Trouble Between JJ and Paramount Rumor Debunked [UPDATED]

There is a disturbing rumor going around that there has been some falling out between JJ Abrams and Paramount regarding Star Trek XI, and that JJ Abrams may no longer be involved in the project. heard this rumor earlier today, then Latino Review ran a story on it and some other sites followed. After looking into it, multiple sources close to the production tell TrekMovie the rumor is not true. In addition JJ Abrams has personally debunked the rumor as ‘false’ via a Blackberry message to Harry Knowles of AICN. UPDATE: IGN also say it is BS

…so thats that.

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Harry over at Ain’t it Cool News says JJ Abrams told him in a message the rumor is false when he pointed out to him the Latino Review article.

Harry Knowles just debunked this rumor with one short and sweet quote from JJ.

Doggone it. I was really hoping this was true….leading to the triumphant return of Rick Berman.

I heard that. Who said, “Phasers on liquify?”

IGN also debunked the rumor. Thank you for posting as well. I’m sure message boards will be ablaze before fans find out the truth.

Also, your site is great and I can’t wait until production gets rolling. I’m sure your updates will be spectacular.

Last I heard, Harve Bennett wants in on the project. After all, they are using some of his ideas. That’s the holdup on announcing any of the details.

Internet rumors. Fascinating.

lo que no se porque una web como trekmovie se hace eco de este tipo de rumores, yo alucino.

es mejor ni publicarlos.:( :(

Oh,What a relief (just a rumor).Now JJ can go forward with his big Star Trek musical

Come on it’s rumors posted on the internet, it must be true!!



What’s curious about the rumor is the timing, that’s why people were apt to believe it. But I’m of the school of thought that until they start actually shooting the movie, I’m not assuming anything whatsoever.

Stranger things have happened. The way Paramount has handled this franchise over the last decade plus has been so bad that the idea of a really good Trek movie is shocking. That’s why these news reports seem too good to be true.

Funny how it’s going to be 12 years between excellent Trek movies…….

I want Abrams’ Trek NOW.

For the love of humanity I’m only 30 and believe I experienced a coronary when I read this yesterday. Paramount better not F us.

At first I believed the rumour because maybe Paramount was jittery about Abrams bonehead notion to have old Kirk meet young Kirk. Funny how even a brilliant film-maker like Abrams can have a brainfart once in a while. How are we supposed to suspend disbelief and bond with the new Kirk if the Shat (in his hammy fashion) is mugging for the camera in the very same scene? If anyone but Abrams had pitched this idea he would have been laughed out of the room! That premise is asking WAY too much of any audience, be they either fanatic or general audience. A GREAT script should take precedent over any notion of seeing Shatner one more time!

Okay, JJ you’ve had your fun spreading that rumor, time to get back to work getting the script written.