Abrams & Trek XI Update

This has been a busy week for JJ Abrams and Trek XI rumors, here is what we know. The decision on the green light for Trek XI is still pending, but things look good for it to start pre-production in the coming weeks. Multiple sources close to the production tell TrekMovie.com that Abrams is still involved in Trek XI as well as other projects at Paramount as part of his multi picture deal. We have learned that one of these other projects is a horror film called "Cloverfield", but (contrary to rumors) it should have not impact Star Trek XI. We can also confirm that it is not related to a ghost story script called "The Battle for Cloverfield" which was to be made by Columbia before going dormant in 2003. Many of the preparations for Star Trek XI are already underway with inquiries on availability going out to various crew people. The art department is slated to start going in March, with set construction probably starting in late Spring. We have also been told that as many as 5 stages have been set aside for Star Trek XI, all of which have been used for Trek TV and film projects in the past. There is no word yet on Abrams directing, but that decision should be made soon. Again this is Hollywood so things can change, but that is the status as of now.

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Hi. When will we know the plot and who is in it? Thanks for any info.

Let’s hope for an epic, not myopic, flavour to this movie. A lot is riding on it!

Whatever the status of Abrams as director might be, it’s good to see that the actual production in moving forward apace…

Thanks, as always, for the update. :)

Wow. The art department just starts work in March, and they only have a month to come up with the look and feel of the new movie, before the sets start getting constructed in April?

“Hi. When will we know the plot and who is in it? Thanks for any info.”

The shooting script will be available on the Internet on July 12, 2007 at 7:37 PM EDT. :lol:

My people in Shanghai will have that script online July 3rd, 2007 4:42am latest.

Thanks for the updates Anthony. What a great weekend this is!!!

In other words, status quo. There are basically two news stories that alternate. This is one of them. I bet within the next week, Shatner will come out with a comment about how he met with Abrams several months ago, and they talked about him and Nimoy appearing in the movie. Shatner is intrigued, but is curious how Kirk, who is dead, will be written in and deal with his younger self. Shatner is looking forward to seeing what Abrams comes up with.

A few days later, there will be word that they are awaiting the green light, and that Abrams may direct, but it’s not clear yet.

Then we’ll get a story from Shatner about how he met with Abrams a few months ago, and they talked about him and Nimoy appearing in the movie. Shatner is intrigued, but is curious how Kirk, who is dead, will be written in and deal with his younger self. Shatner is looking forward to seeing what Abrams comes up with.

Then we’ll get a story about how Abrams may direct, but it’s not clear yet.

If you want to predict the future, study the past.

Hey–I just heard JJ Abrams may direct the new Star Trek movie….unless he was fired from it.

According to MY sources, the film deals with a man named “Tiberius Chase” who is one of Kirk’s predecessors, and he is instrumental in Earth’s victory over the Romulan Star Empire.


You talking about dodging the Mo’ Fo’ in’ bullet buddy.

Had that jerkwater assinine plot seen the light of day I swear to you on every drop kick and double axe handle chop, I would have never watched Star Trek again.

re: 5 Dennis Bailey

“The shooting script will be available on the Internet on July 12, 2007 at 7:37 PM EDT. :lol:”

I usually ignore these movie update threads, but thank you for that comment, Dennis……..Puts it all in perspective. Now I’m sure everybody will quit wasting so much time on speculation until July. ;)

If the film does indeed include Shatner and Nimoy there can only be one title for it:


What about “Star Trek XI: Resurrection”!? – Maybe Kirk and Data will resurrect!? ;-) And I’m for a reintroduction of the numbers, so that it’s really gonna be named “Star Trek XI: etc…”

Data couldn’t be resurrected. He never died because he was never alive. Besides, he just downloaded himself into his “brother” and that’s that.

If Shatner’s really the star, then they’ve already made it. It was in the Simpsons. “Star Trek XII: So Very Tired.” Memorable quotes: “Again with the Klingons!”

sounds like trek xi is crumbling apart

# 12 Tim–how I wish…..I still mis De Kelly and Jimmy Doohan. I guess that’s what they got for putting on red shirts the days they died.

Wow…..too mean today. Better go de-venomize.

My big bone to pick re: Abrams is this- he spreads himself too thin. Anthony, I respectfully disagree that Abrams’ involvement in a project like Cloverfield does in fact interfere with Trek XI if those projects commence concurrently. No, Abrams doesn’t need to be Trek XI’s director, but if this movie is going to be budgeted over $100 million like we all project, and if it is meant to revive the franchise, shouldn’t that be Abrams’ main focus? Orci and Kurtzman are following Abrams’ lead. So will the director, if it’s not going to be Abrams himself. If he chooses to develop and direct another movie while Trek XI is in production/post-production, I will be really concerned.

If I were “producing” this film, I would consider using Shatner as narrator (think Shawshank Redemption), and make sure the screenplay was literate, in other words, have Shatner reminisce with Spock (Nimoy) about, perhaps, their first meeting.

And I’d have Daren Doc involved with pre-production design, and have an Enterprise that looked like the Motion Picture version, except with those fantastic, and problematic, Nacelle Caps! ;)

Live long and prosper.

Heres an idea have everyone that makes comments on this site direct one day of the film each. Your sure to end up with a brilliant film. LOL.

people, has it even been confirmed by paramount that this film is going to be a TOS movie, i know the rumor mill has been running wild with it, but i have yet to hear solid confirmation of this. If this is the case, i will be somewhat dissapointed because StarTrek has always been about moving forward not backward. To me how can you just abandon all of the material that was made about the 24th century; 21 seasons of TV, and 4 feature films. Now granted in no way am i defending berman and braga during the last few years of their run, they definately got sloppy and burned out, howeverthey did give us great stoytelling basically throughout the 90s. I think everyone will agree with me that Enterprise was the attempt to go back and do the prequel and quite simply it didnt work, nobody cared, and the cast was to one dimensional. To summarize, I believe the future of this franchise should be exactly that; THE FUTURE first stay off of television at least for a while so the market doesnt get saturated. scond give us a movie post nemesis or farther in the future

This prequel idea is hated by sooo many fans that we just aren’t going to show up. And trek has such a nerd stigma attached that very few main stream fans will take the chance of being seen in the theatres.

Bringing back Kirk/Spock is fanboy fiction at its worst. JJ is going to ruin trek, then fluff it off and make Lost or MI4.

Move over 150 kilotonne nuclear warhead cause there’s a new bomb in town.

The reason people didn’t go to the last few films was because they were bad movies. Movies only make real money if people see them more than once, something most people didn’t do with the last few Trek films. As for people not liking the idea of a prequel I’m not so convinced it will matter if the film is good, also just because a few fans complain about the idea on the net doesn’t mean the silent majority won’t love the idea.