Remastered “Friday’s Child” Screenshots and Video [UPDATED]

Here are the usual assortment of screenshots from the remastered Friday’s Child.

SFX Video


New and Old

Approaching Capella IV
Orbit of Capella IV (1)
Orbit of Capella IV (2)
Orbit of Capella IV (3)
Sensor Chart
The Enterprise warps back
Klingon Ship
New Phaser Effect
Click for video clip (WMV)
Old Phaser Effect
Leaving Capella IV


Assorted Shots

The redshirt bites the dust

High Teer Akaar


The Klingon scout Kras

Always the action hero, Kirk holds Kras at knife point

I’ll touch you in anyw ay or manner that my professional judgement indicates

Scotty smells a rat

A side view of the saucer section

Leonard James Akaar

What language is McCoy speaking?

Leonard… James… Akaar

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