Interview: Chris Doohan Wants To Fill His Father’s Space Boots

When Chris Doohan, the son of the original Scotty James Doohan, saw reports that Paramount is looking for a new Scotty he decided he should throw his hat into the ring. To that end Chris has started a grassroots campaign asking fans to write Paramount and suggest a Doohan for the iconic engineer. Chris tells that the idea actually came from fans: "In the back of my mind I thought this would be kind of neat to be in the movie, but never thought as the role of Scotty. Then a lot people on MySpace kept saying I should try it, and so I thought what the heck I will give it a try." Even though he has just started the campaign he says that he has got hundreds of responses from people saying they have written to Paramount on his behalf. Doohan has been surprised at how much interest his campaign has garnered, but is still realistic about his chances, saying "it is probably a shot in the dark and I know my chances aren’t good, but it is something you throw out there into the universe and see what comes back"

Wouldn’t be his first time
Doohan, who is the frontman for the band Muddflaps, mainly considers himself a singer and works professionally as a vascular technician. That being said he does have some experience as an actor (a role on the show “Your Big Break” and two appearances on the reality show "Breaking Bonaduce"), but says he is not interested in getting into acting full time. He realizes that Paramount will likely go with a more experienced actor for the role of Scotty, especially if it is more than just a cameo type role. Mostly he wants to have any kind of part in Star Trek XI, even as an extra, as homage to his father. "I think my dad would get a real kick out of this, he got my brother and I in the original Star Trek movie and he loved it and we loved it so why not try again," enthuses Doohan. Both Chris and Montgomery Doohan (who are twins) did have uncredited extra roles in Star Trek: The Motion Picture (see photo below). On the chance that he did get an audition for the role of Scotty, Doohan says he is ready with a Scottish accent. "Aye laddie I’ll give it all I can" demonstrates Doohan in a reasonable impersonation of his father’s trademark brogue.

The Doohan Brothers in ST: TMP

Father would be flattered
Doohan is supportive of the idea for Paramount going back to the original series for the new feature saying "I think its great." He also believes that his father would be ok with the role he made famous being recast. "I don’t think it will take away from my father’s original work, he will always be known as the original Scotty, he would be flattered," says Doohan. And so who does Chris think would be the best choice (besides himself) to be the new Scotty: "Michael Meyers, I think he would do it and I think he looks the part and he does a great Scottish accent."

For more on Chris Doohan’s campaign for a role in Star Trek XI check out his MySpace Page . Also to learn more about his band Muddflaps go to their official site.  


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Yeah, well my late dad sang at The Met, but I’m not going up there on a ‘lark’ to fantasize that I’m the next Pavarotti. Just keep that day job snaking catheters into peoples’ whuznits, Chris.

Viking, that was hilarious and well said. If it’s just a walk on, I think that would be OK, but if this is suppose to be a new franchise and Scotty would be a real part, then I think we need a real actor… maybe Sean Pertwee could do it… oh wait.

#1 Viking…. what a sentimental soul you are.
The man just expressed a dream… a desire. He knows he’s not likely to get it. Cut him a little slack for trying.
I’d give him a walk-on…. but my vote don’t matter. JJ’s does.

GO Chris Doohan! He’s got my vote for Scotty. :)

I say, why not!! He looks like him and if he can act and do a decent accent I say go for it too. Not bad on the eyes either.

I think that this would be a fantastic choice that would not only honor the Great James Doohan, but his millions of fans! I give Chris a thumbs up to be cast in the next motion picture. Don of Don’s Collectible Corner

It’s only an audition. Let him have one. The worst case is that they say no, which of course is what we all would expect. This isn’t a fan made video. If he gets the part, it will be because he was a competent actor. And it sure would bring more positive buzz to the movie. It would be a nice thing.

That said, I don’t expect it.

If he doesn’t get it, he should talk with the New Voyages group. Yeah, they have a Scotty, but so what?

Let’s see Chris looks like his dad, sounds just like his dad did when doing the Scottish accent, and oh he grew up with his dad and around Star Trek. Probably knows what it is to be Scotty better than anyone else.

I definitely think they should at least give him an audition. And if he’s good and they cast him in the role the publicity for the movie would be amazing! Just imagine the publicity of the son of the original Scotty being the one to revise it!

How about Trek giving us a little video of Chris doing his Scotty. I think if people are going bring up other people in these responses tryout Paul McGillion from Stargate Atlantis.

Hell, let him read for it. If he’s good and clicks why not. He shouldn’t get any preference because of his name, but he shouldn’t be ruled out for it either.

I’d love to see Chris in this role. I have been a huge Star Trek fan for as long as I can remember. Seeing “Scotty’s” son take over his role would be wonderful!!!!

Agreed, let him read for the role!!! What harm can that do?

Even if he doesn’t get the part of Scotty,the fact that his heart’s desire is to honor his dad is very touching.If they cast him as Scotty’s chief assistant that would be real sweet.

I think if he has any apptiude for acting at all he should be given the role or in the spirit of fairness for other actors at least a good audition so he can get looked at, wouldn’t make a great headline anyway; “Son of legendary Trek actor to fill fathers role” that would be incredible.

What a great legacy that would be! What great publicity also!

I would love to see Chris Doohan get an audition. I would love it even more to see another Doohan playing the part of Scotty. I’ll hold hope that the folks at Paramount will give him a chance.

Great idea!

I met Chris Doohan in LA at the BEAM ME UP SCOTTY…one last time Star Trek convention that celebrated James Doohan’s Star on the Hollywood walk of Fame. Chris was very kind and took the time to talk with me several times. He and his band the Muddflaps played for the Friday night cocktail party. They were very entertaining and certainly added to the ambiance of the celebration.
Chris even looks like a young Scotty. He would have to shave off his facial hair though. It is logical to choose Chris because he is not Herbert.

I hope Paramount are watching and listening to this. They know they need to make a good film here to kickstart their stagnant franchise. Chris would be an ideal choice for Scotty but he deserves a smaller role at least if the main characters are to be portrayed by well known faces.

Yes, but CAN HE ACT???

Chris is Great & I think he would do a Fantastic job. Paramount give him a shot…he has a fan base already pulling for him…so with that, already means ALOT more tickets will be sold because of Chris.
Good Luck Chris !

I’m only going to watch Star Trek XI if:

1) I see Scotty in it
2) I Chris Doohan in it
3) There is no sight of Mike Myers in this movie

Hey, Star Trek is nothing but a cheap show without Scotty. And it’s got to be the real Scotty. Who could get closer to the original than his own son. I think he could do a pretty good job if given the opportunity. And he’s already got all the fans on his side.

Beam me up Scotty!

I can’t say I know Chris, but I’ve seen him once or twice when he was a little boy. If only briefly and I doubt he remembers. He was busy playing spaceman. I’d like to see it happen again. Now that he has literally grown into his father’s boots. His Dad must be smiling down at him now, just delighted by the very idea of it. Don’t you see the Scotty spirit in young Doohan’s eyes?

great article if its not obvious that chris should play his fathers role then i think someone must be blind. i think chris would be great for the role and it would be a great tribute to james.

Chris is perfect for the part. You go Chris!!!

What better way to bring Star Trek into the next generation, than to cast the next generation……. I think it would be a wise choice for Paramount.!!!

Gotta love Star Trek! Chris sure looks like he could fill the part, IMO

If you want to go for the whole enchilada, a la Gary Sinese as McCoy, I’d vote for Paul McGillion from Stargate Atlantis. The guy not only looks more like Jimmy Doohan than Chris, he’s also a gen-u-ine Scot, fer chrissakes. He’s a pretty good actor and HIS brogue is REAL. I think the guy could nail it to the wall as Scotty.

I’d love the fact that someone named Doohan (preferably Chris) continued the role of Scotty on into the 21st century (okay … the 23rd as well).

#21… wet blanket.
Well let’s find out… and if he can’t. He can say he tried.

Chris Doohan has mentioned himself that he’s probably too old to play Scotty in the new film, but doggone it, Paramount casting is more foolish than I can imagine if they don’t see the publicity potential here: Cast him as anything and he’d be glad to do it, and you guys have a lovely promotional angle!

Come on, folks. Use your heads.

Okay,I must admit that Chris is 46years old, but he sure doesnt look like it. I would guess he was 32 tops! and considering his dad was 46 when he started his role as Scotty, I think Chris is perfect. If Paramount doesn’t give him a chance they’re crazy! What a public Relations coo. Go for it and give Chris a part.

What a splendid idea. I couldn’t think of a better man for the job.

My proposal to Paramount: Tell a story that uses a VERY young Scotty and have it told by a Scotty in his mid forties (a TOS era Scotty) and have Chris play that part. He looks like TOS Scotty’s twin brother.

And if Paramount writers aren’t good enough to get the job done, they can always come to me for ideas. I’ve got plenty of good ideas.

I really want Scotty… sorry I mean Chris to get the part. Honestly, I don’t care about Star Trek, if I don’t get my Scotty and it’s got to be Chris Doohan. No Doohan in it -> No ScottyGirl watching the movie. You better believe it.

I’d like to see Dougray Scott play the engineer! It’d be a slightly different take on the character, but that’s no bad thing!

Give the lad a chance!

Give me a break- the dude lists among his reasons for being right for the role: I like money. This is the kind of guy you want playing Scotty? How about he plays a background extra. He already did that in ST:TMP. Then his non-acting experience is not going to endanger the film whatsoever.

If you read his blogs you would know that he was joking. Unlike you, he has a sense of humor.

Don’t forget Scottie is older than KIrk, so his age isn’t that big a deal, even if he doesn’t get the Scottie role I’d like to see him have a small role, how about someone like Kyle.

I think it would be cool for him to audition… but I have to ask, has anyone ever seen him act in anything before?

Well it seems that most of us here agree, that Chris deserves a shot at the role of “Scotty”, and if not that one then possibly another role in the movie, would be a great honor for James Doohan to have his son play any part in the movie…And we all think that Chris will do a great job of it…..So Go Chris!! …….:) And yes I definately would pay to see a movie with Chris Doohan in it~especially Star Trek XI.

He deserves a shot at it…why not?

Let the man audition and let his talents speak for themselves.


In regards of Chris Doohan playing the role of Scotty in ST: XI, in my professional opinion, he is the best candidate for this role. Chris has much passion, as his father did. That is what Gene Roddenberry admired, and looked for in a character.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you Chris.

I agree with Kyle 100%. It makes sense…those against on here aren’t funny and are probably jealous never-were’s. Of course an audition is necessary, but what can it hurt to give him a chance? Works for me.

I just made a comment on the McAvoy story and then I saw this. I too think Paramount should give Chris a try.

Thanks for all your support. I know it’s a long shot, but thanks to all of you, I may just have a chance.

I will call Anthony Pascale at if I have any news.

Thanks again, Chris Doohan

Wow, this is great all these comments. Keep ’em coming and spread the word for others to leave them. It can only help. Chris is a great guy and really deserves a shot at this!!! I wish him the best!

Can you honor a person any more than to have their child given the opportunity to actually walk in his/her foot steps. I say at bare minimum, give him an audition.

Give him an audition and if he has the chops then let him play Scotty! Think of the buzz this would get…

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