3 Trek Catchphrases On TV Land’s Top 100

TV Land, the nursing home of reruns, has searched far and wide to come up with its list of the best 100 catchphrases of all time…and of course Star Trek makes an appearance (or 3). The full list, which runs the gamut from "You look mahvelous!" to "Here’s Johnny" will be presented in a  5-night special series called ‘Greatest TV Quotes & Catchphrases’. The three Trek catchphrases (and their rankings) to be covered are:

93  "Resistance is futile." (TNG)
22  "Live long and prosper." (TOS)
14  "Space, the final frontier …" (TOS)

This goes to show that even though it is the oldest and shortest lived, the Original Series still has resonance in mainstream popular culture. Starting next Monday, each night TV Land will countdown 20 catchphrases with the original Captain Kirk making an appearence the final night (Friday, December 15). William Shatner will reminisce about his 14th-ranked opening narration. Shatner is actually honored with 2 catchphrases; coming in at 76 is ‘Denny Crane’ from his current show Boston Legal. What nothing from Janeway?

In other Shatner news it appears that Bill’s new game show isn’t showing ABC the money. Broadcast & Cable is reporting that ‘Show Me the Money’ came in last place in its timeslot. 

More Greatest TV Quotes & Catchphrases’ (plus the full list) at TV Land

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What happened to “Beam Me Up Scotty”??????

“”beam me up scotty” was never said on screen

I can’t believe they left out my favorite:

“He’s dead, Jim!”

BTW, “Beam me up, Scotty” was said on the TV sc reen once and by Shatner. On Mork & Mindy.



Don’t forget “Make it so”…



There have been many discussions about how TOS is the “only” culturally resonant Trek out there. Since TOS had a 20 year headstart on Next Generation, I think it says a lot about TNG, that “Resistance is futile” made the top 100.



Although Resistance is futile was part of the Borg TV appearances, I don’t remember that it captured the public fancy until STIX where it was the tag line.

This must make the Cybermen very sad. ;)

I think it became the tag line because it had already seeped into public consciousness. First Contact sealed it tho…

TNG’s “The Best of Both Worlds Part I” season-ending cliffhanger made a big impact and the line became a catchphrase based on that episode alone. It was part of First Contact’s marketing because it was an established catchphrase already.

What about: “I’m a doctor, not an escalator/engineer/moon shuttle conductor/etc.”?????

Even though it would never make the list, I still think that Worf has the best TNG lines: “Good tea, nice house.” “It is a good day to die.” “Captain, I protest, I am NOT a merry man!” and on and on and on….lol

i looooved that line “i am not a merry man”. classic worf!

Don’t fogret: “this IS a good day to die”!


How can i submit artcles for your site?



“Make it So”

OK, then change the song “Let It Snow” to “Make It So.”

“The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful… and since we’ve no place to beam up to.. Make It So, Make It So, Make It So.”

How does that work for you?

very nice! how bout this take…

the Space outside is frightfull, but new worlds are so delightful, and since we have to boldly go… make it so, make it so, make it so


Ewe,Doug.Get outside .Get some fresh air.

He can’t–the weather outside is frightful!

#18, to the agony booth you go!

#18… Doug wins…

I rather like the “resistance is futile” line.

“Klingons and Romulans and Borg…Oh My!”

As a music teacher, I must tell you all to get outside and get some fresh air….

“and since we’ve no place to go”-7 syllables

(hint, hint)

Merry Christmas!

Sings: “Make is so, make is so… make it so.” … [grins].


I hesitate to veer us back to the point, but I have to nominate another line, where Data said “I am FULLY functional!”

Whose got lyrics for that one?

Wasn’t the line resistance is useless first, from Hitch-hiker’s Guide?

The problem with the TV Land Espisodes is that they have been unceremoniously BUTCHERED. How can you run the Doomsday Machine and cut out the classic line “Vulcan’s Never Bluff”? TV Land should be ashamed of themselves.

More to the topic, “I’m a doctor, not a bricklayer” was always a good one! From Devil in the Dark!

For crying out loud…it’s just a TV show! Get a life!

Saturday Night Live, December 20, 1986: William Shatner addressing “trekkies” at a Star Trek convention spoof. Hilarious!

Mike :o

Don’t stop at TV Land – the remastered episodes are also butchered. Love live DVD’s!


nice to see the boards calm and “happy”

And we must mention “hailing frequencies open, captain”

“It was fun — oh my”
(Kirk’s immortal last words, from Generations)

Are you sure it isn’t time for a colorful metaphor?

TV land also speeds up the episode a bit using an encoding process that removes motionless frames from the video – they can gain a whole extra commercial that way with out it looking like they cut up the show- although I can tell.

#25 Admiral, sir….

How about to the tune of Mr. Roboto? I thinking about the lyrics…

…#33 …

Not refering to you…but what about “Double dumb ass on you?”


That was the one I thought of first but I was afraid someone would take it personally!

I was just watching ST TMP – Spock actually says, referring to V’ger, “Resistance would be futile.”

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