Star Trek Goes Mobile

CBS have launched the "CBS Mobile Store" providing exclusive content from CBS shows for mobile phones. Included in that are 12 Star Trek ringtone/voicetones and 15 wallpapers. For now the sounds are primarily from TOS and the images span all series. The wallpapers cost $1.99 and tones go for $2.49, or you can subscribe and get 3 CBS tones and 1 graphic for $6.49/month. Check em out at

Also in iTunes news – The Trek TV episodes (from Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: Enterprise) are temporarily not available due to technical difficulties. The Trek films are still available.


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That one day, there would be a whole industry built around selling ring tones for personal communication devices, and that this kind of thing would sell at extremely profitable prices – this is something that for me belongs to the realm of science fiction!

The TOS communicator ringtone is the one I’ve been waiting for in all my six years of having a cell phone.

Think about it:

The idea of cell phones came from TOS’s communicator, so it only makes sense that the TOS ringtone is the perfect ringtone for the TOS-inspired concept of cell phones.

Science fiction is now science fact!

Got one of the TOS Comminicator on my cellphone when I first saw this …Its kinda cool. I’m surprised this hasn’t caught on sooner. I think its going to be more popular than the other ones.

Is there a way to modify a RAZR or any other flip phone to “chirp” when opening it?

I would have purchased some of the tones/wallpaper but they don’t support my LG 8600. It’s not that new of a phone.

They need one that says something along the lines of “Captian Kirk come in. Captian Kirk please respond…”

The communicator chirp is NOT the sound made when there is an incoming call (on the show). It is two quick low tone beeps. I wish they would make that available.

Also…does anyone know what happened to the SONA Star Trek phone? It was supposed to be out last year, and looked just like a TOS communicator.

The SONA Star Trek phone ran into monetary problems – they are still looking for a $3M investment in order to get the production off the ground (so to speak).

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