Remastered “Journey to Babel” Screenshots and Video

A favorite episode gets a proper CGI upgrade…

SFX Video


New and Old

In Orbit of Vulcan
Shuttle Landing Sequence 1
Shuttle Landing Sequence 2
Shuttle Landing Sequence 3
The Shuttlebay
Leaving Vulcan
The Orion ship hovering
The Orion ship makes a pass at the Enterprise
The Enterprise fires at the Orion ship
The Enterprise tries to torpedo the Orion ship

The Enterprise drifts
The Enterprise fires phasers at close range
The Orion ship is disabled (notice the chunks floating in the new version)
The Orion scout ship self-destructs


Assorted Shots

Spock attempts to teach McCoy the Vulcan salute

Ambassador Sarek


The Ambassador Reception

It ain’t a party until little gold men start boozing it up!

"…A teddy bear!"

The spy Thelev looking menacing

Surgery while being fired upon

A better look at the Orion ship damage

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