Remastered “Amok Time” Airs Today – T’Bring It On

Pon Farr has got Spock feelin’ frisky and to make it worse he has to fight Kirk to work it out of his system.

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Another Trek classic with some of the best Kirk, Spock, McCoy character moments. Plus probably most memorable score of the series. This week doesnt offer CBS Digital with much to work with, but what they have they are really going to town on…

  • New matte painting replacing live action ‘troika’ walk to arena on Vulcan
  • New matte painting replacing live action establishing shot of arena
  • plus a few Enterprise shots including some around planet Vulcan
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Well, It’s certainly “amok time” somebody made a silly pun out of this show’s title! ;)

I will be interesting to see if there is any other surprises in this episode other than what we know is coming. But I guess this was placed after Doomsday for a reason as its an effects light episode.

Star Trek – did you think it was popular just because of Starships, Warp Drive, Torn Shirts and Getting the Girl? The series endures with the demonstration of one of the most powerful ’emotions/states of being’ that a human can experience – – Friendship.
“Amok Time” is a showcase, one of Star Trek’s finest moments, which can only be augmented by any new SFX shot, not overshadowed.

Maybe they could cgi in Col. Hogan instead of S’Tahn, trying to win Tiger… uh, T’Pring… while letting Spock play connect the dots with Kirk’s nipples.

I’m really looking forward to this classic TOS episode. According to the Memory Alpha site this is the first time we see the iconic “Vulcan Salute” in the series. There is alot of interesting information about this episode in the Background Information section.

Well said, Greg Stamper. One of the great disappointments of growing up was finding out that most of my friends weren’t as loyal to me as Kirk, Spock and McCoy were to each other. “He’s saved my life a dozen times over – isn’t that worth a career?”

The music from this episode still gives me chills, quite stirring and brilliant. Every UFC fight should play it as a themesong.
Adam – bad pun but an A for effort
I still say the guy who plays Desmond on Lost for Spock
Found my STTMP picture book from when I was little -verrrrry Happy!!

Post 3. Greg Stamper “Amok Time” is a showcase, one of Star Trek’s finest moments, which can only be augmented by any new SFX shot, not overshadowed.

100% agree with you. I love this episode. Infact I watched it again the other night on DVD. I was reading the notes by Mike Okuda.

He mention in the notes how originally they wanted to show a Vulcan city and it seems after 40 years of waiting we finally have one, all be it a brief shot in the background but its a lovely touch that I feel only adds to the episode.

Its great that they have tied in the look of Vulcan with the movies with two very cleverly placed shots and I was merely wandering if there would be any more of these nice little touches within the episode.

I have got to say Greg as a kid and even now still I do love part of Star Trek for the Starships, Warp Drive, Torn Shirts and Getting the Girl, but even as a kid and now even so more, I loved and love the heart of the Original series and that’s the relationship between Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Their friendship and the crew sharing in the experience as they explored the wonder that is the galaxy.

The idea of exploring the endless and vast universe is the thing that really captured my imagination and still does. The remastering for me is a chance to fill in some of the missing dots that wasn’t possible in the 60’es to show us things that where there before in our imagination but we never saw.

Off Topic: Anthony, can you confirm that Britney Spears is up for the part of Ilia in the new Star Trek movie?

(go to Drudge report if you don’t know what I’m talking about!)


I wouldn’t visit Drudge if he had up a picture of Britney Spears naked. (Well, okay, maybe I would, but just for a second.)

Don’t forget, it’s well known that Drudge likes to fudge, so what can you believe?

Anyone else having problems with this site bogging down your machine?
Hadn’t noticed it until yesterday.

…Ah, but if you think *that* was a bad pun, here’s the worst one ever:

Q: What sound does a Vulcan cap gun make?

A: T’Pow! T’Pow!

“Phasers on Stonn”

Anybody taking Lirpator to slash their high cholesterol?

re: 15
No, but I was taking “Trioxx” for my osteoarthritis until they pulled it off the market.

Truely an icon ep, that I’ll eventually see the reworked version when it eventually comes out on DVD over here in Australia.

Anyone else remembers Tri-X highspeed black and white film?

Off topic(ish) as I’m in the middle of the ad-break, but they seem to have improved the timings of the showings. Here in my part of mighty Canada we get it at 6.00pm AST on FOX and then repeated on ABC at 8pm AST….. with the better times I wonder how the ratings are doing at the moment? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Any whilst I’m typing .. did anyone else find the sound out of sync? Probably just my FOX station but very off putting … putting a 2 second delay on Kirk means it’s takes about 6 seconds before the word comes out …. “Spock …… tell ……… me ………. whats …….. wrong …..”

Just finished watching here in Boston. Nicely done.

For those who have also seen it, a question: Did they replace the background behind the photo of the young T’Pring that is seen on the small monitor?

21- Yes, they did.

#6 steve623
#8 Holo J – – – Thanks for the kind words.
Remember in ‘City on the Edge’ the Remastered team “fixed” the fog rolling off the Guardian as the party transported back to the ship? A similar situation was upcoming for Spock’s final beam-out at the end of today’s episode – – as the “steam” rising in the background shifts in the original. Solution!! Edit the shot down to include a pullback of the New FX Arena shot. It works.
Plus do watch for #21 Clinton”s observation also – – in Spock’s Quarters as he looks at T’Pring as a child, the background of her photo has been enhanced.

Just watched the Remastered Amok Time in Boston (looks like the 7:00pm timeslot is permanent. Yahoo!!). Anyhow, like The Doomsday Machine last week, this was another great episode to begin with; very well written and beautifully acted. I thought the new digital FX were very nicely done and fit in quite organically with the original live action. I particularly liked the overhead shots of the temple on Vulcan and the big profile closeup of the Enterprise flying by. Big thumbs up from me on this one.

I thought that photo was different, but I wasn’t 100% certain. I’m about 1/2 way through the episode now, and I have to say I mirror the comments #24 has, the CG intro to the temple was well done and the really nice closeup of the Enterprise saucer from the side was awsome.

The original T’Pring child phot had just a plain blue background as I recall. The new version appeared to have some kind of atrium as the background, and I remember seeing one of those distinctive Vulcan gongs behind her and to the right. I’ll echo that VERY close flyby of the Enterprise being something else. It really made me sit back in my seat. And I agree that the editing of the newly inserted CG establishing shots were handled impeccably. We still see the live action beam in of Kirk, Spock and McCoy, then a cut to their tiny CG figures crossing the land bridge, then another cut to that distant view of the ceremonial arena, and then we still get the wide pan of the arena set. The editing of that scene was beautifully done. I didn’t feel like I had been “cheated” out of anything. Also didn’t mind them substituting the last couple of seconds of Spock’s beam out with one pullback on the CG mountaintop. As was pointed out above, it fixed a tiny little effects glitch and it also gave some nice symmetry to those scenes. I thought all the enhancements were very appropriate and tasteful. The only complaint I have of any kind if, as usual, the “for time” edits. poor Nurse Chapel’s big scene – the weepy “we are bound for Vulcan” scene – was completely gone, as was (I believe) T’Pau’s strong admonition to “deep in the Plak Tow” Spock – ” art de Vwulcan … or art de Hjuman?” Great line and great delivery.

Kirk standing there with his arms folded undressing T’Pring with his eyes before he is as named as the champion- Priceless Shatner moment!! I wonder if she was one of the costars that saw the inside of the Captain’s trailer!!!!!

Super close up side view of the ship – WOW!!!!

New Vulcan Shots— God Damn!!!!

Shot of Spock beaming out —– Amazing!!!!

New shots of E in orbit— Yes!!!

Once again I am blown away, thanks CBS I bought my xbox 360 HD dvd player just for you!!

Here’s the original T’pring photo.

All that blue has been replaced with a CG “set”.

Not to hog the thread, but “young T’Pring” is now a very hot 47 year old grandmother on MySpace

Funny–I was just wondering what “young T’Pring” would look like at this point, and you go and post a link! Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.

Nice looking lady. Interesting to see her with the various Trek stars and Richard Hatch–obviously she’s been milking her (literally) two seconds of fame for all they’re worth. Can’t say I much care for her taste in “heroes,” but she seems like a friendly, upbeat person anyhow. And about my own age, too. Hmm. . . :-)

They didn’t take out the flying Plomeek soup, did they? I don’t want to wait until the DVDs to see what it looks like rendered in CG!

Now if I can just find out who played baby Leonard James Akaar … lol

31 – No. They didn’t. And I noticed it was still dripping on the wall when Kirk exits Spock’s quarters. I may simply be imagining things, but was touch a new addition, too?

I think it was when they were on their way to Vulcan….or was it when they were on their way back to Altair? I think I’m getting space-sick!

#33 I didn’t remember it that way either, when I go to do the old vs. new screenshots I’ll check and see if it was always there.

Just a follow up, yes the soup on the wall is there in the original version.

36 – Thanks, Matt.

Oh by the way for those who thought that last shot that pulls out to show the arena from afar when Spock beams up is to cover up the smoke behind him being frozen are wrong. In both versions the smoke doesn’t freeze for the transporter effect. The CBS-D team just a good sense of esthetics and used that far shot to create a nice sense of cinematographic continuity.

Impressive, most Impressive.

That shit was on point. Lord Vader would be most pleased and satisfied.

#38 Matt,
We never said that the “steam/smoke” froze – it “shifts” ever so slightly due to the actor being moved to complete the transporter effect. Hardly noticeable but the remastered edit does remove it from view whether on purpose or not. See #23

#40 — oops my bad, I misread what you said earlier, anyway CBS-D neatly sidestepped the issue.

I think the new CGI arials gave it a Lord Of The Rings feel… or maybe becasue of the music… it’s closer to Conan The Barbarian…

I thought cutting to the arial for Spock’s beam-out leant more drama to the moment… making him more isolated.

They would have done the same thing today if the episode were re-shot.

Good work CBS-D!

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