CBS Wants Trekkies To Get A Second Life

During his Keynote speech at CES this week, CBS Chairman Les Moonves talked up how CBS is getting hipper to the whole interweb thing. Moonves announced a series of initiatives and partnerships in the digital world, including making clips of its shows available for ‘video mashups’. Moonves told crowd: "there’s no such thing anymore as old or new media — there’s just media." Star Trek is part of this vision with the announcement of a partnership to build a ‘Star Trek Environment’ within the Second Life online community. Moonves brought out the Founder of Linden Labs, the makers of Second Life, to demonstrate the possiblities. 


The project is still under development so details are sketchy, but Moonves’ comments (seen at the end of the video) are intriguing:

eSheep is currently building out our very own StarshipEnterprise to allow the Second Life community to mash-up a slough of StarTrek episodes. It’s a great way to give back to the fans who make the show as successful as it is. Who knows, maybe some day we can even broadcast one of their virtual works on one of our television networks.

Second Life currently has over 2 million registered users and over half a million of them were online within the last month. At any given time there are up to 100,000 people having a second life. Second Life was developed by Linden Labs who provide the platform for the environment. CBS have partnered with the Electric Sheep Company to help integrate their Star Trek content into Second Life. Electric Sheep is a consulting company that helps other companies build interactive environments within the Second Life virtual world. Electric Sheep founder Sibley Verbeck tells Trek Movie that he is very excited about the Trek project, "Second Life is the perfect medium for a media company to take 3D assets and let fans create new content withthem. I am a Trek fan myself, so I am thrilled that CBS is moving inthat direction." Electric Sheep have built environments for Sony/BMG, Major League Baseball, Reuters, Nissan and other comanies.


Electric Sheep’s Sony/BMG (left) and Reuters (right) environments within Second Life

see their flickr portfolio for more

It is worth noting that this project is not related to Star TrekOnline, the Star Trek MMORPG which is being put together by PerpatualEntertaiment. will get updates from Electric Sheep and CBS as things shape up for the Star Trek environment.

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