Amok Time via Futurama [UPDATE: plus Cable Guy, Dexters Laboratory and The Simpsons]

"Amok Time" is probably one of the most parodied episodes of Star Trek…here are 3 examples…first up from Futurama

…and ‘The Cable Guy’ also had their own homage to Amok Time

and here is one from Dexter’s Laboratory

and finally…The Simpsons

…by the way, did CBS choose this week for Amok Time because of Valentine’s Day? Ah to be a Vulcan in love.  

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Now THAT is what I call a national anthem!

Adam we must have some sort of cognitive powers . We discuss something in the morning and voilla it appears on our favorite blog. What else can we wish for… How about for when Dagger of the Mind remastered airs. The South Park Plane–arium episode (Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods). South Park almost always has a nice nod to TOS.

Actually, I think that is our national anthem these days. ;-)



The lady lobster is also sexier than T’Pol.

Didn’t “Cable Guy” with Jim Carrey have a ‘tribute’ as well?

Is it too far off course for this blog to track the progress on the possible Futurama movie?

#7, AFAIK Futurama isn’t becoming a movie, instead it was picked up by Comedy Central for another season which should debut in 2008 (when Turner’s right to it expires)

Woo-Hoo! I always felt the show was underloved.

Oh, and thanks Matt. So good to get info in here.

More on Futurama…

Currently the shows are being recorded and then sent off for animated magic. CC will be airing 12 new episodes when the series returns in 2008. There is also talk of the possibility of releasing them on DVD just prior to airing on CC.

And again, the guys are planning on having commentary tracks on the all the episodes.

The entire original voice cast has returned including a new supporting character that is an alien nudist.

Thanks for the vids man, it’s always interesting (and hilarious) to see the ways which Trek has infiltrated our culture. :)

One of the top four for TOS is the music. Three others are script, actors, and Special FX. Memorable music from post TOS excluding the movies, was sadly lacking.

ah that makes my day!

btw does anybody know where I can get some TOS music?

The music in “Amok Time” is definitely a standout…

Even people I know who aren’t terribly familiar with Star Trek at all will still recognise “that Spock-fights-Kirk music,” which is why I imagine it’s so ripe for parody.

On a different note, I’m with everyone here who’s looking forward to more Futurama. :)

That Futurama episode is a clasic. But you left out the “nobody correct him!!!” joke, that was the funniest part…

Even SG1 did it. on 9×08, “Babylon”. An episode with Tony Todd.

13 – Love TOS music. Also like some TNG music. “Inner Light” and that little stab of the ungodly chorus for “We have engaged the Borg” in “Best of Both Worlds” quickly come to mind.

Jim Carrey’s sing-along to the soundtrack in Cable Guy is absolutely hilarious. Great parody.

Great. Now I can’t get that music out of my head. Must sing “It’s a Small World” now. ;-)

please more news on Futurama ? episodes ? or movie?

14. Robin Alexander – February 18, 2007

ah that makes my day!

btw does anybody know where I can get some TOS music?

Robin, try They have some CD’s of original and re-recorded Star Trek music. I-tunes also has Trek music available for download.

“Al” recently posted the site below as a place to hear samples. You might want to try that first to get an idea of what there is.

Another Amok Time parody, this time from The Simpsons:

More of a “Gamesters of Triskelion” parody….but still funny. Thanks!
Love that music.

Didn’t Family do a parody too?

Family Guy

Stanky, you last post didn’t go thru, could you post it again.

re: 27. Sci-Fi Bri

“Stanky, you last post didn’t go thru, could you post it again.”


Actually the Futurama project is 4 DVD’s, the first to be released December 2007, then the other DVD’s to be released later. Starting Jan. 2008, Comedy Central will start airing the ‘new’ episodes, which will be the DVD’s broken down to 4 episodes each. For the CC airings, the episodes will be modified from the DVD’s. This will make a total of 16 ‘new’ episodes to be aired on CC (who has bought the exclusive rights for Futurama for 5 years).

Hopefully this will lead to a true renewal of the series and not “Futurama: The Next Generation”

All I can say is that the repect that Matt Groening and company showed to Star Trek in Futurama is touching. For Kirk’s sake, they had Leonard Nimoy in the very first episode.

That last one from the Simpsons (already mentioned as more of Triskelion parody) was cut from the syndicated version for some reason. I have no idea why.

Heck, Futurama got everybody but Doohan in “Where No Fan Has Gone Before”.