Remastered “For The World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky” Airs Today

The Enterprise finds a giant asteroid generation ship headed towards a planet…and McCoy finds a girlfriend.

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This McCoy centric 3rd Season episode is probably not Trek’s best effort, but it does have the longest title. For the Remastered team there isn’t a lot to work with, but you can look forward to…

  • New missiles
  • A big new Yonada Asteroid
  • Various shots of the Enterprise, including one firing phasers
  • Possibly some new effects for the Oracle Zap
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It’s 6:18 and I can’t think of anything to say so, I’ll just rehash what everyone says ad infinitum and start things off on the right foot in the thread as usual.

Ahem, let’s see….

Well for starters “the nacelle front caps suck, and the rear domes are too small. I wish Daren had got the job since his work is so superior,
Trek XI shouldn’t feature Kirk in anything other than a cameo , if at all, since, well, who wants to see old geriatrics space hopping?
It’s a mistake rushing to release the first season of remastered since quality will suffer. Hitch is nervewracking. Why can’t there be consistency in the CBS Digital work? ” etc etc,

I think that about covers it, did I miss anything. Except for the violin of course.

STILL disappointed and angry about the “acceleration” of episodes to get them out quick on High Definition DVD…
As someone who cared, when I first heard about Star Trek:Original Series getting a makeover, I was SO delighted…
Now I know that while some of the work done is excellent, it’s what’s NOT BEEN DONE or CHANGED that is frustrating, and in my mind is a golden opportunity lost! We, everyone, are getting a rushed, uneven, half-finished product I’m afraid folks, and I AM SORELY DISAPPOINTED. I’ll still be here to check on what HAS been amended…but will think of all those cyclorama backgrounds, and handphaser effects that WEREN’T enlivened JUST A BIT…

Your post just nipped in ahead of mine Josh T., (it’s 11.30 in the morning here in Scotland), and it made me laugh and cheered me up no end after what I just wrote…Glad I didn’t disappoint you!

You forgot “the new movie MUST feature Kirk being rescued by Spock from the Nexus, who cares what the rest of the movie is. Do this and Trek XI will be bigger than Star Wars and Titanic combined.” ;)

Bridge Turbo Lift Offset!!!!! What do I win, Josh? :)

Yes CBS MUST pour enough cash and time into these remasters otherwise why bother at all? I rather wait 2 – 3 weeks per episode IF necessary to get a quality product….go through each step very carefully. I for one won’t shell out one red cent for anything thats less then State Of The Art….today.
Why are they in such a rush? Can they receive the desired effect that we all want by slinging them out the production door in such haste with one eye closed and both fingers crossed? I seriously doubt it! Wake up CBS – OK?

^^^Why bother? CBS (and I mean the management here, not the hard-working folks at Digital) is not doing that to express their appreciation of the source material or deep love for the fans – rather THEIR WALLETS.

George Lucas showed the way: they change just a little, JUST ENOUGH, so they can churn out a new “edition”, which of course, by no means will be the final one.

Selling the same product multiple times to the same customers is the ultimate trick in profit making ;)

Since this episode doesn’t offer up too much in the way of effects shots, why not change it a bit? It’s the third season, so characterization is haphazard and we can even make the title longer: “For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky, Which Gave Me the Paradise Syndrome”. To wit:

— Escaping from the asteroid without Kirk and McCoy, the intrepid Spock returns to the Enterprise and struggles to deflect the asteroid using a deflector beam. Unfortunately he burns out the main dish. Terrified of Kirk’s reaction to the damage (and hating McCoy anyway) he programs the ship computers to fire full phasers at the rock, attempting to break it into little bits. When that proves unsuccessful, the enraged and embittered first officer sulks in his cabin, playing his Vulcan lyre while gazing endlessly upon video records of Natira. —

However, that jumps the shark from remastered, past rewritten, to repulsive. Alas. :-)

Hey that “preview” is WNMHGB.


I often disagree with you on things, but this is the second time I’ve agreed with you this month. 2007 is going to be a special year-LOL!

I’m sorry but I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t like the work CBS is doing with Trek remastered! It seems like every time they do a new episode they do better. Also they have stated that they may go back and redo some earlier episodes for the DVD set. I’ve been surprised at the detail like making the ship from ” Where No Man Goes Before ” to look like the old incarnation from the second pilot. If they didn’t care they wouldn’t bother doing this. I think every episode they do breathes new life into these old episodes. I look forward to the ” Doomsday Machine “

#7 Spirit
IF I knew FOR SURE that a “more updated” version was going to come along in a REASONABLE time, I could grudgingly accept that, although it doesn’t forgive the powers that be for gyping us on THIS effort…HOWEVER, do we really expect a High Definition DVD mark II anytime SOON, if at all for many years? The answer is NO, we don’t.
It COULD and SHOULD have been a more elaborate upgrade NOW, at THIS point in time.
As a Graphic Designer, I personally hate compromise where artistic endevour is concerned…MEDIOCRITY sucks!



Can’t wait for the show.

#1 – Josh – Right on buddy! Thanks for the chuckle… :)

#4 – Trekweb – An excellent addition.

We all know that if James Kirk isn’t alive and well post-Generations that the movie will fail miserable, and the Earth’s core will suddenly cool, ending all life on the planet. ;)

Looks like the Trek moderates are dominating the thread early in the game.

The Trek extremists must like to sleep in on Saturdays.

^^ Like I said its not about mediocrity vs. excellence, this is (as usual) about economics vs. substance. If TPTB are sure they can make a profit with the effort at hand, they will do exactly that, and not invest one iota more effort (particularly if they think they can make even more of a profit by re-releasing a re-remastered version e.g. on holographic disc later). That’s economic acting for you. And yes, I personally totally understand where you’re coming from, but this is what work life and the business world is all about.

(That comment was a response to #12)

and as everyone seems to point out in the other thread Daren has big white glowing balls

#6: Waiting two to three weeks per episode would probably mean that CBS Digital’s costs would be two or three times more, ‘cuz you’re stretching out the project and paying everyone for a lot longer. As fans, we WANT CBS’mount to make money, so they’ll keep making Star Trek.

Still, I hope the poor quality of “Where No Man” isn’t a prevue of things to come.

14 – LOL You hear that, J.J.? Bring Kirk back from the Nexus, or else all life on Earth is doomed! Don’t let the Earth die, J.J!

Either give them more time, or hire more artists…surely one of those options wouldn’t infringe upon their profits by too much. Cheapskates.

“Before long we’ll be where it would’ve taken mankind millions of years to reach..

You know he’s our old Trek pal Jon Lormar deserves a better end for his final 3rd season Star Trek appearence!

And hey, he’s been seen before on TOS , an illusion doctor/scientist from “the american continent institute, from
“the cage”… and then a rather feeble total kiss butt whimp follower whom the archon’s kill anyway, in “return of the archon’s”, well now they should at the LEAST fix his very bad wig for his climatic seen….

…..wherein he’s telling Jim, Spock, and Bones …”fore the world is hollow and i have touched the sky!!!.., just right before the ” instriment of obedience” kills him dead ..for the last time on Trek!?”


….”Throughout history “compassionate” minds have pondered this dark and disturbing question: what is society to do with those members who are seen as a threat, valid or not to society?

What of our Libertys?, or are we going to allow those malcontents and misfits whose behavior to takee away and destroy the foundations of civilization…free speech and or agree-to-disagreeable… discourse?

Different ages have tried different answers.
So called misfits and outcasts have been burned, branded and banished!

Current trends on the planet named Earth…show usually the unwanted of Society are if fortunate….left to shuffle along pushing carts , or get “a room with a view” incarcerated into so called humane institutions, or if not, they are executed with malace.

Unless they are blessed with a fortune of the wealthy or connected in some way to the powerful.

…”You are most wise…Kirok…”

Miramanee said with a winsome smile to her wise and beloved group leader;

James anThony….Pascale!


Maybe CBS will hire more CG artists to crank out more work and expedite this whole thing (to DVD release). I have a feeling the team WILL become more and more efficient as they produce more and more episodes. They have, for the most part done this, WNMHGB required all new shots and renders of the E, therefore it took a lot of time to produce those shots. CBS has a pretty good “library” of shots of the E by now, thus freeing them up to do other things like the phaser shots in Wink of an Eye and new phaser effects in Friday’s Child.

While I hope this is the case, I am still a little bummed they have chosen to rush this project to DVD in 2007. Especially if the quality of work suffers.

#23 – Anthony

Isn’t it all trolling?

Every point that “the moderates” made here in jest is a mirror of prior postings made by “the extremists” that were meant to get a reaction. IMHO, they are a very vocal group, and I doubt that they’re going to stifle their opinions any time soon, regardless of what “the moderates” post.

Just my 2 cents… :)

Mr. Pascale, I admire your site and the work that has gone into it, but you are seriously lacking in the sense of humor department. If the extremely tame and all-in-good-fun ribbing that I and a couple of other people engaged in early this morning constitutes your definition of “trolling” then you really need to take a look at some other talkback type forums. I really don’t see what the problem is, as no-one but you apparently got their nose out of joint over those VERY mild and good-natured comments, but if that style of gentle humor offends you, I will be delighted to take my “trolling” elsewhere. Particularly in light of the crazy bad vibe exchanges that went on here eariler this week, I am **baffled** that you choose *this* occasion to throw cold water on us.

Sheesh. I’m off to find hitch. He’s a bit much but at least he knows how to have a laugh.

Pardon me – “serious trolling” – I stand corrected.

“Serious trolling”? You REALLY think that was “serious trolling”?

Ay carumba. I think I’m going to pack up and go elsewhere. I’m well aware that I won’t be missed, but I really don’t feel welcome here anymore. Way too chilly.

relax, I think all that Tony means is that people haven’t even seen the episode yet and they are all over the place with comments.

#14 John N
Is this the episode with Cindy Brady?

I look forward to seeing the episode. This one has bearing on the current Crucible:McCoy novel on the bookshelves and on my nightstand right now.

Typing with both hands… X

#30 – Xai

lol… glad you took it in good humour… ;)


#5 Herbert: “Bridge Turbo Lift Offset!!!!!”

No, no, no, no… the Turbo Lift is straight but the Bridge is offset.



hey peace dudes

i am not herbert.

I was not terribly impressed. I’m not as rapid as some of the purists out there, I don’t know much about specularity or nacelle caps, but the Enterprise in this episode looks completely like a CG animation, no buts about it. I did like the views inside some of the windows during the view from below as the Enterprise paces alongside Yonada, but I also want the damn thing to look real and I feel they’ve taken a step back. It seems like every week we’re seeing a different Enterprise and it’s getting a little tiresome never knowing what to expect.

I liked it. The missiles had an interesting shape and the ship looks great with some detail. In one shot though, as it was banking to our right, it didn’t look as good as the other shots. But, in general, I thought it all looked good.

I’m wondering why we had to see the Enterprise from the bottom exclusively. I think these new shots are great, but I’d have liked to see the ship in this episode from the top at least one time.

It’s always nice to see the ship from the top as we really didn’t see it all that much in the show.

I guess because the model was always just sitting on that stand….

Wow. Just saw it…that one shot where the ship was coming towards you, away from the asteroid, but the camera stays on it as it arcs away as Kirk reads the captain’s log was fabulous. It was a nice, slow and close, examination of the new model…much surface detail. Looked absolutely gorgeous. I saw detail I had never noticed before. Episode is fair…the music often gets too sappy for my tastes, but that one FX shot is very nice indeed.

This ep suffers from a fear of loose ends. McCoy is dying. First we’ve heard of it. McCoy falls in love. A spaceship rock has travelling for centuries or millennia but is now off course, headed for disaster.
46 minutes (or whatever) of script time later, everything is fixed and finished, never to be mentioned again.
I hope the movie allows the audience the luxury of one or two loose threads at the end… It’s more like a real story that way.
There are good points to this episode, too, including Natira’s. (Oh, I had to. Bill Theiss worked undertime on the floss she’s nearly wearing.)
Anyway, I appreciate this site. I hope I can be more original in my griping, Josh.

After correcting the Yonada’s course, Spock shows Kirk the vast database of the Fabrini, which contains medical knowledge, including the cure for xenopolycythemia. McCoy undergoes the very painful treatment for his illness, emerging cured, and Kirk promises him the Enterprise will return to the area when the Yonada reaches its correct destination.

That ‘loose end’?

Oh check out Christopher Bennett’s novel Ex Machina which is sort of a sequel, tho non-canon to this episode.


40- “McCoy undergoes the very painful treatment for his illness, emerging cured,”
Yes, he’s cured. Don’t know about painful treatment. Maybe they keep cutting that out of the plays here. And yes, Kirk makes that promise. But, that’s not the same kind of ending that invites imagination. By the next episode, McCoy acts as though none of this has happened. For that matter, we never hear about Spock’s fiancee again, or Kirk’s nephew.
Perhaps I’m saying it incorrectly, but 60s episodic tv, and to a large degree today’s crime shows, tend to live with very little continuity. The Trek films did a much better job of underscoring major changes by referring to them again and again. “You Klingon bastard, you killed my son!”… “I’ve never trusted Klingons after what they did to my son and I never will!” That’s a pay-off three movies in the making! That’s good stuff. I would have loved to have seen a snippet towards the end of FTWIHAIHTTS showing Daran V hailing Yonada or some such. That’s all I mean.


Love your site and hope I’m not a troll. I mean that with complete respect. i think that Remastered Trek brings out strong feelings, for vs. against. I feel people have treated me with respect here, even in disagreement. Frankly, the only thing I can say since I found your site that was a turnoff was the “nacelle nagging” and the “political potshots”. Otherwise I think comments have been all in good fun AND taken in good fun. I feel kinda bad about Hitch, though. Mac in the pants got tiresome but the man had some very good points when he stayed away from the mac in the pants fixation. I miss him already!

Although the missles and phaser detonation didn’t exactly wow me. All the big shots of the E and the asteroid were jaw dropping. The aft hanger bay shot, all the close up flybys, wow!!!!!!!! I thought the E looked perfect. With a couple of subtle tweeks that I can’t quite put my finger on but holy shat!!! Does our beloved ship look gorgeous!!!! As I said I would have liked to to a different angle on the phaser fire but it looks like we get that next week with Babel. I must admit that it still continues to bother me that they once again did nothing to the backdrop which in this case was a plain orange wall with a noticable seam or joint in the upper left corner. Don’t get me wrong since they changed the model I’ve been more and more blown away each week and I know i am a spolied trekbrat but we were promised that there would be swirling clouds and or touched up backdrops as part of the subtle changes to the live action shots. All the starship shots are sooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!! Some backdrop tweeking would make the whole effort a masterpiece!!!!! And I never got the negative wrap with this 3rd season episode I have always loved the episodes where the love and friendship between the big three, the humanity of my heros is shown. I think this one does it nicely and the plot touches on the dangers of a big brother society as well. You know this week I heard they made one of the cast of grey’s anatomy go to some sort of brainwashing clinic for the way he thinks??? Regardless of how distasteful his coments or thinking may be the minute we start sending people to reducational centers for unpolitically correct opinions , god help us all. Who’s to decide what is right thinking and what is wrongthinking. (Rightthinking will be rewarded-wrongthinking will be punished!! – sound familiar??}Anyway I think this episode echoes this terrifying idea.

For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Seam….LOL!!!

Wonderfull shots of the E this week! My only pet peeve about next week is that I hope they fix the “HANGER DECK” sign to “HANGAR DECK”.

We’ll see!


Apparently in the 23rd century they lose the ability to spell.

#45 – If they change that E and not the R on the tombstone, I’ll stop watching the remastered episodes.

Maybe that’s where they hang their uniforms?


23rd century???
We lost THAT ability last century.

I have to disagree with #36 for this episode. The E looks terrific in this installment, but he is right about the inconsistent look week to week. Some weeks it looks great, some weeks not so great.

I noticed the windows on the E looked a lot brighter and the phaser fire shot looked slightly different.