event story that couldn’t really be told in the confines of episodic TV, or a 2 hour movie!

As for J. Frakes… met the man once in a social setting, and he absolutely LOVED being in Star Trek. I think a Titan series is an interesting idea. I have no objection to the proliferation of Star Trek in any incarnation, as long as its well done!


re 31& 32

True, it was bad stories. While the Enterprise E is pretty, I kind of agree, they should have built a kick ass Galaxy Class model of the D, and gone with that. I think it helps create a sense of continuity, familiarity and loyalty… , while the addition of the E, really wasn’t particularly relevant or impactful in any way.


re: post 14

The haters out there, should really try to keep it in check. This isn’t a forum to excercise your Trek prejudices. People out there who can only entertain one vision of this product don’t truly understand the nature of Trek at all.

Doug (ok, i’m done now)

I don’t think we’re going to see anything but cameos, video games, and fanfilms from any former Trek star ever again. The next Trek movie will be Trek XI and if it’s successful the one after that will be more of the same. As for TV, if it’s true CBS can start working on something after Trek XI, it would probably be an all-new series just because different people will be in charge.

I grew up with TOS and still love it but I have to say I am an even bigger fan of TNG. Thus, I would love to see one more movie which gives them a proper sendoff. I would also love to see a series or movie set on the Titan.

Not sure what the Frakes bashing is all about. This guy LOVES Star Trek. He’s one of us. Also he was front and center in my favorite episodes – Best of Both Worlds. He’s not perfect but he’s light years ahead of those folks on Voyager or Enterprise IMO. And he and Sirits did not ruin ENT’s last episode. Hard to ruin what had been conceived as a stillborn, again IMO.

As for the name calling…..if we must engage in this activiy then we should do it in the appropriate style. Adam–You are a Regulan Blood Worm. Scott, you are an overbearing, tinplated dictator with delusions of Godhood.

Wow. I feel better.

Doug, I agree. A history- and galaxy-spanning miniseries involving characters from all the shows could be truly epic and would be wonderful.

I always felt that Berman and co were staggeringly unambitious with as flexible a concept as Star Trek. There was ample opportunity for standalone TV movies, cartoons and miniseries down the years to complement a major TV series.

People talk about closure for TNG. A miniseries shifting between the eras of Enterprise through to post-Nemesis would be a wonderful line drawn under the whole 80s to 2000s shows.

“staggeringly unambitious” – so true Dom… quote of the week. -d

Since we have no control over what happens to this beloved product, we are often left to our own devices to determine if and how we will enjoy Trek in it’s many incarnations.

1. I will always remember Trek VI as the proper send-off for the TOS crew.

2. I will always look at the spectacular final episode of the series “All Good Things” as an AMAZING send-off for the TNG crew.

That’s about the only control over the situation that I can pretend to have….

hate to disagree with many of you…. I always hated the enterprise “D” and was glad when riker crashed it… the “E” looks more like it developed out of the original series and Enterprise A Yeah, the “D” could do some cool banking ad sharp turns, but it always looked disproportionate, BIIIG Saucer, short nacelles, but the E looks enormouis with it’s elongated pylons and sharp angles… –the problem is, other than “First contact” –they never really did anything with the bloody ship! (besides crash it into Shinzon’s) -Man , Next Gen cast neeeds actors who can steer! Sulu & Checkov never crashed into anything on purpose or by accident.

It’ll never happen, but a multi generational cast figuring in the “Temporal cold war” from Enterprise would be awesome!… that Bring Back Kirk trailer would make a great movie! Imagine seeing Enterprise, 1701, 1701-A, 1701-D, 1701-E, and Excelsior fighting one huge battle on screen –coulds throw in 1701 b & C just for fun.. too bad it’ll never happen.

re 42

I hear ya about the “D”. It wasn’t my favorite either. (my favorite is actually classic TOS ent.) But like you said, they never did anything with E, and it never got to develop any sense of history with a fan base, unlike the classic/movie ent – and Ent D.

Thats why I would have kept the D. (from some angles it did look a bit silly, but there were angles from which it looked pretty damn cool too!)


#34 Doug…Yes a think a DS9 miniseries would be a good idea, and much less risky financially then a theatrical release. I think the strong “niners” fan base would be thrilled with a short or long miniseries. I doubt it will ever happen, but we can always hope!

I just hope that if they ever produce a miniseries, or another new spin off series, they syndicate the show to more than one network like UPN!

It wasn’t until I began reading these threads that I realized that the last series “Enterprise” was not available to half the US television market. That’s very surprising!

I’m not a big fan of that series, but I’m sure the decision to give UPN exclusive rights was one of the big reasons it failed. Why in the world would they sell the series to a network that could not deliver the show the largest possible audience?

Mike :o

Nice to see some people comment positively on the Trek Universe…not just one show and hate the rest.
Some of you have really cool ideas about the future. I hope you get your wishes.

#45. MichaelT – I’ll drink to that!

And, In fact, I am…. a wonderful Sangiovese to be exact.

To be candid, with the exception of a little bristling about Star Trek feature film revenue that involved some very unnecessary epithets, this has been a thoroughly enjoyable thread to read.

It has been interesting… funny… informative… respectful… and with a compelling progression of sub-topics.

Just for the record, I wasn’t Berman bashing in my earlier post. I think Berman & Company did some terrific work through TNG and DS9. Voyager was certainly watch-able but it just never “got there”, ya’ know?

Enterprise, while very lackluster in it’s first two seasons, was extraordinarily enjoyable through it’s third season. I started to really care about these people as they struggled with the Xindi (did I spell that correctly?) story arc. And even though it’s fourth season was somewhat uneven, I was disappointed it was cancelled.

I was just really miffed that it’s series finale went the route it did. I like Frakes and Sirtis but the plot was weak and it just wasn’t a proper send-off.

At any rate, to mirror MichaelT’s warm and considerate sentiments… I too hope you get your wishes whether they be about Star Trek or any other ones as the holiday season approaches.

They could always go the B5 route. A new series of direct DVD movie adventures is planned. The first one wrapped earlier this week ahead of schedule and under budget. After the effects are complete, it will make it way to DVD stores in spring of 2007. More DVDs are planned already.

Why Paramount has never considered this route for any of the previous Trek franchises I don’t know. Direct to DVD would allow the fans to enjoy their favorite characters again, the cost is far less than a theatrical film and almost guarantees a profit because the DVD could be released theatrically overseas before making it onto DVD shelves overseas.

TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT could all get a real shot in the arm with fresh adventures and not being under the gun of a weekly production schedule. Two or three DVDs a year could be a positive shot in the arm for the entire Trek franchise.

I like the idea Dave, but I don’t think they’ll get Spiner and Stewart back for what they’ll want to pay. DS9 has potential, as does Voyager. Enterprise I thought turned it around in the late 3rd and 4th seasons, except for the finale. (I didn’t like them killing Trip…)
Didn’t ENT nearly move to the SciFi channel and to a Canadian studio at one point before the cancellation?

#46 herb
yes, refreshing…..

TNG just didn’t work that well(save for First Contact) on the big screen. Keep it Kirk and co.

A send-off movie sometime down the road (4-6 years) containing select members of all 3 “middle” Star Trek (TNG, DS9, Voy) series…would be perfect! Imagine 3 or 4 actors from each series (Maybe Worf, Crusher, and the Rikers from TNG…Sisko, Bashier, and O’Brien from DS9…and Kim, B’lana, and 7 from Voyager…just random ideas…also throw in a cameo or 3 from Admiral Picard, etc)! I just think there’s still so much potantial to do a combined movie, and I’d love to see it.

#47 Dave. Like I said, Berman and co existed in an 80s/early 90s timewarp. Their later shows still felt like they came from that period, as well.

There have been many missed opportunities down the years to expand on Trek in other media, beyond the obvious games and books. Of all the big franchises out there, Trek should have been pushing into webisodes and straight-to-DVD/non-US cable productions!