Justman Looks Forward To Trek XI

If anyone knows the original Star Trek it is Bob Justman. He was a supervising producer on the Star Trek: The Original Series and was even brought back by Gene Roddenberry to help launch Star Trek The Next Generation. Justman literally wrote the book on Trek (‘Inside Star Trek: The Real Story‘). In a new interview in Star Trek magazine, Justman discussed how he questions those who object to Star Trek XI being a prequel of TOS

I don’t know much about the new film, so I don’t see why I should write it off in advance, I remember how some people tried to write – off Star Trek: The Next Generation before they saw the show. So all I’ll say at this point is that if J.J. Abrams can make a good movie that sheds more light on what has already happened and adds more creativity to the mix, that sounds great to me. 

Justman also expressed interest in talking to Abrams as well

I’m looking foreword to hearing what he has planned for Star Trek and I’d be pleased if Mr Abrams contacted me and asked me some questions. I’d be happy to talk to him about Star Trek.

Abrams has already brought Nimoy and Shatner into the fold. It still remains to be seen if the team will consult with or hire any more people from Star Trek’s past, but a chat with Bob Justman certainly couldn’t hurt.

For the full interview get the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine (out in the UK, due in the US in a few weeks)

image courtesy of Memory Alpha, excerpts courtesey of SciFi Pulse

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It is good to see that Bob Justman is still enthusiastic enough about Star Trek to provide some comments.

I’d be thrilled to see him have involvement… and I hope JJ takes that into account.

Bob Justman is one of the oft-overlooked gems in the Star Trek family…

Bob Justman, Herb Sollow, Fred Friedberger, Gene Coon, Bill Theis, Matt Jeffries all unheralded legends who helped create my true vision of Star Trek. Thank you Mr. Justman for your amazing efforts in forging a Legend that will never die.

All I can say is… Mr Abrams, you have a huge reservoir (albeit, diminishing through attrition as time passes) of people who were there at THE BEGINNING.

These are people, like Bob Justman, that helped to create the template… the mold… the standard.

Use them… take every bit of knowledge… of trivia… of nostalgia… that puts you where they were… then use all of your remarkable gifts as a story-teller and make it contemporary.

You are at the height of your game… and at this point, you’ve got the power. Make a film that makes the fan-base well with tears and makes all the movie-goers say, “Holy shit, THIS is Star Trek! I had no idea, I gotta start watchin’ the old episodes.”

JJ… you gotta a lot of eyes watchin’ but we are all pullin’ for ya’.

Nice to hear from Bob Justman after all this time! It’s good that so many names related to TOS are being heard from again. They were badly underused in recent years, with Enterprise being the obvious missed opportunity to bring these people back on board. Who do we want to hear from next? Dorothy Fontana perhaps?

Dorthy Fontana contributed the storyline to the new Xbox360 Star Trek Legacy game. I believe she also helps out the New Voyages crew with storylines. Set phasers on fun!!!!!!

Not sure I would include Freiberger in the greats myself.

Shatner talks at length to Freiberger in ST Memories. I get the feeling that season three of TOS was less to do with Freiberger’s being incompetent and more to do with him being handed a poisoned chalice!

As for season two of Space:1999, though . . . ;)

Bob Justman, if you ever bother to read this site, all I can say is THANK YOU!

Bob Justman is a true gentleman and a total class act.

I recently re-read Justman and Solow’s book. I would recommend it for any of you who have not read it.

If Roddenberry is The Godfather of the franchise, then Justman is the Wise Old Uncle. Yo, J.J. – yer phone’s ringing.

I love Bob Justman not just for Star Trek, but for two other series he produced in the 1970s that I loved as a little kid: “Then Came Bronson” and “Search” (neither of which lasted very long, unfortunately). Hats off to you, Mr. Justman!

We can’t neglect what I affectionately refer to as the “Jew factor” when regarding the potential success of this film.

Hear me out.

The fact Abrams is a Jew actually bodes well for the potentially prosperous nature of this film.

Anyone associated with successful Star Trek has always been Jewish, hence the “Jew factor” nomenclature.

Shatner and Nimoy. Jews. Two most prominent, successful, popular characters in the history of the series.

Nicholas Meyer. Jew. Responsible for arguably the most fan favorite films Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country.

Nimoy. Jew. Directed the most commercially viable and culturally successful feature, The Voyage Home, bridging the gap between fans and mainstream.

Harold Livingston. Jew. Wrote the screenplay for Star Trek – The Motion Picture. Adjusted for inflation the most commercially successful film.

Vulcan hand salute. Jewish origins.

Herb Solow. Harve Bennett. To name a few.

The further Trek departed from it’s innate Jewishness, the least successful it became.

And no, I’m not joking. Consider it carefully.

Mr. Justman is a very nice man. He has served his community with more then only Star Trek. I hope the new film meets with his approval.

#13 Josh,
It’s your opinion , but that is about the most nonsensical post you’ve put out… next the Transformers thing. Their belief system has nothing to do with luck, charm, acting ability or creativity.
You and Adam Sandler gonna break out in a chrous of “Happy Hanukkah”?

… and yes, I know Kirk and Spock were mentioned in the song.

What next… listing off all of the Christians, Hindus, and Muslims that have held Trek back from greatness?

Thanks Dom, my real name is also Dom by the way, according to Shatner’s Star Trek memories and other various accounts of the original cast and crew Fred Friedberger was unfairly mailgned. Roddenberry all but bailed on Star Trek in season 3 when the network moved the time slot and cut back on an already limited budget. Friedberger actually held what he was given together better than most in a similar situation. and other than Way to Eden, and Spock’s Brain I think season 3 was mostly terrific. All these gentlemen , Mr. Justman, Herb Sollow, Gene Coon, Mr. Jim Rugg, Matt Jeffries, Bill Theis, of course Gene Roddenbery and Mr. Friedberger have my thanks. What creatively brilliant class acts. Jewish factor hmmm interesting and possibly brilliant but wacky theory , good stuff keep it coming

Bob Justman is a CLASS ACT. I met him in Texas in the early 90’s and he was very approachable and just NICE!

He’s kind of a hero of mine since he worked on The Outer Limits (original series) and Trek. I met him in the dealer’s room at a convention here and I stopped and talked to him for a while about Trek and The Outer Limits one on one.

He was so gracious, nice and interesting to talk to. And I can’t say that for all those connected to Trek.


“What next… listing off all of the Christians, Hindus, and Muslims that have held Trek back from greatness?”


Anyway, seriously, I found Josh’s post interesting…not sure how much bearing their religious origin has on Trek…but still interesting.


“Shatner talks at length to Freiberger in ST Memories. I get the feeling that season three of TOS was less to do with Freiberger’s being incompetent and more to do with him being handed a poisoned chalice!

As for season two of Space:1999, though . . . ”

Ya know…I am just not going to bash Freddy. I would have rather had Freddy in charge of Trek than Berman actually. Season 3 of Trek had the best visual effects of the three seasons…and some truly great episodes. The Tholian Web, Elaan of Troyius, Day of the Dove, Spectre of the Gun, The Empath…all great stuff. All Freddy.

Year Two of Space 1999 had it’s good and bad as well — although I definitely preferred the more cerebral and weird Year One. I wish they hadn’t changed Space 1999 as much as they did. Sure, it needed some tweaks but not an overhaul.

But, back to Freddy…he was a workmanlike producer. He did his job well, but he was no visionary.

“Jews in Spaaaaaaaace!”

Where’s Mel Brooks when you need him?….. OMG…. another Jew!

pardon my off-topic humor post…. I just read #13.
That must mean I have no possibility of being anything in life. I’m Lutheran.

Now THAT’s funny…
On the serious side…..you GO Bob! Show ’em all how it’s done!

Amazing the little kernels and nuggets of truth that make their way onto the forums yes? ;)

to hell with the odd/even curse, now Trek films potential success will be gauged directly proportionate to the jewish factor.

When Trek XI is a resounding financial and commercial success, I won’t rest on my laurels, nay, and I’ll graciously accept the perpetual ass-kissing that occurs as a result of my intuitive prophetic insights,

if Trek XI turns out to be a dud, have no fear, I can unequivocally assure you I will provide a sound, logical rationalization for the seeming contradiction. ;)

of this you can be certain.

Yes Josh… we’ve been meaning to ask you to please clean up those little nuggets you leave lying around. People are tired of stepping over the piles or cleaning off their shoes.

back on the real topic. Abrams could do far worse than ask for the real “kernals” of truth from Mr. Justman. He only had a hand in 2 Trek series. His insight could put a nice spin on the nacelles.

I’m sorry Xai did you say something?

How about domeciling over at Trekweb where your pretentious baiting may find an audience by someone who has a high tolerance threshold for entertaining prepubescent hemorroids that itch and demand scratching on their anal, banal , attention starved posteriors.

We get it. You are jaded and bitter and using a different handle after being banned. No need to constantly remind us of your overcompensation for personal lack.

In deference and respect to Anthony, and previous situations on here with loud mouthed rhetoric spouting handle hiders, you are relegated to the status of non-entity and shall not be considered again.

Trekweb awaits you.

…………….Nothing further……………….(Crickets chirp…)…….

Bob Justman legend, JJ talk to the man.
2 as for FF he will alwas be the guy that killed both Trek and 1999.

Josh…..LOL, after #23 and #13, you are worried about what I say? “The Jewish factor”? If that was planned as humour, let us know in advance next time please.
In my opinion, your posts were insults to non-Jewish creative people on all Trek projects and beyond…. and completely BS, thus the “piles” comment. Too tough on you? I’ve seen you dish out worse for less.
….. .and #25… well, wow… I am honored to recieve such a huge dose of your posturing and rhetoric. I could say much more… you do make it very easy to comment, thank you… but I might actually BE threatened with my first ban.
But it doesn’t matter… you’re not reading this.

#13. Josh

Isn’t Rick Berman Jewish?

Happy New Year to you, Josh. You crazy rabble-rouser, you!! ;)

Thanks. I never knew that I was such a great person.