New Opening Credits…now with new model [UPDATED]

The CBS Digital team took the opportunity of doing "Wink Of An Eye" to finally put the new improved model of the Enterprise into the opening credits. This episode was the first season 3 episode and each season has a slightly different opening title sequence. CBS-D will now ‘retrofit’ this title sequence for future season 1 and season 2 episodes. So here it is…IN STEREO (the music is slightly different for season 3 as well)

UPDATE: The audio sync has been fixed in both the WMV and YouTube versions, enjoy! 


[WMV Video] [MP3 Audio]

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I noticed there is no E flyby when STAR TREK apears. That’s not right is it?

it appears that they have removed the first flyby when it says ‘star trek’

i will endeavor to find out why

I think they are missing that flyby. The sound effect is there, but no Enterprise.

I wish they would lose the “skid” and have the model approach the camera on axis instead of bow tilted down. I always thought that it looked wrong with the original model and there is no reason to do it that way with a cgi model.

But Captain Pike, that would be changing the original aesthetic of the show! Te purists can’t have that or they will go head down themselves in protest and likely hurt themselves.

I just hope that before they “retrofit” this opening, that they remix the music and tone down that woman’s voice. I guess they payed a pretty penny to have her sing those notes, but geesh! Balance the mix better, will ya guys!

And you all are correct about that E missing before the appearance of the title. You’d think that these CG animators are smart enough to catch an obvious mistake like that. Then again, perhaps it was intentional, although I can’t imagine why.

The latest version of the E still looks too “CG” and video like if you ask me. Daren Dochterman’s version still makes CBS’s “E” pale by caparison. Why can’t CBS Digital make the ship look as good as it appears here:

Doesn’t anybody else think that this is the way they ought to be re-doing the shows? This looks SOOO much better than anything CBS has cranked out….IMHO. When they get around to doing “Doomsday Machine”, you know that their work will be compared to the quality of Daren’s.


I have to agree with Captain Pike. I really like the work they’ve done for the most part, but I really dislike how the Enterprise’s movement is always slightly skewed. I realize that they’re being faithful to the original show and the way that the model had to be shot, but I find it distracting (always did!). LIke Lti said it would be changing the aesthetic of the show, but when they’re making some of the effects and so on a little less “cheesy” that could have been one of the minor tweaks that really would have made that ship fly for me. (And it would have amused me to hear the purists scream!).

Wow, the SFX in Paul’s link look far better. Whoever did that should take over at CBS Digital right now.

#8 Chunkay…I couldn’t agree with you more!

The work was done by Daren Dochterman. He has a web site to showcase his work:

Honestly, I wish that Daren had been hired by CBS Digital, because he seems to be the only one who knows what he’s doing.

If CBS Digital doesn’t come VERY close to reaching Daren’s quality of work, it will be a shame indeed….IMHO.

Is the sound out of sync a bit, or just on the vid above? What I mean is the ship flyby and the “swooosh” it seems the ship is allready by and away before it. As far as leaving out the flyby when the title appears, thats weird…maybe it was the title that was supposed to cause that swooosh, that one seems out of sync though as well.

Thanks, was curious what it was going to look like!

I like the way the Enterprise tilts forward like a modern day helicopter when it’s in ass kick speed, the appearance implies the great velocities being represented.

Contrast the appearance of this Enterprise, with say the Enterprise D in the opening credits of Next Gen that came at you along a single vector with no gradient or tilt present, it looks like dung.

Kudos to CBS.

Oh and I’m probably alone here but anyhoo, I’m getting pretty sick of reading Daren’s name in every other post, no disrespect to Daren intended.

I think CBS digital effects are far superior, and more representative of the spirit of the show. Daren’s work is exceptional but quite too stylized to exist in the same universe as the show without a severe toning down.

pues no se diferencian tanto, habra que esperar a verlo en pantalla grande

You people do realize that CBS Digital has to work on a deadline, right? Fans can spend all the time they want to perfect their work, the people working at CBS digital aren’t given the same kind of luxury.

Yeah, the reason Dochterman’s version looks better, I think, is because he’s rendered it to look like a well-photographed model, not like a starship in space. We know the Enterprise is fake, it’s part of the suspension of disbelief when watching such a show. I don’t think CBS’ effects are horrible, just not as good. It needs to look like someone re-shot the original Enterprise model using modern-day techniques.

Incidentally, Skippy, I think the swooshes were always out-of-sync.

Skippy 2k:
> Is the sound out of sync a bit, or just on the vid above?
> What I mean is the ship flyby and the “swooosh” it seems
> the ship is already by and away before it.

Well, there is no air in space, so sound moves even slower;
and the ship is traveling much faster than light, so you
see it that much sooner. Ergo, significant lag on the sound.
Basic physics. (Kudos to CBSD.) ;-.

Don’t wish to be controversial…but I always LIKED the “skidding” look of the original Star Trek titles! I only wish this has been replicated further throughout various episodes. Anthony, I hope you can find out the reason for the missing “flyby” through the titles, which I hope will be reinstated, as I always thought that was a very visual defining aspect of the original Trek’s title sequence. Like the rest of the work by the way.

Re: #14 and #15,

Well, I admit that I am merely a fan and do not know the first thing about CGI or how long it takes to render an image.

I only know what looks good, or as you put it….”realistic.”

I would think that any investment made in improving the effects would translate to respectable revenues for Paramount/CBS, once these remastered shows are placed on DVD.

I suppose my disappointment stems from knowing what could have been. Given CBS D’s budget and time constraints, I guess they’re doing an okay job.

To quote Klingon Kang from Errand of Mercy, “A pity. It would have been glorious!”

I don’t have cable, so my only sense of these things are the clips on this web site. Generally, I like the clips I’ve seen. I have two problems with these opening credits.

The singing in the current version lacks a certain tension, or at least it sounds like it does on my lap top. I’ve heard that the original was sung by a man using falsetto. The new one sounds like a woman. A low instrument used at a high pitch will always sound more tense than the same notes played on a high instrument. Think of the slow cello passages that open the William Tell Overture. Another example would be when Barry Gordy had the temptations record some songs in a slightly higher key than was comfortable for them in order to give those songs a plaintive quality. (Maybe it was Smokey Robinson. Don’t quote me.)

It also sounds to me like they changed the sound of the swoosh. I don’t like the swoosh sound that came out of my laptop just now, and I wish they wouldn’t touch the sound effects at all. A few years ago, I had Star Trek on in the next room while I was painting my mud room. I had never “listened” to Star Trek before and was blown away. I’ve always liked the sound effects in TOS’ better than any of the movies or any of the spin off shows. But what I realized that day was that if I lost my eyesight, I would love listening to Star Trek as much as I enjoy watching Star Trek.

CBS, if you are listening, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t change the sound effects.

…I agree, the sound folks have tampered with the famous “swish” and it seems lower in pitch. I also agreee that they are out of sync…rather than being tied visually to the ship speeding by, they have attached the “swish” to the receding fonts. Whoever edited this opening apprarently thought it would look better with that sound effect complimenting the credits rather that the ship. Bad decision. …but the new ship looks great.

I’m with you on this. Daren’s work was my favorite until CBS Digital came along. Once CBS D fixed those two….never mind, since then; I’m thrilled. I love Daren’s work and it is absolutely top notch on TMP. But, I’m with you…I think that people are getting a bit overboard about him. It’s like a whiners gripe-fest because he didn’t get picked to do this project (or be involved). Daren has a wonderful site, I suggest all of his fans (myself included) check it out. Thing is, he doesn’t put out weekly effects of Trek with a deadline like CBS Digital has to do. Who can blame him, though, he isn’t getting paid to put things on his site like CBS Digital is getting paid to do this project. Just saying…if ya like his work, go to his site, look at it, and tell him so. Let this site BE about Star Trek and what we are liking or not liking. Crying about spilled milk that never even got poured is getting old, though!

That first flyby needs to come back! That’s a big change for no good reason.

Oh, man-this is too funny. I just put in the dvd I burned of “Wink of an Eye” and guess what!!!??? I played the opening credits and the woosh is EXACTLY timed with the ship going by. I think the posted video has sound lagging. Not trying to cause trouble, but I’m very serious about this. It’s timed perfect on my DVD, but yes, the ship IS missing when they put up the words “Star Trek.” Weird, huh?

Another funny thing (and they missed fixing it)…you can see what looks like the shadow of a light/spotlight off to the left of Uhura while Kirk talks to her right after the opening credits. Hilarious and amazed that they missed it. BUT, I never noticed it until looking over the non-remastered and remastered dvd’s that I have. I’ve watched these shows since I was 4…..36 years now and I JUST saw that! Amazing!

I’m very happy with the look and feel of the new E, I think one of the reasons Darren’s work seems so go is the star field moves in 3D as the camera pans around the ship. Something they couldn’t have easily done back in the 60’s so CBS doesn’t update the look of the stars.

I suspect that in a few years after these are done, there will be a Super-Duper version of the episodes released with wilder effect shots and they will remove the studio sky from “exterior” shots done on the set.

I love CBS-D’s and Daren’s work… Both show enormous commitment and care to Lady E. Obviously, the former is constrained by deadlines and budgets. As to the latter, I have no idea how long Daren worked on his “Proof of Concept.”

The Enterprise is undoubtedly the most “interpreted” ship in science fiction. Everybody has a different opinion about what is EXACTLY right.

More to the point, both took very different approaches in their efforts. CBS-D’s template (at least initially) was to re-create the FX shots as close to the original footage as possible. They were also on a steep CGI learning curve about what looked and felt “right” with delivery dates ever looming.

Daren re-invented the feel of the Enterprise through different camera movements, virtual lens choices, lighting and exterior space design and editorial sensibility.

Frankly, I’m glad CBS-D has elected to be less ham-stringed in later episodes by introducing new angles, perspectives and movement for the Enterprise. As much as I find comfort in the standard “fly-bys”, I very much like the surprises of re-interpretation in the newer re-mastered episodes.

As far as vocals in season two and three opening credits… absolutely, positively re-mix. She’s got a lovely voice but bring it back a smidge… maybe even a hair or two. :)

The title music isn’t mixed properly. The singer overpowers the music.
I’m repeating myself here, but it’s something I feel strongly about….

They’ve lost the original mix and the effect that it had in this third season version. The ’snap’ isn’t there, the ‘ping’ etc. I’ve been all over this at this wonderful site. If they are trying to do it as it was, but better, then they should at least review what they’ve done and fix it.

After seeing the video and reading the article, about the music, they claim to not want to change the music. This issue about the soprano singer being too loud for the second season and now, the third season, should be addressed by CBS. Just as the Enterprise CGI was re-done to make it better.

The singer should not be so loud in the third season version, the organ sound should be louder. The previous second and third season DVD versions hit it right. No criticism of the singer is implied, but we need a re-mix of the new title recordings. In this version Shatners voice sounds like he’s doing the voiceover from a garbage can. Echo, echo, echo……

With the title music it should be done as it was only with a new recording. That’s all. It seems to me they so loved having a live singer in the mix that someone got carried away with her contribution to the whole deal. She’s the ‘cartoon’ nacelle version of the whole thing.

I’m on a vendetta against changing the title music. Dolby 5.1? Sure! Re-record it for the upcoming release? Sure! Remixed soprano heard over and above the title music? NO! And to not have all three seasons done as they have always been is just wrong. Every season had it’s own arrangement. The third was somewhat upbeat as compared to the second.

I enjoy what they’ve done with the fx, but to change the title music isn’t necessary.

….And wow, what’s up with the swish and the missing ship? I mean, come on, the swish was alway associated with the ship going by. CBS can create new angles for ship shots, that’s cool, but to change the titles of the show audio and visual. That’s wrong.

Aside from those now-infamous nacelle caps — I don’t see a difference.

Daren’s work is excellent, but it has too much of a TMP vibe for me.

Is CBS-Digital responsible for the music? Or is it another department at the studio?

#23 Thanks for the info…the swishing being off doesn’t really rub me the wrong way, I just found it a bit curious. The fact that the you tube clip is off a bit shouldn’t really surprise me and I should have suspected toutube was the culprit to begin with. Glad to hear it syncs up with the ship.

I have to agree that the singer is bit too loud as well. But what do I know, I always felt that it should be Shatner singing that part. Right after the “where no man has gone before!” comment he breaks into soprano. Now that’s opening credits!


My Gods….they have ruined the third season opening credits entirely.

why the hell did they have to change the third season opening music and shatners narration so much!?!?
please cbs / paramount…go back and WATCH the 3rd season opening credits annd get rid of that annoying ailing girl who cant do it right, at least tone that tone deaf girl down!

this is a request of Kang…a fan of trek classic shows.

CBS-D is macinthepants®.

Dochterman is macinthepants®

BIG DAWG AP is TrekMovie in the pants™. is Shatner in the pants.

ergo… perhaps it could be said that BIG DAWG AP is Shatner in the pants by way of inference.

I had not considered this before.



#10, the “swhoosh” is in sync with the text effect, not the ship flyby. I thought that was obvious?

I must defend the singer #32. Her singing is just fine. The problem is the way her singing is mixed with the instrumentals. It should blend in, not be heard over the instruments. Not her fault.

What is different with the 3rd season Enterprise compared with Season 2? I have noticed that the marker lights aren’t as bright and the rear of the ship is missing the blinking light. Of course I may be missing it since I’m watching using old rabbit ears.
I love the new CGI stuff with trek-it doesn’t look too “cartoonish” as some of the other Sci Fi shows out there. I love the original effects too–it was ground breaking for the time.

Thanks for all the videos and stills of the new FXs. I love it!

re: CBS Digtial verses Dochterman CGI

This just comes down to artistic interpretation. Each person will have their own vision of how to create the Enterprise CGI model. Not one is right or better then others. But as the viewer of the “art”, because that’s what this is, we will have our reaction to it. We may like it or dislike it. And that’s okay.

It’s pretty hard to be smack on with a CGI Enteprise model to the original 12 foot model that’s now in the Smithsonian. I think both Mr. Dochterman and CBS Digital have done really nice versions. To my eye, I think Mr. Dochterman is trying to create a more realistic version of the ship if it were real. As pointed out by another poster above, he’s got a lot of the Star Trek TMP panelling going on. The CBS digital has it too. If you look closely it’s there. But the CBS version looks more subtle and to my eye, closer to the filming model.

So what is right; a closer copy to the filming model, or a more artisitc approach of what it might really look like?

For me, because the filming model is what the public domain is used to, I like more. But that doesn’t discount what Mr. Dochterman or Eden or others have done.

# 6, Paul, I agree with you. While individuals who post to this board sometimes get overly emotional on our different opinions, in my opinion the work of Daren Doc is superior to CBS Digital. They could have purchased his model; I prefer it.

Yet to be fair, CBS Digital is improving — except I don’t like the “energy barrier” design and the lack of spinning, flashing nacelle caps in their version of “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” While some use “myth” to explain the solid wooden appearance, to me it is a cop out and easy fix from doing work that gave them trouble.

#34 and others. Please read my post #23. I’m totally serious…it’s the video that is posted here that is off, not what was actually televised. I triple checked it. The “swoosh” IS with the ship, not the text effect. It’s just a bad video posted here, not what was on TV.


It’s not a competition.

No wagering. :)

oh, and it’s just a TV show…

that should cover it.

Maybe they were doing speed of light in a speed of sound zone…

is that the REAL Dochterman™? Because if it is, “it’s just a TV show” being the response is NOT macinthepants my friend. You worked hard on your version and put in the hours and the manpowers while we smelled your flowers. Do you see what I am saying?

Stop taking the high road, man. If you feel like your project is superior and you feel like you were screwed out of a job… be real with the team. It’s OK with us, man. CBS-D ain’t gonna care either – they’ve GOT the job. Honesty suits you so much better my friend. Kick it like you say it in private. You’re better and they gave you blue dress socks for christmas when you told them over and over that you wanted a Wii, Nintendo DS, and Xbox.

You’re still mac inthe pants, though, bro. Politics and the innerworkings at CBS conspired against you. Don’t go Al Gore® on us, man. Didn’t you just hate when he was saying ONE thing about the election and endorsing Bush after the fact and then his appearance was saying another thing entirely with the getting fat and beard and depression withdrawing from society to lick his wounds.

See what I am saying, Doc™?



Daren Doc, are you suggesting we should get a ilfe :-)


The girl singer is not mixed to strongly, the orchestra itself is in the mud. The original recording was designed for a tiny, tinny, monaural TV speaker – not the amazing high-fidelity systems even a laptop carries today. So today’s recording and mixing techniques are at great variance from 1967. I doubt it could ever sound the same without using period mics and live, “one take” direct-to-disc recording techniques.

A few other points:
1. Colored stars!!!!

2. Shatner’s “echo”. On the originals, reverberation was used through “These are the voyages of the Starship” while “Enterprise…” was bereft of reverb. It was very subtle but the effect is almost startling. It makes you pay attention to what follows.

3. “Skidding”: according to The Making of Star Trek, the camera and the model BOTH moved toward each other, as though the camera was in its own starship. That’s why it looks to some as though it is skidding along. I happen to like the effect, whereas TNG

Personally, I am happy The Fat lady from Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban was hired to sing the opening credit theme.

#43 Ok, I accept your analysis, but however it’s done the soprano singer needs to be brought down so the music is paramount to the ear. The singer should augment the instruments, the reverse seems to be happening.

And yes I did mention the echo, just a little less echo or reverb would be nice.

I just want the thing to sound as it once did only in dolby 5.1 stereo or whatever method was used for the upcoming dvd release.

I, macinthepants®.

I don’t think that’s the real Daren Doc. That’s not how his user name usually appears.

I’m with Thomas Jensen on this one… the S3 theme is changed for no good reason. It isn’t as snappy and upbeat as it was previously. (See my comments on the review of the episode.)

Please, guys, change it back!

(There. That is my deposit in the geek bank for the month!)


LOL… :) it is the real me…

And ok, it’s NOT just a tv show..

but it’s fine. Water under the bridge. The bridge with the off center Turbolift.

The REAL doc™ would be able to tell us how and why he was fired as a Storyboard Artist on the epic “Gigli”.

The REAL doc™ would be shouting to the high heavens “Bring Me The Head Of CBS Digital!!!!”

the REAL doc™ would agree that macinthepants™ is very macinthepants™ because he drives a mac specifically.

Sir, I do not state these things to take you to task. However, identity theft is a very serious issue in this grate nation presently. DO YOU KNOW how many people register on discussion forums as hitch1969© and link back to my site? At first it used to bother me. Well, honestly, it never bothered me but still. “Setting up a hitchworld franchise” I used to encourage them. I cherished their attempts to copy the subtle nuisances and signatures of my postings.

I’m just funning you man, it’s probably you. However, I would like to see a little more honesty in the whole CBS-D undercutting you thing. Not that I would badmouth them in anyway. They are very macinthepants and that’s your deal. I dont tend to internalize issues much the way that many many many people do. However, I don’t agree with all the high road happy talk politico going on either.

Just keep it REAL, homie. You’re a macking pimp, everyone in da hood knows that.