Remastered “Friday’s Child” Screenshots and Video [UPDATED]

Here are the usual assortment of screenshots from the remastered Friday’s Child.

SFX Video


New and Old

Approaching Capella IV
Orbit of Capella IV (1)
Orbit of Capella IV (2)
Orbit of Capella IV (3)
Sensor Chart
The Enterprise warps back
Klingon Ship
New Phaser Effect
Click for video clip (WMV)
Old Phaser Effect
Leaving Capella IV


Assorted Shots

The redshirt bites the dust

High Teer Akaar


The Klingon scout Kras

Always the action hero, Kirk holds Kras at knife point

I’ll touch you in anyw ay or manner that my professional judgement indicates

Scotty smells a rat

A side view of the saucer section

Leonard James Akaar

What language is McCoy speaking?

Leonard… James… Akaar

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Enterprise is missing the lights under the hanger doors. Everything else looks great.

#%@!^%@^%&^%$ I missed it.


At least the Scout ship was a new, although low-budget design! FRAK!

The old one, I mean.

THe new one is another Battlecrusier, which isn’t that bad… just lacking in variety.

The scout vessel was implied as being quite inferior to the Enterprise, onscreen I think..

Oh yeah, and here’s another grade of mine: C+

I thought the original phaser FX were “burnt in” and could not be redone – not without going back to the original negative I mean?

Perhaps there is no contradiction.

“Klingon” Kras arrived on Capella in a scout craft launched from the D-7 Battlecruiser that played cat n’ mouse with the Starship Enterprise , thereby validating both Kras and Scotty’s statements.

I haven’t seen the actual ep yet but from those pics above…why can’t they do that with more of the phaser fx shots!? I’m sure there are those thr would rather not change them but they look good to me. The other shots as well, the updated klingon ship (hard to make out more than the D7 shape but could be different as well) and the update to the blue screen and dot. :)

Can’t wait to see the video!


I think it’s wise we view this entire project as a proverbial testbed for experimentation, resulting in the final DVD Star Trek “Own you” collection in 2 or 3 short years.

I just watched this episode for the first time in 20 years and I noticed the part where Spock refers to “suitable tensile cohesion” is missing. I remember something about Scotty saying “Fool me once…”

Bah! I can’t watch these episodes anymore!

Was it too much trouble to come up with a new Klingon scout ship? Other than that, the episode was great.

great work Matt….glad to see screenshots again…look forward to the video

i like the phaser effect, and that is exactly what a klingon ship facing you down from a distance would look like…the original was silly looking

and is it just me…or does that last picture suggest a caption contest.


Loved it, just loved it-great shots!

Julie Newmar is still pregant and clothed from head to toe. Well i guess they couldnt fix that part. Gee what a waste of one hot babe!

I’m glad they finally updated a hand phaser blast, I was hoping, and thought the remastering should have had that from the go.

There always seems to be a small surprise with every new episode. This one had the re-done phaser effects which looked MUCH better than the original. Hopefully they do the same from now on. Great Job!!

FWIW, the Phaser 1 effects from “Return of the Archons” were terrible and would benefit greatly if they did the same job there.

I wish I could vote for Scotty for president. He knows how to handle a Situation.

FINALLY REMASTERED HAND PHASER EFFECTS, now the st-r team should go back and do that VERY SAME THING TO ALL hand phaser scenes. i didnt like the close up shot of the planet though…i was expecting to see detail, and instead, we got to see 1701 in orbit of Google Earth.

Haven’t seen it yet, but from those shots, damn they’ve really started to nail those nacelle caps! :D Looks gorgeous, can’t wait to see it.

I still think the ship is a bit flat compared to the original, but over all good. The star fields are awful though. They look more and more like a windows screen saver. Lastly I like the new phaser beam, but the dissolve effect is just not right. Check out my version of an updated TOS disintegration at the end of this 1:30 minute movie to see how I think it would be better done

Well i am glad they finally decided to update the phaser effects. Of all the things that could possibly be improved the phaser effects rate highest in my view.

#12 Anthony,

Ah, you’re still sassing us from paradise. I love it. YES, a thousand times YES we must have a caption contest. Prizes? An all-expense paid trip to a local recycling plant? A surplus Dr. Beverly Crusher action figure from 1995? Give the word, Anthony, or do you think I need to get out and push?

-Adam in relatively warm (70-degrees F) New York!

Much better hand phaser firing effect, planet orbits, etc. Love the fact that the stars move faster when the ship is going faster, but no goofy color shift. It is simple as before, but now better. Somehow it seems more realistic without these ‘transition’ to warp effects.

But, someone needs to tweak the mix of the singer during the titles. Too much of that soprano scream stuff over and above the other music. Is anyone else hearing this? The original second season mix didn’t emphasize the singer this much.

This is the audio version of the “nacelle cap” controversy right here.

Someone please fix!

I agree on the singer. Bring up the instrumental and get it to blend.

just testing, sorry

# 9 I can’t blame you there. Until they release these episodes in full High DF without the commercials they why bother watching any of these? It would be akin to paying $10.00 for a $2.00 Big Mac at McDonalds…..Thanks but No Thanks!

What went wrong with the lighting of the CGI Enterprise in this episode? The comparison shows clearly how the old shots look far more realistic (when the Enterprise is concerned) due to the CGI ship looking terribly flat and under-lit. More like a videogame sprite than a three-dimensional ship.

Not a good job this time.

I guess outfitting their 7-foot bodyguards in lavender outfits with pink furry boas makes them tougher.

This is actually a better episode than I remember. Probably most interesting is the pretty complex anthropological situation, and the concept that McCoy has spent several months on this planet earlier in his Starfleet career. For 1960s TV scifi, this is an impressive accomplishment (kudos to D.C. Fontana).

That’s quite a thing that unfolds out of Sulu’s console.

Did I blink and miss it, or did they cut out Scotty’s “Fool me twice, shame on me” speech?

Julie Newmar is hot, pregnant or not.

“I’m a doctor, not an escalator!”

Yea, again with the Vasquez Rocks!

I must be getting old; I’m starting to mix up my Olde Trek episodes. I was waiting this whole episode for a white gorilla with a horn and a witchy woman to show up.

#29-Sorry, but I totally disagree. Go back and compare to the look of the ship to the model used in Balance of Terror. The lighting is TONS better plus it’s not so freakin’ light that it about blinds you, like in some of the old episodes before the updated effects. It also has a sense of scale and mass now. Keep it up, CBS Digital.

hi guys! it’s my first time to post here!

dont forget the “oochy, woochy, kootchy, koooo…” hehe!

love the screenshots that i’ve been seeing here these past few months.. unfortunately, i won’t be able to watch those because i’m based on the other side of the planet…manila, philippines.. so i’ll probably try to find the episodes in bittorrent…

great site! keep up the good work..

The ship looked very nice again and I especially love the massiveness of the planet in relation to the Enterprise in the very beginning. And the ship, in all its various angles, really looked great. As far as the scout ship goes, I really don’t get the obsession with this. Scotty and the crew wasn’t supposed to see it up close, therefore we, the audience shouldn’t see it up close either as there was never any interior activities on that vessel. If you want to see what it looked like, go find a fan blueprint of it somewhere, because the way the story unfolds we are never supposed to see it close up. I didn’t like the hand phaser upgrades and dissolves…the first one was too fast…I like a sloow burn and fade out. The second one was better on the fade out, and the color matching the beam was ok, (although I prefer the searing electric energy of the blue beam to the “lets heat up a rock” red beam) but I like the original animation of the phaser impact more than the replacement. Chekov’s screen was a nice touch and it’s nice to see them take the time to do such things when the opportunity presents itself. All in all, fun episode, classic Kirk, Spock Mcoy exchanges and a great showcase for McCoy and Scotty (he would have made a great captain) The ship and planet sequences were particularly gorgeous this week. Nice to have my weekly remasterd fix again!

#28-Hi Joe,

Love your effects reels every week, thanks for your efforts, BUT

didn’t see the much-talked about phaser effects shots on this week’s!

Thanks again!

I’m for the most part happy with the new effects, but I still feel the Enterprise should be white (making it look light gray in space for lack of light) whereas the new effects show it as a kind of gunmetal gray which causes it to “wash out” quite a bit in contrast to the backgrounds. The shots would be more striking if the ship was lighter in color.

Thought Friday’s Child looked good overall!

The ability for them to change the phaser effect this time I am guessing was possible because there was enough footage before the original beam from Kras started and the footage of Maab standing with arms out that they could still frame the effect in before the original effect started.

In reading Daren’s reviews, I can see what he was commenting on, they light the Enterprise from behind and what you get is a lot of shadowing on the front camera side of the ship. It makes it look very dark.

Additionally, I am curious why my broadcast image looks so dark compared to the screen caps above! Perhaps it’s just my station’s equipment.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, agreed that the new mix of the 2nd season theme song does over emphasize the soprano’s voice.

And look at the screen caps, Shatner looks so thin!

Love any new views of the Ship that side view top saucer was f#ing sweet as was the first pull away from orbit!! I don’t think static photos of cgi animation ever look as good as the in action shots . New phaser effects, new views of the ship, new sensor screen readout and hot Julie NEW-mar. Lot’s of great new stuff. I am surprised this episode is not more controversial as it is a huge pro-life metaphor. Aside from that some neat Kirk knock out punches and wonderful moments for Bones and Scotty gets battlestations command, always a good thing. Bring on my Scalosian spiked coffee!!

When watching the show last night I noticed that some of the show had the same quality as it had in the previous CGI transfers which was very good but there were some senes that looked like they where from VHS, very grainny and very dark. Maybe that was how my CW station aired it or what? Also the CGI is good but I wished we could have seen a better klingon ship.

Wow! I watched this episode last night and was very impressed. Finally they’ve started fixing the phaser effect. I hope they do this from now on. The lack of changes to the sound stage set wasn’t as jarring as I thought it would be since the camp scenes were supposed to take place during twilight hours and night. The change to the view screen was great.

Things I didn’t like or understand about this episode: Why is the Federation dealing w/ a race that seems quite primitive? Doesn’t the Prime Directive preclude this? Why is the Klingon not wearing any Klingon make up? He just looks like a guy w/ a beard and no fashion sense.

I seem to remember not liking this episode at all and yet when I saw it last night, I enjoyed it… can effects make that much difference?

One more thing I noticed, the new transfer revealed something I’d never seen before in all my years of watching Trek. The scene where Spock and Kirk use their communicators to set up a sonic disturbance to blow up the rocks, did anyone notice that one shot of Kirk and Spock, you can see in the background, what looks like a tarp? It’s obviously shot outdoors, but the back ground used to look like sky, now it looks like a canvas backdrop.


They don’t really need to show the Klingon ship in any great detail, they just need to show that it’s there. Klingon ships have been shown a lot over all of the episodes and movies of the Star Trek series, so it’s not like I’m missing anything when it’s small and not shown in detail. (The episode “Arena” is a different story, however, because a Gorn ship has never been shown before. They should have taken the opportunity to show that ship in detail. But they didn’t.)


I did notice that. I guess making the picture digitally remastered makes it easier to see these kinds of things now.

Note the “Sunlight” Reflection from the film crew moves off Eleen (in the background) then quickly back on her during McCoy’s “Forget it! I can do it!” Segment.


I agree. Where’s the phaser scene in the FX reel?

Still waiting to see this… but always enjoy the “sneak peek”. I find that usually, the effects look better than the screen caps on here. I can only say it’s presentation. I don’t get the hubbub about the Klingon ship, perhaps we are all getting a little greedy? ;-)

Loved the blue scanner screen. I guess that’s what Spock and Chekov see through the hooded viewer normally.

#9 Yeah, they cut that part in Atlanta, too. I wish someone would turn a vice into a virtue and promote these episodes as whole, complete, uncut. Heaven forbid we miss a commercial!

The plusses for me were:
I greatly enjoyed the new space scenes, particularly the close-ups during the search pattern. Wonderful new shots there, with superb handling of ship mass and movement. And the improvements to the screen above the science station were superb as well – right in line with the spirit of the original effect but much improved. I was most surprised to see the changed hand phaser effect, but I guess they had the elements and the time to work on it this time around.

The minuses (which may reflect poor surviving film elements):
I fear that what truly stood out for me in this episode was the poor color and grainy footage in many shots, particularly in some of the inside-tent, cave, and outdoor scenes. Presumably the original shoot had troubles there and/or the negatives are especially deteriorated, since in previous remasterings we’ve been treated to very rich revived colors and lovely lighting but here some of the interior and exterior planet scenes looked pretty bad.

Amen to ratcheting down the singer in the opening – it stands out far too much. But the worst part of this episode was the syndication cut of one of Scotty’s best lines in the series. Another reason to buy the DVDs!

I loved the planet, but I thought the lighting on the ship was pretty flat and dull. A definite step backward.

Did they change the video on the conference room table? I don’t remember reflections on the tabletop in the original. It’s hard to tell because my cable company sucks.

Where was the planet approach shot in the FX reel? DOH!!!