Slow News Day Video Clip

Not much happening in the world of Trek today…so enjoy this clip from Mind Meld – Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime

isn’t that touching?

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OK what the hell kind of mood stabilizers are these guys on? “he’s my best friend” yadda yadda.

Sadly, I could watch about two hours of that give-and-take and you could slap a title on it called “Star Trek XI.” Heck, they don’t even need to be on the Enterprise or wearing uniforms/pointy ears. Those guys are the real deal.

They were about to make out. shoot!

Did you see William Shatner standing with the print with a Kirk smirk! Gotta love it. If you people also noticed, that both have lost considerable weight. They are getting ready to be in the movie for sure.
By the way, I like this clip.

Well, Ralph, it’s indeed a very moving scene, but regarding the weight of them (and especially Bill’s!), you have to consider that “Mind Meld” was made in 2001 or 2002, so you better should watch a recent episode of “Boston Legal” to get an impression of Bill’s present form! Nevertheless, to see them in the next movie would be fantastic, at least a cameo, regardless of their weight! :-)

At their age, I don’t think anyone’s going to give them shit for their weight.

Oh and this video was really nice.

“Mind Meld” is 5 years old now and Shatner looked much younger or at least he had less weight at that time…

Darn! You are right. He must be on some kind of medication for him to to look that way.
Last year I got chichken pox as an adult. Not fun by the way. The doctor put me on valtrex and some kind of steroid to control the pox. I must have gained 30lbs! I was only on it for 2 weeks. I just recently lost the weight.
I hope he gets better.

Oh look, dieties captured on film.

And who says there’s no proof of Bigfoot, UFO’s, God, or ghosts,

there’s two equally iconic enigmas right there on celluloid.

OMG whats this crap about their weight? Would you not see a movie or watch a small clip of them if they were humungo? They are past that and at their age it’s great that they are still alive for us to enjoy. I’m sure that most of you have a few extra pounds so shut the cakeholes…..

Darth”fat ass” Ballz

yes darth…yes!

That doesen’t matter to me, but why do YOU have problems with mentioning his weight?

Why should you even CARE in the first place about someones weight on screen….. trekmaster?

are you a “weightist:?


Shatner looks pretty darn good for a man in is mid seventies. (I’m sure being a multi-millionaire and being able to afford the best plastic surgeons in Hollywood has something to do with it.)
But, you would think baldness (Picard) and obesity (Kirk and Scotty) would have been cured, and a thing of the past hundreds of years from now!!

Everything is well in the ST’s all in good fun!

Mike :o

Shatner is 75, seventy f’en five!!!! If he want’s to get fat which he’s not then who gives a rat’s ass. When the original crew was doing movies it would have been hard to see the Shat running around at 400lbs. But the last Trek movie he was in was 12 years ago……

If I live to 75 then I hope that I’m doing a TV show, writing books, going to conventions, doing commercials, etc. There is nothing more than respect that should be going to him, not the B.S. about his weight…….

Darth “Fatso” Ballz

Hmmmm seems any discussion about “weight or being fat” is a sore spot for Darth “Fatso” Ballz…..

If any criticism of Star Trek, or one of it’s stars offends you so easly, then maybe you need to relax and take a deep breath. Also, please stop posting comments telling others you disagree with to “shut their cakeholes!” That’s pretty pathetic!

Also, why do you feel that William Shatner only deserves respect and adulation from people on this site? Is he a great humanitarian, or a role model that our kids should admire and look up too? Hardly!
He’s a good actor, and unless you know him personally as a friend, all you can do is comment on his acting career, not his personal life.

If you had watched the Shatner Roast on Comedy Central recently, you would have found that William Shanter has a great sense of humor! He certainly doesn’t need anyone to defend him, especially when people make fun of his weight, acting ability or hairpiece. He’s a man that can definately laugh at himself!

Mike :o


I am not offended by any comments made by anyone, it’s just shallow to make a point about someones weight. If you don’t get the light humor of “shut your cakehole” or that you can respect someone who DOES set a example on how to live life in their later years then you have missed the point……

The Shatner roast was a mess, whats the point of a roast if most of the people who are roasting you are 3rd rate comics who don’t know him? If that’s what you enjoy watching then more power to you……

Darth “words can’t hurt me” Ballz

#18 Darth

You are absolutely right, William Shatner is living “life to the fullest” and he does break the stereotype for a senior citizen. I agree, it’s something to admire and respect. I’m sure we all hope that we will be as healthy and vibrant as Shatner, when we reach our golden years…

I guess I couldn’t read into your “light humor” in an earlier post. That’s one of the big problems with posts and blogging. It’s sometimes hard for the reader to understand the “tone” of a person’s message. It’s also very hard to convey subtle meaning in a post, unless you really know the other person.

As for the roast, I pretty much agree with you that it was a mess. I found it more vulgar than funny, and the gay Sulu jokes started to get on my nerves. (No I”m not gay guys!) I never said I particularly liked the roast, I just mentioned it because I thought Shatner took the “abuse” very well. I respect him for being able to laugh at himself. (Many people I know personally can’t!) I just wish his roast was a bit more dignified, like that celebrity roasts of days past.

Merry Christmas Darth Ballz!

All is well in the ST universe!

Mike :o

i liked the trayna part w/clint-gentle ben-howard on the roast!

I agree, that was the best and funniest part of the whole Shatner Roast! (Thanks to Anthony P for including that segment here on his site.)

Mike :o

Shatner not someone to look up to?

His horse charity events generate quite a bit of moolah for those that being fat, or thin, is truly the LAST thing on their mind.

Shatner gets in shape when he plays Kirk, he always has.

Considering the fact most people are DEAD at 75, if the Shat shows up in Trek XI a paunchy, bloated, swollen, red-faced shadow of his former self, it’s still a vast improvement over anything Star Trek has served on the table for damn near 20 years.

Go Fat Shat go.


Thanks for the kind words, it is hard to read the tone sometimes but we all have a common intrest.

Trayna all around and merry x-mas.

Darth “Go Shat” Ballz

#22 Go Fat Shat go! Gosh very funny!

Your sense of humor is showing now Josh! Keep it up!

Mike :o


I just Shat myself.

That’s Shatastic!

I know there’s a possibility of Shatner (hopefully several pounds less of him than is now dancing through a bad game show) and Nimoy appearing in XI. I believe Nimoy knows “when to say when” and will step off the stage gracefully and hand “Spock” over to a succesor. I like Shatner, but I believe it’s going to be tougher for him to do that.

It’s truly time for the “new generation” to take the helm of NCC-1701. The future of Trek belongs to a new cast and I really want to see them and not Shatner hanging out for one last hurrah.