Check Out This Killer Preview Of “Doomsday Machine” Remastered have put up a preview for this weekend’s highly anticipated "Doomsday Machine" Remastered. Oh my god oh my god oh my god…

click image to play in WMP or Click Here for QT

…and check out the images from Doomsday, UPDATE:  and now more images

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Um, wow

umm ok I don’t like comment based soley on the crappy little previews, but the planet killer’s core doesn’t look as cool as they described it in the recent interview.

That was…….really, really nice.

Let me again say, wow. Just for emphasis.

WOW…..I’m more than speechless, this episode looks fantastic. I can’t wait.

I’ve been looking forward to this since the beginning.

Did someone say WOW? Frankly, I know some will find things to complain about, but from what I’ve seen here…this COULD be ALMOST as good as GREAT sex!!! And, just before Valentine’s, too! ;-)




Pretty cool so far. Some nice angles on some of the ship shots. Have to see it all together for a final reaction. Can’t wait.

That last shot with the Enterprise silhouette against the fiery furnace of the Planet Killers’ proton beam Maw is INSTANTLY iconic.

I second and third that wow! Wow.

These still images and the preview video do look pretty awesome. I like that one still shot looking down on the Enterprise and the Constellation below it.

Daren Doc’s preview looked quite awesome, but the CBS guys look like they’ve out done themselves and maybe exceed Daren Docs! The only thing that looks a little off was the side view of TDM and it looked a tad fat. I do like the surface texture detailing for TDM and the 2 starships. This will be an exciting week! Two interpretations of TDM and they both look like pretty valid points of view.

OMFG! Sunday night/Monday morning can’t come fast enough for me in NYC!!!

Oh wait, that was the Constellation silhouette.

You know, they have said they’ve been working on this for several months. Just look at what they can do with a little more time (at least they reserved time for this classic)!!! Maybe my mind will change when I see the whole episode, but I doubt it. This looks incrEDIBLE!!!!! I’m gonna eat this baby up on Saturday!

You got it right the 2nd time, Josh, but I can’t blame you for your enthusiasm!!!! I say again, WOW!


OH MY GOD! Look at the HORRIBLE surface?!?!?! I’ve seen better work from aspiring kids on myspace!!!

I can’t help but say I can’t believe how they are ruining this classic show!

The surface… It’s a damn bump map with amateur color.


This is horrible!!! Absolutely horrible! And pathetic.

(Please don’t delete this message… it’s an honest response to what I just saw and how sick it made me….)

What do you TOS fans think of the idea of an EXPANDED VISION ORIGINAL EPISODE WITH MORE CGI AND NEWLY SHOT FOOTAGE.If you like trek remastered maybe we can get them to do it.Incorperate all these things into a TOS Trek episode to make a 1-1/2 hour Trek TV movie.Any feedback to this idea?It’d be great to prime audience interest for the upcoming feature film.

Looks REAL good to me. I don’t know what #15 is talking about.

Some people will never be satisfied.

I’m quite convinced now there are individuals that visit this forum that are QUITE anhedonic.

Yeah it’s not like they are working with a motion picture budget here.

On another note the Promo dept is doing a nice Job with the Previews

………… Wow!

That look feaking awesome! The Constellations damage (the “rubble” breaking against the hull nice touch) and I agree that shot of the ship entering the maw, great!

Checked, here and a few times looking for this! NICE!

wow that great ever i saw preview but not enough grr lol.. i cant wait this sunday at 3pm in arizona….

Personally I like some of the subtle touches I’ve seen so far, the rock breaking on the surface of the Constellation, the new angles we get to see of the E, I think this weekend will be quite exciting.

But I think we need to stop seeing it as show down, but seeing it as an incredibly rare opportunity to see two distinct visions of something we all love, shown side by side. You’ve got CBS-D’s vision of how it should be, and Daren’s love of Trek that made him create a personal masterpiece. The fact that what we’ve seen of both look so amazing is a complement to each.

Of course it’s really tempting to call this Trek Bowl ’07, the showdown of the titans of Trek. But I’m going to avoid doing that.

Oh and the I think CBS-D missed something because the Constellation’s nacelles look wrong. Like they are all burnt out or something. Hell, one looks like it’s gone completely. :)

I like the surface of the Planet Killer, it is reminiscent of the Cetacean probe from Trek IV, implying great age and a vast journey across time and space.

Note to CBS Digital and Mike Okuda, Denise, et. al.

You guys rock a Kirk drop kick. Thank you. A fan.

And remember everyone…we still have “The Ultimate Computer” out there…

Looks magnificent. No, better than that… it looks like the effects this script and production deserve.
Not only that… but, on deck there’s The Immunity Syndrome and The Tholian Web.
I’m having March Madness early!

First time commenting here…Just wanted to say they keep getting bettter and better…If they can just make the interior lights on the Enterprise brighter. That has been my problem from the start…

That said, I have been waiting for this one for years!!! “The Doomsday Machine” was fantastic, and now I can see it anew.

Now, let’s see what they do with “The Ultimate Computer”

Thank you CBS for refreshing a classic!

Daren — you are like Dekker in the shuttlecraft, but the results are far better. You have done so much with so little. I am grateful there are two out there. It’s just plain fun to compare. So, forgive the gushing right now about CBS-D. Or don’t. In any case, I’m SO glad both are around.

I am in total astonishment.

I’m just glad CBS were able to get it finished… :) And no, I have no problems with people liking what they like… that’s what makes it fun… Infinite Diversity and all that… :) Fun to see very different takes on the same thing.

Now, back to rendering. lol

The folks at CBS must be really tuned into to this website. The preview isn’t even posted on the Star Trek. com web site yet.

The new shots look great! I have Darren’s version to look foward to on Friday and CBS’s version to look forward to on Saturday.

This is what I call a true win win situation for Star Trek fans. I have absoultely nothing to complain about. Any one else want to submit there own version? Go for it!

I just want to say… I LOVE TREK! Nothing beats the original! It’s like watching it for the first time!

this deserves the old mac in the pants compliment.


Cool, but wasn’t the planet killer headed for the Rigel system (not Earth)?

Read #33 of the Grunberg article postings (a few back) to read some very funny fat jokes regarding Scotty (if I do say so myself).

The universe of Star Trek was ripe for creating giants and legends, Homeresque heroes and daring figures.

It isn’t a slam on Next Gen to say the universe and space travel became a very safe, ordinary, almost common affair.

Here we have a prime example – one of humankinds most sophisticated , marvelous technological wonders, a vessel truly worthy of admiration, wrecked and charred to a dead hulk.

How many of the original 13 Constitution class Starships were lost or damaged beyond repair during the Enterprise 5 year mission? ALL of them except Enterprise?

On Next Gen, and especially DS9, it was nothing to lose a starship, infact whole FLEETS were utterly decimated in engagements.

In Kirk’s era, bringing a starship home to port was a DAMN big deal and is infact why the man was promoted to Rear Admiral before 40 years of age not to mention Chief of Starfleets entire operations.

I like the way Skippers in Kirks era were oft the subject and victim of self grandisement and disillusion, being out of contact with the Admirality for extended periods, as well as having almost total arbitration in decision making processes.
In Kirks era when two skippers met it was a big deal, they all knew each other by name and reputation, either personal admiration or sometimes grudges.
In Next Gen era it became routine and commonplace to lose a ship “Oh boy Cap’n there goes the Floccanauccanihilipilification Class Antares destroyed.”
But consider the event they made out of the discovery of the wrecked Constellation, giving a deliberate almost Pearl Harbor vibe.

It’s a true testament to Gene Roddenberry, Shatner, Windom, Spinrad, et’ al that the appearance of a fake model can ellicit so much moving emotion.



I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

WICKED COOL!!! This is simply amazing!! I’m so glad CBS-D got the job because they are pulling images out of my damn head by using some Talosian mind frak or something. I can’t wait to see this!! I hope they don’t cut too much. BRAVO OKUDAS, ROSSI AND CBS-D YOU GUYS FRAKKIN ROCK!!

I have to say I love the way they light the saucer section of the E as its rising from the planet killer. Its so barren but dramatic with those big letters. Just beautiful!

The damage on the constellation is far more realistic than the original. Poor Constellation!

…and did anyone notice they put the little colored light thingies under the shuttlebay :) True, it’s the little things that make me happy.

But as for the big things- from the preview images I’m seeing they look great. I love the detail of the wrecked Constellation. I was worried that they’d be too faithful and try hard to make it look like a little AMT model burned w/ a cigarette lighter, but this looks like a mangled starship. It clearly shows that the bridge is damaged and the warp engines will never warp again.

Had a few more views of the preview. Yes, agree that the detail on the Consellation is impressive.

Having seen the internal shot of the Planet Killer, the burning whatever you call it does look a bit of a let down. As was done in Balance of Terror, using CGI to create flame like effects are hard to pull off. Here, it looks like almost hand painted animation.

Not to say that the work here is bad, the new external skin of the Planet Killer is excellent, can’t wait to see it in motion. Wonder if they have portions translucent and glossy as the original model was and as Daren Doc has done it.

The new external shots of the Enterprise and Constellation were equally excellent. Still a tad of video game look to the surfaces, but better then ever!

Good job on the ships, but honestly, the doomsday machine looked hideous. The phaser impact on the thing’s surface made me chuckle a little bit. I’m glad I didn’t grow up with TOS, otherwise I would be quite distraught.

I hope they keep the Planet Killer “Sonic Warble” sound effect!

Talk about your iconic sound effects, it’s right up there with the “Wilhem Scream.”




Dialogue muh boy, dialogue.

Starfleet phasers are ineffective against the surface of the Planet Killer.
No explosions. No scarring. No burns. Nothing.

It’s hull is composed of solid neutronium. That is, if memory serves.


How many “Vejur-like” entities has the Enteprise confronted in it’s career exactly, it’s always fun when the Enterprise goes up against a superior “opponent.”

Let’s see,

The Doomsday Machine
The Cetacean Probe
The Galactic Ameoba
That cloud thing on the animated episode.


I’m reserving judgment on the new FX shots until I see it bigger, but at first glance I’ll say I’m liking the starships… but I can’t say I’m real excited about the new Planet Killer. Hmmm…

On a geekier, more obsessive-compulsive tangent…

The Constellation’s registry number (NCC-1017) has always really bugged me as seeming weirdly inconsistent for Constitution Class starships (shouldn’t every ship in that class be NCC-17somethingsomething?) — plus it just looks like a goofy transposition/cheat of the Enterprise’s 1701. So I’m really, really curious if Okuda & Co. were at all tempted to “conform” it to something more consistent (like the temptation to correct Kirk’s tombstone in WNMHGB).

I thought the hull of the Doomsday Machine looked pretty lame and I’m 51, a film buff, a Trekker and imaginative to know they could have done better!