Remastered “Where No Man Has Gone Before” Screenshots and Video [UPDATED]

Trek’s second pilot gets the CGI treatment, featuring a different Enterprise…

SFX Video



New and Old
Intro Shot
Starfield on the monitor
Starfield on the viewscreen
The barrier on the viewscreen
Approaching the barrier edge
The Enterprise delves into the barrier
The barrier storm as seen on the viewscreen
Leaving the barrier
Clearing the barrier
The Enterprise limps in space after the barrier
Approaching Delta Vega
Delta Vega on the viewscreen
Delta Vega in the evening
The Enterprise leaves Delta Vega
Closing Shot


Assorted Shots

The S.S. Valiant Probe Transmits

The credits squence with pilot Enterprise

The Department Heads on the bridge

Spock shows an unusual amount of emotion

A new angle of the Enterprise in the barrier

You’d better be good to me

Dr. Dehner strikes a pose in sickbay

The "gods"

Kirk is forced to bow

New close-up of the Phaser rifle fire

The first torn shirt

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