TV Land’s Top 100 Catchphrases — The Trek Phrases

As we reported recently Star Trek had 3 entries on TV Land’s list of Top 100 TV catchphrases. Here are William Shatner, Marina Sirtis, George Takei, LeVar Burton, and Wil Wheaton (along with a collection of quasi-celebrities) discussing "Resistance is Futile", "Live Long and Prosper" and "Space the Final Frontier…"

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thanks Matt…good job capturing that vid.

got to love Takei…still seems that he hasnt got over TNG not being ‘the new adventures of captain Sulu’….and equating the Borg to Tribbles….oh my

And I have to add that involving Wil Wheaton in the discussion was like serving Romulan Ale for supper–after experiencing the pain, you have to ask why would anyone do that to himself?

I could have sworn the Green Acres theme won at the Emmys? Well, anyway neat. As to Wil Wheaton, I didn’t like him as Wesley but he’s redeemed himself in my eyes.

this was actually well done…hats off to TV Land

Takei is hilarious. Oh my indeed, Anthony.

Shatner is certiifiable. “Think about it, where… NO MAN hasgonebefore!”

I love these old timers. And Wil Wheaton, good luck with that facial hair. Give it time!

That was pretty cool. Although I found Mr. Tambourine Man pretty funny/jarring/weird in a good way.

Now, let’s cue StillKirok finding some way to turn this into a Bring Back Kirk campaign.

What about “he’s dead Jim.” ???

What about “Beam me up Scotty” ???

Granted it was never said in the original series, but still…

They even bothered to find the dude who played Pugsley?
His makes Danny Bonaduce’s life well spent. Or am I missing something; has he developed a friction-free ball bearing or something?


Merry Christmas!

Actually GREEN ACRES did win that year, but it was still fun to see!

Did anyone notice that all the clips used for the special are from MOVIES, although this was a special about TV catchphrases? Whenever we see the series, it’s in the form of stills.
There must have been a legal rights issue. Bizarre.

What about “Damn it Jim!”?

What is the phrase used when they were meeting new spieces, and why they could not get involved unless they were part of the federation???