Preview For “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky” Remastered have put up a preview for next weekend’s "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky" Remastered. The preview features the new Yonada asteroid.

click image to play in WMP or Click Here for QT

Remember, this episode airs next weekend. This weekend is "Where No Man Has Gone Before" 

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Hmm, here’s an instance where the original SFX of Yonada looks better, I am sorry to say. But again, it’s a tiny QT movie I am looking at. The Enterprise looks good though!

We will see an new CGI asteroid at least for Paradise Syndrone.

Forgot to add, this is really great that trekmovie has so much of an “in” that we’re getting these great advanced looks of upcoming shows!

I really enjoy these previews. Even if it does sound like the announcer is saying Star TRACK instead of Star TREK. Or maybe my hearing just isn’t what it was in the late sixties.

Yes. Thanks Anthony!
(I really wish they’d get some color into that deflector dish…. they’re getting so close to getting the E just right…just a few little things to go…)

But I agree the Big E looks pretty good in this preview.

I love this episode. What a great McCoy story too.

There is a nice continuation of this story in the Star Trek Novel “Ex Machina” in case anyone is interested. The story takes place very soon after the events in TMP, and the fallout from Kirk’s intervention in the original series is dealt with in a fantastic fashion. Anthony, i can always write a review of it if you like!

Great episode, I’m very stoked to see it again.

Comment to the CBS promo department…the title graphic on “Its mission…lethal” has an improper use of a possessive apostrophe. It should be as I have written it, not “It’s mission…lethal.”

Adam, I agree with your comments about the book, ‘Ex Machina’ . I think fans here would like to read your review. In fact a book review section would be great. There’s so many wonderful novels out there. I love collecting all books related to TOS. “Ex Machina” is one of my favourites!! Thank you for mentioning it.

Also, again the remastered Enterprise looks great. This is all they need in the movie Star Trek Xl

A new preview? Let the torrent of complaints begin!

Give me a break!! You can’t judge the CG quality of that asteroid from a tiny low-res QT movie.

#6 – Adam

There’s an empty “Review” stub just begging for your attention over at “Memory Beta”, the “Non-canon Star Trek Wiki”.

Looks good! Especially the missles or whatever they are coming at them.

Of course, I’m not a jaded expert.

You know I like the new previews, but I wish that once in a while they would just redo the original “next mission” episode trailers. I doubt they will fix them for the DVD’s but here’s hoping.

As for the look and feel, I though it was great, I’ll bet we see a new punishment effect or thing under the skin.

This work by CBS-D = highly mac in the pants and very honky tonk badonkadonk® overall.

Hey Grammar Slammer™… improper use of a possessive apostrophes on the word “it” are my forte, as well as my achilles tendonitis. WHO LOVES YA BABY?

old hitch1969© does and declares you MAC IN THE PANTS with 50 gb ipod nano giga in the underpants!!! You rock the mothergrabbin cizzznock in my sizzznock, beeeotch!!!



I thought “it’s” was a contraction of “it is”

The Enterprise looks very good here. I was hoping Yonada would have a dull red attmosphere to mach the surface set. Oh well.

Hey CBS digital, lets get some new angles of the E firing phasers mmmmkayyyyyy.

Looks Intresting. Yonada doesnt look like a giant mole in space anymore. :P Serously I wonder if some of effects shots will be reused for the “The Paradise Syndrome” as well. I’m not a big fan of the third season but this was really good one too. Not too ecstatic on the missles but I’m willing to give a chance

With every viewing I’ve seen they are getting better.

Big TYPO in this Preview, CBS!!!

“It’s Mission” means “it is Mission.” You want “Its Mission.” Sheesh.

Why would the outside of Yonada have a dull red atmosphere to match the artificial red atmosphere that’s on the inside of the hollow asteroid? For you see, the world is hollow, and thus I can touch the dull red sky that’s inside the hollow part.


I believe, with regard to phaser firing angles, CBS-D is hindered by the timing of the edits and the staging of the shots. If you have missiles coming in from the right, you’re going to have to have the Enterprise on the left . Otherwise, you end up breaking that pesky 180 degree rule and everything looks like poopy. Plus, they have to shoot it from that traditional up angle. It’s dramatic.

Perhaps it is a time/budget saving maneuver. Maybe they could have re-choreographed the sequence in the screen time alloted. However, they probably had other, more labor intensive shots to do. So, they go back to the “PhaserFire001” sequence they already have on their hard drive. Tweak the position of the ship and camera a little, and shazam. Shot accomplished.

Just this geek’s opinion… Besides, as everyone else has said, wait for “Doomsday” and “Ultimate Computer”. I bet there will be new firing angles galore in those eps.

Scott #19


(Boy, I love this site)

I was always under the impression that they beamed down to the SURFACE of the asteroid and the the elevator tubes took our heroes to the hollow part. The red sky was put there because the special effects guys didn’t want to pay $$$$$ for a huge starfield on the set, which is how it should have looked if our heroes beamed down to the surface of a huge asteroid. By having an attmosphere it would explain why Kirk and company could breathe and explain the red sky at the beam down point.

If I’m way off here than it’s off to the agony booth for me I guess.

Scott #19 is right. There shouldn’t be a red attmosphere around Yonada. I just watched it.

I’m headed to the agony booth. followed by several treatments of the agonizer.

That preview in now man it’s real now – do you reach brothers!
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=Mack N.=

Good stuff indeed. Nice clean up work but, I’ll reserve judgment until the episode airs. I am just waiting for this week’s re master. Can’t wait for the barrier VFX shots.

#19…that’s how the episode got it’s title. The old man they meet up with and dies for telling them that he climbed a mountain on the “surface” and was able to touch the sky.

The “red sky” is part of the outer shell, so the landing party beamed inside the asteriod.

It’s is the contraction. The possessive form is its.

I know, because Im a jurnalist and we never mak mistakes.

ps- This is my favorite website. I really love the fun and the well considered comments and information.

Oh, and since someone brought up Trek novels… This weekend is “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” so look up “Strangers from the Sky.” It’s a prequel with Gary Mitchell. Some fun concepts throughout.

Yes, great book, “Strangers from the Sky”. I have the earlier book, but recently they have reprinted it with a new cover and a new forward by Author, Margaret Wander Bonanno. (Part of the 40 years of Star Trek celebrations) I’m reading it again.

Wow “Strangers From The Sky”!!!

I read that in 1989! Great book from what I remember (I was 13!) Scary how time passes us by.

Holy sh*t!!!! And story wise as Adam pointed out a wonderful McCoy story as well. Never understood where all the season 3 angst came from, other than Spock’s Brain and Way to Eden ( Checkin out to Eden,Yeaaa Yeaaa Brother!!!) I thouroughly enjoyed it and as I have so couragously previously exclaimed The Empath is my favorite of all time. I am so jacked up this is so cool. Now if we can only get remastered Six Million Dollar Man I’d really be in heaven!!!!

Wait… was the Big E firing phasers with TNG-era sound effects? Or was that just me?

yeah, I think it’s just the preview sound editing. It’s the same generic sound they used to put in the old TNG through ENT previews. They were always different in the episodes though.

I entirely agree about the angles the Enterprise is shown in, especially when firing phasers. They need to be more different!

They did great angles with the Enterprise-D in several battle positions during TNG’s run.

Why not do this with the original Enterprise?
ps. Why are the phasers blue in the original series? During the movies and in TNG they are always orange/red.

^6. There is also a prequel of sorts in the Section 31 TOS novel “Cloak” where McCoy begins to suspect he has the disease. Its an excellent piece of continuity with the series.

#20 “Besides, as everyone else has said, wait for “Doomsday” and “Ultimate Computer”. I bet there will be new firing angles galore in those eps.”

Hey Mark, I am really hoping we see some more exciting new angles on these as well. I hope they don’t play it safe on the Ultimate Computer. I’d love to see some “Wrath of Khan” type firing shots for this, instead of just the standard phasers firing shot as in the above preview.

I have to say apart from the standard phaser firing shot not being changed the asteroid and Enterprise are looking pretty good to me.

#32…. agreed on Season 3 eps. I will say that I do agree with the overall sentiment that the show was stronger earlier and that Seasons 1 and 2 were overall better, but Season 3 was nothing to be ashamed of. Some of my favorite eps from the series are in Season 3, including the mid-season stretch of four great episodes in a row (production order, not aired order): Is In Truth…, The Empath, The Tholian Web and For The World Is Hallow…

Let’s not also forget the Enterprise Incident was this season, and one of my personal favorites (I’m a sucker for the TOS-era time travel stories; before later shows mutilated them {VOY, ENT}): All Our Yesterdays.

Still looks cartoony,
CBS DIGITAL is run by a loony.

: )

Re: “Strangers from the Sky” – I have very fond memories of listening to George Takei and Leonard Nimoy reading the audio book version on long family car rides when I was in high school.

Looks great! I can’t wait for this series to be available on DVD so I can see the entire episodes. I just wish one of the stations up here in Montreal carried it. My hats off to CBS Digital for all their hard work in trying to improve upon such an iconic show. Kudos!

Thank you for sharing all your stills and previews on here too… this makes me coming back. Love this site.

The third season gets an undeserved bad rap. Here’s what is bad about the third season in my opinion:

1.) And The Children Shall Lead
2.) The Way to Eden
3.) Plato’s Stepchildren

I don’t even understand why Spock’s Brain gets so attacked. The concept behind it isn’t bad…it’s a matter of execution. You could take the same story and make it interesting. Spock’s Brain had one of the best musical scores from the series and was tracked into many of the third season episodes.

Overall, I liked the third season. Many of my favorite episodes are in that season. Some of the episodes were capsule episodes due to cut budget — like The Mark of Gideon and Wink of An Eye and the season seemed to drag a bit towards the end.

It’s a season that started out somewhat ambitiously and I think even though the budget was slashed the visuals are as good or better than any of the other two season.


Cool! I really like that CBS Digital is previewing episodes earlier — makes it feel like more is happening, and makes the wait between episodes more fun.

While the asteroid is much more convinvcing, I kind of miss that colorful up-lighting, unrealistic as it was. But it’s in keeping with what they’ve been doing, so nice work.

And Season Three gets its bad rap somewhat deservedly — not that there weren’t great episodes, like this one — but the clinker-to-gem ratio was WAY higher than the first two seasons. There’s still lots of fun watching, though; I haven’t laughed so hard as I did watching “Eden” recently. It was like Star Trek meets Beach Blanket Bingo!

37. All Our Yesterdays has always been a favourite of mine. It has a fantastic science fiction premise at its core and has moment almost as moving as in City on the Edge…

The fake surface which fooled the passengers of the ship also fooled some viewers into thinking it was the surface of the asteriod. But, no. It had no atmosphere except inside.

Now if they could only digitally fix the silly dresses and headpieces the men are wearing. Worst costume design for an alien civilization EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

#35 Toonoon

Thanks for the tip. I’ll check that book out once I get through George R.R. Martin’s “A Game of Thrones.” Wish me luck!

Worst ever? I dunno – those glittery orange placemats the dohlman’s guards wear in “Elaan of Troyus” were pretty bad.

How could I forget All our Yesterdays another wonderful episode. How about Day of the Dove I love that too. ” Look at me…….Look…….At……..Me”

“My pant legs hollow & I have touched my privates”

wise words. I give it an iPhone AND an imac in the pantalones. Mack N Thupanz™, you wascilly wabbit! I really need to get you a forum at hitchworld. Your grate words and writing style deserve a proper showcase. You continue to marvel me and make me swoon with your prose.



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