Perpetual Launch Teaser Site For Star Trek Online

Well it is almost a year late, but Perpatual have finally launched the official site for their MMORPG Star Trek Online. does not have a lot of content (in fact it has less content then the subsite that was previously hosted a, but it is sporting a whole new Starfleet emblem. Although games may not count as ‘canon’, the game is set a couple decades after Star Trek Nemesis so changes in uniforms and the emblem are to be expected. Although there isnt much to look at on the site, Executive Producer Daron Stinnett talked to WarCry Network this week and answered some questions about STO.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • All transporting will be done ‘point to point’, no need to spend time finding a transporter room
  • Although the Trek TV universe seems somewhat homogeneous, players will not be constrained in that way, game supports ‘player’s ability to individualize’
  • Game will have both text chat and voice chat
  • The holodeck will allow you to ‘go anywhere’ and offer ‘unique exploration, trade skills, and social opportunities
  • Race line up has been locked down, will be revealed on teaser site (didn’t say when)
  • Game will have an ‘economy’ with some form of money
  • Foes will be both familiar races as well as ‘a new threat’
  • Art direction will be ‘break free’ of the film and TV look, STO will be a ‘wholly new Star Trek experience’
  • Will not start showing more screen shots until one year away from launch (so obviouly it is more than a year from now)


Stinnett offers this detailed example of how players balance life as a free roaming ‘avatar’ and being part of a ship:

The easiest way to explain the dynamic between your avatar and ship in MMORPG terms is to think of your ship as a mount that is an upgradeable combat platform. Early in one’s career, you will gain command your first small solo ship to freely navigate the galaxy. As you progress in your career and make alliances, you’ll gain access to bigger and better ships to upgrade in parallel to your avatar. And when players decide to group with others in space, the choice is yours, group as individual ships or crew together aboard a single ship. Our design is geared towards providing players with the freedom to choose his or her own path on a journey through the galaxy.


For the full interview, check out WarCry Network

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I’ve never done this kind of gaming before, but Star Trek seems like a perfect fit. For us noobs, what does this stuff entail?

It is taking so long to come into existance I only hope the wait is worth it.

Actually because Starfleet characters would be assigned to a ship and not free to go off on adventures, Star Trek is not that good a fit for MMORPG’s where players usually team for short term teams for missions. But as described it should work fine. I’ve played several MMORPGs and still play City of Heroes. Being main a TOS fan nowadays I’m not too interested in something set post Nemesis.

I will look in on the Stargate MMORPG when it launches. It’s a better fit to the format (form team – go on mission) and I think thematically SG-1 is the true successor to TOS in terms of balancing humor, action and adventure.

Eeesh, 2/3 isn’t bad but where will I get the money…

This game is looking excellent to me, a fresh look on the Star Trek gaming world.

Sounds pretty cool, and I’d rather them take their time and make it good, than to rush it into release. I hear that Legacy has really suffered from being rushed.

Now the question will be since this takes place in the future will the IRS be able to tax now our money that we will be making in the future? Or will it be our great, great, great grand children’s debt?


“Art direction will be ‘break free’ of the film and TV look, STO will be a wholly new Star Trek experience”

I’m sorry, I’m not one of these “canonistas” but I think Matt Jeffries was a Goddamned genius and half of the reason Trek is the success it is today.

His designs gave credibility to something that could have EASILY turned into another Flash Gordon or Lost in Space.
Using phrases like “break free” from the TV/film look to my thinking means “it will be crap”
I’m not against change or re-invention as I demonstrated in my extreme support for Gabe Koerner’s new Enterprise designs.

But how can you “break free” from genius unless ofcouse you actually have ANOTHER genius, and if your ARE lucky enough to have one, then why the hell even call it Star Trek?

Just take your genius and create something new.
Stop trying to CASH IN on the name and reputation of others, by making your own silly changes in a futile attempt to call it your own.

Like a certain individual named Mr. B
And we all know what happened to him don’t we……; )

Just go to the perpetual website and watch the gallery. These images show us how Enterprise-D/ TNG design would look like tofday!!!

Hey, Spockboy, Matt Jefferies *was* a genius. So was Mike Okuda.

Guess who’s on STO’s art direction team? Mike Okuda. Art is *not* the part of the game I’m nervous about. I do echo some of Captain Pike’s concerns; yes, Tony, the interview claims that they’re aiming for something else, but video game makers *often* make claims about their games’ aims and objectives, and then miss them entirely. I’m more than a bit concerned that STO is going to too-closely conform to the established template of MMORPGs. The 11/21 interview with Stinnett was very revealing, and not in a good way.

But, if it succeeds… this game is going to change MMO’s and be an unbelievably good thing for Star Trek as a whole. And give me a lot of hours of fun.

I read the article. It sounds to me like the game is stretching the Star Trek format to fit the MMORPG paradigm rather than creating a new format that simulates the narrative structure of Star Trek.

It might be successful. I’m ambivalent at this point.

With all the news I hear lately, it kinda reminds me of this game:

Although this one is about pirates and pirate ships, not about spacemen and starships. :-)

12. James Heaney – January 21, 2007

Hey, Spockboy, Matt Jefferies *was* a genius. So was Mike Okuda

Wait a minute, let me get this straight. You’re comparing Matt Jeffries, the guy who designed the Enterprise, the bridge, phasers, Klingon ships, shuttlecraft, Romulan ships, dozens of sets, etc etc to Star Trek groupie and hanger on Mike Okuda?
You have GOT to be kidding me!
That is the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard.

The genius is the one who CREATES, not the one who rides the gravy train resulting from said creation.