“The Doomsday Machine” Screenshots and Video

A fan favorite and perhaps the most space effects heavy episode in the run of TOS gets a shiny new CGI treatment.



New and Old

The chunks of dead planets

Approaching the Constellation

Passing infront of the viewscreen

The Constellaion

Over the saucer shot

The damaged Constellation in full view
Getting closer
On the viewscreen
Close up of the damage
Towing the Constellation
Sulu’s reaction shot to the planet killer
The Planet Killer follows the Enterprise
The Enterprise with Constellation in tractor trying to stay head of the planet killer
The planet killer comes to bear
The planet killer fires on the Enterprise
The Enterprise looses the tractor on the Constellation
The Constellation adrift
The planet killer fires again
Facing down the planet killer
The Enterprise from the Constellation viewscreen
Firing on the planet killer
Close up of firing on the planet killer
The planet killer retaliates
The Enterprise is caught in the planet killer’s tractor
The view from the Constellation
The Constellation tries to distract the planet killer
The Enterpise is freed from the tractor
Decker steals the shuttle part 1
Decker steals the shuttle part 2
Decker heads for the planet killer
The view from inside shuttlecraft
The shuttle is swallowed up
The Constellation aims down the planet killers throat
The Constellation is engulfed by the energy of the planet killer
The planet killer sputters
The planet killer sputters and explodes
The planet killer rendered harmless
The dead doomsday device on the viewscreen
Walking past the viewscreen of the dead planet killer

Assorted Shots

"right out of hell, I saw it!"

Decker assumes command

The Enterprise skims along the surface of the planet killer

Scotty warns the captain about pushing the Costellation

Kirk gets a bit nervous as the detonator counts down

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Oh my lord! CBS Digital hit this one right out of the park! I loved every minute of it. Spock’s initial description of the Constellation’s status doesn’t seem a good match to its devastated appearance, but I’m not going to complain since the extensive damage sells the rest of the show so well.

And the Machine did have some lovely coloration and details, and I did see something special in its maw like Okuda promised. Fantastic work!

Just wonderful. Well worth the wait! Everyone at CBS Digital must have been working late on this one!

Holy EFFING Cow™!!!

Where to start??

If this episode is the Litmus Test® for trek remastered… then color it ALL sucksexxFULL©. WOW. just wow.

WOW WOW WOW. awesome

mac-mercedes of mac in the pants on an effing ipod in mp4!!!!



Wow! So many pics. I don’t have to watch the episode now. (J.K.)

I look forward to seeing it tomorrow whenit airs here. Great job guys(CBS-Digital)

I just watched this ep. The new effects really help and to me, they look great.

Unfortunately, my experience was marred by such great character moments as “Vulcans never bluff.” “No, I suppose they don’t.” excised for penis-enhancement commercials.

Gotta love it!

youtube keeps dicking with my clip


Me first?

I laughed at the caption “Sulu’s reaction shot…”

Trek used that Sulu shot so many times, changing only the viewscreen view, that whenever another episode would use it, my sister and I would yell “HEY SULU!” and he’d turn around and look. Because we knew he would.

Holy crap, they did this episode WELL.

I haven’t seen it in years…. for some reason, I was watching the TNG episode “Parallels” on G4 with the kid today. I got to thinking about how well THAT stood up to the test of time.

WIth this episode, CBS-D has PROVEN that it doesn’t matter if ANY episode was filmed in the 60s, 80s, 90s… Trek is effing timeless.

You could watch this episode filmed in 1960 what-the-effing-ever and it looks like they shot it yesterday!!!!

talk about making Trek relevant again!

I cannot underscore that enough. Just WOW.

Gonna burn dvd copies for all my pimps in Compton!!!

G’s up HOs down!!


Watched the original with my 8-year-old two nights ago; he was disgusted with the fakey animated phaser blasts. Watched the remastered episode tonight: “This is way cooler!”

Dad thinks so too.

WOW! CBS-Digital went all out on this one. This is the best work yet!

This ep. went beyond all my expations.

I’m overly imprest.

I just saw it. I’m gonna have to say that it was done very well. This has got to be the best CGI work CBSD has done. The detail of the wrecked Constellation was superb. The new shots showing the different vectors of the starships vs. the planet killer were great. The shuttle taking off from the shuttlebay then veering towards the DDM was perfectly done. There were some shots of the Enterprise that looked actually movie quality. I was very impressed.

The gripes, very few. The phasers did look a little off, though I can’t pinpoint why. I would have liked to see what the anti-proton weapon looked like hitting the ship. The redressed Enterprise sets made to look wrecked always struck me as a bit cheesy but there’s not much that can be done about that. That’s it.

Terrific job CBSD! Keep up the good work.

P.S. the opening theme music sounded great.

Exceptionally nice work that really honored this classic episode.

Goddammit, this was just SO effing wonderful… I am just at a loss for words. SO good.

How about the debris hitting the Constellation?

The shuttlecraft?

OMG, this was just PERFECT!!!

CBS-D, may you lay down with many many many disease-free promiscous woman that choose exclusivity to your gender while cooking in the kitchen with the importance of Jesus H. Christ’s last supper.



Damn! They cut “Vulcans never bluff?!?!?!”

oh well, it’s on here in 34 minutes!


Damn…45 minutes til showtime in Atlanta…can I stand the strain!

how cool to come home and find this up on the site….thanks a lot Matt. And I should have joe’s clip youtubed and embedded shortly

I wish I could avoid spoiling myself until it airs here in LA at midnight Sunday…but I cant

well done

CBS Digital! You guys did a great job! The new angles are kick a- – , and the effects are right on.

The E looks like it ought to, and I now know that, with extra time given to your team, you CAN do proper lighting.

Again, awesome job on the new angles and shots. It’s almost like watching an entirely new episode. The DVD ought to be awesome w/o all the edits.

Thanks guys.

I just finished watching it. Oh. My. GOD! Incredible! The effects were awsome! I noticed, what I think maybe a phaser bank at the rear of the ship nbear the shuttle bay. It looks like a whitehead!lol. The scene of the E as it escapes the tractor beam and the light hits it as it turns to port is great! And I reallt noticed how Kirk’s wrap around really popped with the green! Is it me or have the lights that circle the ceiling of the bridge always been different colors? Doesn’t matter. I loved everything about it! Keep it up! Trek lives! Again!

This was just absolutely splendid and awe-inspiring.

Note for posterity: The photos released prior to the airing of these episodes absolutely positively do NOT do the actual episode justice, and in any future speculation about “dodgy” effects work, that HAS to be taken into consideration.

That’s twice now people based opinions on the quality of the work on shitty screen grabs viewed on their computer, this episode, and the Fesarius. Both of which overwhelmingly exceeded expectation and initial perception.

CBS you guys own the playing field fellas, Star Trek LIVES

Time to get a diet coke and a comfy chair…minutes to go…

and I have had that classic “Duh-dum, duh-dum, duh-dum duh-dum” soundtrack in my head all day…

Let’s not get down (pun intended)) on peeeeenile enhancement or e-rectile dysfunction commercials. This is a very serious malady that affects many many many men.

WIll my post be censored by the filters? Lettuce see. But anyways, that’s important stuff SO who cares.

Sometimes we need to sacrifice some Spock to talk about the issues that affect men. Oh yes. So we’re not allowed to talk about men’s health issues but all the time about menstrual cramping and the vagina monologues and all that.

What about the our tallywacker dialogues? I had performance anxiety and all that?????

The truth is that men aren’t allowed to tell. We’re expected to perform when its needed (such as the need for a check or child support) yet we are all pervs for our instinctual need to procreate the human race.

The fact of the matter is that we are all slaves to the poontana, and chicks, depite their lesser intelligence, are our masters. Have you ever seen a woman President? I rest my case.

Yet chicks rule us. No better exemplifed in the Trek episode – “bringers of great pain and givers of GREAT pleasure”. Brain brain and brain! What is this brain? They never knew. They had to steal Spock’s.

What was the question again?


I had a Trekgasm when the E was attacking the DDM.

The whole episode just rocked. Rocked, I tell you!

Someone already mentioned it but this episode has a very ” The Motion Picture” vibe to it with the enhanced effects, several passes of the Enterprise reminded me greatly of the Enterprise approaching Vejur.

CBS Digital. We’re not worthy. We’re not worthy.

I’m waiting until 20 minutes after it starts, then rewinding the DVR so I can skip through the commercials!


mama mia!

my favorite: the feel of those curving trajectories, instead of all the ships arranged in a straight line. curving in for the attack, or ramming down its throat, or hardabout gimme some distance, these all had so much more depth and scale than in the original. awesome!

CBS Digital nailed it. Bravo.


It might have taken a dozen or so episodes but, CBS did a fantastic job ! A+

IF you haven’t seen this episode yet…

You’re going to be blownthefuckaway®. I absolutely guarantee that to the non-BILLievers™.

And it DID look almost like a movie. WOW.

Plus did anyone notice how skinny and fit that THE SHAT™ looked? But hey thats an early Elvis™ vs fat Vegas Elvis kinda debate and you KNOW that old h69 is gonna say that either version rules. DENNY CRANE!

I wonder what THE DOC™ has up his sleeve to trump CBS-D®?

I hope that you all realize just how wonderful we have this. It’s like, we’re the biggest dorkiest geeks in the basement, and without ordering out for Chinese, we have the hottest chicks in the world at our throne begging for and trying for the chance to be hotter and hotter without even asking for a dime of our ebay collectible stash.

think about it and get humble.



I’m sorry, I’m going to be in the minority here, but the hack-and-slash job done by the editors absolutely ruined this episode for me, new special effects notwithstanding. The best part of this episode for me (and this is my favorite TOS episode out of them all) was the interaction between the Enterprise crew and the obsessed, driven Decker. The edits of the showdown between Spock and Decker cheapened the entire matter of the struggle of command. I know that TV stations are more greedy for ad revenue than they were in the 60s, so okay, give the enhanced ST a 90-minute time slot like the Sci-Fi channel did, and show the whole damn thing! And about the new special effects, I thought they were done well in this episode, compaired to the sub-standard work done by CBS Digital in previous episodes, but still not even to the level of effects on ST: Voyager or Enterprise.

I think that Josh® said it, but true… the preview pics did not advocate the excellence that we have witnessed.

I’m going to shut the F up now, because I really want to read another 200 mac in the pants boner growing kind of posts that this episode UNDOUBTEDLY is going to produce here. Dudes that haven’t even seen it yet… dudes that have seen it, but are slowing cleaning up the ejaculate in their hands that it inspired… this sort of thing.

My feelings were hurt here back in the day butt I need to come back because I am needed here. However, I shall not go JesterStar on BakerMedia radio on you all. Unlike with my 12 friends Budweiser, I know when to say when.

I hope that you all enjoyed DOOMSDAY MECH® remastered and continue to talk about this at Trekmovie.com. I will be reading from afar.



Chris, you are not alone!

I agree, for the most part, this is not the A level endeavor i thought they should have done from the start. This episode was the best so far.

I’m Sean BTW.

Chris, I have to come back and question your comments about Commodore Matt Decker’s “obssession”

or however that friggin word is spelled. ANYWAY…

Dude, lookit. IF the friggin architects DIDNT have obssession to build the World Trade Center, where did Osama Bin’s obssession come from to take them down? IF Roddenberry’s obssession for a Trek II III and IV story about time travel to save JFK didn’t happen, then why did JFK JRs obssession with flying at night over troubled waters lead him to death? And IF Rick Berman’s obssession with hating Kirk led to Shatner’s obssession with acting to die… dude, really….. is Matt Decker’s “obssession” all that abnormal in this world of obssession with relacore and veeeeagra? Its all about Rod Johnson dude.

think about this. dwell deeply.

then GET OFF on Doomsday Machine remastered. YOU KNOW that you love it.



Great re-episode, love it. Still disappointed with edits. Spock relieving Decker of command-it’s not all there.

I’m gonna download the uncut version from iTunes when it comes out. In the meantime, I think I’ll watch it again on TiVO!

Last time I felt like this, it was watching BOBW part 1.

dil™, you’re blaming the edit on CBS-D®

NOT true.

BIG DAWG AP reported long ago that EVERY friggin episode is remastered IN FULL by CBS-d®

These reviews should not focus on what the affiliates are cutting.



They took what I thought even 30 years ago was the worst special(?) effects episode, and made it kick ass!!!

um..I’m guessing Hitch enjoyed the remastered DDM…I think.

Anyway, this was a nice effort. A few things more I’d like to have seen, but overall very good. The phaser effect hitting the “neutronium” was quite obviously MUCH better than the previous 1960’s cartoonish one.

This is an ep that needed more than subtle enhancement. The action demanded a thorough updating, so I’m with CBS-D on this one.

The Atlanta airing is now over.

Now the results.

Still a Classic example (and my favorite) of Star Trek at it’s best, where the acting and story are shown to be more important than the (dated) effects. I remember this episode vividly from when I was young, watching it on my Grandparents Zenith color TV. I still remember the NBC peacock telling me I was watching something in “living color”. This spice up of effects now makes all 3 parts equal. (The music for this episode adds that last bit of spice to the sauce, making it, to me, a perfect episode!)

The new effects are top notch, with the ship models interior lighting still being a bit off. I will always like them a bit brighter. The edits for time caused a great distaction, but having been spoiled by VHS and now DVD complete episodes, with no commercials, this is common place today, and that goes for ALL of TV to DVD shows. The new DVD sets will be a joy to behold as we will see the COMPLETE episodes.

The refurbishing idea to do this has been around for years, and many fans have attempted versions of there own. This episode has been the test for many, and it is easy to see why. The effects of the time where limited, and the old AMT kit just does not stand up to TV and DVD of today. These new effect shots work well with the story, making the action fit better with what is being said by the cast. KUDOS!

NOTE: There is a reason that Trek lives on, and it is not just the ship and environments (even with these new additions). It is the cast and the magic they bring to the parts they play, as well as a good story line.

Guest actor Mr. Windom almost steals the show from Mr. Shatner. His story of what happened to his ship and crew still stands the test of time, some Forty plus years now…

BTW: Did everyone notice the nod to the original where the Constellation “wobbles” a bit as she goes to her death, almost like the old show’s AMT model kit did? I did crack a smile at this, as well as the small rock debris breaking apart of the Constellation hull. Somebody was really happy to have been able to add that!

Thank you CBS again for giving the old girl a refurbishment that adds and does not take away.


WOW!! The battle makes sense – finally!! While Daren D. gets props for a faithful recreation of the original style, CBS-D has given me JUST the tool I need to hook my nephews!! This is going to blow them away and I cant wait to share it with them. New Trek fans, coming right up lol!! Okuda/Rossi – thank the Great Bird for sending you to us because this was WICKED COOL!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!! CBS-D I hope you get some time off, but not too much – Tholian Web, Immunity Syndrome and Enterprise Incident await among others lol!! WOW I am just blown away. Great to be a Trek fan!

Canonista’s comments beg the argument.

“The phaser effect hitting the “neutronium” was quite obviously MUCH better than the previous 1960’s cartoonish one”

So let’s talk 1960’s cartoonish. You know, at the time, that was enough for all of us. At that time and given the budget, that was all they could do.

First of all, are you saying that we’ve all been duped somehow by either the 1960s or the original effects team in general?

Second of all… where was the mac in YOUR pants tonight in watching this? You say that “This is an ep that needed more than subtle enhancement”.

In this poopypants, I only hear RelaCOREdom®

You bet your tender honeycomb sphinctus that I enjoyed this episode remastered. “overall good”? Dude… you scored a bowling ball with legs that you picked up at closing time is “overall good”. Makes you feel better about being ME but my point is that we are talking TAKE HOME TO MOMMY marriage kinda material with this episode. Don’t put a bag over this chick’s head and call her a one night standoff. PLEASE.

GIrls go to college to get more knowledge and boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.


“The Tholian Web” is going to be an outstanding episode to really showcase what CBS Digital is capable of as well.

I think stylistically it’s better that they got Doomsday out of the way first, though effects heavy, I have a sneaking suspicion the design and rendering in this episode is FAR more simplistic than say the Giant Amoeba and the “Zone of Darkness” of the “Immunity Syndrome.”

Likewise “The Ultimate Computer’ is fairly effects heavy additionally.

I think this episode bodes well for the overall approach of how CBS Digital will handle these more effects heavy episodes.

Does anyone know when we get our first upclose shot of a Klingon Battlecruiser?

I REALLY hope they get the color scheme down for this one. Purple, green, and grey, like a alien manta ray or shark.

The Klingon Battlecruiser has NEVER been done justice. I like Trials and Tribblations, as well as greg Jeins work, but that Battlecruiser sucked and in no way reflected the aethestic of the original series.

Since it’s known CBS Digital reads these forums,

guys: Klingon Battlecruiser – PURPLE secondary hull top side. Light GREY main boom, secondary hull underside, and warp nacelles MINT GREEN.

dear Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire’ ™

Hey man, maybe it’s just me………

All those names in your name, I think that you lose cred. I personally get lost on your name there

keep it simple, baybee, like maybe just Josh T®

works for me, and many HOs onya mate.



Is there any chance that you could add screenshots of Daren’s version here, just so we could easily see all 3 versions side by side?

Most impressive


We’re not going to foil THE DOC™ for chrissake. Maybe he’s large in the pants, maybe he’s small. DO you know what? It’s the way that you move the pencil, NOT the size.

Plus I’m not even sure if he’s done with his virgin yet.

uh huh uh huh. uh huh uh huh.

I said……………..