JJ Abrams Appears In The Trek Life

JJ Abrams has finally made it, he has now been portrayed on the StarTrek.com comic The Trek Life

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OK, this has been up for at least five minutes without comment… so:

JJ’s nacelles are too dim.

Notice, I didn’t mention the balls at the ends of the nacelles. That’s called willpower.

#1. CmdrR (Jeeez, I never thought I’d type that!)

You sir, are a paragon of virtue. I commend you for not mentioning JJ’s balls… ( I never thought I’d type THAT either.)

That comic is going to be all too true for some fans!

JJ is much too shiny and looks flat. He should be a weathered light gray color not so metallic looking.

JJ better have balls if he’s going to pull off this project.

lol so true… trekkies …

If you think there were a lot of complaining over trivia in TOS-R, just wait ’till ST-XI comes out!

Not many comments on this one… perhaps it rings a little too close to the truth for some of us… ;)

i know i speak for the minority here, but, as long as the movie is entertaining, i’ll be happy.

cannon schmannon

JohnN…why do you think I put the article up after John suggested it?


i am not sure you are in the minority Bri, and almost certainly not in the avg movie going public

juas juas juas muy bueno si señor ;) ;)

#6 … oh jeez… how right you are!

#8 … I think I am in the minority too.

I took a while to get into Trek Life but now find it a must read. Trek.com needs something to get me there these days.

Heh heh… I did a wee bit of research. I *have* J.J.’s contact info.

But I haven’t tested it, out of respect for his personal integrity. And not a little bit of fear that I would have the wrong address and thus lose these bragging rights.