Grunberg To Be In Star Trek XI…Whether He Likes It Or Not

JJ Abrams best friend Greg Grunberg was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last Friday, and Jimmy asked him about being in Trek XI. Grunberg said that he may not want to sit for eight hours of make-up for just a line, but Abrams may not give him a choice.

Last year when JJ Abrams ‘guest directed’ Jimmy Kimmel Live, they made a joke about how Grunberg always appears in Abrams shows by having Grunberg sit in with the band as a bongo player. For Trek XI, votes for GG to be the first Red Shirt to bite it, which is essentially the role Grunberg had in the pilot of Lost.

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This Grunberg dude … complete and total hangers-on. I hate to be the one to say it. The guy is very Windowze Vista capable in the pants.

This is the official time that I officially replace the term “poopypants” with “Grunberg”.

So shall it be done, hereto this 22 january year of our Lord™ 2007.



He could be Finnegan.

With those chisled good looks he could have any of the leads.

I know what brings me back again and again now, to this website. Its the SARCASM! I love this place… finally… I am HOME!

…or in the mess hall eating a plate of buffalo wings

Grunberg’s a good actor, and I’m happy that he’s getting a part that lets him actually act in Heroes, although the show is poorly written. I hope he gets a semi-major or major part in the new Trek movie.

Glad that you found the clip Anthony.
Hitch, I take it you are not a Grunberg fan?
I wouldn’t call him a hanger on by any means.
He & JJ have been friends since kindergarten.
Besides that he’s good in his own right.
That reminds me, Heroes is on tonight, and Hitch…
You are not on the list.

What’s with all the hostility?! Greg Grunberg seems like a really cool, laid-back kind of guy… the sort of self-effacing fella with whom you’d be glad to knock back a couple of brewskies. From everything I’ve seen and heard, he and J.J. Abrams have a genuinely close friendship that goes all the way back to when they were little kids.

Grunberg will be Kyle… with a bad blonde wig.

#1 Hitch, bud… I have to ask finally. Your age please?
I know I don’t have to read your posts… but it’s like driving past roadkill…you have to look.
My point is… your style. While I thought it ok weeks ago, it is now grating. You have braincells galore it looks like… but the humor isn’t there anymore.
No more poopypants, please.

Awright, everybody leave the Hitchmeister alone. I’m with him and Pascale – that guy is a walking red-shirt sans the smoking hole.

Now,’ scuze me whist I go take a Grunberg.

He ‘d better stay away from the cheesecake if he wants to be a red shirt.Those guys are the first line of defense between a hostile force and Kirk.

Anthony – regardless of your ‘take’ on Grunberg -vis-a-vis reasons for redshirting him, it’s starting to read like a bad political script – it doesn’t matter whether it’s the Dems or Pubbies in office, they’ll bring in the same clique that’s been riding on their buckboard from the start. That’s why Enterprise tanked, Berman is regularly burned in effigy, and Paramount pinged Abrams to begin with. If you’re going to rethink something, then by God, blaze your own trail. Putting this guy Grunberg in as some sort of ‘in-joke’ reminds me of the Sci-Fi Channel using the same five or six actors in a run of their Shlock-Of-The-Week B movie premieres.

My opinion. You’re welcome to yours.


The actual reason that “Berman is regularly burned in effigy” is, well, that some Trek fans are dorks.

Grunberg for Harcourt Fenton Mudd

No, I’m not serious, I was just thinking of a pudgy TOS character. Is that mean?

How about Grunberg as Dennis Bailey burning in effigy?
I’d pay the two bucks.


I could actually see him as DeSalle. They should sign up the guy that plays him in New Voyages. He’s one of the few actors over there…. that can actually act. And the kid that plays young Chekov. He’s absolutely perfect for the part.

I wouldn’t say that Grunberg is a “hanger-on”…

If anything, I would say that he’s very “Bruce Campbell in the pants”.

And that my friend, is saying a LOT.

Viking® hits the nail on the head here. What is bothersome about the cronyism that has to be explained? Alright, chillins™, take a seat and gather round and lets old h69 school you.

It’s this simple… IN life, as just as well with Star Trek, people tend to think that one should earn a job through their qualifications… not through who they are friends with since kindergarten. It’s not just showbiz, folks. You look anywhere across the board – how does that feel to you in your own vocation when you see this happening?

I’m really surprised about the level of complacence here “just” because its Star Trek. I’m talking about human nature here. This guy gets ANY job on this movie based upon this well stated “joke about how Grunberg always appears in Abrams shows” and that is wrong. The fact that they flaunt it is even wronger. I mean it would be one thing to do this sort of behind the scenes and not say anything but to brag about it on Kimmel???

IF this Grunberg is such a grate actor, make him the Captain or Spock for chrissake. But he innit, now is he?

And what’s with all the personal attacks, Xai™? I don’t even remember crticizing anything you’ve ever posted. And I certainly never insulted you personally, or any other member of the team for that matter. Anyway it’s hitch1969©, you do the math.



Truth be told, I think I’m jealous of what Grunberg™ and JJ have. Myself, I have no “friends”; let alone “friends since kindergarten” that I could jokingly put in anything successful that I have ever done because I’ve never been successful at anything.

I guess you could say that old h69 is pretty much an unlikeable loser who never had a friend in the world.

That’s rough, now…



Truth be told, I think I’m jealous of Hitch’s ability to turn a phrase, and how he applies it to the world of Trek. Very hitchinthepants, if you ask me.

kaygee68™ that is very non-Grunberg® of you to say, and might I also add that I find your perspective to be very very very mac in the pants.

And I know these things because I’ve got oodles of braincells – all the more justification for the continuation of my small but managable alcohol problem. BURN EM IF YA GOT EM!! :)

#16: “How about Grunberg as Dennis Bailey burning in effigy?
I’d pay the two bucks.”

There’s a long line forming, and I’ll get rich by charging a percentage for the use of my likeness. :lol:

Look, I have to add one more thing to drive this home about Grunny™. In business, someone in a position of power who conducts their affairs ethically would never even consider someone they “know”. It’s just not done, or atleast shouldn’t be.

Lawyers and judges seem to get this, for the most part. The person’s qualifications have nothing to do with this sort of recusal, either. The larger idea is that even the indicia of impropriety presupposes the person’s qualifications. It’s just not cricket.

RECUSE – (transitive and intransitive verb) [ri kyooz] – to disqualify somebody from judging or participating in something because of bias or personal interest, or withdraw for that reason.

“• The judge recused herself because she knew the plaintiff socially.”



We need a new “laughing out loud” smiley. The current one looks like someone’s been hit with a taser and lost muscular control.

Meh… this kind of stuff doesn’t bother me in showbiz…

I’m a huge Bruce Campbell fan, and it doesn’t bother me in the least that his good friend Sam Raimi looks out for him.

Now if we’re talking about the White House… ;)

Sorry gang… should have refrained from politics… I’d retract that one if I could…

Hollywood is rife with examples of people getting jobs because of who they know. J.J. isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary by LaLa Land standards by getting Grunberg a bit part or two.

It’s not like we’re talking about Frank Stallone, here.

Where would Balok be without Richie Cunningham?

You know what, you guys are right. Old h69 made a bad call on this one. Who cares if the dude gets a job JUST because he’s friends with old Kurt Russell? Certainly not hitch1969©. I’m dealing with reality here under the big yellow sun in midwestern Colorado. I dont have time for this tomfoolery and nonsense.

Steve Guttenberg™, I hereby apologize for calling you Microsoft in the pants. You seem like an OK guy. Hopefully someday your acting jobs will match up with your merit rather than those asses thou hath kissethed. Certainly you are quite an Olivier or Brando in your own right. A master thespian of the highest calibre.

Who’s to say that you can’t work with your friends, eh gov? OR use friends to get prime time acting roles in the gratest movies of all times. I’m down on that prom gown. Especially, as noted, if that’s how the rules have been re-written. Which dey seem to have been.



Haw do I copy the vidio to pc ?

If Grunberg is to play a red shirt I guess he’ll have to wear one of Shat’s old girdles. But I think he’ll proberly end up being a Klingon.

So what if Grunberg is JJ’s best friend? That shouldn’t disqualify him from this film, as long as he is a capable actor (which he is.)

And #30 treknerd…Did you have to bring up Balok? When I was little and first saw The Corbinite Manuever, Balok gave me nightmares. And I’m not talking about big ugly mannequin Balok – I’m talking about “Baby” Balok.

That Clint Howard was creee-peee!

And yes, brother Ronnie finds a place for Clint in all of his movies.