See Nimoy & Takei On The Daily Show

Well we weren’t the only people to notice a US Congressman talking about Vulcans and Klingons, Comedy Central’s Daily Show picked up on it too. They had the added bonus of call-ins from (Senior Star Trek Analogy Analyst) Leonard Nimoy and George Takei…

NOTE: this is a Trek site and not a political site…keep that in mind when making comments

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If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, as well a self parody, it merely reinforces how deeply embedded and impactful these legends among men are culturally, that a skit so vague and esoteric, could actually make sense and be relevant to people. The power of Star Trek is well, powerful heh.

Evidently the esteemed Congressman has a copy of the poster “Everything I needed to know about life I learned from Star Trek.”

Regardless of ones political ideology, it is amazing Trek can be and still is, used as a social commentary on current events.

Star Trek has lost NONE of it’s cultural significance 40 years on.


Oops accidently entered too soon. ;) What can I say I am cracking up!!! The whole world needs to laugh at times I think. Maybe more in this world than others. Now that was funny stuff!

Bush sucks… :-))

No really, I think the congressman with the Trek allussions rocks…
You would never see or hear someone say something like that in the German “Bundestag” or “Landtag”.

On the other hand, to describe a political situation with Trek related races is… well… lets just say that, even as a fan, that guy would have lost my vote.

Being in front of a PC that has no sound I will have to wait for what JS had to say about this, but I am already looking forward to it. ;-)

I for one am glad to see that Star Trek is still relevant after 40 years. Everyone can immediately identify the analogy that the Congressman uses from the classic series. The first post is correct, ST has lost none of its social commentary. That’s one reason it is so great.

Man that was funny.

Stewart is a great comedian too, he plays the straight man like a fiddle. Nimoy and Takei are old hams too! I love it. Thanks, Anthony!

This also reinforces what I’ve heard about Takei and Nimoy–both gentlemen have well-refined senses of humor. Hilarious!

Too, too funny! Laughed so hard… my ass is not only off, I can’t find it. Thanks, Anthony for some early morning guffaws.

Any ideas when that episode will be shown on More4 in the UK?

Well, that congressman blew whatever credibility he might have accrued among his peers right out of the water with that. As much as I love ST, I wouldn’t make a fool of myself by bringing it into an arena like that.

I also wouldn’t wear a Starfleet uniform to jury duty.

Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a Congressman!

Whoever this guy is, he made a classic speech that will far outlive his time in our government.

Saw this live. So, so hilarious. And Takei and Nimoy are such good sports.

Very funny clip… it had me laughing out loud :O)

Very funny..thanks for linking.

Everyone here should know that “Vulcans” is the self-appelation of the neo-conservatives in the present administration.

It is a tip of the hat to the typically Jewish ethnicity of the actors that play Trek’s Vulcans, and also to the idea that the Vulcans are so much wiser and smarter than mere earthlings. In the context of the WH advisors, the name (which I repeat they call themselves) is almost chilling in its connotations.

To that extent, the congressman was doing nothing more than repeating what is common knowledge in Washington.

As far as funny Star Trek in Congress goes though, the former democratic Representative from Youngstown, Ohio Jim Traficant was famous for his “Beam me up Scotty!” one-liners about the absurdity of our government.

Live long and prosper and- BEAM ME UP!

Nimoy was great (loved how grumpy he sounded), but George Takei stole the show. He was hilarious!!!

Very funny. They both worked together great. I love how annoyed Nimoy sounded.

I would however like to say that this congressman makes us (trekkies/trekkers) look bad. His speech made no sense. I don’t mind politicians using Sci-fi (Regan used Star Wars references all the time) but make it relevant and don’t take it too far. The part where he says “…based only on facts….” made me think, “so are you for the administration or against it?” Maybe we shouldn’t tape sessions of Congress so much… makes me feel scared that these are the people in charge.

…besides, everyone knows Vulcans are pacifists.

Excellent !

o so funny ;-)

Haw do I copy to my PC to keep and wash over and over ?

complete BS Viacom demanded the vid be removed