Trek Remastered on DVD Update: Season 1 on Combo Disk By Q4 has finally got a copy of the offiical release for TOS-R coming to HD DVD, announced recently at CES. It states that season one of the ‘Remastered’ Star Trek: The Original Series will be released on combo DVD/HD-DVD disks by the fourth quarter of 2007 in the USA and Japan. Note that this is the actual 29 episodes of the first season of TOS and not the first season of Trek Remastered in syndication which is airing out of order. This release is sooner than originally planned and has been told that CBS are ‘accelerating’ their production schedule to ensure they have completed all of season 1 this year. However even though they will be producing these extra season one shows this year, the 2007 syndicated airing schedule will remain unchanged. In the official release Ken Ross, EVP of CBS Home Entertainment states "as we take this initial step into the high definition DVD market, it is only fitting that Star Trek is the first property that we chose to release.”

No Blu-Ray?
Apparently CBS are not embracing Blu-ray, or at least for now. Their announcement also included Ross stating “What really intrigued us about this opportunity was the dual disc option which allows early adopters of HD the chance to experience Star Trek in high definition, but also allows millions of fans with standard DVD players the ability to enjoy the series in its restored glory.” CBS’s combo disk only policy is in contrast to Paramount Home Entertainment who recently told Bill Hunt of the Digital Bits that future high def releases of the Trek films will be on both formats. To add even more confusion Paramount Home Entertainment will be handling the distribution for CBS Home Entertainment.

Some questions still remain
There are still no details on special features, aspect ratios, other countries, additional fixes or other options. will continue to look into these questions and will report as soon as anything is learned.

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Cool! Guess I gotta go buy a player. $$$$$$

Thanks to Trekmovie for the updated news on the HD-DVD release!

I read that news with some concern. On one hand, it’s great news. On the other, what’s the hurry? As has been discussed, we all here hope that the CGI work will not suffer for the remaining first season shows left to do. And we all hope that the earlier shows can have their CGI updated with the new Enterprise model. I am hopeful my last comment will happen, so I remain cautious.

Oh, just wait for it. After this release, sometime in the near future we will be offered the ULTIMATE Star Trek Collection that will be HD, Blu-ray, anyway-you-want-it-ray. Then, after that, there will be another revamped version for our viewing enjoyment. Hell, before this is finished, Paramount would be happy to have an elderly Shatner and Nimoy act it out in shadow-puppets for our amusement if they thought it would make a buck!!

I’m betting that the schedule MIGHT be changed again and you’ll see many episodes from season 2 & 3 that are very “non-effect heavy”. That way they can concentrate on the season one episodes. Since they are going to be “combo discs” I’m going to wait on the HD DVD player. I’ll watch the regular DVD side for now and will then have the HD DVD version when I can afford the HD player (and TV). Who knows, they may have to hire more help to get this done (let the Darren Doc and D. Bailey fans start rattling their cages now)!? A good reason to buy season one is the fact that there will be unaired Remastered version episodes one there-whoopie!

Well this sucks….. sorry just had to say that. Now I want them to come out just like everyone else and I will be there when they do. However I would rather wait longer (a little) and have them done properly. This could explain some of the reasons they may have had even less time to work on some of WNMHGB not updated shots.

I would think given there allready tight schedule to try and finish the season 1 episodes will mean less work given to each ep overall. Plus the possibility of not getting to go back to the early episodes…. I hope this isn’t the case but I am not optomistic, look forward to hearing more.

heres a suggestion for extras -please include that “Before They Were Famous” show from ITV

Nice move putting the standard DVD and the HD version on one combo disc. I can enjoy the remastered episodes now and when I eventually purchase an HD player (when they get cheap enough) I can give them another spin and “ooh and aahh” all over again. I’ll be buying these for sure.

Are they not aware of how much pressure the digital team is already under? For heavens sake. They’re struggling to maintain quality as it is…and now they’re going to ‘accelerate’ the release? I sure hope they intend to double their staff in order to meet these deadlines. This just smacks to me of greed.

I’m not adding new information as much as agreeing with all. These shows are too rushed to begin with. Take your time. Make sure these things are done right.

#6: I so wish they would work things out with Sci-Fi and get the rights to the Special Edition Material from 1998: intros to each episode by Shatner, different intros by Nimoy, interviews with guest stars. It was great.

Wow… mmm, k, cynical side is signaling RED ALERT, but to be fair, yanno, if they stick closer t the original mandate, a lot of Trek space scenes were basically stock shots recycled right? How many Enterprise passes do you have to engineer before it’s simply a matter of replacing the planet or such of the week. I imagine once you have the framework set up, unless you are being more demanding, it’s not like re-inventing the wheel each time. As for things go by the wayside, obviously, I think, they would… as we have just seen recently, I think.
So, I think most of us more skeptical types will just let you “early adopter” types find the pitfalls first for us. You get the joy of firsties and we get the joy of a better product later, or at least an informed decision. ;-)

Although the rendering of the Enterprise has been getting better, I don’t think it’s at the level you want for an HD (whicherver format) release.

I look at Daren Dochterman’s renderings and, I hate to say, his still look better. He has the subtle weathered look the original minature had plus a more realistic textured, light reflective surface. Someone made the comment that the Enterprise we see in some episodes (e.g. WNMHGB) looks like a rendering for a video game, not a motion picture.

Also someone posted a side-by-side comparison of the 2nd pilot Enterprise with the it’s CGI cousin ( Although the minature has bright studio lighting on it, it looks more 3-dimensional than the corresponding CGI version

Plus one has to wonder why the monitors with the typewritten personnel records of Mitchell and Dehner were left untouched. It was budget saving (although anachronistic for the 23rd century) in 1966, but the ship’s chronomters were changed for the remasted version.

I think a much better (and more accurate) rendering of the ship is needed for an HD release, otherwise I won’t be motivated to buy it.

My hope would be that the DVD side is offered in 4:3, to please the OAR crowd, but that the HD side is offered in a wider aspect ratio for presentation on HDTVs.

I think that 1.78:1 is too wide for Star Trek, given its square compositions, but something around 1.60:1 would be the sweet spot, presenting a more dramatic aspect, and also making more use of the new CGI compositions. I know some of you disagree, but it would be great to have a choice!

Unless they plan to throw more resources at this project, I think that this is the stupidest decision I’ve heard yet.

Has anyone heard of the Time / Cost / Quality triangle? On any given project, if you optimize two factors, the third one requires extension.

In other words:

1) If you want it fast (i.e. accelerated schedule) and cheap (i.e. same overworked staff that they have now), you have to give up quality.

2) If you want it cheap and high quality, you have to extend your deadline.

3) If you want it fast, and with top quality, you need to throw cash at the project (i.e. hire more top quality artists).

To me, this just sounds like option #1.

And why? It’s obvious… so that Season 1 is ready as a promotional tie-in to the new movie. This decision smacks of greed.

Posts 5 Skippy 2k & 13 John N

Exactly my thoughts… It’s far too early to be doing this.
What’s the rush? It’s a real shame to think they are going with what John has noted as option 1… this does indeed well and truly SUCK!!!

I hope they reconsider this or they go with option 3 but I somehow doubt whichever detached heartless executive who came up with this idea will change their mind and we will end up with a half finished project from what it had the potential to be.

When I first heard about this project I was really pleased and excited about it. I think all the work CBS are doing is getting better and better all the time. I do love what they ARE doing but the thought of them, being even more rushed to get these out, well it’s a real heart breaker.

I just know given the time and money CBS could produce a get set of DVDs. No doubt people will say they might go back sometime later and add more for another set of DVDs to make even more money but I don’t think that’s likely to happen for a long time if at all. This is a real wasted opportunity.

Unless they hire some more very talented artist and lots of them, I feel we are being robbed of something that could have been very special. Sure it will still be a step up from what it was but it will never be all it could have been… It’s a real shame.

OK, just to be clear …

They’re talking about HD versions of TOS *without* the newly created/enhanced effects?

If so, this would mean that CBS Digital does not have to rush to finish effects for the first season … only that they’ll need to finish converting them into high def.

I would be glad of that. CBS-D already has enough pressure without having to meet a DVD deadline, too.

This is cool with me. Timing is very good for me too, I held off on buying a next generation console and now know that it is an XB 360 I want afterall– the new XB360 with HDMI and the new low-power/low-heat processors will be out by 3rd quarter. I can pick up one of those and the HD-DVD add-on and then get one of the TOS-R seasons at Christmas. I cannot wait to see what these episodes look like in 1080p.

“ has been told that CBS are ‘accelerating’ their production schedule”

Uhhh I think we all agree CBS-D’s schedule is ‘accelerated’ enough as it is, what with not having time to fix anachronisms like typewritten pages on a display, etc.

#16 – ety3

No… I believe that this is TOS-R… with the new effects. I think what’s confusing you is the following:

“Note that this is the actual 29 episodes of the first season of TOS and not the first season of Trek Remastered in syndication which is airing out of order.”

… which I interpret to mean the first season of TOS (with remastered effects)… not to be confused with the TOS-R “season” that we’ve been watching to date, which actually has episodes from all three seasons.

Maybe the “accelerated schedule” involves CBS-D bringing more animators onto the project? (I know, I’m being optimistic here!)

Still, I have faith that it’ll look great — remember, most of us haven’t even seen the rendered CGI work in high definition yet, so even the earlier Enterprise model may look a lot better in HD than we think.

To back up #19 — I don’t believe CBS has any plans [currently] to release TOS in HD in any form other then with CGI.

Before someone gets all pissy, this does not mean they never will. It has been confirmed that they have the episodes untouched in HD format as well. So there is a possibility the unaltered versions at 1080p could see the light of day as well. Again, things like this are considered niche by CBS I’m sure. If they are going to release something in HD they want eye candy to sell it.

i gald that CBS is suppoting HD DVD and not Blue-ray

#22 “I gald that CBS is suppoting” Looks like this guy is typing with one hand which begs the question, what’s he doing with the other?

#19 —


Now I’m concerned again.

The BIG question….is Paramount going to SCREW us over again for another $100 PER SEASON on this deal?

Screw me Paramount, screw me. I have 100 dollars of earned income just waiting to be spent on you Happy Trek DVD collection.

I beg of thee Paramount, rape my childhood.

Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh great !
Another $100 bucks :-(
Just when I thought it was safe to say my collection has been completed.

What is really worrysome: Paramount puts out this half-hearted DVD crap, nobody likes it, and nobody buys it. Then they think “Star Trek is dead nobody wants it.” When really, people just don’t want to buy half-hearted crap. You know, like 80’s american cars…

With the relatively few minutes of effects shots in a TOS episode it should be a no-brainer to include seamless branching playback of original and CG scenes on the same disc. THAT would be a quality product.

#29: Great idea! I’d love for the ANGLE function on the DVD (and maybe HD-DVD has an improved version of this function) to let one switch between the original cut and the remaster. CBS Digital, Paramount, whomever – that would be a KILLER feature!

This annoucement clearly demonstrates that it’s all about the money, rather than producing a decent product.

#29 obviously you have not done much reading on next gen optical disc video content ;-) HD DVD is designed for interactive dynamic content, it goes far beyond anything DVD was stretched into doing with static menus. So yes what you are talking about is easily possible. However don\’t count on it.

They should of just let the D-team work on season one from the beginning of this project, like a regular production team does on any “New” series . Duh! This maintains quality continuity, as well as chronological order. In addition it would have kept them on a production schedule they’re now accustomed to, in order to absorb these contingencies (ie. Ken Ross’s marketing epiphany). This accelerated schedule stuff is b.s., and I feel truly sorry that Paramount is bending over Okuda, & Rossi. If the brilliant mind that told them to remaster the series out of sequence had to scramble himself to complete an entire regular season at the last minute, he’d die of a stroke. Hats off to CBS-D. You guys are my heros!!!

#3. LOL Maybe they can market this debacle as the “Royal F#%K UP Edition”?

I am so there. I don’t get to see it from where I am no is it on my cable carrier.


#23 Michael.
The real question is…why do you care? Frobo hit a typo.. we all do. His or her mistake was easy to ignore for everyone else. Your callous comment on a person I doubt you know is not easy to ignore.

I know CBS-D is working hard. I read the “accelerating production” comment as “hiring more help”.

HDDVD has no region coding, unlike DVD, a HDDVD puchased in america will play all over the world (without the need for special players), however i suspect the DVD side will be region coded

#3. The hand puupet comment was too funny!

Well obviously I cannot add too much to what has ALREADY been beautifully articulated by Y’ALL.
How about this?
We all chip in 10 bucks and buy one of these…(cost around $10,000)

…and then get some green screen happening and voila!
A REAL looking Enterprise!

I’m sorry but isnt accelerating CBS DIGITALS already insane schedule a bit like pouring gasoline on a fire?

Maybe if they send more TROOPS–er I mean animators in, it’ll all work out.

#3. The hand puupet comment was too funny!




Brain and brain what is brain!!!!

Let’s try that again,

We all chip in 10 bucks and buy one of these…(cost around $10,000)

Green screen blah blah blah.


#38,39&40. SPOCKBOY
Glad you like my puppet humour! Can’t say the same for the thin-skinned #36 Xai. Sheesh, lighten up! I hint that one of the contributors here might be playing “pocket pool” while typing their comments and Xai goes all “girly-man” on me. What a jack-off! Whoops, there I go again!

#41 – Michael

It’s not “girly-man”… it’s “very Cindy Brady in the pants”. ;)

Sorry Xai… not poking fun at you… just loved it when Hitch came up with that one, and I look for any excuse to use it… :)

#42 John N. “very Cindy Brady in the pants”. I love it! Thanks for sharing. I’m also glad we can come up for air and share a laugh once in a while. After hours of venting on the Shat situation and the Damon in-Damon out question, it’s definitely time for a chuckle!

#43 – Michael

My pleasure for sharing, but the “Created by” credit must be given to Hitch1969… :)


Dude, that Tracy Ullman video was awesome! Seriously. Almost brought a tear to me eye, all that nostalgia.

And now, thanks to you, I got that bloddy song in my head.

As for the Master Replicas Big-E, it costs a little over $1K, not $10K. Still, that’s a hefty purchase. I’ve been debating whether to take the plunge, but there is absolutely no practical reason to buy that ship. It’s awesome, that’s about it… but still, I want it.

Since there will be a helluva lot of BD players out there as well, especially with some geeks and their PS3’s, they should definitely release to BD as well

Actually Adam;
That was not the MASTER REPLICAS model which is actually about $1400 on EBAY and is 32 inches long.

No THIS one was made 4 years ago by a company called CUSTOM REPLICAS and is almost 6 FEET LONG. (The same size as the Greg Jein model from Trials and Tribbleations-only MORE accurate. Perfect in fact)
It is exactly half the size of the 11 FOOT miniature. I talked to the owner and he said it would be roughly10 thousand for it if he was actually selling them.


-Glad you enjoyed Tracy.

Dear Anthony Pascale;

First of all I absolutely LOVE this website.
I feel that we are on the CUTTING EDGE of the Trek world here and these forums are always buzzing with activity. You should be proud of your work here.
One question though, why is it that I have to try and post 4 or 5 times before it actually takes?
I recall hearing about some Spam Blocker or something.
I realize that I have a tendency to leave alot of links to pictures and such but it makes for a much more interesting post.

So what should be my course of action?

Thanks buddy.

Does this accellerated schedule mean that they won’t actually fix the initial bad effects episodes or have time to go back and add the non exisitent swirling clouds and landscape touch ups we were promised. Get ready for a new HD rematered version of the series to come out every three years with subtle changes and improvements

Spockboy — that model is incredible, perhaps the most accurate I’ve ever seen, certainly puts the Smithsonian one to shame on the painjob, etc.

I can’t figure out why you are having post issues, none of your posts are getting caught as spam that I can see.

#47. That’s a beautiful model. Wish I could afford it.

She’s a beautiful lady and we love her!