No New Trek Remastered Until January [Update]

Just a quick reminder that Trek Remastered is entering a hiatus until January. The next three weekends will have reruns. Originally the remastered ‘Friday’s Child’ was to air December 23rd, but that has now been moved to January 6th and replaced with a rerun of ‘Devil in the Dark’. See our Trek Remastered Episode Guide for the full list. During the hiatus TrekMovie plans some stuff to keep you all entertained while we wait for 2007.

UPDATE: For those that were wondering, the repeats of  ‘Balance of Terror’ and ‘Devil In The Dark’ will not have the new Enterprise model. Any replacement for those shows would be done down the line for DVDs and is still not definitely decided. However, in cases where a new show comes up and there is a shot that repeats a shot previously done with the old model CBS will redo the shot (for the new show) with the new model.

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If the repeats do indeed plan on replacing the “original” CGI model with the new one we’ll be watching no matter (In fact, many will watch even if they don’t).
Thanks Anthony we will be looking forward to TrekMovie’s Holiday Plans for us!!

Happy Holidays and a big thank you to CBS Digital, David Rossi, Mike Okuda and everyone else involved in Star Trek Remastered. You’ve helped make the Starship Enterprise fly again.

they are not reruns for me. because of the shitty times in NYC markets I my episodes were clipped by like 20 minutes. So now I play catch up.

I wish I could get 3 weeks off for Christmas :O)

Hopefully they are using this time going back over their first atempts to remaster these upcoming episodes and they are taking out the old model. I do hope when they get about to doing these episodes again
(if they arent doing it for these reruns) and that they are a bit more daring with the angles they give us, instead of recreating the same shots like they did before.

Will they be redoing the episode: Balance Of Terror? Their initial update though well intended looked rushed in a few spots – scene. One of the major redo’s could be when they first show the Bird Of Prey when it first showed up on the Enterprises viewscreen,….it ALMOST looked like it was thrown into that shot instead of gracefully flying – gliding on in. Anyone agree?

Yah, I’m hoping they’ve redone BOT already. But somehow I doubt it. I missed it when it first aired anyway, so it’ll be a first for me. Can’t wait! =)

..with the grueling schedule these guys have been on, I don’t think they will be anywhere near a computer for the next 3 weeks! Hopefully they will all be enjoying a well deserved holiday break.

With afew weeks break I thought I would add my 2 cents…for what it’s worth. With all the episode-by-episode reviews and comments happening, it seems we are looking at the trees instead of the forest. I thought I would take a moment to look at the forest for this review. The Glass is Half Full. We, as fans, are very lucky that Mike and Denise Okuda are working at Viacom/Paramount/CBS Digital (hence forth to be referred to as VPCD). Their obvious love for all things Star Trek in general, and the original series in particular, is really fantastic. It’s their passion that goes above and beyond – whether they are writing books, interactive games or overseeing the Star Trek Remastered project – we are reworded as a result, Thank You! Not to be forgotten is Dave Rossi and the CBS Digital team who have been very enthusiastic, open and caring regarding this tricky project. Make no mistake about it, this is one nasty hornets nest of a project. Everybody and their brother has an opinion on how things should look, don’t look, might have looked to the point that it is almost a given that somebody will be unhappy with the end result. The CBS digital team is learning as they go and are doing a great job. They love what they do and are constantly learning and exploring as they go on – isn’t that one of the great things that Star Trek is all about? Given what is being asked of them, the time lines they are working under and the budget they have to work with, it’s a wonder they can get anything out at all in a weekly matter. As has been mentioned before in these posts, a nice bit of irony that their efforts so closely match the situation faced by the original production team back in 1966-69. Now all that being said, and by no means attempting to turn it into a backhanded compliment or to disrespect them in any way, This is The Glass Half Empty Star Trek Remastered is not a present to the fans, or even a ‘Thank You’; it is as Sonny Corleone said, “Strictly Business”. Star Trek is an investment for VPCD – like a stock portfolio and they want a return on their 39 year old investment as any stockholder would. The key to a good return is spend as little as possible to maximize your profit as much as possible, and that is exactly what is happening with Star Trek Remastered. That is why VPCD went in house and put together their own team instead of farming it out to one of the more experienced and expensive production house or individuals who bid for the job. That is why there was almost no marketing for theses episodes. They didn’t even bother to try and sell they new shows just announced it less than a month before they went on the air with some television stations not even aware that ‘Enterprise’ was being replaced until a few weeks before it happened. In most cases local stations know 6 months or more in advance what they are buying and are given promotional materials to help sell it. In 1967 Gulf & Western stumbled onto Star Trek when they bought Desilu studios. Since that time VPCD have been making money, lots and lots of money, some say more than two Billion dollars on Star Trek. The reason they are re-mastering the original series is simple – they want to continue selling it. They sold it in reruns in the 70’s, they sold it as VHS (two releases) and laser disks in the 80’s and they sold it as DVD’s (two sets, so far) in the 90’s and ’00. The next platform is HD for broadcast and for DVD’s. In order to be able to successfully sell it in the HD platform they needed to invest in upgrading the product, remastering the film elements and redoing the special effects elements. That is why this is not an upgrade in terms of shot composition – that would mean this was driven by art. This is driven by money and the safest way to make money is keep it simple, keep it safe or in this case, clone it shot for shot with very little deviation. Remember this is Star Trek we are talking about and the fan base can be a VERY loud yelling child when any one messes with its toy! (btw I am not in favor of the ‘Barrel Roles’ type of approach, just for the record) In order to piss off the least amount of people as possible just keep it a shot for shot recreation. Another thing to remember is that Remastered Star Trek is not for us… Read more »

That’s a shame, but understandable… Hopefully, I will catch these, because I missed them the first time.
Releasing them to DVD, now, that might be a total shame!!! LOL!

Wow, hadn’t expected my comment to follow #9’s longish post… I wasn’t commenting on that but on the upgrading the earlier remasters. Frankly, I never had the original series in any format… I watched and read all the books as kid so many times, I took major time off TOS in my adult life. TOS was my lifeline to a somewhat, brighter future, even if fantastical. I’m not sure that the newer generations will buy into Star Trek just because it’s been tweaked. The new effects are nicer, no doubt, but I feel that not the intrisic best element of Trek anyway… A new series, perhaps this movie project, with the original characters will translate to a new generation, maybe, if it strikes a chord and is worthy.

somos muchos los españoles tanto de europa como de hispanoamerica que seguimos las noticias de vuestra web, porque no haceis una web bilingue o por lo menos que tuviera la opcion de otros idiomas

saludos desde España

Regardless of whether “Balance of Terror,” etc., get updated with the new-new- model for broadcast, it is absolutely imperative that they get updated before release to DVD. After all, one of the stated goals of this project was to inject some consistency, and those earlier remastered episodes would be inconsistent if they didn’t fix the model.

#14 agreed

I thought I remember reading they said we would not ever see the first model ever again. I took that to mean they would at some point be changing the first batch of episodes they attempted. I hope they do make the changes before it becomes available on DVD at least.

I understand they are probablty hard at work getting the next batch of episodes ready for January & February, which means they have more time to do a bit more to each of these up coming episodes, which can only be a good thing I guess! Although I do believe they have earnt themselves a well derseved break

I might be wrong but I kind of get the feeling that what we see now is what we will get later on DVD and that there will be no further improvements after the tight dealines are over. I just wish they had more time and money to do this whole project. Its going to be a real shame if they arent given some more time to add to this project once these tight weekly deadlines are over.

The work CBS has produced lately has been top class, If they were given more time and money just think how good it could be. It would be great to see some of those bridge view screens animated and some of the sound stages with some back drops. Maybe its not the route they want to take becasue they feel it will be changing to much, it could just a question of personal taste as I’d love to see these things done and they might not,
like some of you might not. I understand that, but if its money and time holding them back further I hope the powers that be and the money men & women in this project loosen the purse strings a liitle more and give them all they need to do what they really want to do.

Sorry for going on about it. Its just the project has really captured my imagination there seems to be so many possibilities but not enough time and money to make all these changes. I just think this project derseves to be given more time to get an end product for any possible DVD release.

I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while now, but is the remastered episodes available only on US television? I haven’t noticed it being aired on Canadian television at all.

I’m glad they are not spending their 3 weeks re-doing earlier episodes. When they get to some of the episodes later on where they can just insert already-made shots, that may buy them some time to go back and do those. There should be quite a number of episodes that require very little in the way of updated effects (standard fly-bys and orbits). I think people worry too much.

#16 I am not certain, but I believe these remasteres episodes broadcast in the U.S. only. I only know this from hearing other fans in Canada lament that they do not get the show on TV up there.

I smell poopypants!

Let’s get real for a minute here. OF COURSE they want to keep selling Star Trek. Who goes into business for anything other than making money?

Who cares? When you provide a quality product that meets the demand for said quality product… just come on, for chrissake. We’re all big kids here. You think that Shatner cares for a second about trek canon or the bridge schematics and the turboshaft lining up 30 degrees offcenter? Or the nacelles?

The CBS digital team is doing what they do and they are doing it well. Luckily, like Shatner, they get to do it for money too. Probably not as much, granted, but still. Some of us need to stop living in our own little worlds of the 23rd Century that we’ve created in our minds and accept the mid December 2006 reality of things.

You bought it before and you’re going to buy it again. You can’t stop yourself as I cannot. They sell us the dream, repackage the same dream with a different bow and we buy it again as new. They get rich and we’re stuck in middle America with child support payments and nagging girlfriends and minimum wages. whaaa whaaaa whaaaa poopypants. If you don’t like it, disavow it and move on.



Well said, Dave R (message #9)

However lets not forget….
One of the BEST things about Trek fans is our incredible ability to lobby. The internet was CREATED by Trek fans for God’s sake. The show has actually influenced technology. If all you guys want to make sure that the DVD’s will have the NEW MODEL throughout, then EMAIL CBS and tell them that you will NOT buy the DVDs if they do not fix them.
If money is the language they speak, then learn to speak money yourselves.

It is YOU who are their target demographic.
It is YOU who keeps interest in Star Trek alive in the first place.
It is YOU will line their pockets as they are hoping.
It is YOU who has the power.

Demanding a higher quality product is commonplace in business. Look at all those crappy Star Trek props from the 70’s. The fans said; “Hey these suck, I’m going to build my own” They did, and businesses like Master Replicas sprung up out of nowhere with props that are even BETTER than the originals(and considering the prices they must have made a killing)

DEMAND that they get it right.
Don’t sit there with your fingers crosssed hoping that they do a good job.
Make them do a good job.
This is STAR TREK that they are messing with.
The most successful TV series in television history.
It deserves more time/money.
Sitting here whining about how bad a job they are doing is a complete waste of energy. I am guilty of that myself.

Well I’m SICK of whining
This is OUR SHOW they are messing with. Think of all the pleasure Star Trek has given you over the years.
Doesn’t it DESERVE 5 minutes of your time?

C’mon guys!
What we do, or fail to do here, will influence the future of Star Trek. Lets face it, the REMASTERED versions are the ones that future generations will be watching from now on.
Take the 5 minutes you would spend complaining, and point your opinion at CBS.

Tell your friends to write as well, and when CBS gets buried in emails from their soon to be “PAYING” customers I guarantee they will stop and listen.

Go to the bottom left corner of the page and click feedback.

They are going to remake the episodes regardless so you already have the upper hand and absolutely nothing to lose. So lets turn it around and put ourselves, the PAYING CUSTOMERS back in the Captains chair.
Besides, CBS digital will be thrilled with more time/money so you’ll be doing them and yourselves, a great favour.

Your opinion counts.
Voice it.

We’re almost two years from these DVDs even being released. I think its premature to invoke a letter-writing campaign. Let’s see if before the broadcast run, CBS-D gets the opportunity to redo the FX first. One thing is certain, thanks to Anthony and this site, your views are known and there is communication between us and them on a multitude of issues. I’m sure the issue will be discussed further before any final authoring of these discs is done.

Sit tight, fellow Trek fans. We’re being taken care of, I’m certain of it.

Be careful with “lobbying”, especially if you try to “demand” something. Your efforts could be wasted if you target someone in the organization who is already trying to do what you want (known as preaching to the choir), or if you target someone who doesn’t have the power to do it. Worse, demands could actually be harmful if you piss off the wrong person. You might even annoy someone who was inclined to support us.

Star Trek is profitable. As fans, we want it to remain profitable so the studio will keep making more Star Trek. The studio has already invested huge bucks in the Remastered special FX. Hammering them to invest even more cash just to please us hardcore fans is not likely to get anything. Positive support and appreciation might.

Agreed, now is not the time to whine, especially since they are hitting their stride. I’m sure they all know that sooner or later the other shows (with the first model) will need to be brought up to date. With approx. 60+ shows in the can with the newer model (when they are all finished) and 15-20 shows with the old model (at most), I have a hunch they’ll say they need to get ‘er done before dvd release. Now is not the time to freak out and send letters, in my opinion. Sure, I am disappointed. I was looking forward to already seeing the new model on Balance of Terror rather than the old, dark, plastic looking model. Bet ya when they go back and compare, they’ll demand that it be updated (they being CBS bigshots who want to sell LOTS of dvd’s).

the poopy diaper just had a blowout.

who’s got some wipeys?

My oh my, I hope that the CBS digital folks don’t happen to read this page. What an embarassment. If they do read this, I hope they rest assured in the knowing that old hitch1969© says that no matter what anyone says, you are still mac in the pants. Always were. Always will be.

Go back and fix the first few episodes if you want, if not, I liked them anyway. I recorded them either way. I will buy which ever version gets released on the dvds. I appreciate the hard work and the scoops that you give BIG DAWG A.P. and the site. You’ve made Star Trek relevant again. Keep up the good work.

Look how easy that was. You big babies.



…and I want to add just one more thing, because it’s important. The reason I am so staunch in this advocacy of CBS-D is because of the care and dilligence that they have approached this entire project. None of you naysayers can argue that isnt the case. NO ONE can deny that they have listened to the feedback from this site and adapted what they are doing. They’ve listened and they obviously care about the project. They’ve given us access to works in progress and, unlike Berman and Braga the twin Antichrists who openly said, “F*** whatever the fans are saying on the internet, we’re not listening, and we’re gonna do what WE want to do”, CBS-D has been a breath of fresh air into a franchise that has been whored out the 10 years without any respect for the wishes of the fans.

Were this not the situtation, I might have been a little more empathetic to the whining. Let me get this straight – you’re pissed, because you asked for changes, AND THEY MADE THE CHANGES, but you’re pissed because they cannot retroactively make the same changes in time for the first re-run, even though they say they will make them for the dvds? Because they are working on the next episode to be even more what you want?????

Babies… self-absorbed children wanting the cake and eating it too. Poopypants of the highest caliber. “I wanted an X-BOX 360 AND a Wii, and alls I got was the Wii, this is the WORST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!”

Be glad you weren’t born in some 3rd world country for chrissake.

I’m sorry, I’m just disgusted by some of the responses here. I will shut up now. VIVA TREKMOVIE.COM!!! mac in the pants 4 life.



Much love, hitch. CBS-D is to be commended. Nobody asked for Star Trek: Remastered, yet it was given to us.

and B.I.N.G.O was his name-O, AdCo™.

Nail on the head… you summed up three posts and 15 paragraphs of my ramblings in two sentences:

“CBS-D is to be commended. Nobody asked for Star Trek: Remastered, yet it was given to us.”

AdCo™ is mac in the pants with the getting to the point and making the better point.

nobody asked for it… yet it was given to us. THAT is the perspective to the poopypants which we share.

AdCo™, like BIG DAWG A.P. and DRuss B-Flav©, understands this. We have hip-splitting monsters about our trousers in this regard. Dont hate us because we’re sculpted like Huey Lewis or Tommy Lee in the comprehension department. God gave us this talent, and because every one has a special talent, you will find yours someday like we did when we whipped out our special talent in front of you today. The only thing indecent about that exposure is that we had to do it at all.



I’m in Toronto and I see it on Bell ExpressVU from the ABC affiliate in Boston. Saturday and Sunday nights at 1am !!

actually, for years i had been asking for something like TOS-R to happen eventually, and when i heard it was going to, i was so excited, but if i had been involved personaly with the project in some way, we would be seeing more stuff like this…

these are some manips i did way before remasted happened…

my photo-manip skills were amature at the time, but i think i got the points across


this is what I get when I click the link you provided:

Please login to share your images and videos.
*Please login
Username SlickSyck

whats the frequency, kenneth? or your password atleast?



Dear CBS,

We the “true and faithful” legion of Star Trek fans, hereby petition and demand that the CBS digital team be required, or FORCED, to continue working on these remastered episodes during the Christmas holiday!

We believe that there is no excuse for the pathetic production level of only one episode per week, and find it outrageous that the CBS team could be contemplating any time off for Christmas. This is especially true since less than 10% of the episodes have been remastered to date. This is even more aggregious since the first three remastered episodes were not up to standard, and didn’t meet our high expectation levels at all!

As loyal fans, we are completely unsatisfied with the current production rate, and we believe that CBS Digital is not working hard enough, or fast enough on this historic project. It is our collective opinion that CBS should accelerate the remastering process as much as possible and, if necessary, require all those involved to begin working 12 to 18 hour shifts per day, until they are completed!

We, the long suffering Trek fans, demand that beginning January 1, 2007, seven newly remastered episodes be delivered to our television screens each and every week, for our consideration and approval. We also demand final authority and “veto power” to approve/disapprove each and every episode, before it’s eventual released on DVD.

Furthermore, if the remastering of any episode is deemed unacceptable by the fans, CBS should be obligated to “re-remaster” that entire episode again, until it meets with our satisfaction. It goes without saying that financial costs and restraints should have no bearing on this project whatsover, being the historic nature of Star Trek TOS, and the remastering process.

In conclusion, let it be known that IF our demands are not met we will, as a last resort, march on Washington DC and demonstrate in front of the Enterprise model, at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum!

Yes, we will come prepared for a long and vocal demonstration against CBS with speeches and banners, and of course, in full Star Trek costume! All the news services will be invited, and they will provide live coverage of this historic and unprecedented show of Star Trek Fan Power!

By meeting our simple and reasonable demands, CBS can avert such an ugly and embarrasing demonstration, and the possibility of any future boycotts of CBS products. It will also prove that CBS does indeed take seriously the wants, needs, desires opinions, feelings and suggestions of Star Trek fans worldwide.

Yours truly,

William Tiberius Poopypants
President- Star Trek TOS Fanatics Lobby
Washington DC

MichaelJohn® aka William Tiberius Poopypants™


“Yes, we will come prepared for a long and vocal demonstration against CBS with speeches and banners, and of course, in full Star Trek costume!”

holy cannoli. you made me laugh so hard that i made piss in the pants.

not just that, but the entire post. WAS GOOD. was mac in the pants like dochterman loving apples and his vision more than gates selling our souls the vista xp office 2007 crap.

Dude if i was BIG PHAT SANTA™, I would give you both the Wii AND the Xbox 360. You deserve it totally.

may you lay down with many many promiscuous women to your satisfactors and pleasures…



You guys are hilarious!
Thankyou for those messages, they made my day.

God knows I did NOT mean to sound like a fanatical poopy-pants.
In fact at several points during my long winded tirade I stated that “whining” was getting us nowhere. Including my own!

My Hitleresque suggestion to petition CBS was a way to get everyone to shut the F**K up about it. I also have a tendency to climb on to my soapbox now and then and spew off my opinion.
I was born in Scotland so I cant help it. Its in my genes.
(All that haggis)
As far as CBS goes, after Space Seed I sang their praises and said in a warm heartfelt manner (no giggling please)
“Thankyou for making Star Trek interesting again” and I meant it.

But now that your good humor has gently beaconed me down from my soapbox I would like to quote Mr. Shatner in that classic SNL sketch;
“For crying out loud, its just a TV show!”

In closing I would like to thank the following trumvirate…
Thankyou hitch 1969
Thankyou Adam Cohen,
and thankyou Michael John for setting my weary care-worn feet back on a sane path to indifference and calm solitude.


hitch, it is always a pleasure to have your company. You know I’ve been a fan from day one, when others were trying to figure you out.

MichaelJohn– solid work, my friend.

All I can say is-LOL!!!!

Spockboy, you are mac in the pants. I take back calling you a poopypants and see now that I was wrong for saying so. Old h69 admits when he has wronged and makes the the corrections for the record in humility, apologizing in kind.

You roll with the hitchworld posse. Aiiiight?



Thanks ma brotha,

Peace out.

and to all a good trekin night.;) Like Mc Coy it is fun to get in the last word.;)

I just wonder why they aren’t starting off the re-runs with the one nobody seemed to see: “Miri.” I missed it and was hoping they would show it. But, I also missed most of the tow shows they are rerunning, so it’s good.

Yeah I too was hoping Miri would be in the repeats.