Remastered Friday’s Child Airs Today

The Enterprise becomes involved in a local power struggle on planet Capella IV, where the Klingons want mining rights.

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Trek Remastered returns from its hiatus with another one of Trek’s Cold War allegory using Klingons episodes. This week the new effects include:

  • Various shots of a new very blue Capella IV (including the usual orbit and leaving orbit shots)
  • A more recognizable Klingon ship in the distance
  • Redone hand phaser effect (towards the end when the Klingon steals a hand phaser)
  • Slight tweaks to readout screen on the bridge

Expect’s screenshots and videos later

So what did you think of the remastered Ten Tribes?

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Looking forward to seeing a new Remastered episode. Not the greatest episode of the series, but some good McCoy stuff in it.

This episode is probably my least favorite of the second season, but we do have Where No Man has gone before and Doomsday Machine just around the corner.

Julie Newmar HOT = Good Episode

How can there be “redone Klingon ship weapon fire”? Maybe every airing I’ve ever seen of “Friday’s Child” in syndication has the same edits, but I don’t recall that the warship ever fired on the Enterprise… it only flew into the E’s flight path when Scotty realized that they had been lured away from the planet and had decided to return to Capella. As Scotty put it, the warship was “drawing a line and darin’ us to step over it!”, but I don’t recall any sort of space battle.


Not one of my favorite shows either, but I do love the majestic Enterprise theme music over the opening credits– looking forward to seeing what they do with the remastered effects there.

Good Episode with larger than usual cast — well balanced. D.C. Fontana after all. I’ve seen the episode and the biggest news is — redone hand Phaser beams!! Cyclorama remains, nice orbitals, plus new angles of the Enterprise in Space.
Klingon ship treated like the Gorn vessel was in “Arena”.

Yes! The VERY pleasant surprise was the hand phaser blasts and disintegrations were very nicely tweaked and much better looking. This has been a fairly glaringly dated effect left untouched in previous episodes, so to see it addressed and improved so subtly and effectively was a real pleasure. The shots of the Enterprise looked particularly good in this episode as well – very realistic, some new angles and ship movements. Also, the graphic Chekov and Scotty discuss looked terrific. Very much in keeping with the show’s style. Kudos, CBS folks – you continue to delight.

So the Klingon ship was a blurry untextured cgi miniature?


I don’t know if I will stay up for this one…

Its not blurry. I could make out the body of the ship and the nacelles. It looked rather like the back end of a classic D-7.

Stay up. Its worth seeing for some great new shots of the Enterprise.

Cool…then I’ll stay up to DVR it as always…

Whoop, whoop! Remastered is back on the clock! Nice to hear they are stretching even further… :-)

Big news from Atlanta… somebody at WSB-TV woke up. They put it on at 2pm this (Saturday) afternoon. That’s 13.5 hours earlier than it had been airing. Thank you, Great Bird of the Galaxy!

No, not a great Trek, but an OK use of the characters. Scotty owns the bridge!

I KNEW it would be a distant shot of the Klingon ship. Wimped out again….

oops. actually 1p-2p.

is it my imagination or did the opening scene (the meeting) look not redone at all?

This has been my first time watching Star Trek Remastered and I was rather impressed with it. It wasn’t a effects intense episode but from I saw I really liked. I have seen clips and images of past remastered shows and I have been rather intrigued by the coverage here. Tomorrow I am looking forward to “Mirror, Mirror;” at noon. I must have seen most of these episodes hundreds of times and it felt completely new.

I admit I was fairly reluctant to see the remastered version but after seeing this particular episode I gave it a chance and enjoyed it.. Now I can look forward to watching Star Trek again on the weekends. I wish the Klingon ship was more detailed or bigger myself.

Enterprise shots over Cappella IV gave a great sense of scale, and loved new phaser disintegration effects. Stock shots still show over-bright nacelles, whereas new ones do not. Hope they will go over all of these eventually to correct. Would like to see a closer image of the Klingon ship. “Klingon,” as he was known to the Cappellans, said it was a scout, but Scotty, I believe, mentioned a battle cruiser. If it was the latter, D7 should have been obvious, but it wasn’t. Great Kirk-Spock-McCoy interplay in an otherwise ho-hum ep. The new graphics make you realize that the “10 Tribes” probably inhabit a territory the size of Rhode Island on such a massive beautiful M-class planet.

I”d like to see the Scout ship in this episode, preferably a new ship class, not a D-7 or a TOS BIrd of Prey.

My Mom asked me this about the show and she stumped me – who’s the kid playing Leonard James Akaar? Was he the kid of somebody associated with the show? Does anybody know who he is/was? Is he cashing in on his infant fame by doing conventions? I checked memory Alpha and there’s no mention of who the little oochie-woochie-koochie-koo was.

I haven’t seen the remastered episode, but am encouraged by the comments. I’ll be curious to see the improved phaser shots, etc.

I am a little nonplussed by all the negative comments about the episode itself. Friday’s Child has always been one of my favorites from the second season. So much to like about it: some McCoy history, Klingons, those cool kligats, some humorous bits, a great score, Julie Newmar (granted, the “pregancy” mitigates some of her natural hotness), some great Scotty stuff, that nifty use of the communicators to set off the avalanche, and the location shooting alone, which always bumps up an episode a notch or two. I guess the way Kirk flouts the Prime Directive is a bit of a sticking point, but frankly, this episode shows what a starship, out on the fringe, would be doing a lot of the time — manipulating the populace of some backward planet to secure favorable trade agreements! (Is there a “tongue-in-cheek” emoticon?)

Why are you people hatin’ on this great episode?

Scott B.

P.S. BTW, #19 scott, my mom’s comment on this show was that that was an awfully BIG newborn! I forgot to remind her that “seven feet tall is not unusual” in adult Capellans! :-)