Abrams Confirms Trek XI Is Targetting 2008

Looks like Paramount don’t need to change their teaser posters with the prominent ‘2008’ emblazoned on them. Although TrekMovie.com didn’t buy into it, last week Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman’s comments made many question Trek XI’s 2008 target. Dauman had stated that Star Trek XI was for ’08 or 09′ release, however Abrams confirms in today’s Variety that 2008 is indeed the target for Trek XI. From the article: "He (Abrams) said work is on track to release the new "Star Trek" pic, which Abrams is overseeing for Par, in 2008." TrekMovie.com can also confirm that sources inside the studio seem very confident that Trek XI will be released in 2008, however (as we mentioned in a recent article) winter is looking more likely than summer. When TrekMovie.com interviewed Abrams last month he did mention that he would prefer winter because that would give him more time, so it is possible he has convinced Paramount to give him the additional time. For more see the Variety article

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Winter of 2008, eh?

What a glorious christmas gift!!!

Winter is a smart move- it gives the production more time, and not being a summer movie gives it a little more breathing room at the box office. I hope that shakes out.

Just sign Shatner and Nimoy and bring back Kirk, and do the parallel storyline. Get an unknown to play Kirk and Spock–the younger versions.

Can’t wait to see it! :-)

#5 Sprechen Sie Englisch?

I ran #5’s post through the universal translator to see what’s going on, and here’s the text in english:

“Now J.J.Abrams seems to have announced that Star Trek XI becomes in winter, 2008 released. This movement of summer on winter will be of benefit for the production process absolutely and also corresponds Abrams’ wish for more developing time. Besides became known that soon new Star Trek-Animated will start. This plays in 2528, thus in the 26th Century, and represents a substantially somber future and will be released to us by means of 6-minute mini-episodes.”

And alternative translation states “We is condemning food… things and supplies to Rura Penthe… OVER!”

Last time I checked, wasn’t Bond 22 supposed to come out in Winter ’08? Not sure what other blockbusters are due out, but hopefully Paramount will take that into account when they schedule it.

Adam, love the last line of your post. Classic, perfectly classic!!!! Isn’t TOS great? So many great lines to use!

Paramount, one plea….PLEASE do no release this thing against other possible blockbusters. Even though Nemesis was a bunch of rehash, I truly think it would have made a profit had it not gone up against what it had to. Stupidest marketing decision ever by Paramount, and when you think about it…that’s REALLY saying something!

#7. Adam Cohen

You crack me up… too funny… and two smiles for you :) :)

@Adam Cohen
Oh, I see you have a good command of the klingon practice…

AdCo™ that Klingon translation rocked!!!

I’ve just promoted you from mac in the pants to mac-mercedes in the pants. Only flappo himself shares that title with you. Well except that he is the mac-mercedes of mac in the pants. SO it’s like the diff between an Admiral and a Commodore in Starfleet, I suppose. But either way, you’re BRASS, baybeeeeeeeeeee!



Winter 2008?! I’m afraid that with Bond 22, Harry Potter, Angels & Demons (sequel to The Da Vinci Code) and Madagascar 2 there is no room in November or December 2008.
Hopefully I’m wrong.

Every time I see that picture, I think that Kurt Russel has something to do with the next TREK.

To the loyal readers of this article:

Thanks for the love. It’s all appreciated and I give it right back to you.

#14, Ralph F, thanks for putting that image in my head now.

Why make a new trek movie about kirk era when new voyages is already doing it (even if it’s kinda bad acting)?

I don’t think another prequel would work because one thing a lot of people hated Enterprise but I didn’t, it would end Trek for good and badly, and most people want a sequel of Voyager and Nemesis anyways. I want Trek to return but I want it be the best return ever. Right now Trek is being treating badly and it is not the #1 Franchise at the moment. Trek is dying because no one can’t even think anything good to make Trek be a huge success again. I do have a great idea for a new TV series if I was able write really good or be the new owner of Trek. I respect Gene Roddenberry a lot because he is my hero. Trek doesn’t deserve to die. It must to continue!