McAvoy Still Talking Trek – Hopes Trek XI Will Show The Man Behind Scotty

James McAvoy is again kind of sort of hinting that maybe there is something to the rumor that he may be involved in Star Trek XI. In a new interview with the subject of Trek came up:

CS: I was reading on the Internet about someone asking you about playing Scotty in a Star Trek movie, probably just because you’re Scottish.

McAvoy: I know! I’m a huge Star Trek fan. No, I don’t know what’s going to happen with that. It might happen, it might not.

CS: If you bulk up a bit and grow a mustache, you can show up for the audition and they’ll say, "Hey, that’s the guy!"

McAvoy: There’s Scotty! I hope they don’t…I love Star Trek, but my only gripe with Star Trek was that sometimes they fell into racial stereotypes and with Scotty more than any other, because he really was just a Scotsman and nothing else. There was nothing else behind his character really. I hope they don’t do that with him.

When contacted McAvoy’s publicist he denied the rumor on the record, but another source close to McAvoy’s camp did tell that there was something to the rumor. The last time McAvoy was asked if he had been approached to play Scotty he cryptically replied ‘not in so many words.’ A simple no would kill off the rumor so either there has been some kind activity or he is the one trying to push the rumor himself.

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now this is a first, first time I’ve made the first comment on a subject. Any how I for one would be happy to see him play Scottie.

Just the other day, I had the opportunity to watch McAvoy on screen in some clips from a movie he just did. Color me not impressed. Don’t get me wrong, he seems like a fine actor, but McAvoy is a small, unimpressive presence. Was Scotty an onscreen titan? No, but he never looked meek either. Basically, McAvoy and Doohan are two completely different physical presences. I’m not even talking about facial looks here. I would be akin to casting Rick Moranis as Capt. Kirk. Sorry, I don’t buy this kid. But it’s just my opinion and if they do cast him, I’m not going to be crying in my bowl of Dilithium Krispies.

As a born and bred Scotsman, lucky enough to be living near beautiful and mysterious Loch Ness, here in the Highlands of Scotland, I personally would greatly appreciate a good Scottish actor portraying the character of good old “Scotty” in any prospective future Trek Movies.

I also agree with Adam, that while I like and admire James McAvoy’s work, and while I am sure he would make an OK Scotty, he just wouldn’t be my particular first choice for the role…

That folks, would be the terrific Glasgow-born DOUGLAS HENSHALL, who has a fantastic voice and a very impressive screen presence in everything he does, and is currently to be seen playing Professor Nick Cutter in “Primeval”. He has a stature and no nonsense look about him, and has a gravitas and certain age that would exude his “exceptional engineering knowledge” in the part. He would certainly be a fine candidate in my eyes.

I do agree in general with Cevantes that, if possible, it would be nice to get an actual Scottish actor to play young Scotty…if Scotty is even going to be a character in Trek XI. ;)

After all, the franchise’s reputation should be enough to get multiple Scottish actors in the door, whether established names or total unknowns…

It might happen it might not. How is that news worthy? When some real details come out of Paramount let me know.

#3 Cervantes,

Great suggestion re: Henshall. He would be impressive as Scotty.

A few weeks back I suggested another of your countrymen for a role in this movie and nobody seemed to take notice so I’ll repeat it again: Ewan McGregor for James T. Kirk. Compare them below-

Young Shatner:



This Ewan link ought to work (the one above is acting up):

Interesting idea, Adam! There’s definitely some resemblance between the two. But, I think Ewan McGregor is too old to be playing a young Kirk. Maybe he could have done it ten years ago, but not now.

If the movie is taking place during The Original Series instead of before it, that could certainly work.

Somehow I can’t see Ewan tying himself into yet another role that has another actor indelibly stamped on it. Especially one that has 40 years of history now behind it.

Also I think that Ewan is probably a bit too old to be portraying a Kirk that is most likely going to be in his early to mid twenties. I think that the film makers will be going for as young a cast as is possible so that they can get the maximum number of sequels out of them.

Also the younger the actor, the more the likelihood they can be locked into a multi film contract for quite a low price, compared to a more established actor that is.

Am I being cynical? Not really, just my attempt at real world thinking.

However just looking at the images of Ewan and Bill, it would be have been interesting to see it happen….

Me? I’m just looking to a new Star Trek film that is done well, and I’ve missed not seeing the original cast for too long.

Adam I thought of Ewan for Kirk as well. But how about Jamie Apollo Bamber as a possibility. OR Mark Wahlberg. And no one comented on my brilliant suggestion that the actor who plays Desmond on Lost is Spock. Facially his features are extremely Nimoy-ish. He has the right throaty burr in his voice and my God can the man act. I know he is a Scot as well but plenty of English actors drop the Union Jack accent to don our Americanese. JJ the guy is already in your stable put some pointed ears on him and lets go!!!!

1. McCoy – Gary Sinese
2. Kirk – Ewan, Jamie Bamber or Mark Wahlberg
3. Spock – Desmond from Lost
4. Scotty – See above
5. Sulu – the Korean guy from Lost
6. Uhura – Not beyonce

It should be pointed out Scotty is roughly a decade older than Kirk, any actor portraying Scotty should be older than any actor playing Kirk, or at least appear to be.

Seeing as how Ewan was in Star Wars, I don’t think that’s the choice they would consider going with.

McCoy =Gary Sinese

The man looks so much like a young DeForest Kelly. He would be perfect for the role.

As for James McAvoy as Scotty, I just think he looks to small and to young for the role. You need someone who looks tough as Scotty. I was watching an episode today where Scotty was throwing around some red shirts who where possessed (And The Children Shall Lead..), and he was the He-Man in the room, without a doubt. You need someone strong for the role.

Re: Ewan’s age, etc.

I agree that Ewan is probably older than a “fresh-out-of-the-Academy” aged Kirk. I’m not sure of his age in real life, but I doubt its far off from someone like, say Matt Damon.

As for being “tied” to another franchise, I agree that he could be reluctant, as reports state he turned down an offer to be the next James Bond (thankfully, because Daniel Craig is fantastic!). But if this movie is a limited project- meaning it’s a one-shot or something like that, then I wouldn’t be surprised if they could woo him.

Whatever the case may be, if the producers wish to pull-in A-list talent, they’re going to have these issues with any of those actors as well. I guess you can save a fwe bucks on some no-names for the supporting roles, but as Anthony and many of us have said- this is going to be a “big” event picture and studios like to have a big name over the film’s title on the one-sheet to drive home the point that Star Trek (2008) is a must-see movie.

Oh, yeah one more suggestion fro James Kirk- David Boreanaz! What do you guys think?

Being that EWAN is actually Scottish, how about HIM for Scotty?
As a Scotsman myself I would greatly appreciate some authenticity with the accent and not something woefully inadequate like Kevin Kostner’s English accent in Robin Hood.

cheerio lads.


On behalf of all Americans, allow me to offer you my most heartfelt apology for Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood. I personally campaigned against the movie (seriously) before its release, telling people that they ought not to support this pending disaster. Nobody believed me. Costner just did Dances With Wolves. Oh man, did they walk into a speeding train!

And I like Costner in a handful of his movies, I think he’s a good actor in the Cary Grant school of screen presence, but Dear Lord, he was terrible in Robin Hood. What a mess. Again, I am sorry.

So Sad that we have to go overseas to find an actor with enogh balls to play our hero. What happened to the American tough guy?? Not just the Stallone, Seagal Arnold type but the Steve McQueen, Shatner, Eastwood I can kick your ass and out wit you suave types??? All these young actors are so effeminate. Too bad Russell Crowe is too old he’d be perfect.

A few thoughts…

First and foremost, casting is about the character, not the previous actor that inhabited it. “Who’s best for the role?” — not “Who looks most like the actor who filled it forty years ago?”

I’m not suggesting (or recommending) that we’ll see radically dissimilar actors to those we’ve loved in these roles for 40 years, but I think it’s a fool’s folly to try and pigeonhole the process on “who looks most like 1967 James Doohan.” This is an exciting opportunity to breath new life and fresh (yes, modern) perspective to the roles — especially since it’s for a big budget, big screen 2008 movie, and not a (relatively) low-budget ’60s TV show.

(And btw? We fans are but a fraction of the intended audience, as the Prime Directive of this film clearly is to reenlist lapsed fans (alienated by Enterprise, Nemesis, Voyager, Insurrection) and convert non-fans — in other words, to expand far beyond the flickering flame of hard-core Trek fans who could only stomach ponying up a paltry $43 million to see Nemesis.)

Secondly, Paramount is relaunching an entire franchise with this film, and will most likely want/need to lock in all the actors with a three-picture option. So it’s not just who works best for this first film, but who conceivably will work best over the course of potentially three (or even more) films if this first one succeeds. And while I can see it might make some sense to perhaps go with a couple “name” stars for the Big Three roles (coughDamoncoughKirk) and maybe some smaller supporting/cameo roles (coughHankscoughPike) — where they’d only be needed for a few days of shooting, and hence incur a fraction of their normal price — it may not make economic sense to go _too_ big, because “Star Trek” itself is the star (and Paramount is known for being one of the studios most reluctant to spend lots of money on stars, as Tom Cruise can attest). I mean, just look at the successful strategy employed by Casino Royale — another ’60s era franchise that’s been reborn.

Also, I keep seeing Gary Sinise’s name bandied about as the perfect, de facto choice for McCoy, and while I would have agreed back in, oh, 1994 (circa Forrest Gump, when he was 39), I gotta ask you all to please wake up, look at your calendars, check IMDb, and realize that Sinise will be 52 next month — five years older than DeForrest Kelley was when he first played McCoy. And this is supposed to be a prequel. (And, again, think three films.)

Of course, going back to my first point, there’s no real reason why McCoy’s age (relative or otherwise) necessarily has to precisely correlate with that established by the original series… but in that case, the age criticism of McAvoy for Scotty is moot, as well, isn’t it?

How soon can we expect that McAvoy to start a campaign on MySpace to ask fans to flood Paramount with letters like James Doohans son has been doing?
Whoever Abrahms chooses more than likely I’ll support. I do feel the movie is going to go to unknowns because I cant see Paramount in its current state paying top dollar for anybody.

#10 I can see Gary Sinise as McCoy the others I’m not quite sure .

Thanks buddy, apologies are quite unnecessary. ;)

Dances with Wolves was pretty damn good. I think Kostner single-handedly brought back the America Western back in 1990, which was a good thing. It just shows you that its best to stick with what you know and stick to your own back yard.

Robin Hood was just a little out of reach for him.
Conversely, can you picture Patrick Stewart playing Kostner’s role in Dances with Wolves?

Not bloody likely.

#6 Adam Cohen

Now that would be one Scotsman TOO much even for this patriotic Highlander…lol!

No, I personally wouldn’t want Ewan (Obi-wan) McGregor in the iconic role of Kirk…that honour HAS to go to some good old AMERICAN actor, as I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I do hope to see a fellow Scot in the secondary role of “Scotty” though (if he is indeed in the upcoming Movie!), but only if he has a GOOD accent… The excellent “characature” Scottish done by the sadly missed Canadian James Doohan has been a treat warmly appreciated by my fellow Countrymen over the years, but the last thing we will want nowadays is someone trying to mimic that particular way of talking…but I definately only want a Scotsman in the role if they have a very good particular type of accent to carry of some of “Scotty’s” more colourful phrases. Not every Scot’s actor has a good enough voice to replace the dulcet tones of James Doohan……it was one of the his standout traits…we have very many regional variations…and I firmly believe that the likes of DOUGLAS HENSHALL has the ideal accent.

Lest you all forget- Captain Kirk was not played by an American actor.

Bill Shatner = 100% Grade-A Canadian beef.. or is it ham? ;)

Oh my gosh, OF COURSE he is, and damn fine beef/ham he was, and still is.

I hope all you good Canadians out there (and Americans?…lol) will forgive my momentary faux pas in post #21. i was typing so fast my brain functions somehow had the word “IOWA” flashing up when I was making my point of wanting a non-European as the good Captain!… I must be coming to this site too often… Anyway friends, apologies again for getting my facts confused with my fiction there!

May I take the opportunity to whole-heartedly welcome EITHER a fine American OR Canadian actor to get the role of Kirk when the time comes.

And may I also add that under NO circumstances do I wish to see Scotsman EWEN (“Trainspotting”s “Spud” character) BREMNER even considered for the “Scotty” role… His face and voice totally made the already poor “Aliens vs Predator” even worse for me. He is also too weedy to play “Scotty”. Harsh, but true. So just don’t.

Ok just for fun here is a list to think about.

Kirk Nathan Fillion, i also like Adam’s idea of David Boreanaz

Spock Matthew Fox / John C Mc Ginley

Mc Coy William L Petersen / Greg Grunberg

Scottie Mc Avoy

Sulu Daniel Dae Kim

Uhura Judy Reyes

Chekov if he’s featured Zack Braff

No A list actors but well known TV stars.