Star Trek Remastered Refresher [UPDATED]

While TOS Remastered is taking a winter solstice we here at aren’t sitting on our laurels, we have updated all our past episode picture articles to include the new CG effects reels like you’ve become accustomed to in the new screenshot articles of the past few weeks. A huge thanks goes to Joe for making these important clip reels.

Balance of Terror is being repeated this weekend so if you missed it the first time for gosh sakes watch it! …and then come on back by the Balance of Terror picture and video clip page or the review page and share your thoughts with us. Remember Balance of Terror is one of CBS Digital’s first episodes, so cut them a little slack this time through , we know it gets better.

UPDATE: Just wanted to let you all know that there are now two new metadata tags for the articles so you can have the site show all Episode Screenshot articles or all Episode Previews.

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Thank you for your contributions to this site. I don’t know if the newbies appreciate what you bring in terms of content, but you’ve done a fantastic job putting together clips, pics and reviews over these past few months.

Hats off, Matt!

Greetings one and all,
I am new to this site and have several comments about several articals here at STMR. I have enjoyed several of the of the old episodes that have remastered special effects. I am looking forward to Balance of Terror which will air tomorrow night. I am sharing this website with those who have subscrived to my newsletter, that I write, because most of the people I contact do not always have the time to search the web like I do. I am looking forward to the remastered episodes of Doomsday Machine, Enterprise Incident, and Arena. I have been a fan since I was five, when the series first started, thus my love of Star Trek. I look forward to reading your comments about the show, till then.

thanks for bringing all our videos up to speed Matt and Joe

It’s funny, on my station, those “things” we all complained about early on seemed to look better tonight than when it was first run. Maybe it was just the station, or my TV, but it kinda cracked me up.

You know something? I’m in a really, really bad mood today, and I know exactly what’s causing my foul and grumpy demeanor. I’m going thru Star Trek TOS remasters “withdrawals” and I don’t like it one bit!

This site got me “hooked” a few months ago, when I first heard they were going to release the newly remastered TOS episodes. It wasn’t long before my body and brain got used to my “weekly dose” of highly habit forming and “addictive” TOS remasters!

So now that you have made me a TOS “junkie” again, you are telling me I can’t have any more Trek remastered “candy” until after the holidays? WTF!

Sure, sure…get us long time TOS fans hooked and addicted to these new remasters, get us drooling in anticipation each week for the next beautifully remastered episode, with cool new special effects, then cut us off “cold turkey” like a bunch of crack heads and heroin addicts that just entered detox!

How freakin inhumane and cruel can the “suits” at CBS be? Shame on you!

Gosh, how many more weeks do I have to wait until I can get another “hit” from the next remastered episode? Watching the episodes we have already seen and “critiqued into the ground,” is just not going to get me over these Star Trek tremors and withdrawls. I need a “fresh episode” and I need one NOW!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Mike :o

People on previous threads had also made comments critical of the “new look” and color of those nacelle caps.

I’m sure the CBS digital team will go back and “tweek”
the effects in Balance of Terror, as well as a few other episodes, once they have the time. At least that’s what I’ve been reading on this site….

Mike :o

As they show the bright, shiny nacelle caps over the next couple of weeks, just think of them as Christmas lights.

I love this site. Purchased Star Trek Legacy for my Xbox 360 yesterday, played it for 2 hours and was terribly dissapointed. Sold it on ebay this morning. Ship renderings are even better than what we have seen with the teaser screenshots and there is a reaaaaaalllllly cool extra animated movie in the main menu that tells of the history of the borg and that VGER was the Borg’s Grandpappy (ripped directly from the pages of our Blessed Lord, and gameshowless, Shatner’s The Return). But the ships are almost impossible to control and the fire controls are clumsy at best.. In addition each mission is the same it just becomes redundant. Anyway to my fellow fans (and even the few who like the Next Generation, it is the holiday spirit afterall) rent it first!!! Quite disappointed as I had been waiting with anticipaton for this game for a year.

Agreed with post number 1, great stuff here!

Just a quick note, am re-viewing recording of last night’s Balance of Terror right now and really noticed how the CBS team had been so accurate in re-creating the original effects shots. One shot of the Enterprise as it flys towards us after the teaser, you can see that as the ship approaches, they appear to have altered it’s flight path by subtly shifting it to the left as it flys towards the right screen. Similar to the way the original effect was done as a way to keep the ship on screen as it’s path would take it off screen too fast.

Compared to where the team is today, they’ve come a long way! It started off great, but now is greater and I’m sure will even get better!

Great work all around on this site…

Quick question though…. out of curiosity, why wasn’t there a screen shot page created for “Miri”?

RE: Miri
Miri was only shown to a small fraction of the country. Neither Matt, Joe nor myself got a chance to see it and record it.We did run a review of it, but our reviewer didn\’t have the technology to do the screencaps and vid caps.When the show re-airs on June 23rd 2007, we will treat it like a first airing because so many didnt see it and we will do the screencaps and video.  

Thanks Anthony… I didn’t a chance to see it in my area either, so I was curious. I knew that there would be a logical explanation… :)

Miri — saw it that first weekend. Have it on DVD. If you are interested contact me by my email. Will burn one for you and ship out but it’ll be just after Christmas is over.
However will understand if you wish to wait with everyone else.

Please do not revive the nacelle incident. It’s dark days shadowed the usually bright and cheerful comments on the boards.

Actually, upon finally seeing “Balance of Terror” Re-mastered, the nacelle caps are the only dire thing needing touch up, the Enterprise and Romulan Bird of Brey are decent enough in my opinion to pass muster. True, they have learned enough to make it snazzier lately, but it’s not totally necessary, as this episode is pretty good on it’s own. I still hate the proximity “phasers” (who act like torpedoes)… but I realize that it’s part of the story dynamic and can’t be easily fixed.
I look forward to seeing the other episodes that I’ve missed.

Why Bother with Dorsal view of Romulan Ship showing armoured plating?

1) This is a terribly uninteresting and inconsistent view of ship
2) Does not advance the plot, i.e. Stiles mentioning the “bird painted on the hull
3) The 60’s ship angles were way cooler

I’d agree that (though it was cool) I didn’t care for that shot of the Romulan ship at the particular time in the episode. I think the “bird” painted on it should have been consistently shown. Maybe use that other effect for another episode with Romulans (perhaps “The Deadly Years”?). Doing it that way would have been truer to the original shot/effect anyway.

Greetings one and all,
I see many complaints about the bussard collector, (nacel caps,) being to bright and or shiny. When the Enterprise is hagning and the bussard collectors are grey that is due to the fact the ship is powered down. They did not need warp power to catch the Romulans, or power the phaser banks, due to the fact at this point and time the phasers were recharged by fusion reactors. It was not til STMP the phasers were routed thur the warp reactor. I think they did a good job catching the old Enterprise and giving a old but new look to the Romulan bird of prey. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday season. : )

Didn’t exactly know where to post this but here you go — has finally started to produce weekly “Desktop Wallpapers” for TREK Remastered like they did for ST: ENTERPRISE.
They have needed to revamp their desktop section for some time. Also added are some ST: ANIMATED images. However, still believes that ENTERPRISE continues to air at 8:00pm on UPN (see wallpapers) —