Video Of Shatner Talking Trek XI

Here is a newly uploaded video of the Shat appearing on The Late Late Show last month

Shatner is repeating his previously reported comments about how Abrams wants him in the TOS prequel, but he is concerned about coming back from the dead (stories here and here)

Thanks to Dino for the tip, video courtesy of Youtube user trexxvrrrm

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That’s easy Mr Shatner.People say that when they they think they re going to die their life flashes before their one scenario is that when Kirk is lying down near death on veridian 3 they can re-shoot the “It was Fun” dying words.That would enable him to flash back.As a fan though ,i’ll admit it doesn’t sound very satisfying.

Ah, Shatner got cut off as he was saying “So, I don’t know whether or not I’m going to do-”

Do what Bill? DO WHAT?!

Well, if he’s doing that silly game show, the least he can do is show up for a few days work on Trek XI, am I right?

“The Shat” is “the man”! Bring back Kirk! Denny Crane!

If they show him the money.

It would be cool if the story started with Spock landing on Veridian III, set days after kirks death. He could get Kirk’s body from his grave Picard made.

Spock could take Kirk to a planet they came across on there first mission together, somewhere they was a machine/creature or maybe some God like enity that had the ability to bring people back from the grave, But there is a price to pay of some sort for using it.

Spock ignores a warning from the being before placing Kirks body in the mystery object/device and Kirk is brought back to life. Before they can catch their breath they are chased and then trapped by whatever it is that Spock has used to bring Kirk back to life. Spock and Kirk together again must find a way out and off the planet.

While trapped in a cave (a few cave scenes in the original series) they start to talk about how they first came across this thing and how they agreed never to go back there. Then it could flash back between the first time they were there, their first mission together and what happened.

The flash backs to their first mission, with the new actors playing the younger selves, would show how they ended up exploring the Strange new world the last time they visted it and then go forward ever now again and have Shatner and Nimoy trying to get out of their current situation.

I think that could work quite well, but what do I know hey!?

I am sure they can come up with something better. But I would love to see the scenes with Old kirk in set after his death in “Generations”. And to have Kirk resurrected some how. If it was the last movie we saw of Spock and Kirk being played by Shatner and Nimoy then I can think of no better ending than them flying off into the Solor system together. Also it would be a good passing of the torch for the new actors protraying them incase there is ever a TOS era sequel with the Enterprise crew again.

they could just make “Star Trek – The Return” official canon then it wouldnt be hard at all to bring kirk back on film…lol

So he IS in it, as Kirk?

I hope there is a little line thrown in there where Shatner comments on how fat he got whilst he was dead ;) After Spock revives him :D


I thought that idea could have been Star Trek First Contact!

I love that book and would love to now see certain story elements melded into a feature film. No i suppose they could use kirk as revenge for the acts of First Contact, and Voyager’s engame.


Maybe the real Kirk is still in the Nexus and the one that left with Picard is just an “echo.” Or Spock finds a way into the Nexus and pulls Kirk out before he “dies”…meaning that much of Generations never happened, I guess. (I don’t know why Picard just didn’t leave the Nexus at an earlier point in time, giving himself a chance to save his brother and stop Soran before he does any damage. Dumb movie.)

Or better yet declare all the events in Generations to be in an alternate universe that never happened in the regular ST dimension. I’d be happy.

Yeah, bd

Full of flaws and holes. Agreed.

Someoneplease link the bring back kirk trailer


Sorry, Shatner and Nimoy dont need be in the movie to make it good. If they have to be in it make them relatives (grandfathers)
who inspired their grandsons goals, personalities.

Shatner looks like crap, he doesnt have Kirks pension for physical fitness thats fer sure.

….or have Spock wake up, go into the bathroom and have Bobby er, Jim step out of the sonic shower.
It was all just a bad dream…..

On Veridian, we don’t have to see Kirk, just Spock, and Spock could have changed a bit since the last time we saw him was a few years before Generations. Then he can find whatever solution to revive Kirk, whom we still don’t need to see. Then, as we see an expression of success on Spock’s face, we flash forward 12 years where both Spock and Kirk are still alive. Then we go into the new storyline and go back in time with to the new actors.

Maybe he can be in it as some lobster headed alien.

I figure with as many holes as the Nexus concept had, it should be a piece of cake to bring James T. back. Shatner has to know that, given the novels he’s written! I especially love that idea above of Spock bringing Kirk back — what great symmetry.

If Shatner and Nimoy come back, I want to see them as Kirk and Spock — period. Why does everyone expect physical roles? Doesn’t their experience and leadership count for anything? It would be an interesting new direction, seeing a Kirk who *stays* in the captain’s chair and sends younger away teams into the action. But he still has the captain’s smarts.

Heck, even just using them in a framing device, as mentioned above, would be wonderful. Just fix the terrible mistake of Generations. Give our two heroes a fitting farewell, and then pass the torch to a younger cast.

#11 “Shatner looks like crap, he doesnt have Kirks pension for physical fitness thats fer sure.”

The guy is 75 years old for crying out loud. Give him a break, valley girl.

Another lame interview by another lame talkshow host who has no freakin’ clue how to interview the Shat.

In the immortal words of poster “Josh”…..

Go Fat Shat Go!!

Mike :o

Shatner, for 75, is in incredible shape. We all should be like that. And there are as many different ways to bring back Kirk as there are writers. The key is giving the character the happy ending.

I can’t wait for Rocky Balboa. I hear it’s incredible, and people laughed at the thought of Stallone jumping back in the ring. Shatner doesn’t need to do the flying dropkick, doublefisted punch and bang a green chick.

Young Kirk can do that.

We need Shatner and Nimoy to show that there is more to Kirk’s story than winding up dead on a mountain. It’s Star Trek.

Bring Back Kirk.

The Bring Back Kirk Trailer, as requested:

I recall reading something a few years back that basically said Shatner and Nimoy used one another to get as much out of Paramount as possible in negotiations. They both knew they were the stars of the show, and what one guy got, so did the other. I find it interesting that Shatner is the public face on this front, acting all ambivalent on television, getting the crowd to cheer “Bring Back Kirk!” (not literally in this clip, I know) whilst Nimoy waits in the shadows until something appropriate is offered to the two.

This could be a sizeable payday for both actors, even if they’re in supporting roles. If we expect Paramount to spend around $100 million on this show, I guarantee you that the “original ganstas” are going to play a wicked game of fizzbin with the suits to get Paramount to give them tons of money. I am very interested to see what they do get paid when its all said and done.

Speaking of cash…I’ve heard a few times that the original cast (not including Shatner, Nimoy, Kelly) were rather poorly payed for their contributions in the first six movies. I wonder if that’s really true? Does anyone have any information regarding Star Trek paydays?

Mike :o

PS: “Shatner doesn’t need to do the flying dropkick, doublefisted punch and bang a green chick. Young Kirk can do that.”

Very funny #20 Still Kirok!

Love that trailer, 1 and 2 !

I’ll accept him (or them) in the film if they “pass the torch”. But is there really anything official that says they will be in front of the lens? Shatner says what he thinks people want to hear.
I don’t have my version of how to “bring back Kirk” from a (truly wrongful) death… but I guarantee 20 versions of that subject behind this post within 36 hours.

The best way to bring back Kirk would be to show Bob Newhart waking up, turning to his wife played by Suzanne Pleshette and saying “Honey, I had this awful dream that Kirk from Star Trek died!”. Cue the ST music!

Too bad we can’t have Picard fix it… lol. Redemption on two levels. I don’t really care how they do it, so long as the main story works, no one will care “how”.

Because of Nimoy and Shat’s age, I think there has to be two basic possibilities if they are to appear in the movie in character:

1. voice overs (could take many forms)
2. Post-Generations, Kirk revived somehow.

It would be a little unrealistic/undesirable to see Shatner/Nimoy trying to look the way they looked in the ST-6 through Generations time frame.

If Kirk is revived, I’d prefer it if he were somehow pulled out of the nexus. There are really “Infinite Possibilities” for that to take place. We don’t even really have to see it being done, we can learn about it in the course of the story unfolding.

Shat’s book series where the Borg revived Kirk was an interesting read, but not something I’d want to become canon or see time spent on the big screen providing the exposition for.

An easier sollution is simply have Kirk appearing before the events in Generations. Not dead no problem.

re: 26. foobar – December 16, 2006

” The best way to bring back Kirk would be to show Bob Newhart waking up, turning to his wife played by Suzanne Pleshette and saying “Honey, I had this awful dream that Kirk from Star Trek died!”. Cue the ST music!”

Thank you. Probably better than whatever they will come up with.

#29 Trevok: “An easier sollution is simply have Kirk appearing before the events in Generations. Not dead no problem.”

You know I think that’s what JJ Abrams would like to do but I think Shatner wants him to sort out the Dead thing for Kirk and it’s a condition he has made for doing the movie. Maybe that’s why we have had the hot and cold comments from Shatner recently.
Obviously I don’t know that for sure and it’s just me speculating. But I for one would love to see them bring Kirk back after his death some how.
So I am with Bill one this one :O)

I’m in full agreement about resolving Kirk’s death from generations. – Either by way of the nexus or the “Guardian of forever”, whom we’ve never revisited. -Picard helping Spock would be a great touch! What about “Q”? or “Trelaine” (I’ve alwayssuspected he was a baby Q.)

Would be interesting in how that would change 24th century history… having Kirk not die. –Better yet, maybe he wasn’t supposed to die, and his death changed history. –can you hear “Bone’s” Voice over as Kirk awakes from th dead?? -“Maybe it didn’t cross that macho mind of yours. but you should’ve been killed when you fell off that mountain?”

As long as they deal with it believably and don’t cheat, I’ll buy it.
I still love the bbk trailer 2!

For all of you spouting old & fat jokes, in our 21st century, retirement age is now 75– who’s to say it won’t be older and people on’t live longer 2oo years from now?

p.s. Before anyone catches m on it, okay, they revisited the Guardian in the animated series too, but not since.

I just don’t see how they could use Shatner as a post-dead Kirk without being hampered with a whole bunch of cumbersome explanations.the last thing I want to see is a remake of the Search for spock with Kirk.They should just reboot with the new cast.No SHATNER,no NIMOY as much as i like them …HERE’s a possible solution…Have Shatner and Nimoy do a Star Trek TV movie that ties up all the loose ends of “generations” before the film premieres as a kind of preface in the way “Unification” used Spock before the theatrical premiere of “The Undiscovered Country”.. Shatner and Nimoy BOTH do TV (just pay them plenty)and everybody will be happy.

Doing anything in the pre-Generations time frame would be a cop out and it would be lame.

This movie needs a parallel storyline where we see something that happens in the first adventure of Kirk and Spock on the Enterprise, that somehow affects Spock’s ability to bring Kirk back in the 24th century. Tie it all in.

Shatner is the most important part of this movie. If we know Kirk has no future, and is destined to get killed due to Picard’s incompetence, then it takes away from the story.

But if we see Shatner and Nimoy alive and well at the end of this movie, post-Generations, then it doesn’t matter when the next movie takes place. You could have a brand new young Kirk adventure.

Stallone is about to play Rocky and Rambo again. Trek should take heed and bring back Kirk.

A BORG resurrection is the way to go. I would take the best bits from STAR TREK:THE RETURN and make that into the new movie. As for the prequel, I think that the characters can appear in a RETURN film in a small flashback, and then the next movie could be all about them (with none of the original TOS or TNG actors in it.) The RETURN would be a nice way to finish both the Kirk and Picard stories.

Also, if you do the RETURN as a movie (not a direct telling of the novel – just based on it) you could have Riker and Troi on the Titan making a cameo to fight the BORG alongside the Enterprise.

Also, with a BORG resurrection, you get the BORG in a movie again. Audiences flocked to see First Contact because of that fact. Of all the TNG movies, it made the most money, so why not learn from that?

The heck with tying it in with “Generations”. Just ignore that wretched pile and all the other Next Generation movies. They just don’t matter.

Greetings one and all,
I see there are some who read the novels, has anyone read Shanter’s 3 book series that explains the Borg beamed up his body, when Spock and Riker where present on Veridian III. The books where great, Paramont shot down a movie idea for those books because they wnated STNG, to go solo. Name of the books where, The Ashes Of Eden, The Return, and Avenger.
Bring Kirk back, hmm… I do not know, but I spend alot of time searching the web looking for news on Star Trek and Star Trek fan fiction sites. My favorite is Star Trek New Voyages. It is a non-profit group who have come along way. I hope J.J. Abrams checks it out. I miss the old show, but watch it on UPN, to see the new visual effects they have done. I don’t expect Lenard Nimoy will return, after Paramont used the original cast images with out even so much as a letter to any of them. Lenard was to say it mildly, really ticked off enough to turn down jobs from Paramont, not that he need them. If we must have a prequal, how about Captian Pike, (Jeffery Hunter died in the 1960’s- 1970’s, not sure of the date), changing command of the Enterprise to Kirk? Captian Kirk could be telling his story to Captain Sulu, Admrial Checkov newly appointed head of Starfleet Comand. Lets not forget Captian Uhura, who is now in command of new subspace relaystaion. McCoy, and Scottys absence can be explaned away, sice both actors are deceased.
Long winded I know. Nuff stuff said

… dialog

Spock: That’s what you said when I saved your life.

Kirk: You mean, when you got me out of that mess on Veridian 12 years ago?

Spock: No, on our first mission together. When your were assigned as Captain of the Enterprise.

… to the story with young Kirk and Spock.

End of problem.

lol…I’d like to see a *tad* more exposition than # 40 — but not much more.

The exposition about how Kirk is alive post Generations could be very simple. I guess people in Hollywood aren’t as creative as us wage slaves.

Shatner and Nimoy doing a handoff to Damon, etc. would be a very important homage and could (in say, less than 10 minutes of movie time) resolve the massive “We didn’t like Kirk’s death” backlash. I personally liked Generations somewhat, but speaking as a big TNG fan, I didn’t think Kirk’s death did his character justice at all.

Personally, in a ‘series’ of movies, I think it’s better if the main characters are left alive indefinitely….you never know when you’ll want / need to bring them back. Especially when the character & the actor have become a cultural icon.

I guesws if James Bond got killed in the next bond movie they’d just tell another bond story with a younger bond and a different actor.Apply the same to Kirk.They’re all just timeless characters who can be portrayed by many actors.

LOL! for thos of you who want a “quikie” answer to Kirk’s death… I still say have old Spock tell young Kirk in the past to “stay off the shakey bridge on Veridian III” -voila! New timeline!

Submitted for your amusement:

Enjoy, you hyenas!

err, now it’s a hyperlink, I’m sorry:

I guess it is I who is the hyena!

People miss the point of Kirks death, [Shatner included] Kirk stated to Spock he knew he would die alone and he did. Everybody dies [except maybe Riker, he stated he intends to live forever] Kirk IS dead. To bring him back to life would turn Trek into a total joke.