Trek Auction – Week 2

The second week of Star Trek auctions on eBay from It’s a Wrap Hollywood ended like the first, with only 69 of the 100 lots selling.  There is a growing grumbling amongst Trek collectors over the minimum prices, with many feeling that It’s A Wrap lack understanding of the Trek collector market. The fact that 1/3 of the items are not selling due to overly high minimum prices seems to bear this out. However It’s A Wrap may be getting the message, many of the items that failed to sell due in week 1 have now appeared for week 3, but now without any reserve prices. The week of Christmas is always the worst sales week of the year on eBay, none the less, It’s a Wrap Hollywood used the week to put a lot of small, less desirable background props on this week’s auctions. 22 items, mostly bags and fabric went for under $100.

Costumes still the big sellers
The biggest seller was a The Tom Paris Voyager Uniform for $3,650 (actually well above market value). Manny Coto’s Admiral’s uniform from "Enterprise" went for $2,739, which was very strong for a non-star uniform. This shows how popular the producer who injected a bit of ‘prequelness’ into Enterprise still is. Two well known prop collectors bid this one up, which is even more surprising.  But the eventual winner filmwelt-Berlin, a deep-pocketed German prop collector, is know for paying high prices for Trek memorabilia. The third highest priced auction was an interesting one, the "Enterprise" alternate universe Starfleet uniform for the "Avenger NX-09".  This blue jumpsuit had both the Terran Empire patch and the Avenger NX-09 patch.  A great piece, it went high for a background player (my high bid was $ 1,100) but certainly is very desirable, as all alternate universe pieces are. Rounding out the top five were two props.  The highest priced prop sale was two "Enterprise" control panels which went for $ 2,000.  Prop prices were high in the Christie’s auction, and they continue to be in the eBay auctions.  After that was a Jem’Hadar Kar’takin, the bladed weapon of the Dominion Warriors from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  It went for $ 1,125.

The big sellers for week 2

Top 5 items sold

Voyager Tom Paris Uniform   $3,650
Manny Coto "Enterprise" Admiral’s Uniform   $2,739
Mirror Universe Terran Avenger Uniform   $2,225
Jem’Hadar Kar’takin   $1,125
Enterprise Maco uniform   $1,025

who are they kidding? $1600 for two damaged foam phasers?

Top 5 Items not selling due to reserve prices

Star Trek Type 3 Phaser Rifle   $2,125
Star Trek Voyager faux phasers   $1,600*
Enterprise Klingon Bat’leth   $1,525
Star Trek Voyager B’Lanna Torres Uniform   $1,026
Star Trek Type 3 Phaser Rifle   $1,025

* no bids

Things looking up for week 3
Another 100 auctions have been listed by It’s a Wrap Hollywood this week.  The selection is better than last week, and features a Klingon Costume, a Dax uniform from DS9 and some other nice uniforms and props from DS9 and Enterprise especially. Significantly, the MACO assault kit, Xindi costume and Klingon Disruptor from "Enterprise" have all been re-listed without reserves after failing to sell in week 1.

Buying locations: 

Week 3 auction items on Ebay.

Fixed price items at

Alec Peters has joined as our Auctions and Collectables Editor. Alec has been a Trek fan since the 60s and collector of memorabilia since the 70s (counting 3 Star Trek Captain’s costumes in his collection). As Founder and CEO of Auctionworks, he is also an expert in auctions and eBay. For more check out Alec’s Trek Auctions Blog

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Regarding the Christies auction i noticed that the filming miniature of Picards first ship the USS Stargazer wasnt there. It seems one may have gotten away. How could this have happened since they pretty much auctioned off eveything except Roddenberrys ashes?

“…they pretty much auctioned off eveything except Roddenberrys ashes?”

Don’t give them any ideas. lol

What’s funny is that if they put low prices on this stuff, trekkies bid it up to ridiculous heights. Look at how shocked Christies’ was at the result of their auction – fans were paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for stuff.

well Alec can address this better, but he has pointed out that ItsAWrap are trying to get the same exact prices as Christies…including the buyers premium. And the free market dictates that there was only one person willing to pay that much…and he got one already!

I think ItsAWrap are getting that message though…I know Alec has been talking to him and he knows Trek Memorabelia as well as anyone.

Also, Christie’s obviously sold all of the best stuff already.

Well, other Star Trek stuff has gotten out before. Basically all of the original series props were sold previously. If you ever get a chance to see the Profiles in History auctions they have some amazing auctions. Today my Mom dropped off a bunch of stuff I had in storage at my parents house and there were two Profiles catalogs from 1998 and there was a ton of Original series items in the auction. Even an original Klingon ship model.

And so the Stargazer might have gotten sold, or have been given to someone on the staff.

As far as the prices realized and the reserves, well, It’s a Wrap Hollywood re-listed a few of the items that didn’t hit reserve without a reserve this time.

and make sure you check out my blog for additional info!


Some original Star Trek: TNG bridge props have gone up on ebay. Check it out here:

First & Second Officer’s Chairs

Navigator’s Chairs

Bridge Consoles

No reserves but ships all the way from Singapore!

Looks like replicas made for the Hyde Park exhibition a few years back.

Yeah I would say so. They don’t look like the real things and I am sure the real ones weren’t shipped to the UK, but rather they built them for that show.