A celebration of Trek drunkenness for the new year

In honor of the new year TrekMovie presents some of the most memorable moments of Trek drinking. So sit back and toast to the new year with our list.


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Scotty drinks Tomar the Kelvan under the table only to pass out moments later — TOS: "By Any Other Name"


A split [evil] Kirk storms sickbay, grabs Saurian Brandy, assults crewmembers, and violates poor Yeoman Rand’s personal space (to say the least) — TOS: "The Enemy Within"


Zephram Cochrane is perhaps the most famous drunk for not being a drunk. History had ignored his heavy drinking until the TNG crew was forced to follow a Borg sphere back to the time of first contact. — ST:FC

The same movie also gives us Deanna Troi "blending" in as she tries to go shot for shot with Cochrane. — ST:FC


The Romulan Ale flowed freely during the Klingon/Federation dinner aboard the Enterprise-A which resulted in the entire senior staff being hung over the next morning. "Do you know anything about a radiation surge, Chekov?’
"Only the size of my head." — ST VI:TUC


With the TNG era synthehol was invented so we don’t see a lot of drunken escapades. One that was significant is when Captain Picard returns home after his Borg transformation and subsequent rescue. He and his older brother Robert get quite drunk on their family wine and have an emotionally cleansing scene where both old and new emotional scars are dealt with for the first time. — TNG: "Family"


And then of course any time the Klingons gather to celebrate expect a lot of Bloodwine, horseplay, drunken fights, and rousing choruses from Klingon opera and other traditional drinking songs.


Happy New Year!


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Happy New Year to everyone! Let Star Trek Live Long and Prosper in the New Year and beyond….

Happy New Year! :-)

Happy New Years everyone!

Don’t wipe out your memory of 2006 tonight.

aloha and happy new year from hawaii

nicely done matt!


Thats the best, innit?

More remastered Trek in 2007, new movie in 2008.



Hmm…..Kirk had to get plain evil and turn into a lusty cunt hound before noticing Yeoman Rand? I would have played bouncy – bouncy with here regardless of whether I was 3 sheets to the wind or not – She was HOT sweet – yummy and a all around babe…..couldn’t Kirk plainly see and truely appreciate that? I know I would.

Live long and have a prosperous New Year


Duane… already celebrating? Time to cut back on the wine, bud

Quch chu’ DIS
Happy New Year


# 9 – No…..stone sober here dude. Watching ABC and waiting for Dick Clark to see how how well he does (or doesn’t) in comparison to last year. All these young groups performing…..pretty sad….time for TvLand I guess.

Happy New Year everybody.

Thanks for putting this site up Anthony. It’s a great place to hang out!

Anthony and Matt,

I think you need to make clear that your website in no way condones drinking and driving a starship!

Happy New Year all!

Awesome list!! LOL!!! Happy new year to every one.

#13. LOL… PSSUI?
Piloting a starship under the influence.

LOL. Happy new year to all, and to all a good night!

Deanna Troi might have steered better in Generations after a few brandies!!

Happy New Year everyone. :)

You forgot about Scotty walking drunkenly into an overhead sump pipe in Star Trek V: The Final Time They Let Shatner Near a Director’s Chair.

Happy New Star Date, everyone!

Ooooooo Nooo!!! i forget to drink!! , well I’ll fix it tonight.
and Happy New Year to all Trekkies and to trekmovie two

7. Duane Boda
yes me two

I’m gonna get this wrong (i think), but what about that time when Seven got drunk during the celebration for the new Slipstream drive and she thought she was having a malfunction?

Just because you can do a thing does not mean that you must do that thing. ;)

A great homage to Trek drunkenness, but you forgot the famous line in the TOS episode ‘By Any Other Name’ that came full circle in the TNG episode ‘Relics’. Scotty is getting Tomar drunk. Tomar asks about the liquid, “What is it?”. Scotty sniffs the bottle, then replies, “It’s green”.

Fast Forward to the 24th Century. In Ten Forward, Scotty is looking for some real alcohol as opposed to the crappy synthehol they regularly serve. Data finds one of Guinan’s stashed bottles of real alcohol. Scotty asks Data, “What is it?” Data sniffs, looks, and sniffs again and finally replies, “It is green.” That was good enough for Scotty.


Happy New Year, everybody! :)

How could you leave out Scotty’s drunken fight with the holodeck computer in “Relics”?

“The android at the bar said you could show me my old ship. Lemme see it!”
“The Enterprise, show me the bridge of the Enterprise ya jabberin’ piece of-”
“N-C-C-1701 … no bloody A, B, C orrr D!”

Isn’t it funny that Troi seemed much more interesting when she was drunk? Happy New Year!!!!

Chief O’brien and Doctor Bashir on whisky singing Jerusalem!!!!

VERY funny. VERY British.


Wishing all a Happy New Year. May 2007 bring to all new adventures and
new possibilities.

Don’t forget the Next Generation episode, “Relics”. Where Data and Scotty are served some Aldebaran Whiskey by Guinan. (Always wondered what they made that of….)