Star Wars-themed ‘Fanboys’ Features Battle With Trekkies and Shatner Cameo

Fanboys is a film about a group of hardcore Star Wars fans who travel across the country to steal a pre-release copy of Episode I: The Phantom Menace so their terminally ill friend can see it before he dies. Although the film is about Star Wars fans, Star Trek makes an appearance in the form of original Captain Kirk himself William Shatner. Actor Jay Baruchel describes the Shatner cameo to MTV Movie News:

Captain Kirk? Chalk that one up to the great ‘Star Trek’ wars…there’s a big-ass battle between all the Trekkies and all the fanboys. We fight with lirpa, which is the Vulcan weapon with the sickle on the top and mound on the bottom.

I wonder who wins? Let’s hope they at least got the rights to the Gerald Fried composed music from "Amok Time".

The film also stars Sam Huntington (Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns) and Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell. There are also a number of Star Wars star cameos including Carrie Fisher and Billy Dee Williams. Fanboys comes out this August.

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I wonder what Shatner’s price was?


Hmm, a SW film called “Fanboys”? There’s already an SW film called Fanboys on TheForce.Net with a similar plot (or what sounds like a similar plot) though it was made a while back now. Perhaps they are related.

(btw I’m a long time reader, first time poster :)

Anthony, how about an e-mail newsletter?

I wanted to die after seeing The Phantom Menace…or rather, WHILE I was watching it…

I assume the film has a sad ending. Either the ill boy doesn’t get to see the Phantom Menace or worse . . . . he does.

#5 Maybe he dies of boredom after seeing Phantom Menace.They should ‘ve made the movie about him rallying on to see Trek xi.

After reading the numerous “comments” about XI, I hope I expire before that comes out.

Kristen Bell is in it. She’s going to wear the Leia slave girl outfit. ‘Nuff said.

Someone out there can probably find the clip from Chris Elliot’s short-lived show “Get a Life,” where they fought with something like lirpa’s to the Gerald Fried music.

#9.Saw that years ago.Very funny.Jim Carrey did it again in “The Cable Guy”.

todavia no entiendo porque hay tanta rivalidad entre trekis y waries :( :(

no entiendo la rivalidad entre trekis y waries. :( :(

#11 and 12 Atwhay areyay ouyay alkingtay aboutway? Eakspay Englishway.

Sadly, although authentic Star Wars paraphernalia appears throughout this film, CBS or Paramount (or whoever was in charge of Trek when this was shot) would not give up rights to Star Trek imagery (just as they would not for Free Enterprise), forcing the filmmakers to use some dodgy non-infringing “well you know what this is supposed to be” stuff while still calling it Star Trek. They should have gotten the rights to Galaxy Quest instead and then maybe my head wouldn’t hurt after looking at the trailer.

Best “fan” themed Movie out there has to be “Galaxy Quest” which I only caught the other night on t.v. here in the U.K.
This is an absolute corker of a Movie which should appeal to everyone here who loves Star Trek. It stars Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman, and is a very warm, funny, action-packed treat. It features fine performances and some amazingly good special effects and visuals, and I urge anyone here who hasn’t seen it yet to immediately go out and buy or rent this DVD now. If the upcoming Trek Movie is as satisfyingly entertaining as this, I will be very happy indeed.

Man, I’m tired of fanboys crying about how much “Phantom Menace” “sucked”. Eight years and the same old tripe over and over. Christ, let it go! I’d still take TPM over Treks V, Generations, Inerection and Nemesis any day of the week.

Actually, TPM ( and the whole prequel trilogy) has been gaining a lot more respect in the last year and a half as the “fiction” of the story is matched by real life. A democratic society slowly subverted and destroyed by a power mad dictator who uses lies and manufactured wars to secure complete political power? Naw, that couldn’t happen in real life!

Welcome to The NCC Factor. Always nice to see somebody come out of Lurk mode and join the par-tay.

#16: I agree with your first two sentences, but the rest not really. Mind keeping politics out of here much?

Also, was “Inerection” an intentional misspelling or Freudian slip? Either way, I chuckled.

I believe #11 is saying, roughly, “I don’t understand why there is such rivalry between Trekkies and Starwoids.”

I did criticize Phantom Menace, but I am certainly not a “fanboy.”

I’m a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek, but don’t call me a “fanboy”- that really sounds gay!

Mike :o

I think they should recast the part of “William Shatner”

20: they should have cast Chris Pine in make-up to play The Shat. Would make me giggle.