New Star Trek Sale Starts Today

If you are kicking yourself for not picking up a piece of Trek history during the Christies auction then today is your lucky day. CBS and Paramount are unloading thousands of more items from the Trek attic. The sales is being conducted by It’s A Wrap Hollywood, a memorabilia seller is handling the sale of items from all 5 series and all 10 films. The available pieces include props, wardrobe, set pieces and even a few models (but of course all the major ones were sold by Christies). "Its amazing how much cool stuff there is, stuff that they didn’t even know was there, we are finding new things all the time," Its A Wrap owner Tiara Nappi tells Nappi says there will even be items from the Original Series (actually from the 60s and not just replicas made by ENT or DS9). Due to the enormous volume of items, the sale will be conducted over the next 6 months with new items regularly becoming available. details below

Items are being sold in two places

1. (fixed price items)

2. Its A Wrap Ebay Store (auction items)

Items listed at one place will not be listed at the other, so check them both. The sale will be done over the next 6 months with 100 new items put up for auction each week on Ebay (each auction lasts one week). In addition the itsawraphollywood site will have new fixed price items added continually and will maintain an inventory of about 50-75 items at any given time. The better items will most likely end up on the main website with the real bargain basement stuff on Ebay. So if you are strapped for cash, you can still own a piece of Trek history. For example, the current bid on the one of TNG’s ‘skant’ costumes (the male skirts only seen in season one) is currently $2.14. Taking a cue from the high prices from the Christies auction, some of the big items on the main website have some big numbers with them. It’s A Wrap is asking for $7000 for a 2 foot long model of a Jem Hadar ship, $10,000 for a T’Pol catsuit and a whopping $150,000 for a painting by Andy Probert. So have it at Trekkies, after this it is all gone.

This can be yours…if you are man enough 

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Dude, that man-skirt just plain wrong.

And the name for them – Skant – was not exactly a great choice. You’re only a letter from being in a skank when you’re in a skant.

Sorry I’m not man enough to wear one those! (Do they come with matching panty hose?)

I sure hope that uniform is not an indicator of the future direction of ST uniforms. Could you imagine Kirk barking orders from his command chair wearing a Skant?

Yeah I know… the guys had pants on with their skant skirts in TNG..but it still looked too gay!

Mike :o

Just don’t go commando.

There is really no affair at which one could wear that thing, is there? I mean, even the Rocky Horror Picture Show crowd would laugh at that thing. Oh Gene, you gave us Star Trek… but then you also gave us (too) much more!

Looks like they got the leftovers. I mean really, who wants a Baku costume?!

Of course they got the leftovers… you think Christies wanted this… crap?

What’s wrong with the man skirt? The idea was that things are (d’uh!) different in the far future that TNG is set in, including clothing. Just look back 400 years and see how ridiculously people were dressing at that time! No, TOS and, even more so, TNG, have to be commended for having the guts to at least try and make a TRUE science fiction series where things have changed, not just realizing a present day soap opera and/or action series set in the future, like about every other “science fiction” series out there…

I see no reason why some female-type fans couldn’t wear a skant just fine, though… after all, it IS a unisex uniform…

Oh I’m man enough to buy the Skant…..

if it were V neck, sleeveless, so then I could stick my eager girlfriend in it ;)

Where is T’Pol’s catsuit on It’s a Wrap?

Ah – found it, not on Ebay

Yes TNG and especially the Voyager series used “bland unisex uniforms,” but to assert that the uniforms and costumes of TOS were in any way unisex, is flat out wrong!

Gosh, TOS female Enterprise crew members wore tight fitting, feminine and sexy uniforms that had the shortest cut possible! This reflected the style of the 1960’s, not 400 years in the future. Alien women were clothed even more provacatively than the in the later Star Trek series…

I sure hope our real future, and the future of Trek doesn’t see men and women wearing the same exact unisex clothes, on or off duty! That sounds to me like a “radical feminist” version of the future. Yikes!

Mike :o

Didn’t Zapp Brannigan wear on Futurama wear a “skant”?

I think Zapp wore the a version of the movie red jacket sans pants

Anyone else notice that all of the things that are low-priced, nomatter how much time is left… haven’t met the “Reserve” price?
Gawd, that’s a piss off. I would have loved a borg arm for $8.
I guess for authenticity you need the big bucks :(
Either way, most of these things weren’t designed to look good OFF-screen, including uniforms..

Its true, there are no bargains there because of the “reserve not met” prices. These are mostly pretty crappy things that however would please the average fan who does not have wads of cash. So then no one gets these things and they’re just put out there to taunt.

Not nice, guys!

even update w/o reserves the prices seem artificially raised. plus poor customer service, non delivery, mismarked items, a voyager item has DS9 tag and too large for named character or their stunt. ItsAllCrap is a better name

Personally, would totally be man enough to wear it.
@MichaelJohn radical feminist? You mean, wanting to be treated as more than simply a sexual object is radical? Or that showing that men and women could wear revealing and sexy clothing is? I’m sorry, you’re too stuck in the past to realize that the future is, gasp, not going to be stuck in our binary gender standards.
Also, alien men wore more revealing clothes in the later series as well.