Trek Invades US Politics

This week the long arm of Star Trek has stretched into the US political Arena. First up is U.S. Representitive David Wu (D-OR).

Whether or not you agree with his politics, you got to admit he knows his Trek. The Oregonian has more on the controversey and suggests Wu may have a second career speaking at Trek conventions. But Wu wasn’t the only Trek fan making news in politics this week…

Spocko Takes On Disney
Also making news is a Star Trek fan and blogger who goes under the name ‘Spocko’ who runs a site called ‘Spocko’s Brain‘ (referencing TOS episodes "A Piece Of The Action" and "Spock’s Brain"). Spocko is a San Francisco resident named P. McNash (see blogger profile here) who blogged about Star Trek, sci-fi and politics. What got him notice was his bloggings on conservative radio station KSFO which is owned by Disney/ABC. From a report at MediaPost

Spocko’s Brain had posted dozens of examples of KSFO right-wing talkshow hosts spewing vitriol at a variety of politicians, journalists, minorities, and Muslims. At one point, the hosts enact a mock electrocution of New York Times editor Bill Keller in a faulty electric chair, the victim shrieking extensively. Several times they call for the execution of journalists.They demand callers mock Islam. They call themselves "pro torture."

For advertisers, the context can prove jarring. In a surreal moment, the hosts immediately switch from talking about "crushing" an adversarial e-mailer’s "cajones" to promoting Brite Smile toothpaste.

Spocko’s crusade got the notice of ABC/Disney who promptly got his site shut down, turning him into a bit of a martyr. Many of the big left wing blogs came to his defense including the biggest blog on the net DailyKos. His site was up again earlier this week, but is now down again (could be due to traffic). Of course what could be most egregious is that KSFO hosts have now started to attack and mock Star Trek fans. Where are some Klingons when you need them.  



NOTE AND WARNING: does not advocate either side in any of these debates and is only reporting this because it involves Star Trek. considers Right v Left Internet flame wars as tedious as Canon v Reboot ones…and they will not be tolerated. If the comments descend into that for this, the thread will be closed down and anyone (left or right) who went too far will be banned.

(h/t to the many fans who sent in tips on these stories)

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