Trek Invades US Politics

This week the long arm of Star Trek has stretched into the US political Arena. First up is U.S. Representitive David Wu (D-OR).

Whether or not you agree with his politics, you got to admit he knows his Trek. The Oregonian has more on the controversey and suggests Wu may have a second career speaking at Trek conventions. But Wu wasn’t the only Trek fan making news in politics this week…

Spocko Takes On Disney
Also making news is a Star Trek fan and blogger who goes under the name ‘Spocko’ who runs a site called ‘Spocko’s Brain‘ (referencing TOS episodes "A Piece Of The Action" and "Spock’s Brain"). Spocko is a San Francisco resident named P. McNash (see blogger profile here) who blogged about Star Trek, sci-fi and politics. What got him notice was his bloggings on conservative radio station KSFO which is owned by Disney/ABC. From a report at MediaPost

Spocko’s Brain had posted dozens of examples of KSFO right-wing talkshow hosts spewing vitriol at a variety of politicians, journalists, minorities, and Muslims. At one point, the hosts enact a mock electrocution of New York Times editor Bill Keller in a faulty electric chair, the victim shrieking extensively. Several times they call for the execution of journalists.They demand callers mock Islam. They call themselves "pro torture."

For advertisers, the context can prove jarring. In a surreal moment, the hosts immediately switch from talking about "crushing" an adversarial e-mailer’s "cajones" to promoting Brite Smile toothpaste.

Spocko’s crusade got the notice of ABC/Disney who promptly got his site shut down, turning him into a bit of a martyr. Many of the big left wing blogs came to his defense including the biggest blog on the net DailyKos. His site was up again earlier this week, but is now down again (could be due to traffic). Of course what could be most egregious is that KSFO hosts have now started to attack and mock Star Trek fans. Where are some Klingons when you need them.  



NOTE AND WARNING: does not advocate either side in any of these debates and is only reporting this because it involves Star Trek. considers Right v Left Internet flame wars as tedious as Canon v Reboot ones…and they will not be tolerated. If the comments descend into that for this, the thread will be closed down and anyone (left or right) who went too far will be banned.

(h/t to the many fans who sent in tips on these stories)

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how in the hell did bush get re-elected?

What did the warning say again Sci Fi Bri?

RED STATES RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t ban me! I was just screwing around!

This isnt going to end well.
I can barely restrain myself.
I dont think the articles contribute anything to the love of trek.

I KNEW it! Bush is a Klingon without honour!

This explains everything.

You know I saw this and almost capped it, but I had just had a tooth pulled and thought it was a drug induced dream. Because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. So it WAS REAL???

An insult both to Trek and to politics (and by the way, I am a liberal, but if this was meant to be anti-war, then it was light-weight and glib)

Oops. Just read rest of Anthony’s post. Sorry.

To compare left vs. right political opinions and disputes with that of the star trek debates between ‘canonists’ and ‘rebootists’ is so far fetched and quite frankly very silly. Then to threaten closing down the threat due to the ‘canonists’ and ‘rebootists’ opinions and on going debates is extremely heavy handed and narrow minded.

The US-klingon regime, that’s right! :-) lol

estos politicos estan locos ;) :)

Ever wonder how “Star Wars” fans (and George Lucas) felt about having their name attached to the old Missile Defense Plan? This example, perhaps, is just a taste. But I have no problem with Trek being used as an analogy in this context. You must expect it, Trek to many has approached “mythological” proportions and thus a social reference point.

Wu said Star “Track”! Auuuugh!

ummmm … Dave wins…. (everyone DUCK!)

I visit this site daily for Trek updates, not political debate. (If in fact you would even call it “debate”, Lately, it just seems to be venomous.
There are plenty of other sites on the internet for that sort of thing.

To Dave- Anthony did not… “compare left vs. right political opinions and disputes with that of the star trek debates between ‘canonists’ and ‘rebootists’.”
I don’t see his comment as a comparison, but merely a comment that one is as tedious, venomous, mentally exhausting, and pointless as the other.
Nor did he…”threaten closing down the threat due to the ‘canonists’ and ‘rebootists’ opinions and on going debates.”
What he did say was that this thread would be closed down if it descended into that sort of flaming.
With Anthony’s warning in mind, I will refrain from commenting on how, “quite frankly very silly”, your post is, not to mention…”extremely heavy handed and narrow minded.”
Can’t we all just get back to TREK?

What a pathetic flakey speech.History will look back and indict fools like this who curbed America’s resolve to fight Islamofacists once Iran produces their nuclear device and holds it over our head.