Remastered Corbomite Maneuver Airs Today

The Enterprise heads to uncharted territory and encounters a powerful force..and Kirk plays some poker with it.
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After two pilots, this is Star Trek’s first produced show and  was the first to feature glowing nacelle caps as well as Uhura, Rand and McCoy. This week the effects will likely be limited to space effects, including:

  • cool zoom in shot on Enterprise (w/ the right nacelles)
  • new ‘bouy’ cube in various shots
  • new Fesarius and pilot ship
  • maybe a new chronometer (seen before in Naked Time)

expect’s screenshots and videos later tonight 

So what did you think of the remastered Tranya?

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I have one wish for a HD screenshot if that is possible. I don’t know if this scene was remastered or not (or even cut from tonight’s broadcast) or if more details can be seen in the HD-transfer but a screenshot of the star chart with the different constellations visible would be cool. It’s briefly seen at the beginning of the briefing room scene (sleepy Uhura), some more on that image can be found here:

Looking forward to all the new First Federation starships! Thanks a bunch!

This was one of Kirk’s all-time greatest moments. The “poker play” ranks up there with defeating the Gorn and outwitting the Romulans. But in this case, we imagine it happening early in the voyage — Kirk’s first major test — with a crew still uncertain of the young captain’s abilities. Was he promoted too quickly? After the poker play, no doubts remained. The crew became unwaveringly loyal … at least until those dang spores came along …

#1 I’ll try and remember to snap a shot of the chart for you, remember the broadcasts aren’t actually in HD resolution as of yet. So there may yet be more detail to be seen once full 1080i resolution broadcasts are actually beeing sent to local affiliates.

#2 Well said, I really am drawn to this episode, always have been.

In the preview, there is a quick shot of the coolant temperature gauges. Anyone know if these are original or remastered?

#1 Thanks a lot Matt. Might be a good chance to see (either now or when the HD-DVDs arrive) how clean and clear the new transfer is. We might be able to read the text on that viewscreen or the Exo-III wall chart in “What are little girls made of?” clearly.
#4 looks to be the original:

I can already tell you that I can see how clean and vibrant the new transfer is even with it only being 480i upconverted to 1080i for broadcast by my local affiliate on their HD channel. You can even make out a bit of the natural grain of the film. I can’t wait for proper full HD resolution versions.

Okay once again the CW in the SF Bay area says it is listed as a showing. I set a recording and will find something else probably. Looks like fun stuff for this show. Maybe I will see this and others in the future.;) Or until I get some other cable or dish.

Again there are selected episodes available for download at the xbox 360 marketplace in FULL 1080i HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are a couple of bucks each to download. Available is Space Seed (almost pooped my pants when I saw the Enterprise pull alongside the Botony Bay in Anamorphic HD on a 60″ screen!!!!! Also available are Miri, Balance of Terror (complete with realllllly bad remastered effects), City on the Edge of Forever, Devil in The Dark, and Naked Time. These are the remastered versions available among the entire 1st season’s release on XBOX 360. All the effects are presented in anamorphic widescreen HD , while the live action shots have black bars on the sides. For those without an HD set they also present each episode in 480p format, still much cleaner than most of the local affiliates airing remastered Trek. And again the only episode to have the new excellent model is Space Seed, the others use the original poor cg model and I’m not sure what is up with Balance of Terror but it looks even more horrible in HD. In any case it is a chance to see Star Trek in glorious 1080i HD and with effects in widescreen to boot. Space Seed is worth the price of admission alone. I hope when they effects team gets around to reduing the 1st gen effects shots they will be available at xbox.

:O How did Xbox get that deal? Gosh, that stinks. I wish iTunes had 1080p movies for sale. Who wants to buy an xbox for that? darn.

After watching the preview for this episode the E looks VERY GOOD. Especially in the “zoom in” shot. It appears to have depth and three-dimensionalism to it. Not only that, but they have nailed the nacelle caps as well. You can actually see a reflection off of the glass domes now. In previuos episodes, the E looked flat and washed out, but if you look at it now, it looks cleaned up and revitalized and getting better each week.

I guess you can donwload the episodes at as well. Don’t know if they are high def but for those interested you might want to check it out. No one whores out a franchise like Parmaount.

I just saw the episode, here in Daytona. The Fesaruius looked great of course, and so did the new space shots of the Enterprise!

#8 – Sadly I don’t have an Xbox360 and the downloads are encoded at 720p not 1080i.

#12 – The episodes at Amazon are basically DVD rips sold for $1.99/each, they aren’t the remastered episodes from what I can tell.

i do have a 360 but unfortunately they dont have the downloads available on the UK marketplace. I dont know if they plan to change this in the near future It seems they are only trialing this multimedia download stuff in the US first. I hope they do make it available here, As I think its the only way we are going to get to see a remastered episode here in the UK any time soon, before they are hopefully released on DVD that is.

I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys think of the Remastered Corbomite Maneuver episode. The preview looks good. Can’t wait to see the screen shots!

wink on that!

re: post #7-Rick-

I am in the SF Bay Area too and I checked several on-line TV Guides including Titan which my computer uses to set recording times, it airs Saturday night at 11:00pm.

Just saw it — Wow! Terrific!
Impulse Power too!!

Just saw the episode. Superb! The Enterprise looks great! There are a few views we haven’t seen before. The colors of the cube buoy and pilot ship reflect off the Enterprise hull and nacelles. Very Cool! The phaser shot of the buoy looks great! The virtual “lens” used in the Fasarius zoom-in lends credence to Spock’s “mile in diameter” estimate. It looks right. There is an over-the-shoulder view of the Enterprise secondary hull that is very impressive. As with previous episodes, the film transfer and restoration is excellent! Well done, CBS Digital!

Just watched it here in Lexington. Great job by CBS-P!

Loved the colors from the cube flashing on the E. Great distance shot of the E after blasting the cube.

The Balok puppet looked better too.

The chronometer was corrected to show Sulu’s correct time callout and his “I knew he would.” comment was cut out entirely. Probably the easiest solution to this continuity error.

Did they make chronometer like they did in the Naked Time?

comment image

I still have an hour and half or so to go before it airs here…

#22 Yes, Matt. The chonometer update is the same as The Naked Time.

#22 Well the view is much closer for the 30 second callout. The chonometer numbers almost fill the screen :)

Just saw it myself. Lots of new angles and the Enterprise looks fantastic. The colors of the cube bouncing off the hull was a great touch. Just wish we could have had a slow zoom in at that point to get a bit closer.
I’m always struck by how firmly the characters are already in place here. Being the first regular episode produced, these actors and characters seem like they have worked together for years. Just compare this to the first filmed episode of the other spin offs. People often talk about how the original series captured “lightning in a bottle “. Well, this episode is pure proof of that. The chemistry and dynamics of the various characters are what make this episode so much fun to watch …and now I can add to that mix, a gorgeous new print and fantastic new effects by CBS. Thanks to all the CBS artists for another job well done. That was fun!

No such thing as anamporphic HD. HD is inherently 16×9 or WS. It is, believe it or not, just standard HD…. If anything it could just be called Fullscreen 16×9. So the effects in the HD downloads go from 16×9 to 4×3 for the show, that sounds very jarring…

re #26 – I thought 16×9 was letterbox and was different than widescreen.. In other words even on a widescreen HD set, letterbox would have bars on the sides and top( I guess a wide box format, not enhanced for widescreen tv’s) I thought the term anamorphic meant that the widescreen version fills a widescreen tv like HD. In any case I don’t want to quibble over technobabel (that’s for the banal Next Gen era fans ) For the Xbox remastered HD downloads on a widescreen tv – the new space shots do indeed fill the screen completely and are not simply blown up versions of what is shown on TV , (TV’s effects footage is cut off on the sides). There are black bars on the sides of the live scenes so yes it does go back and forth between wide and pan and scan. Oh yes, Corbomite was quite cool our Enterprise does look soooooo cool from any angle. More Impulse please!!!! Gotta go to my Tranyaholichs anynomous meeting.

#27 It isnt pan and scan.

It just varies between 16×9 for effects shots and 4×3 for live action. No panning and scaning required. It was originally filmed in 4×3

Thank you Mr. Data -Tea Earl Grey Hot with a dash of tachyions

So it seems the “Corbomite manuever” can be characterized thusly-

Kirk- “If it’s all the same to you pal if we are to die your ass is coming with us.”

Contrast that particular approach to the “Picard Manuever.”

“To get out of this situation we must use trickery, mirages, false images, convincing the enemy we are in two different places concurrently.”

Granted, both approaches adopt subterfuge and deception, but which approach showcases the larger scrotum?

I daresay here we have yet another splendid example of Kirk’s superior tactics, command style, and leadership skills.

Nonsense. Picard’s trick worked in a situation where Kirk’s would not have, one in which the enemy was not so easily conned or intimidated by talk.

The important thing that Kirk does in this episode that brings about the resolution he desires – peaceful communication with a new alien life form – is not his “Corbomite” bluff. It’s the fact that he returns to help Balok when he thinks that Balok is helpless. That was Balok’s ultimate measure of whether the humans were to be trusted.

The post was made tongue firmly planted in cheek , not as matter of fact.

If you want a treatise on why Kirk the legend demonstrates superior ability to Picard, you have but to ask.

Of that I’ve no doubt, but I’d just skip it. I’ve been seeing those screeds on usenet since time immemorial; they’ve been lame since around 1987, and they’re not ever likely to get less so. :)

“The Simpsons” even did a joke with three socially inept brainiacs hanging around with Homer when he went college, and one of the ways in which the writers mocked them was to have them on Compuserve or something like it making fun of someone for preferring Picard.

All ends well for the crew, and, true to form,
the extra crew member joins the antagonist
at the end. Good for him … since the extra
crewman usually dies.

And on a completely useless trivia note, ‘Tranya’
was a mixture of grapefruit juice and orange juice.
Balok (Clint Howard) finally admitted this, after
3 intense hours in the agony booth.

Keep the Road Smooth.

Wonder if they’ll be tempted try to syncronize Balok’s adult actor voice better to Clint Howard’s performance in a re-mastered track.The original bad dubbing kinda worked in a very erie way.

what happens to the crew member who leaves with balok?Does he go to Balok’s disco ball spaceship and drink Tranya then find himself in some half baked rehab clinic on the neutral zone with a bunch of Tellerite has-beens after his 3 year Tranya bender?…What WOULD part 2 to The Corbomite Manuver be like?

Jörg I tried to get a snapshot of the star map for you, since the broadcast is still technically standard definition it really isn’t much better then the image you linked to but here it is anwyay:
comment image

Thanks alot Matt!
It means that graphic wasn’t changed and won’t be changed, so all those constellations are canon and I can begin creating the articles at MA. And once the episodes are available in HD, maybe the text will even be legible. :-)

Here’s the remastered clip of Baylok – the eyebrows never looked bushier!

Here’s quick one: Did Anyone catch the classic continuity error – takes place on the bridge and involves the doctor?

I thought the CBS Digital might tryt to fix it, but they let it go…any guesses as to what the error is?