New Images From “Journey To Babel” Remastered [UPDATED w/ More Images]

CBS have released some images for this weekend’s "Journey To Babel". Get a closer look at the shuttlebay (and Gailileo and Columbus) as well as that Orion Ship.

UPDATE: CBS have sent over some larger versions of the images put up earlier…plus an exclusive image for of the Galileo with Planet Vulcan in the background

ANOTHER UPDATE: AICN has got their own exclusive image of the Orion Ship…check it out.

NOTE: it is unlikely that this close-up will be seen in the episode 

That Orion ship is an entirely new design by Mike Okuda, replacing the original which was just a spinning light.  

Images courtesy of CBS

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I love how they were so quick to come up with a new ship design but left he Gorn and Klingon ships so vague and barely visible.

somebody please do the research for me. Is this the second orion ship ever seen? The first being on Enterprise’s episode “Borderland.”

Oh My GOD!!!

Nice. And it looks like a shuttle landing is a big event on the Enterprise. Every window overlooking the flight deck is filled with observers.

Those look great!

…one thing, is it me or are there a ton of people on shuttlebay observation deck?

…somebody please do the research for me. Is this the second orion ship ever seen? The first being on Enterprise’s episode “Borderland.”…

Animated Trek’s “The Pirates of Orion” also chimed in.

Awesome! The landing looks fantastic!

That is stunningly good work. I would like to see the pics they used for the crew overlooking the bay. I bet there are alot of easter eggs hidden in there.

Nice work, but they could have composited real people inside those windows…and I am not wild about that image map (the red box with the yellow circle) as it looks like it’s been enlarged in the 3D software to fit an area larger than what the map was intended to fit. It looks blurry. And having done cgi work myself, I only tend to see blurry image maps like that if they are enlarged to fit.

Most of it looks great…and I am admittedly nitpicking.

Re: #3….Clinton, you may recall that in this particular episode, the E is filled with visiting dignitaries from various planets, as the E is acting as some sort of “space taxi” shuttling them all to the Babel conference.

What you see in the windows overlooking the shuttlebay are likely those whom have already been brought on board. For them, a shuttle landing, and perhaps seeing who happens to be on this particular shuttle, is something of an “event.”

For E crew members, shuttle landings may perhaps be a somewhat rare occurrence (who knows), but the Babel conference makes this all that more unusual for everyone on board….IMHO.

It is cool that they decided to add such a scene to Sarek and Amanda’s arrival. The effects look pretty good and will probably look a lot better when the episode is broadcast.

That animated series clip was clean and crisp. Are the DVDs priced into the stratosphere?

Yeah, maybe continuity should take precedent. But I still say the best episode of TOS-R was “In a Mirror Darkly Part II” :)

Little joke of mine. it me. or does that shuttle in the second screen shot look super huge? The deck around it looks great but the shuttle itself looks way too large and not in proportion with the rest of the deck…in comparrison with what I’m used to anyway. Aside from the scale, the rendering looks great.

I don’t want to start a bashing thread based on a single low-res still from an episode that hasn’t aired — but I’m less than enthused about the turntable shot. Referring to the original shot:

the remastered view has a more cramped feel to it — where’s that “vaulted” ceiling I know and love?? Anyway, it’s still early. I’ll hope for the best in the actual episode.

The first shot is looking from the floor and up, so you can see the ceiling. The second shot is looking from the ceiling and down. That’s probably what’s making it looked “cramped”.

Um, isn’t there also a fourth picture from, showing the Enterprise orbiting Vulcan?

Shuttle shots look great.

If I have find fault, in the second picture it looks like there is an open gallery leading off the shuttle bay. It’s in the middle on the left side of the picture. This has to be a wall but it looks like an open space to me.

Re: #10…Paul, I like your take on this. I also think it gives a much more kinetic look to the scene. The original shot (referenced above) is great, but I think the addition of people adds life to the scene (no pun intended).

Yes, they altered the roof structure slightly and along the rear too by the doors.

It’s a pretty cool effort to include all the Ambassadors and crew members at the windows.

What strikes me here and the FTWIHAIHTTS shots is the lack of liveliness. On the spec shot of the ship leaving Yonada, the lack of color was their choice. But I also wonder what the limits of the software is used. In the real world efforts I have in creating computer generated images of product designs I do, I can add material reflective properties. The shots we’ve seen lack a bit of that, I see them there. But there is a flatness still, a dullness, a greyness! On the hull of the original model, we see the running lights reflect on the hull. Here in the shuttle bay, it seems it could use a little more reflective materials and add some life to the shot.

But I’ll wait to see this in motion. It looks pretty exciting to see these new interpretations. I just wonder if it’s a software issue, it’s limitations or the nature of CGI. Revenge of the Sith has a similar look.

“Nice work, but they could have composited real people inside those windows”

according to, there *are* real people in the windows – people working on the remastering and CG were used – I assume just as they were for the starbase in The Menagerie.

I like it, its cool and I cant wait to see it.
Keep up the good work !!!!

The deck DOES look a lot smaller in the second picture, (the turntable shot) compared to the original shot. I wonder why they did that? The shuttle looks too big or the deck too small and cramped.

I hope that the people in the observation deck windows look more real, they resemble cutouts in these shots.

Looking forward to seeing it, though.

#9: “Nice work, but they could have composited real people inside those windows”

From the gallery notes at

“The gathered ambassadors and Enterprise officers,
glimpsed in the windows of the upper observation galleries,
are cameo appearances by most of the visual effects artists
and technicians who are working on the remastered visual effects.
(Most of them appear more than once in different windows!) …”

#4 – Kevin
#8 – Justin RC
#9 – THEETrekMaster


“The gathered ambassadors and Enterprise officers, glimpsed in the windows of the upper observation galleries, are cameo appearances by most of the visual effects artists and technicians who are working on the remastered visual effects. (Most of them appear more than once in different windows!)”

By cutouts I meant still shots projected onto frosted glass.

#18 – billy

You beat me to it… ;)

lol… so did 102.437

we were a hive mind collective :-)

Are those shuttlebay shots concept paintings or actually scenes? It looks far too cartoony for me.

Regarding the several comment that the second shot looks cramped…

This HAS to be an opitcal illusion, doesn’t it? I mean, they wouldn’t model multiple hangar bays… would they?

ooops, wrong franchise branch!

Seriously, people find enough debatably legitimate stuff about the show to complain about. I hate to see people disparaged for not doing work that they’ve actually done.

The observation deck reminds me of those U-Haul storage places with the Kirk and Spock lifesize cutouts in the windows! Just kidding. This is a nice touch.
The nacelles on the shuttle have that washed out gray ghost look that Enterprise did in FTWIHAIHTTS but otherwise looks good.
I am not thrilled with the Orion ship but I’ll live. I envisioned something more compact. From this shot, it looks like it has a ring like the Vulcan ships in that other show… what was it called…not Star Trek… but… Enterprise, I think it was called. Not that Enterprise had anything to do with Star Trek, the ship just reminded me of that is all. >;.>}
Can’t wait to see this episode!

K, I’m going to reveal that though a life long Star Trek fan, I don’t know everything… Could someone tell me if the Shuttles are supposed to be Warp capable? I think, I had always infered a low Warp capacity, by just the presence of the nacelle pods, but just what is the “official” capacity? Sublight only?
And wasn’t the original ShuttleBay miniature “forced perspective”? I don’t recall for sure, but I thought it was.
The screencaps look better than before… nice to see that Mr.Scott keeps the Shuttle Bay nice and pristeen… no space lube stains on the bay’s floor! ;-)

Regarding the apparently small size of the shuttle bay: The original miniature was not built to correct scale with the ship model and was, in fact, far larger than would actually fit within the ship’s hull. I’ve been curious to see what the CBS-D people would do about that, whether they would stick to the apparent size of the miniature or scale it down to match the ship. Evidently they chose to scale it down.

Also, I don’t think there’s any discrepancy between the first and second shots posted above. We’re looking at the shuttle nose-on in the first shot and more from the side in the second shot. Given that the shuttle is not nearly as wide as it is long, it makes it seem smaller in the first shot but it’s only an optical illusion.

Oh and by the way, the open bay on the left side of the second shot is interesting. Even with the entire hangar deck scaled down, there shouldn’t be room for a bay that deep between the hanger and the outer hull.

One thing that always bugged me BAD was the size difference between the outside of the life-sized shuttle prop built for the show, and the inside of it built on the soundstage. It was not nearly big enough outside for a grown man to stand up in from the outside, but inside it was! And nobody say it’s a TARDIS effect! :)


In reading these and other posts, I’m sensing that some of those posting comments would prefer a more “photorealistic” look, and others seem content with the “it’s a matte painting from the 1960s, if only they had the time and the budget” look. For example, a matte painting wouldn’t interact with composited elements (e.g., reflections on the floor).

Has CBS-D said anything definitive about which look they are after? (Sorry if I’ve missed the info somewhere.) In my opinion, TBTB are doing a pretty decent job of splitting the difference; it seems like there’s a lot of hair-splitting going on with the comments. (But that’s all part of the fun!)



That’s a bay? I thought it was an exit from the room, probably connecting to another room further within the ship.


Not in that direction. It would open straight out the side of the secondary hull.

Those pics are nothing short of brilliant. I love the design work for the shuttlebay. I cannot wait to see this sucker in motion!

The bay was a model in the original, not a matte painting.

#12 jonboc and others…

Here is a link to the original shuttle bay shot:

I agree that the new one looks a good deal smaller. That’s a bit of a shame to me. It’s a really nice shot, but I wish this had been one of those instances where CBS-D had tried to match the original (in scale, if not in angle and composition) instead of making it to the correct scale with the Enterprise (if indeed that was the case. I’m not convinced it is). That original shuttle bay looks super cool and able to accommodate a ship larger than a shuttlecraft — like a small scout ship or something, — if the need ever arose. This new shuttle bay looks like you could barely get your Hummer next to your Explorer! Then again, it may be a wide-angle lens versus a regular lens illusion.

That said, it’s a pretty shot. I do like the Orion ship as well. It’s still moving so fast, it’s hard to make out quite what it looks like. That’s something I had always liked about the simplicity of the original. It gave it an air of mystery that covered for the fact that they used an expedient and presumably cheap way of making a fast alien ship.

I may actually get up at 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning to see this one!

Scott B. out.

The people in the bay windows look fine. The people in the shuttle look like Weebles all pressed up against the glass. I’m not saying that’s the wrong choice. An actual view would likely show you only the tops of people’s heads. So, this is done for the sake of giving the proper impression.
I still would pay about $20 to be one of the people in one of the windows. Anybody at CBS-D wanna make a quick twenty??? (And please, whoever is forking out five grand for Rand’s 40-year old underwear, please don’t jack up the price.)


Then, perhaps it’s an alcove, somewhere to stand in the room, without having to worry about getting hit by one of the shuttles (after the room has been pressurized, of course). It could also be there for a place to put cargo.

The space is just too small for a shuttle to fit, so it can’t be a shuttle bay.

Re #36:

You bring up a very good point. At some point, the CBS team would have discussed the aesthetic level to which the CGI would be rendered to, photorealistc or somewhere else. That would be a good one for Anthony to ask the CBS team.

i dunno if it was said above me, but the people in the windows look like cardboard cut-outs


I was using the word “bay” in a generic sense; “alcove” is probably a more appropriate term. I still think it’s too deep, though.


Perhaps there’s a stairs back there, leading from the hangar floor to the observation deck (where all those people behind the windows are).

It’s Kirk’s after Xmas party hideaway make-out spot.

#48. CmdrR.

Very funny :) Given Kirk’s legendary status… it gives a “hole” new meaning to “glory.”

Lordy. If you compare the 2nd shot of the shuttle on the turntable vs. the original, the space on either side of the shuttle looks to add up to approximately one additional shuttle length. Since the shuttle is supposedly about 24′, that would put the hangar approximately 50′ wide at that point (excluding the side passages), which is entirely consistent with what we know about the “real” size of the Enterprise. The reason the deck looks so much more expansive in the original is that the camera angle doesn’t include the cathedral ceiling, and is positioned closer to the much narrower end of the bay near the doors, not because CBS-D got anything wrong. And this way we get a better look at the crowds observing the landing, which I suspect was the point of changing the angle to begin with.

Sheez. Bottom line is, it’s a beautiful shot. Some of you folks are way over-thinking this stuff.