Abrams Still On For Star Trek XI – May Still Direct

Again with the rumors. Latino Review (who pushed last week’s debunked rumor that Abrams has left the project) have now morphed their rumor into saying that Abrams will not direct Star Trek XI, but will direct a different film called "Cloverfield" for Paramount. TrekMovie.com have been told by a source close to the production that this rumor is "so totally wrong". Abrams is still attached to the project as producer, the film is still going forward, and preperation are being made (including a number of stages being set aside). No decision or deal (either way) has yet been made regarding if Abrams will be directing the film. In addition Abrams confirmed to AICN that he is ‘not off Trek’.Some of this confusion may be due to the fact that Abrams has a multi-picture deal with Paramount; in fact Greg Grunberg recently told IGN Abrams had 3 projects going at the studio right now. As we have been reporting, this month may be where many of the big decisions on Trek are made so expect more rumors and more fact checking here at TrekMovie.com. And of course, things change so take it all in with the usual grains of salt.

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Thanks for putting these inane rumors to rest, Anthony. :)

p.s. FIRST! Yahoo! In your face! ;)

bueno eso se sabia, si es que los rumores estos solo hacen que marear a los fans, eso si a ver si se decide Abraams a aclararnos algo que estamos hasta las narices de tanto rumor. :( :(

If Abrams has so much on the go he should let someone else direct Trek.

Why would he NOT want to direct Trek. Of course, this is merely yet another “will he or won’t he” news story. Be it Shatner’s participation or Abrams’ decision to direct, it would be nice if he would simply say yes or no.

Producing and directing a film are two VERY different things.


I had never *heard* of Latino Review until all this . . . I guess this is how they’re making a name for themselves. Thanks, Anthony, for clearing things up (again).

Actually, Latino Review made a name for themselves last year by scooping the casting of Brandon Routh as the new Superman.

However, aside from that scoop, I don’t know what their reputation is in the industry as far as reliability goes…

No doubt producing and directing are two different things, but it’s not like Abrams has never directed before, and I would think that this project would be his baby.

When you think of it, this is like waiting for a kettle to boil. Of course we get frustrated by devoting so much attention to a decision that could be made weeks from now. Even Abrams and Paramount don’t seem to know at THIS point. We need to distract ourselves with some other pursuit in the interim…..say Gorn hunting….yeah, that’s it. Gorn hunting! Hey, are they in season right now?

babelfish made a mess of andoriano’s post:

“good that wise, if it is that the these rumors single make that navigate to fans, that if to see if Abraams is decided to clarify something to us that we are until the noses of as much rumor”

I think he’s saying it’s good that TrekMovie is debunking the rumor. I agree.

10 – Gorn’s good huntin’…and good eatin’!

Why do so many people think that if Abrams doesn’t direct it himself, the movie will stink? As I think has been mentioned here before, Lucas let other people direct Episodes V and VI of The Star Wars, and if anything, the franchise was better off for it.

I personally liked Mission Impossible III, but I know a lot of people who thought the action sequences needed to be handled differently. If Abrams thinks somebody else would be stronger handling all this science fiction stuff, that doesn’t mean he’s lost faith in the project.

He’s playing hard to get for the sake of his price tag… standard procedure here.

as shatner would say! get a life! come on….

Until they roll cameras on this thing, the wait-and-see approach is going to be my policy on this from now on.

> Gorn hunting….yeah, that’s it. Gorn hunting!
> Hey, are they in season right now?

Tressaurian season should be coming around again fairly soon ….

Yeah, but what do you call a lesbian dinosaur? Answer: A Lickalottapuss!

That’s just sick.


Harry suggests that they’ve got soundstages on standby for this shoot. You hear anything about that?

#17, Tressaurian tastes a lot like chicken.

You may well have mentioned it and I just missed it.

#19 “that’s just sick” You have to be quick to be sick!
#20 “Tressaurian tastes a lot like chicken” And Gorn tastes like corn!

#8 – Thanks John N., I do seem to remember that scoop now. I hope this new rumor doesn’t pan out — guess we’ll find out eventually.

I’m still patiently waiting for one of you brainiacs to suggest one suitable actor to play the role of a young James Kirk. The collective postings here haven’t exactly been effusive on this subject. Is it maybe because we all recognize that any “known” actor would bring too much baggage to the role? It ultimately comes back to the premise of having a great script, a supremely talented supporting cast and a dynamic unknown thespian sitting in the captain’s chair.

No, it’s because people can’t agree on these things in advance. Paramount will cast someone and after that people will adjust.

Damon’s suitable, as far as I’m concerned. I can think of a number of folks who would be – but then, I don’t care whether they look or sound any more like William Shatner than Daniel Craig resembles Sean Connery.

Oh, believe me, I don’t want a clone or even a clever impersonation of Shatner. What I would like to see is someone with exploding talent, charisma by the bucketload to be sure, but ultimately a man who embodies everything good and capable that we see in Kirk. To paraphrase Zod in Superman II: “Is there no one on this planet who can play the role?”

“Kneel before Zod!”

Sorry, had to say it.

Back on topic, though, wasn’t this rumor brought up and debunked just a week ago? I guess we just have to take everything we read about Trek XI with a grain of salt unless we hear it directly from JJ, Paramount, or Anthony. The excuse that “it *has* to be true because I read about it on the internet!” is simply no excuse at all.

Unless, of course we read it on TrekMovie.com

Jeez, I’m drunk on Johnnie Walker’s discourse! Is anyone going to respond to my queries of post # 25 + 27 or do I have to go this alone?

Another shot of Johnnie Walker?

As far as who to play young Kirk, I don’t have any new names for you. I think most people have been saying Matt Damon mainly because he “looks the part,” however, whoever is cast in the role should make the character believable. I honestly think that Damon can do just that. Whenever I watch the “Bourne” movies, I don’t think “Hey, there’s Matt Damon!” I see him as Jason Bourne. So, I wouldn’t have a problem with James T. Kirk played by Matt Damon. But if they decide to cast Ben Affleck as Spock, I think I would have a problem with that.

Kirk needs to be an unknown. Matt Damon is not even a good actor. Neither is Ben Affleck. Even if Damon were a good actor, he’s just not right for James T. Kirk. He isn’t fit to lick Shatner’s boots.

Yeah, Connery was replaced as Bond, but Bond also started off in the books. And with the possible exception of Pierce Brosnan, all the Bonds were unknowns.

Roger Moore was an unknown?

probably Trek XI will just get totally scrapped

#32:”Kirk needs to be an unknown. Matt Damon is not even a good actor. Neither is Ben Affleck. Even if Damon were a good actor, he’s just not right for James T. Kirk. He isn’t fit to lick Shatner’s boots.”

None of those things are true, really.

Please! Please! NO Matt Damon!!!!!!!!!!!!

35–except that every word of it is true.

What the hell did Roger Moore do outside of Bond? Just a bunch of bit parts and a short lived series called the Persuaders that lasted 24 episodes. That’s an unknown.

Matt Damon is a miscast, not unlike Nick Cage as Superman. He brings a hell of a lot more negative baggage than positive. No one is going to see Star Trek because Matt Damon is in it.

#35 – Dennis Bailey

Of course they’re not true… unless of course StillKirok thinks:

a) that someone with an Academy Award isn’t worthy to lick the boots of someone with an Emmy, or

b) that someone who’s movies have outgrossed Shatner’s by 181% worldwide is again not worthy of said boot licking

(figures courtesy of http://www.the-numbers.com)

Hey gang, I was wondering what you all thought of David Boreanaz as a Younger Kirk? Adide from having the right look, I think his persona and self-effacing sense of humor matches well with what Shatner brought to the role. Anyway, here’s a recent pic:


#37 StillKirok… Roger Moore did The Saint from 62 to 69 before he was cast as James Bond. He was known as The Saint in the day much like Pierce was known for Remington Steele. There was a lot of controversy about the casting (that never happens!) because people still associated him with his character in The Saint.

For the record.. I don’t care who plays Kirk as long as he can act. A Shatner look a like or impersonator would just be a farce. Who do I think would be good in other parts? Someone said Ray Liotta as Pike.. I think that is great. He is a great actor and he looks the part for all the die hard purists. If not for Gary Sinise’s age, he would be a great McCoy. I like his acting. Scotty… hmmm… what’s his name from Stargate maybe. I have no clue who I would cast as Spock. That will be the toughest to cast properly. Thems my two Candian cents…

pardon my spelling.. I have two left thumbs.. :)

Latino Review is typically on the level but they also don’t always have access to all of the info in a timely manner. I suspect they found out Abrams is attached to direct another film and concluded this must mean he’s *off* STXI. When in fact, he’s never said he would do anything more than write and produce. While it would be great for him to direct, the fact is he’s a writer/exec producer first, and a director second. So if he comes up with someone else to direct this, there’s not a tragedy there at all.

An academy award? Are you aware he won that award for WRITING? Last I checked, writing isn’t acting. But either way, Liam Neeson has an academy award too, but he’s not right for Kirk either.

Damon hasn’t had done any notable acting SINCE Good Will Hunting, and that movie was overrated. More important, even if he were the best actor on the planet, doesn’t mean he would be right for the role of Kirk.

Also, The Saint didn’t air on network TV in the US according to this site:

The show was before my time, but either way, Roger Moore was nowhere near as famous as Matt Damon is now.

As for other casting, who says Senise is too old? We don’t know enough about the script to know that. If the script takes place mainly dealing with Kirk taking command of the Enterprise for the first time (where it makes the most SENSE that he meets Spock), then there’s no reason Senise couldn’t play McCoy. Now THAT is perfect casting.

Can’t say I agree with Liotta as Pike. Maybe in 1990.

Actually, I should have read further–the same site said that The Saint did air 41 episodes on NBC in it’s later seasons.

And while I hate the idea of Damon as Kirk, I do think he’d make a perfect Gary Mitchell.

I agree with Kirok (this time). I think Kirk needs to be played by a lesser known actor.

I also think JJ needs to direct his own film.

#44 StillKirok …

I have to agree with you there. Matt Damon would make a great Gary Mitchell.. if Gary Mitchell is part of the script. What about Finnigan … wonder if he’d be part of the script.. who would you cast as him?

#43 – StillKirok

I wasn’t disputing you about whether he should play Kirk or not. I took issue with the line “He isn’t fit to lick Shatner’s boots.”

Which of course, is untrue.

#37:”No one is going to see Star Trek because Matt Damon is in it.”

LOL. Quite a few more people will go to see *any* movie with Damon in it than will bother with any film headlining Shatner.

Damon is a popular star with folks who actually like and spend money to see movies in general – not just trekkies.

The notion that Shatner is either more popular or more talented an actor than Damon is something you’d *only* hear from trekkies – not even the mainstream folks who praise him for his work on “Boston Legal” would make that kind of claim on his behalf.

#45 – Canonista the Cultist

Since it’s hard to discuss “unknown actors”, because by their very nature they are “unknown”, I thought that I would post this guy up just for fun… he declared his interest in auditioning for the part of young Kirk some time back… don’t know if he can act or not, but he kind of looks like a young Kirk:


What do you think?

#48 – Dennis Bailey

Notice that StillKirok also conveniently forgot to address the fact that Matt Damon’s movies have outgrossed Shatner’s by 181% worldwide in his reply to me…

And StillKirok… to keep your reply on track… I’m not advocating Damon for Kirk… just asking you to lose the rhetoric that is obviously just based on your opinion.